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Perfect Xmas Gift for your kids- CrowBot-Bolt Robot Cars

Ends in 9 Days 3 Hours

Driven by #ESP32, this STEM Programmable Robot Car can do light tracking, follow lines, avoid obstacles & remote control. Plus provide #programming lessons, what else would you want from this #OpenSource car? Learn More details 👉 https://bit.ly/3TDP5vC

Win a BidetMate 2000 Series Bidet worth $400

Ends in 3 Days 19 Hours

Experience a refreshing, gentle cleanse and safe settings for all ages with this awesome prize!

Win $200 CASH from SweepsDB.com

Ends in 57 Days 19 Hours

To celebrate the holiday's, SweepsDB is giving away $200 CASH.
You get to pick how you want it. Paypal? Crypto? Amazon Gift Card? Something else? It's completely your pick.

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RFX Giveaway

Ends in 2 Days 7 Hours

RFX Giveaway on LATOKEN
🔥🔥 RFX Giveaway  on LATOKEN 🔥🔥🔥​💰 ~$2k in RFX tokens💰500 lucky winners will get a share of 650 000 RFX tokens for completing gleam tasks✅  Follow RFX and LATOKEN on socials✅ Join LATOKEN TG bot and earn more RFX tokens there📲 Get LATOKEN App
Distribution of rewards is announced after the airdrop ends
TG bot and gleam are separate (Rewards earned by completing gleam tasks are not shown in Telegram Bot)
We check all tasks and calculate rewards after the airdrop ends
By sharing your details, you accept terms and the Privacy Policy. When you provide us your email we create an account for you on LATOKEN if it does not exist. Don't forget to activate your email on LATOKEN to receive your rewards.Contest Host: LATOKEN Airdrops


Ends in 37 Days 2 Hours - 0 Entries

 Korbit x GREEMY MOU (업무협약) 체결  국내 4대 가상화폐 거래소 중 하나인 코빗 (Korbit) 과 GREEMY가 MOU 업무협약을 체결하였습니다.이번 MOU를 통해 NFT 유통에 대한 합의가 되었고 GREEMERZ의 일러스트레이션을 11월30일에 코빗에서 런칭한 리뉴얼 NFT 마켓플레이스에 독점으로 판매하게 되었습니다.앞으로 코빗과 GREEMY&GREEMERZ의 행보에 많은 응원과 관심 부탁드립니다.코빗에서 GEREEMERZ 일러스트 독점 판매 기념으로 이벤트 진행합니다.[EVENT]기간: 11.30 - 12.14발표: 12.15상품 (일러스트 구매자 대상): GREEMERZ 티셔츠 x 2 / GREEMERZ NFT x 2 / GREEMY ROOM NFT x 2*일러스트 구매자 분들에게는 확정적으로 그리머즈 포스터 6종세트를 보내드립니다 상품(일러스트 비구매자 대상): GREEMERZ 티셔츠 x 1 / GREEMERZ NFT x 1 / GREEMY ROOM NFT x 1 / GREEMERZ 포스터 6종세트 x 5Contest Host: Greemy 그리미

Genesis Universe & BitKeep Airdrop

Ends in 15 Hours

Genesis Universe & BitKeep Airdrop

Step 1
Download BitKeep Wallet APP or use BitKeep Chrome extention;
Step 2
Create or import a wallet in BitKeep. Tutorial ;
Step 3
Users need to 1)Swap at least once in BitKeep; 2) Register in GenesisUniverse; 3) Complete all the other Gleam tasks.
Only a certain amount of users will be distributed the airdrop rewards.
Rewards will be preferentially distributed to users who invite new users to participate.
All rewards will be distributed to your BitKeep wallet address within 10 working days after the event ends.
Cryptocurrency investments involve risks. BitKeep shall not be held responsible for any claim or whatsoever resulted from or in connection with your cryptocurrency investments on BitKeep platform.
下载BitKeep钱包或使用BitKeep Chorme浏览器插件
用户需要 1)在BitKeep进行至少一次swap操作;2)注册GenesisUniverse账号;3)完成其他Gleam任务。
Contest Host: BitKeep VIP

Girlzey GEMM Community Appreciation NFT Pre-Launch Bundle (2...

