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Win Gigabyte G5 GD Gaming Laptop or $800 Amazon/Paypal

Ends in 22 Days 13 Hours

Enter for your chance to win a Gigabyte G5 GD Gaming Laptop or $800 PayPal prize equivalent if no residential US Shipping Address.

Win $500 Cash

Ends in 109 Days 18 Hours

Complete one or all of the actions below to enter the competition. Share with friends for more entries & more chance of winning. Good luck!

Win a Google Pixel 6A

Ends in 31 Days 3 Hours

Android Headlines is giving away a Pixel 6A to one lucky winner

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Ends in 8 Days 13 Hours

Contest Host: emilecordon.com

Xreart Frame Original Gameboy (1989)

Ends in 15 Days 13 Hours

XreArt Original Gameboy (1989) Frame |Best Tech Gifts & Desk setup decor
XreArt Original Gameboy (1989) Frame(Worth $299 )XreArt frame is the ultimate collection for every tech fan and gamer.The perfect gift for any tech product owner who wanted to explore and discover the core of each of the classic devices.
Every Classic Device is Worth CollectingDisassemble iPhone & game console & DIY  Framed Art

Contest Host: XreArt Studio

$SNFTS / $SFUND Farm Celebration Giveaway 🌱

Ends in 17 Days 6 Hours - 189 Entries

$SNFTS / $SFUND Farm Celebration Giveaway
Welcome to the $SNFTS / $SFUND Farm Celebration Giveaway  🎉1 million $SNFTS and 10,000 $SFUND 🙀🎉 To celebrate our upcoming $SNFTS airdrop and the highly rewarding farming pools, we're giving away 10K $SNFTS and 100 SFUND each to 100 winners! The rewards will allow winners to enter the $SNFTS Farming Pools from the first hours of the launch!💰🔸 Campaign 1: Complete Tasks to Get a Chance to Win from 1 Million $SNFTS and 10K SFUNDFollow the steps below and become one of the 100 winners who will get10K $SNFTS and 100 SFUND. 👊💡More actions = more chances to win ➖➖➖➖➖Seedify website: https://seedify.fund/Telegram channel: https://t.me/seedifyfundContest Host: Seedify.fund

N3XT SPACE C2E NFT Count Down Giveaway (2 DAYS)

Ends in 22 Hours - 175 Entries

Your voice was HEARD.Did not win yesterday's prize and can't have anymore entries?Here's another chance for you to win the NFT & WL GIVEAWAY! 🎁ATTENTION:We have changed the format by posting a new event in a new post everyday, which means you'll have a new chance to grab the trophy every day! 🔥N3XTSPACE introduces the first ever Content 2 Earn NFT that allows content creators to turn their content into income hustle!Understand more about Content-To-Earn (CO+) NFTCO+ Article: https://medium.com/@n3xtspace.official/content-to-earn-980c669105cCO+ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv1T3NOI3j8NFT Launch Date: 15 AugBY COUNTING DOWN AND CELEBRATING our NFT LAUNCH🚀We are running NFT & Whitelists GIVEAWAY until the NFT launch date: 10 - 14 Aug 2022, WINNERS will be announced daily on twitter post!⏰Today's Event:starts on 13 Aug 2022 at 00:00 (GMT+8) andends on 13 Aug 2022 23:59 (GMT+8)🏆Event Prize Pool🏆3 CO+ NFT's Free Mint (Worth 1,000$)💰20 CO+ NFT's Free Whitelist (WL)GIVING AWAY to 23 random winners everyday!The more tasks you complete the higher your chance of winning!The first 5 tasks must be completed to win the prize❗️All winners will be announced and notified on the next day of the twitter post 📨Contest Host: N3XT SPACE

PAREX [PRX] | Bridge Giveaway | AVALANCHE

Ends in 19 Days 3 Hours - 3238 Entries

PAREX [PRX] | Bridge Giveaway | AVALANCHE
Welcome to Parex [PRX] | Bridge Giveaway 🤑AVALANCHEThanks to the Avalanche bridge, Parex goes one step further. Parex is building its third bridge with #Avalanche. Parex and Avalanche give their users all the privileges.
Follow the steps below to win PAREX PACKS and enter the draw💰
1/1 Parex Package for 15 Person [1000 prx]
1/2 Parex Package for 10 Person [500 prx]
1/20 Parex Package for 25 Persons [50 prx]
1 PRX for the first 500 people who enter the Parex UID code
👉Invite your friends to join the campaign with the referral link below and increase your chances
⚠️Don't forget to enter your UID codes⚠️
💡Follow the steps below to enter:
N/B: More actions increase your chances to win 🏆
Network: BEP-20🔰 Contract: 0x90e3414e00e231b962666bd94adb811d5bcd0c2a
Network: ERC-20🔰 Contract: 0xADfb28426864c0fF169f5DceAd2EfDd09e0DeEC9
Network: DRC-16🔰 Contract: CX3d09a6dca5f04715a874506846440698
🔰 Prizes will be distributed in the second week of September. 🔰
♦️Parex Market is a new generation decentralized exchange. It is a structure that can host different networks together and is open to different technologies. ♦️Coming soon on CMC and CG with a Web version. With it, a big marketing for Parex Market will begin. ♦️PRX is a unique token of Parex Market. It started its existence on its own network with the DRC 16 protocol. ♦️No ICO/IDO for PRX. All PRX is in the hands of the community. It is produced by mining through the node. There is no PRX in the team. The mining system is one of the most special parts of the ecosystem. As an inflation eater, it solves many problems. ♦️To mine PRX, you need to burn the PRX you will use for mining. This avoids possible inflation. ♦️PRX has transformed the traditional mining method with modern touches. At the same time, it is in communication with other networks thanks to the bridge mechanism. ♦️Bep20 and ERC20 bridges are active. Supply is widespread. You can review everything about the bridge mechanism at bridgescan.parex.market. ♦️At the same time, the supply is common to all networks. You can find the most detailed information about this at parex.market/details. ♦️PRX announced partnerships with many projects. You can follow their official channels. The most important of these is the payment gateway project, which will be announced soon. ♦️Thanks to this brokerage house, you will be able to pay with PRX to many companies such as netflix, Adidas, Nike, walmart, ikea, airbnb.
Contest Host: parex market


Ends in 6 Days 1 Hour - 0 Entries

Celebrate our Birthday by redesigning the NFTICALLY Logo ▶️Follow these steps to participate in the contest & win exciting rewards!🌟1. Download the Logo here 👉 https://nftical.ly/Logo2. Submit your Art Bash entry here 👉 https://forms.gle/322QBa3B2b87xHQp8Contest Live ⏰ 12th August 2022 to 18th August 2022Rewards:🚀 Showcase your art to a community of 50k+ members🏆 Stand a Chance to win the $300 NFTICALLY Plan free for 3 years!Contest Host: NFTICALLY

DeSpread x DeFine KBW2022 Badge Giveaway

Ends in 1 Day 21 Hours - 3794 Entries

DeSpread x DeFine KBW2022 Badge Giveaway
DeSpread x DeFine KBW2022 Badge Giveaway Event​To celebrate Korea Blockchain Week, DeSpread and the DeFine platform have prepared DeSpread x DeFine KBW2022 Badge Giveaway event!📋 Complete the tasks below, and you will be eligible to claim a unique DeSpread x DeFine KBW2022 Badge!Also, if you collect 3 partner badges, you will be able to claim a special DeFine x KBW2022 badge!
And the DeFine x KBW2022 badge holders will be eligible to share a 10,000 DFA reward pool. ​
📅 Event Period:​ 19:00 August 7, 2022 - 23:59 August 14, 2022 (KST)📅 Badge Claim Period: 19:00 August 17, 2022 - 23:59 August 23, 2022 (KST)Contest Host: DeFine Platform

"Jurassic World: Dominion" Digital Movie Giveaway!

Ends in 4 Days 10 Hours - 282 Entries

"Jurassic World: Dominion" Digital Movie Giveaway!

Jesusfreakhideout.com is giving you a chance to enter to win a digital download of the brand new film, Jurassic World: Dominion - starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern and more! This is the sixth and "final" entry in the Jurassic Park saga.2 lucky winners will get a 4K UHD digital copy of Jurassic World: Dominion through Movies Anywhere! This copy will include both the theatrical and 14-minute-longer extended cut!There are several ways to enter:
can enter through Facebook (and "Like" our page), Follow Us on Twitter,
and share a Tweet about the contest on your Twitter feed. This will
then unlock several more ways you can get even more entries for a
greater chance to win!**JFH will contact the winners via email with their download code and redemption instructions**This contest is also sponsored by John DiBiase Art - John started Jesusfreakhideout.com in 1996 and has a passion for making art in his free time. Visit his online store at www.JohnDiBiaseArt.com or his official site www.JohnDiBiase.com for more info.Contest Host: Jesusfreakhideout.com

🏈 A Chance To Win Exclusive Access Tickets To The NFL Lon...