Ends in 11 Days 16 Hours - 2 Entries

Girlzey GEMM Community Appreciation NFT Pre-Launch Bundle (2 Pack) Giveaway
Wassup Girlzey GEMM Community and Supporters! As a way of rewarding you for the enormous show of love for our products and mission as well as for joining us on this extraordinary empowerment journey that we are embarking on, we are giving away 200 bundles and each bundle contains one NFT from our new DigiKicks (DGIKX) NFT Limited Edition Collection and one from our new Alpha Ballerz Jersey Skins NFT Limited Edition Collection. This is a one time only giveaway and to qualify, you have to already be a Girlzey ROAR NFT collector/owner by Friday, December 02 at 11:59 PM EST. The winners will be asked to proudly display their Girlzey NFT and to provide information in email for verification. You do not want to miss this event because the next two launches are going to be epic and 200 collectors will end up with 3 limited edition NFTs for the price of 1! If you need to purchase a Girlzey ROAR NFT prior to the drawing, you can do so at https://buy.girlzeyco.com/mint. For the Girlzey ROAR NFT collectors who participate in this event but are not winners, don’t worry we will have a second chance event for you too. We are going to show love to all of our NFT collectors because we truly appreciate you! Contest Host: Girlzey

“Learn Everyday" Learning Plan - Earn grand prizes by stud...

Ends in 3 Days 21 Hours

“Learn Everyday" Learning Plan - Earn grand prizes by studying at Gate Learn
< ⁉️ How to participate >                                   Participants in this activity need to complete the gleam tasks below. 
1. Users complete different tasks such as reading and sharing to earn points.
2. Points are divided according to the number of rankings, and users in different point ranks share different amounts of reward pools.
3. The higher the number of points, the higher the pool of rewards that can be divided.

< Duration >
  November 29 - December 9, 10:00 UTC
Note: Please make sure you are logged into Gate.io before you do the task, otherwise the system will not be able to determine the completion of the task.
🤔 Don't have a Gate.io account yet? Sign Up
Contest Host: Gate.io

日有所长学习计划:阅读赚积分,瓜分 $200,000...

Ends in 3 Days 21 Hours

日有所长学习计划:阅读赚积分,瓜分 $200,000 理财体验金
< ⁉️如何参加 > 
< 时间 >
2022.11.29 18:00 - 2022.12.9 18:00 UTC+8(共 10 天时间)
1. 在您正式做任务前,请确保您已登录Gate.io,否则会导致系统无法判定任务完成情况
2. 本活动仅限有效实名认证(KYC)的用户参加。一个实名用户只能使用一个账号参加,子账号不作为独立账号参与活动。
🤔 还没有注册Gate.io账号? 
Contest Host: Gate.io

Defender Finance Giveaway

Ends in 4 Days 14 Hours - 283770 Entries

Defender Finance Giveaway

​ 🎉Defender Finance is thrilled to announce partnership with Crypto Tech DAO!! Welcome to Defender Finance, a Multi-chain algo - stable yield farming protocol on BSC and POLYGON network.
Let’s give a hand to widely spread our project to the defi space users, Defenders🎉Total prize: $600 $USDT 
🎁 Top 10, $20 $USDT each
🎁 Random 100, $4 $USDT each
⏳ Distribution: 7 days after the giveaway ends
Let’s join and bring Defender Finance to new investors and build a great project together!!!
✨ More entries , more chances
Contest Host: Champion Finance

Web3 Space

Ends in 1 Day 13 Hours - 1078 Entries


⏰今晚8点,锁定欧易中文推特 @okxchinese 收听Space
完成以下任务,即有机会赢取SuperpowerSquad 稀有英雄NFTx10,10万枚RACA代币x5,2万枚SWFTC代币x5!
Contest Host: OKG