Ends in 30 Days 17 Hours

A Chance To Win Exclusive Access Tickets To The NFL London Games!

🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈Here's your chance to win a pair of exclusive tickets to the upcoming NFL London Games!Location: Tottenham Hotspur StadiumWe've 3 pairs of tickets available for each event: Minnesota Vikings V New Orleans Saints - October 2ndNew York Giants V Green Bay Packers - October 9th
A pair of tickets to one of the selected games!
Exclusive access to the La-Z-Boy Best Seats In The House area!
Enjoy the game from the comfort of La-Z-Boy seating!
Access from two hours before kickoff - enjoy the warm up!
Complimentary food and drink brought to your seats!
Enter below and earn multiple entries by completing additional tasks!Hop on over to social media to give us a Like and a Follow where we'll be announcing the winners after the closing date!Contest Host: La-Z-Boy UK

Back to School Madrinas Giveaway

Ends in 3 Days 11 Hours - 393 Entries

Back to School Madrinas Giveaway
Back to School Madrinas Giveaway1 lucky winner will receive the following:Go Fuel Yourself T-ShirtTie Dye Bucket HatPurple Shaker2x Cold Brew Coffee Powders of your choice2x Green Coffee Fuelers of your choice2x Whole Bean bags of your choiceThere are many ways to enterMay the odds be ever in your flavor!Contest Host: Madrinas Coffee

HAHIHO X The Pierrot Club 에어드랍 이벤트

Ends in 5 Days 9 Hours - 464 Entries

HAHIHO X The Pierrot Club 에어드랍 이벤트
HAHIHO 채널에서 The Pierrot Club NFT 3장 + WL 15장을 받아왔습니다.다들 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.🏆 The Pierrot Club NFT 3장 + WL 15장⏰ ~8월 18일 정오 마감 ____________________________________________________________________프로젝트 이름 : The Pierrot Club(Klay)트위터 : 1.7K디스코드 : 2.4K
'The Pierrot Club NFT'는 홀더들이 서로에게 위로와 용기가 될 수 있는 살아있는 커뮤니티를 만들어 갑니다. 이후 이러한 커뮤니티 활동을 통해 암호자산 채굴 보상을 획득할 수 있는 피에로들의 E2E(Enjoy to Earn) 게임을 론칭할 계획입니다.
홀더 혜택으로는 홀더 전원 대상 TPC 토큰 에어드랍 / E2E(Enjoy To Earn) Game-Fi 모델을 통한 채굴 보상 / 홀더 전용 특전 NFT 에어드랍 / 최저가 구매 폐쇄몰 멤버십 혜택 / TPC MUSIC FESTIVAL / 보유 콜렉션의 조합에 따른 스페셜 혜택 지급 / 라이선싱 수익 쉐어 / 홀더 대상 IP 사용 권한 부여 등이 있습니다
🔔 총 물량 : 10,000개💰 가격 : WL - 250 Klay / 퍼블릭 - 350 Klay⏰ 민팅 일정 : 8월 23일(TBA) 
홈페이지 : https://thepierrotclub.io/
디스코드 : https://discord.gg/WgTBmvpTdP
트위터 : https://twitter.com/ThePierrot_Club
* 에어드랍은 무조건 참여합시다!* 들어갈지 말지는 당첨되고 합시다!📌 당첨자 발표 후 당첨자분들의 팔로우 및 입장을 확인하며 하지 않았을 경우에는 당첨이 취소될 수 있습니다.Contest Host: Hahiho29

Safuu Blog Bank Bust

Ends in 9 Days 20 Hours - 93 Entries

Safuu Blog Scavenger Hunt
​Time Sensitive Vault Opening!​To reward our loyal followers and celebrate the donations we have received, we are doing a SCAVENGER HUNT!What we have here is a digital safe containing 30 Safuu! It requires 5 codes, each known by one of the Blog contributors:Code Bearers​:
Queen Mal
The Legendary Man Who Never Sold
Each one of us will post our code in a blog post or video over the next 7 days, hidden for the community to find. Once a code is found, enter it into this competition site for 5 entries. 
When you have all 5 codes, you can redeem the bonus action to open the safe and get 25 additional entries! If you are the first to do so, you win big!
The first person to get all the codes and redeem the bonus action gets a grand prize of 15 Safuu.
However, for anyone else who participated, there are 3 prizes of 5 Safuu to be drawn, with a greater chance to win depending on how many entries you have gotten.
Only people who have gotten at least 1 code are eligible for the secondary draw 
Happy code hunting!
Contest Host: Degen Donations

Exclusive NFT Account Airdrop for Dmail Vietnam!