$750 Giveaway | TCK

Ends in 1 Day 19 Hours - 4782600 Entries

$750 Giveaway | TCK
We're giving away $750 to three random people ($250 each)Winners can claim the prize via cashapp, crypto or Amazon gift card.
Entries Close on 12/6 and the winner will be announced here
Complete as many entries as you would like below, the more you do the better the odds are of winning!Disclaimer: In order to receive credit for an entry you will be asked to show proof that you are following / subscribing to that person's social platform (If winning entry)Contest Host: Shazier

DeannaDays' 2022 Chritsmas Giveaway!

Ends in 18 Days 19 Hours - 35 Entries

Deanna Days 2022 Christmas Giveaway!
Deanna Days 2022 Christmas Giveaway!
HoHoHo! This is my second christmas giveaway! This year I am giving away a $30 Steam Gift Card which will be from November 29th at 7:00pm EST to December 23rd at 11:59 pm EST. Once you enter you will be eligible to win one $30 Steam Gift Card that you may use for any purchase of your choice on the Steam App. 
Contest Host: Deanna Days Giveaway

Win 4 tickets to Wilderness at the Smokies Ice Skating

Ends in 2 Days 19 Hours

Win 4 tickets to Wilderness at the Smokies Ice Skating
Win a voucher for 4 to Wilderness at the Smokies Ice Skating (sponsored by Wilderness at the Smokies) from TheSmokies.com. The prize voucher is valued at $75.96 and is good through January 15, 2023. The voucher is redeemable at Wilderness at the Smokies Ice Skating rink in Sevierville, TN.Contest Host: TheSmokies.com


Ends in 25 Days 19 Hours - 31697 Entries

Happy Holidaze! You all came together and pooled your channel points in order to unlock every single giveaway available for the month of December! Like the title says, 4 winners will be winning 4 different prizes. Goodluck! Remember, channel points matter!  Contest Host: MaxThePlatypuss

PlayStation 5 Disc Console Giveaway

Ends in 85 Days 19 Hours - 0 Entries

Grey Day Gamers' PS5 Giveaway
While sitting in the darkness left by Hurricane Ian, two old guys discussed life. One thought what a wasted opportunity it was to not use their video production skills, high-end PC and the latest consoles for something fun. That same moron decided, "Hey, you know I've never won anything. I bet that feels nice." With the $300 cash taken out right before the storm burning a hole in his pocket, Greyday stalked Wario64 on Twitter, looking for the next PS5 release. That day came November 21,2022. Then the work started.Why You're Here (evidence I'm not full of it):​Contest Host: Grey Day Gamers

Scott the Woz Charity Bonanza Giveaway 2022

Ends in 55 Days 19 Hours - 12002 Entries

Scott the Woz Charity Bonanza Giveaway 2022
On a budget but still want to help?We've laid out a few ways you can below.
Plus, we're giving away...
1 - PlayStation 5
1 - Playstation 5 Digital Edition1 - Xbox Series X1 - Xbox Series S1 - Nintendo Switch OLED Edition1 - Nintendo Switch Lites4 - $50 Gift Cards
All signed by Scott The Woz
The more ways you enter the better chance you have to win.
Plus, you're helping out two great children's charities in the process.
Deadline: January 29th, 2023
Winners: 10
Eligibility: Worldwide
Contest Host: Pixel Empire

Amazing Aorus 4K Monitor Giveaway!

Ends in 10 Days - 772 Entries

AORUS FO48U Gaming Monitor Giveaway - 48 inch, OLED 4k!
Check out this incredible giveaway thanks to AORUS!To celebrate the creation of an awesome Events Engine pool of PC's for esports and gaming events thanks to AORUS, AMD and MWAVE, we're giving away this monster monitor.The FO48U is perfect for next gen consoles or PC. 48 inch, 120Hz OLED gaming with 1ms response and spatial audio valued at over $1800!Contest Host: Events Engine


Ends in 53 Days 10 Hours

IMPT: If your name is drawn by Joinsurf.com YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING Slangille on Twitch to be considered eligible for the prize. If you are not in their follow list then a new name will be requested to be drawn.The winner of the giveaway will win a $25 (cdn) Xbox Giftcard Code that will be paid in Canadian funds. If you reside outside of Canada the amount in CDN will be sent to your valid PayPal account due to region locking of codes. The winner must provide a valid email address (if in Canada) for the XBox Gift code to be sent to, or a valid Paypal address for the $25 CDN to be transferred to you and converted to your local currency. You must also provide a valid Streamloots account for the gifted chests to be sent to.
Host: Slangille

Binance NFT: Mike Tyson Golden Mystery Box Collection Givea...

Ends in 25 Days 11 Hours

Binance NFT x Mike Tyson Golden Mystery Box Collection Giveaway
We're excited to announce The Mike Tyson Golden Mystery Box Collection Giveaway!
The Mike Tyson Golden Mystery Box drop gives Mike Tyson collectors and fans across the globe a chance to unlock a historic mystery experience with Mike Tyson! The lucky winner of the Diamond NFT will be able to redeem this NFT for a once-in-a-lifetime mystery Tyson experience. Collectors can also unlock signed merchandise and exclusive access to premium digital collectibles and airdrops!
We'll be giving away Mike Tyson Golden Mystery Boxes to 50 lucky winners!This event will happen from 29 November 2022 9:00 AM (UTC) - 1 December 2022 10:00 (UTC)
Complete each task below to enter the lucky draw. 
Good luck everyone! 🤞🏼
Contest Host: Binance NFT


Ends in 26 Days 16 Hours

Enter to win a beautiful new LG Refrigerator along with $100 Gift Cards for tasty Omaha Steaks this holiday season!(1) Grand Prize Winner Will Receive the LG 7 cu.ft. top-freezer refrigerator valued at $649.(5) First Place Winners will received a $100 Gift Card to Omaha Steaks!Plus -  just for entering you'll receive an exclusive promo code worth $30 off your next order of Omaha Steaks, as well as free shipping!ENTER ONCE A DAY AND GET BONUS ENTRIES TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING!

[CS:GO GIVEAWAY BY QMISTRY] ★ Hydra Gloves | Emerald (MW)

Ends in 8 Days 10 Hours

CS:GO GIVEAWAY BY QMISTRY ★ Hydra Gloves | Emerald (MW)
Still playing CS:GO alone?.. Qmistry knows how annoying it is to play with 'RANDOMS' that's why we will give you the space to find new friends and skilled players to play CS:GO together, true to the motto STOP playing alone START playing together. Our own Discord Bot will provide you with the newest and coolest features to give you an insane Discord Experience. We have a wonderful Discord Moderation to support and assist you in any way! also to make games less toxic for you. Just hop into a channel and wait for players to join or just chat together we do not have any country or rank restriction everybody is welcome! Also we host a lot of own Game-Servers in beside of CS:GO, making Giveaways and offering you CS:GO Events and more. Why are you still waiting?.. we are ready for you! And maybe your friends?Contest Host: Qmistry

Mega Giveaway | Win 100 Billion Bezoge

Ends in 2 Days 3 Hours - 3993 Entries

Mega Giveaway | Win 100 Billion Bezoge
✅ Login using one of the options below.
✅ Complete the 3x mandatory tasks.
✅ Complete any or all of the other unlocked tasks for extra entries.
✅ You're entered to WIN 100 BILLION $BEZOGE
🔥 It's that simple!PS. The more tasks you complete the more entries you get & the higher chance you have of winning!Contest Host: Zogi Labs