Ends in 19 Days 6 Hours - 11 Entries

Airdrop tài khoản NFT độc quyền cho người dùng Dmail Việt Nam
🎉🎉Chào mừng đến với cộng đồng Dmail Việt Nam🎁Hơn 500 phần thưởng Airdrop tài khoản miền NFT miễn phí!🤤Quà tặng tài khoản miền NFT độc quyền lên tới 199,9 USDT!———
1️⃣ Tham gia: Hoàn thành mọi nhiệm vụ của Gleam
2️⃣ Thời gian kết thúc : 31/08 11:59 UTC+7
3️⃣ Thông báo người chiến thắng: 05/09 17:00 UTC+7
4️⃣ Cách kiểm tra: Tham gia Discord kiểm tra kênh thông báo #mini-announcements để biết danh sách người chiến thắng"
5️⃣ Giải thưởng: Tài khoản NFT 4 chữ số (Trị giá 199,9 USDT) * 1 Tài khoản NFT 5 chữ số (Trị giá 79,9 USDT) * 2 Tài khoản NFT 6 chữ số (Trị giá 29,9 USDT) * 3 Tài khoản NFT 7 chữ số (Trị giá 9,9 USDT) * 5 Tài khoản NFT trên 8 chữ số (miền hiếm tùy chỉnh) * 500
💡Dmail là người bảo vệ an ninh và quyền riêng tư của bạn để liên lạc, lưu trữ và thậm chí chuyển mã thông báo & NFT trong Kỷ nguyên Web 3.0!💎Bất kỳ ai có Tài khoản miền Dmail đều nắm giữ các cơ hội đặc biệt để nhận được Native Tokens #Whitelist!📌Lưu ý: Tất cả người thắng cuộc sẽ được chọn ngẫu nhiên.🔥#Dmail #NFT account pre-sale đang diễn ra! Đừng bỏ lỡ tài khoản NFT độc quyền! Chỉ cần tưởng tượng những lợi ích tiềm năng khi nó phát triển!
 ➡️Tham gia các sự kiện pre-sale tại đây
Tham gia Presale Round 3
Contest Host: Dmail Network

Exclusive NFT Account Airdrop for Dmail Indian!

Ends in 19 Days 6 Hours - 8 Entries

🇮🇳Dmail रूसी के लिए विशेष NFT खाता एयरड्रॉप!
Dmail indian चैनल में आपका स्वागत है500+ नि:शुल्क एनएफटी डोमेन खाता एयरड्रॉप्स!
199.9 यूएसडीटी तक अनन्य एनएफटी डोमेन खाता सस्ता!
1️⃣ भाग लें: ग्लेम के सभी कार्यों को पूरा करें
2️⃣ समय सीमा: 31/08 11:59 अपराह्न यूटीसी
3️⃣ विजेता की घोषणा: 05/09 10:00 पूर्वाह्न यूटीसी
4️⃣ कैसे जांचें: डिस्कॉर्ड में शामिल हों , विजेता सूची के लिए #mini घोषणा चैनल देखें।
5️⃣ पुरस्कार पूल: 4-अंकीय एनएफटी खाते (199.9 यूएसडीटी के लायक)*1 5-अंकीय एनएफटी खाते (79.9 यूएसडीटी के लायक)*2 6-अंकीय एनएफटी खाते (29.9 यूएसडीटी के लायक)*3 7-अंकीय एनएफटी खाते (9.9 यूएसडीटी के लायक)*5 8 अंकों से अधिक एनएफटी खाते (कस्टम दुर्लभ डोमेन) * 500
💡वेब 3.0 युग में संचार, भंडारण, और यहां तक ​​कि टोकन और एनएफटी को स्थानांतरित करने के लिए Dmail आपकी सुरक्षा और गोपनीयता का संरक्षक है!💎Dmail डोमेन खाते वाले किसी भी व्यक्ति के पास मूल टोकन प्राप्त करने के लिए अत्यधिक अवसर हैं #Whitelist!📌नोट: सभी विजेताओं का चयन बेतरतीब ढंग से किया जाएगा।🔥#Dmail #NFT खाते की प्री-सेल जारी है! अनन्य NFT खाते से न चूकें! जैसे ही यह बढ़ता है संभावित लाभों की कल्पना करें!
यहां प्री-सेल इवेंट में भाग लें: 
Join Presale 3
Contest Host: Dmail Network


Ends in 19 Days 10 Hours - 74 Entries

Join Games $20 Roblox Gift Card Giveaway
The most requested giveaway prize from our readers is a Roblox gift card, and so that's exactly what we're giving away to 5 lucky players! This giveaway ends on August 31st  - be sure to come back again and gain additional free entries!Contest Host: JoinGames

Kiddietotes Too Cool For School Bundle Pack Giveaway

Ends in 13 Days 10 Hours - 488 Entries

Kiddietotes Too Cool For School Bundle Pack Giveaway
Come back weekly all summer long for chances to win exciting prizes from Kiddietotes and other awesome kid's travel brands!_________________________One lucky winner will get our Too Cool For School Bundle Pack that includes:ANY 1 KIDDIETOTES SCOOTER LUGGAGE OF THEIR CHOICE($149.99 value)-AND-FITBIT ACE 3 KIDS ACTIVITY TRACKER WATCH($79.95 value)-AND-JBL KIDS WIRELESS HEADPHONES($49.95 value)Come back daily for additional entries!Contest Host: Kiddietotes

Whitelist Open - Tago IAO on RoseonPad

Ends in 5 Days 16 Hours - 74 Entries

Whitelist Open - Tago IAO on RoseonPad
According to Yahoo!, AP News, Finanzen, Market Watch, News Today etc, TAGO is leading the world in applying Blockchain in Mental heath care. TAGO is a Web3 mental health app with AI, Social-Fi, and Game-Fi elements. Users equipped with NFT Soul which is the World's first NFT Virtual Assistant – and talk to NFT Soul to earn $SOUL (Talk to Earn - TalkFi), which can be used to buy items, level up and mint new NFT Soul. In order to be whitelisted and qualify, you need to complete all tasks.Whitelist schedule:Open: 13:00 UTC, August 12thClose: 10:00 UTC, August 18thThe winners will be selected randomly. We will notify the whitelisted users via in-app notification and email.​Learn More: https://roseon.world/project/tago-the-worlds-first-mental-metaverse/🌸 Roseon World Official Channels 🌸Contest Host: Roseon World

Win a belt from Arcade!

Ends in 7 Days 11 Hours

Five lucky winners will receive a belt from Arcade's Summit Collection!By entering this contest, you agree to receive emails from GearJunkie and Arcade. You may unsubscribe at any time.Enter now for your chance to win!

Share Your Testimony!

Ends in 61 Days 13 Hours - 0 Entries

12k Carbon12tokens are up for grabs! Share your testimony to enter!
We believe that testimonies of God’s goodness and salvation are the most powerful truths that humanity has to offer. However, there is little to no promotion of Christian content on current social media platforms. Until now!We are compiling testimonies from across the globe to prepare for our HolARgram.com launch in 2023! We will choose 12 testimonies to use as promotional content that will be displayed in 3D using our patented Augmented reality technology. You will maintain sole ownership of this video and can decide to save it, share it, or sell it! This white paper details one of the unique use cases of the faith-based cryptocurrency Carbon12token and further explains the features of HolARgram and the technology behind the app.
Visit HolARgram Whitepaper to Learn More!
Contest Host: Carbon12token

Guns or Treasure 🦜 Giveaway! A Giveaway EVERYONE WINS!!!!

Ends in 20 Days 13 Hours

Guns or Treasure 🦜 Giveaway! A Giveaway EVERYONE WINS!!!!
Guns or Treasure 🦜 Giveaway! A Giveaway EVERYONE WINS!!!!
I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with Castillo Games, creator of the new game Guns or Treasure 🦜 which will be live on KICKSTARTER through 
Thu, September 1 2022 7:32 PM PDT.
All participants will be sent the Guns or Treasure MP3 and Tabletopia version of the game. Sent to the email you provide!1 GRAND PRIZE Winner will receive:Guns or Treasure and Parrots and Monkeys Expansion
 Prize value is approximately $30 USD + Shipping
Additionally, if the winner backed the Kickstarter for at least $1 they will also receive the award winning game Rescuing Robin Hood as part of their prize. 
 Increasing prize value to approximately $75 USD + Shipping (If backed at least $1)
This giveaway will end Thur, Sep 1 2022 at 11:59 PM PDT and is open WORLDWIDE  - Some exclusions may apply.
Sponsored by
Castillo Games
Go check out Guns or Treasure 🦜  on KICKSTARTER & Back it Below!
Back it Today!
(The winner will receive a winner's confirmation email from lake@thegiveawaygeek.com. Make sure you add that email address into your contacts list as to avoid the messages being filtered as spam.)
For information on advertising and having me run a giveaway for you, please contact lake@thegiveawaygeek.com.
Contest Host: The Giveaway Geek