Boxing Rock Legendary Growler Club Subscription

Ends in 3 Days 19 Hours - 934 Entries

DAY 13: Boxing Rock Legendary Growler Club Subscription
Win a 1-year subscription to the Legendary Growler Club (Value $150)Twelve new beers designed just for you. One is released at our Windsor St. location every month, for all of 2023. We're saving all the growlers for you!The Boxing Rock Growler Club: a club created by beer geeks, for beer geeks. We are sharing some of our finest work and our best experiments with an exclusive group of beer geeks.🎟 Membership includes:▪️A complimentary Boxing Rock 1L growler▪️A growler fill for each of the 12 Growler Club limited small batch releases (12 in total … and on the brewing plan so far are a Belgian Dubbel, Gose, Kveik-style Pale Ale, just to name a few)▪️An exclusive (and super cool) Boxing Rock growler club hat▪️A special glass to pour your special beer into▪️A chance to win a day in our Halifax small batch brewery with Henry (and you can ask him anything!)▪️A 10% discount on beer and swag purchases at our Windsor St. location in Halifax ALL YEAR▪️An invitation to a private Facebook group where you can GEEK OUT with HenryAn awesome gift for the beer geek on your list. Or, an awesome treat for yourself. Either way, don’t miss out, the club is filling up quickly!Growler & Hat gift packages will be available for pickup from Windsor St in early December. We will contact you when they are ready!
Contest Host: Dashboard Living

Holiday Giveaway 2022 - Amigo Games Prize Package

Ends in 24 Days 17 Hours - 194 Entries

Holiday Giveaway 2022 - Amigo Games Prize Package
We're excited to be offering our annual Mega Giveaway Promotion in conjunction with our Holiday Gift Guides. One lucky SahmReviews.com winner will receive a copy of Dice Hunters of Therion AND Don't L.L.A.M.A. Dice from the Amigo Games. (ARV $40)!Contest Host: SahmReviews.com

The Bank Update launch giveaway

Ends in 1 Day 10 Hours

Let's celebrate the arrival of the Bank Update for Dead Cells with a giveaway! You want a chance to win a print of the game or a key to the game and its DLC?Use as much entry methods as possible to get more chances to win!
Host: Playdigious

Clinkz Giveaways round 3

Ends in 9 Days 3 Hours - 816 Entries

Clinkz giveaway round 3
Use this template to collect instant entries and run simple, engaging giveaways.Entering is as simple as signing into the campaign with an email address.Contest Host: aa

Win an iPad and $100 Apple Gift Card in this #iBooks #Giveaw...

Ends in 19 Days 16 Hours

If you love books, you're in the right place!Book Rebel is giving away an iPad Mini and a $100 Apple Gift Card you can use to load that iPad with a ton of books from your To Be Read Pile!Simply subscribe to Book Rebel via this giveaway, and you'll be entered in the drawing for the prize!By subscribing, you'll receive curated emails with free and bargain books ONLY in the genres you select and appreciate! Including free and $0.99 books from numbers New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors!In a way, you could say everyone wins in this giveaway!
Offered By: Book Rebel (https://bookrebel.com/)

350 TRX Concurso!

Ends in 20 Days 19 Hours - 0 Entries

350 TRX Concurso !
Gana 350 TRX!
​Registrate aqui (https://bit.ly/3A1lUeO)
Gana Puntos con las Redes 
Esta pendien el dia final para ver quien gano ! 
Contest Host: CodigoJota