🌱 Zeedz x MonoCats NFT Giveway 🐈

Ends in 6 Days 20 Hours - 546 Entries

🌱 Zeedz x MonoCats NFT Giveaway🐈
🌱 Zeedz x MonoCats GiveAway 🐱Dear Zeedz Family,We have teamed up with MonoCats for a very special, unique and huge NFT GiveAway!!! We will be giving away a total of six awesome NFT packs to the top three winners. Each winner gets 1x "👾 Zeedle NFT (common)" and 1x “🐱 MonoCat NFT! 😱😱😱😱 Make sure to get as many entries as possible to increase your chance to win! 💪💥Contest Host: Zeedz

Fanclub Wordcup Token ( FWT)

Ends in 5 Days 20 Hours

Fanclub Wordcup Token ( FWT) 2022 Whitelist Competition.
FC World Cup Token (FWT) is a project to build a Web3 platform for Football Fans. We will realize the ambition to build a Social - Web 3.0 infrastructure for everyone to be able to communicate, exchange and post information around the football topic.Top1: 1 whitelist spot + 3NFT
Top2: 1 whitelist spot + 2NFT
Top3: 1 whitelist spot + 1NFT
📌A total of 50 winners (top 3 and 47 random wallets)will be selected and announced on 
the 30th of August, prior to the presale event. 
Each FWT NFT is a unique digital asset (1 BNB).
Users can use NFTs as a unique Avatar on 
(FC-Social) Users who own NTFs will receive profit based on 10% of FWT token's transaction fees, NFT staking profit up to 3600% API and have the oppoturnity to participate in future projects of the FTW ecosystem The more points you get, the higher the chances of you getting picked.Refer Friends For Extra Entries.Contest Host: FWT Global

Kapital DAO <> Daolympics Giveaway

Ends in 6 Days 22 Hours - 405 Entries

Kapital DAO Daolympic Rush Giveaway
To celebrate our partnership with Daolympic Rush. We're organizing a giveaway!​Giveaway Structure5 Winners. 20,000 SLP + 5 WLs of Daolympic Rush!Giveaway ends August 19. GLHF!Contest Host: Kapital DAO

Tearing Spaces 1,000 USDT Giveaway

Ends in 1 Day 19 Hours - 398 Entries

Tearing Spaces USDT Giveaway
​Tearing Spaces 1,000 USDT GiveawayAs a welcome to our followers, Tearing Spaces is happy to announce a 1,000 USDT airdrop giveaway.⚔️How to EnterComplete all tasks below, don't forget to add your ERC-20 wallet address
Prize10 lucky winners will receive ERC-20 100 USDT each⌛Giveaway TimelineCompetition open from 12pm UTC, August 10th - August 14th.Winner will be announced 1pm UTC August 14th.Contest Host: Tearing Spaces

Zebra Labs 20 WL + oat + CanaBoyz 20 WL giveaways

Ends in 3 Days 5 Hours - 1772 Entries

Zebra Labs 20 WL + oat + CanaBoyz 20 WL giveaways
Zebra LabsA Web3 Company Bringing Performing Artists to the Metaverse.The Zebra brand means you are adventurous, have a passion for art, music, and entertainment, and live a remarkable life.Our first collect NFT looks like a Totem. NFT owners are able to participate in assembly Instructions according to the requirements.After successfully assembling the NFT, this new NFT could bedrop to participating Totem based on certain rules.CanaBoyzGROW 2 EARN game featuring digital cannabis farms, gangs, and coffee shop franchisesZebra Labs 20 WL + oat + CanaBoyz 20 WL giveaways Please complete the task in order to get the massive rewardsContest Host: Zebar Labs

Basic Twitter Contest

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✨NFT Venture × CB DAO × Get Kicks Collab ✨​Get Kicks #Move2Earn - Walk, jog or run and earn $LACE and $KICK ⭐️ Total Giveaway Pool - 35 Acess Code + 10 Wl + 5 Free NFT Worth ~$750 😍😍 ⭐️•• Top 1 User will get 1 Free NFT •• Top 2-10 User Will Get Free Access Code•• Random 20 users will Received Acess Code •• Random 10 users will Received Wl Spot•• 4 Lucky Winner will Received Free Mint 😍😍✓ Acess Code benefits - By acess code you will earn token without having NFT's - and after mainnet live u can convert yours Token in real money's ( Daily Earning ) ✓The more entries you complete the higher your chance of winning! Be sure to leave you discord handle to claim your prize 💰Contest Host: Crypto Bharat

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (PC) Green Man Gaming

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Chave do jogo Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Steam (PC)
Em parceria entre o canal Gameplaycassi (Youtube) e a loja Green Man Gaming, estamos fazendo um Concurso Cultural para eleger uma pessoa à receber uma chave do jogo Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade com ativação Steam (PC)Para ser elegível, é necessário completar todas as tarefas, que incluem seguir a Green Man Gaming no Facebook, Instagram e Twitter, conferir os descontos atuais na loja, além de seguir @Gameplayscassi no Twitter e realizar um RT da mensagem sobre o Sorteio.O concurso ficará ativo até 11h59 AM de Segunda-Feira, dia 22 de Agosto de 2022 e os vencedores serão divulgados no mesmo dia através do Canal Gameplayscassi. Os vencedores precisam responder em até 1 dia através das informações adicionadas (e-mail) para resgatar o prêmio.Contest Host: Youtube

Bitget x Scout Hub: Fortune Splash Giveaway

Ends in 9 Days 6 Hours

Bitget x Scout Hub: Fortune Splash Giveaway
HUB will be listed on Bitget!Trade minimum $5 HUB to receive airdrops!
🏆 Total Prize Pool: $3,000 HUB.
📃 Rules: Complete all tasks to qualify.
🕒 Campaign Period: Aug 11th - Aug 21st
All users with verified entries can share the total prize pool equally.
Fingers crossed! 🤞🍀
Check out the details here 👉 
Contest Host: Bitget


Ends in 30 Days 3 Hours - 17 Entries

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity Giveaway

Kenzo Ventures are happy to celebrate our partner Calvaria launching their first mini-game CABECITAS. We are giving away a whopping number of prizes wrapped in Mystery Boxes. You can win NFTs, Cash and Tokens $RIA.
​Play Game
🏆 Rewards Pool 
There will be a total of 250 winners.
50 Mystery boxes and a prize pool worth more than $1,500,000!
Each box contains NFTs and $RIA tokens. Win up to 5 NFTs (each worth up to $15,000), $50,000 in tokens and $10,000 in BUSD. Mystery boxes contain:
NFTs (minimal price of one NFT is $300 for common, rare NFTs go as high as $23,000. Total pool worth $400,000)
$RIA tokens (up to $50,000 worth of tokens in a box, total token pool worth $960,000)
USDT Prizes. (One wallet can win up to $10,000 BUSD, total pool worth $160,000).
*More entries lead to higher chances of winning a Mystery Box. 50 people with the most entries will get Mystery Boxes, while another 200 will win ($2000 worth) $RIA tokens. Refer friends to get more entries daily. 
✅ Enter your BSC (BEP20) address
✅ Follow our twitter
✅ Retweet our giveaway campaign and tag 3 friends
✅ Follow Calvaria twitter and RT pinned tweet.
✅ Join our Telegram Channel 
✅ Join our Telegram Community 
✅ Join Calvaria Telegram
✅ Play Cabecitas Game
✅ Follow our Instagram
❤️ Refer friends for higher chances of winning
⭐ Daily task (optional): Retweet/tweet about us and tag others. 
July 18th, 2022 UTC - September 11st 2022 14:00 UTC
Mystery Boxes will be airdropped to the wallet address within a few weeks after the campaign ends (details will be announced then)
Contest Host: Calvaria

Beauty To Earn - Empower Beauties NFT whitelist giveaway

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Beauty To Earn - Empower Beauties NFT whitelist giveaway
1st Beauty To Earn NFT - Empower Beauties is now giveaway 300 whitelist quota to those who are interested to find out the cosmetic service benefits of this project. Please fill in your wallet address: https://forms.gle/gvwZCNyh7DBPf1Ci6Follow our discord: https://discord.gg/Mfcmhk3XvhContest Host: Peanut Space Club

Learn how to select highly-profitable strategies!

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Learn how to select highly-profitable strategies!