Win a luxury stay for two in Berkshire

Ends in 57 Days 11 Hours

Win a luxury stay for two in Berkshire

National Geographic Traveller (UK) has teamed up with The Retreat at Elcot Park to offer a sumptuous two-night stay at the country hotel In the heart of the rolling North Wessex Downs, The Retreat at Elcot Park is an 18th-century manor with an illustrious past, including a life as the former home of poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. The 55-room hotel opened earlier in 2022 and has been gloriously restored with a clutch of restaurants and bars, as well as a spa, tennis courts and cosy nooks in which to curl up by the fire. Situated between the historic towns of Newbury and Hungerford, it’s the ultimate base for exploring the region, with plenty of activities within easy reach: walking in the Vale of Pewsey; boating on the Kennet and Avon canal; visiting Highclere Castle (of Downton Abbey fame); or the dreaming spires of Oxford, just a 40-minute drive north.
The PrizeCourtesy of The Signet Collection, the winner and a guest will enjoy a two-night stay at The Retreat at Elcot Park on a B&B basis. A complimentary dinner at either Yü or The 1772 Brasserie is also included, as well as one treatment per person at the hotel spa. Also included are return transfers by taxi from Newbury or Kintbury station. Blackout dates apply. Contest Host: National Geographic Traveller (UK)

Startup x FunFi (FNF) $500 Giveaway German TG

Ends in 19 Hours - 3340 Entries

Startup x FunFi (FNF) $500 Giveaway
Erfülle Aufgaben, um Einträge zu erhalten. 👇🥳25 glückliche Gewinner, je $20🧧 🥳Jede neue Registrierung, die $10 einzahlt und KYC2 abschließt, kann einen zusätzlichen $5-Vertragsbonus gewinnen🧧🥳Jeder User, der erfolgreich Freunde zu Gate.io eingeladen hat, kann zusätzlich $5 gewinnen🧧Je mehr Aufgaben du erfüllst, desto höher ist deine Gewinnchance! 🏆
Noch kein Gate.io-Konto?
💰 Jetzt beitreten

Retweets             Preise       <1,000                 $50, 5*$10    1,000-2,999              $100,10*$10    3,000-4,999               $200, 10*$20    5,000-9,999               $400, 20*$20         ≥10,000                 $500, 25*$20 
 *Die Belohnungen werden in $FNF, Vertragsbonus (14 Tage) oder anderen zufälligen Token verteilt.*KYC2 muss bis zum Ende des Events abgeschlossen sein, um die Belohnungen zu erhalten.*Abgesehen von neuen Nutzern, die sich während des Events registrieren, müssen Kandidaten nicht weniger als 50 $ (Spothandel) zwischen dem 29.11.2022 und dem 6.12.2022 handeln, um Belohnungen zu erhalten. Je höher das Handelsvolumen und je mehr Aufgaben Sie erfüllen, desto größer ist Ihre Chance auf einen Gewinn.*Die Gewinnerliste wird auf dem Gate.io News Telegram Channel bekannt gegeben.*Die Belohnungen werden innerhalb von 14 Werktagen nach Ende des Events verteilt.*Die Verwendung von doppelten Accounts und jegliches andere betrügerische Verhalten ist strengstens verboten.
Contest Host: gate.io

Mountain Dew x Collin Street Bakery Fruit Quake Giveaway

Ends in 10 Days 17 Hours - 1926 Entries

Win over $400 in FREE Mtn Dew & CSB merch & swag, PLUS a 12-pack of Mountain Dew Fruit Quake
Hosted by COLLIN STREET BAKERY in partnership with MOUNTAIN DEW
 WHAT YOU CAN WIN​🏆 GRAND PRIZE:  Mountain Dew x Collin Street Bakery prize pack valued at over $400Includes: 12-pack of Mnt Dew Fruit Quake, 1-Mountain Dew LED sign, 1-Regular DeLuxe® Fruitcake in our Red Holly Box, 1-Collin Street-branded insulated tumbler,  1-Box of Chocolate Covered DeLuxe® Petites, and more!
🥇1st Runner-Up:  
Mountain Dew x Collin Street Bakery prize pack valued at over $200
Includes: 12-pack of Mnt Dew Fruit Quake, 1-Mnt Dew wall clock, 1-Regular DeLuxe® Fruitcake in our Red Holly Box, 1-Box of Chocolate Covered DeLuxe® Petites, and more!
🥈2nd Runner-Up:  Mountain Dew x Collin Street Bakery prize pack valued at over $150
Includes: 12-pack of Mnt Dew Fruit Quake, 1-Mountain Dew LED sign, 1-Regular DeLuxe® Fruitcake in our Red Holly Box, 1-Box of Chocolate Covered DeLuxe® Petites, and more!
🥉3rd Runner-Up:
Mountain Dew x Collin Street Bakery prize pack valued at over $100
Includes: 12-pack of Mnt Dew Fruit Quake, 1-Mountain Dew LED sign, 1-Regular DeLuxe® Fruitcake in our Red Holly Box, 1-DeLuxe® Fruitcake Ornament, and more!
Contest Host: Collin Street Bakery

Anya Josephs Contest

Ends in 7 Days 19 Hours - 7 Entries

Queen Of All Fantasy Book Giveaway
Anya Josephs’ debut novel, Queen Of All, is a queer YA fantasy about finding one’s self. Bestselling author Tamora Pierce said it is, “Engaging, fascinating, unputdownable–seriously, I didn’t!”Authors Anya Joseph and Brandie June have teamed up to give one lucky person a signed copy of Queen Of All.Contest Host: Brandie June

Holiday Giveaway 2022: Sleepypod

Ends in 18 Hours - 5213 Entries

Enter to Win a Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed!
Safe & Stylish Holiday TravelLet your cat travel in style this holiday with the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed! This unique pet carrier converts to a comfy bed at home so kitty has a familiar space while traveling. One lucky winner is going to get to choose a Sleepypod in the color of their choice!​In addition to being both stylish and functional the Sleepypod is one of the safest pet carriers available. It has been independently tested and is certified with a 5-star rating from the Center for Pet Safety.Learn more about this unique mobile pet bed and all of Sleepypod's other travel products at sleepypod.com.Nine Designer Colors​. . .
DEADLINE TO ENTER: Midnight PST December 5, 2022Winner will be chosen in a random drawing and contacted via email. Limited to addresses in the US. Does not apply to special editions.Contest Host: Hauspanther

Trade Coffee Alma Sampler Gift Box

Ends in 6 Days 19 Hours - 5686 Entries

Win A Trade Coffee Alma Sampler Gift Box
Our friends at Trade Coffee are giving their brand new Alma Sampler gift box to 3 lucky winners! 
Here's what's included: Georgia’s own Alma Coffee Roasters not only roast amazing coffee, but they source it from their own farms in Honduras. This gift box of six 2.5oz samples and one 11oz bag shows off a delicious variety of coffees from one special place.
Contest Host: Roasty Coffee

Olympus Game X Wizardia

Ends in 1 Day 2 Hours - 23715 Entries

Olympus Game X Wizardia
Olympus Game
How to Participate?Simply follow the steps to enter the giveaway and earn more entries by performing all the tasks
Get a higher chance of winning the prizes:Refer friends & Play Wizardia Practice mode for Free ⚡​3 lucky participants will receive 1 NFT Rare Box each⚡​
- Follow Olympus Game on Twitter- Join Olympus Game on Discord and Telegram
✨​3 lucky participants will receive 1 Rare Wizard NFT each✨​
- Follow Wizardia on Twitch
- Join Wizardia on Discord-Follow Wizardia's News on Telegram➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
The giveaway starts from the moment of its posting.The giveaway campaign runs until December, 6th 15:00 UTC
🤞Good luck everyone!🤞
Contest Host: Olympus Game


Ends in 3 Days 4 Hours - 14532 Entries

ElemenYx Pre-Registration Event
Early Access🔥Finally, the pre-registration IS OPENING NOW🔥Let's create your own game account and complete some simple tasks to get many valuable incentives!🎁 Prizes🎁💎 Attractive gifts for each milestone in the number of registrants (RUBY, Equipments and NFTs)💎 1 BNB for 30 luckest winnersInvite your friends to register and receive exclusive gifts from ElemenYx together!⚠️ Notes ⚠️Any kinds of cheating will not be toleratedPrizes distributed within 7D after the game launch💪💪💪SAVE THE DATE AND PARTICIPATE NOW!!!Contest Host: Gleam