Learn how to select highly-profitable strategies!
Do you still suffer from losses after copying a high-yield strategy? 
Are you stumped by how to quickly select a strategy with profit 
potential? Now Gate.io is here for you! Read a blog & Answer 
questions to win 10USDT!
Your tasks:👇👇
1.Follow 📖
2.Read the blog & Take the quiz 
3.Retweet and tag three friends
4.Join strategy bot 👀
🎁Wn 10USDT by answering all questions correctly!
Each time you complete a task, you can get the corresponding scores!
The higher the score, the higher the probability of winning!
🌈Join Quant telegram group to unlock more benefits: 
Please make sure your KYC is completed to claim rewards.
The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same
 account when participating in the activity.
Rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event 
Contest Host: Gate.io

Saros 2nd Trading Competition - Activity 2: Social Sharing -...

Ends in 30 Days 23 Hours

Saros 2nd Trading Competition - Activity 2: Social Sharing - 5,000 C98

Social Sharing - 5,000 C98 is the 2nd Activity of
Saros 2nd Trading Contest
🚀 Event Details 
Prize: 5,000 $C98
Deadline: 11:59 PM, Sept 12, 2022 (UTC+7)
🎁 Prize Structure
2,500 $C98 distributed equally to 100 lucky qualified participants
2,500 $C98 distributed equally 10 top gleam.io refferer
✍️ How to get the rewards
Finish all the below tasks. 
Note: RT, comment & tag 3 friends with #Saros #Sarosism #SarosSwap hashtags.
Contest Host: Thank you 🥰

Win a LEGO® Nasa Apollo Saturn V Rocket

Ends in 64 Days 5 Hours - 605 Entries

Win a LEGO® Nasa Apollo Saturn V Rocket
It's one small step for a man — one giant prize for humankind. Sign up for Nature Briefing to get an essential round-up of science news, opinion and analysis, free in your inbox every weekday. Plus be entered to win a LEGO® Nasa Apollo Saturn V Rocket set.
This promotion is not authorized or sponsored by the LEGO® Group.
Contest Host: Nature Briefing

Hyper's Dead by Daylight Giveaway #6

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Hyper's Dead by Daylight Giveaway #6
​I am celebrating the launch of my new web store for great games at half the price of retail! 
Check it out here.
I have teamed up with my giveaway specialist to bring two (2) lucky winners a code for Jeff Johansen's Cold Weather Cocoon Outfit for Dead by Daylight.. The code expires on September 15th so make sure to redeem it by then! All you have to do is follow me on YouTube and Twitter.You must be subscribed to me on YouTube and following the required Twitter accounts at the time of draw. This will be verified!Contest Host: Hyper

JerryFinance $JRF AIRDROP

Ends in 110 Days 4 Hours - 0 Entries

JerryFinance $JRF AIRDROP
Join the Gleam contest for a chance to gain access to receive $JRF tokens1000 random users will gain free MEME tokensAnd 10 users with the most entries will be rewarded in our token as follows:- 1 Prize of 1 000 000 $JRF ($40 value per Winner)- 2-5 Prizes of 500 000 $JRF ($20 value per Winner)- 6-10 Prizes of 250 000 $JRF ($10 value per Winner)Collect entries as soon as possible, as the winners of some prizes will be announced during the contest!Contest Host: JerryFinance $JRF

Win a See's Candies Gift Card

Ends in 14 Days 7 Hours

ENTER DAILY! 1 random winner gets a $25 See's Candies gift cardThe computer will randomly pick a winner!I'll announce the winner in the group on August 26, at 10:15 PM ESTPlease don't accept friend requests, random messages saying you won or send anyone money for prizes!

| p2eAll X Big Time| Ruby VIP Pass Free Airdrop

Ends in 5 Days 21 Hours

| p2eAll X Big Time| Ruby VIP Pass 🎟️ Free Airdrop 🎟️
Don’t want to drop any money to see what the excitement is about? Here is your chance to earn a free Ruby pass for early access to Big Time.Let's become 🛡p2eAll guild members🛡and play games together to earn a lucrative NFT!⏰ Event schedule : 2022.08.12 - 2022.08.19 09:00 AM (UTC)
⏰ Winner announcement : 2022.08.19  12:00 PM (UTC)
We will announce the winner with your Telegram ID and discord handle.So be sure to join our Telegram and Discord. :)
🎈 How to participate :Take the action below, and get 5+ entry points🙋‍♂️ Who is the winners?There are a total of 50 lucky winners.1. The 20 first-come-first-served people will receive a Ruby Pass2. We will draw 20 of the participants and give them ruby passes3. The 10 people who recommended the most friends will definitely receive Ruby Pass.
*If the following are true before the final payment, the winning will be canceled.
(Leave the p2eAll official Telegram channel, cancel the p2eAll official Twitter, Discord Group and unsubscribe Youtube, and other legitimate ways to participate in the event)Contest Host: p2eall