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Win $200 CASH from SweepsDB.com

Ends in 54 Days 6 Hours

To celebrate the holiday's, SweepsDB is giving away $200 CASH.
You get to pick how you want it. Paypal? Crypto? Amazon Gift Card? Something else? It's completely your pick.

Win a Kitchenaid Mixer worth $450

Ends in 4 Hours

We're giving away a brand new Kitchenaid Stand Mixer so you can do all of your holiday baking in style and ease! Happy Holidays from Jow ❤️

Perfect Xmas Gift for your kids- CrowBot-Bolt Robot Cars

Ends in 5 Days 14 Hours

Driven by #ESP32, this STEM Programmable Robot Car can do light tracking, follow lines, avoid obstacles & remote control. Plus provide #programming lessons, what else would you want from this #OpenSource car? Learn More details 👉 https://bit.ly/3TDP5vC

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WIN: 12 Month PC Game Pass Codes + Razer Halo Infinite Acces...

Ends in 9 Days 23 Hours

WIN: 12 Month PC Game Pass Codes + Razer Halo Infinite Accessories

To celebrate Xbox's PC Game Pass Season of Giving, we have partnered with them to bring you an epic giveaway of our own.
One major prize winner will walk away with the below:
Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard HALO Infinite Edition
Razer DeathAdder V2 Wired Gaming Mouse HALO Infinite Edition
2x 12-month PC Game Pass codes
Eight minor prize winners will each walk away with the below:
1 x 3-month PC Game Pass codes
Contest Host: Press Start Australia

Christmas giveaways with Martin Falk-Hansen &TwoTrees

Ends in 12 Days 14 Hours - 110 Entries

Christmas giveaways with Martin Falk-Hansen &TwoTrees
🎉FOLLOW and WIN Your Christmas' Gift🎉👇👇👇 https://www.instagram.com/twotrees3d.official/ 

🎁 #TR2 Pro*2 
🎁 #$30.00 Cupon for participantsBonus: TAG your friends will get more chance to win the prizeTime: The 7th DEC. to 21st, DEC. 2022Winner Announcement Date: 23th, Dec. 2022
⚠️NOTE:$30.00 Cupon for TR2 PRO ONLY
Be sure to FOLLOW us and TAG your friend! GOGOGO!!!💪Contest Host: twotrees3dofficial.com


Ends in 31 Days 4 Hours - 30800 Entries


​Thank you all for participating in the pre-AIR DROP.The second AIR DROP will be held to celebrate the launch of the Astel of Atra.We need your participation.
⏰ Participation Period ⏰ Dec. 08th, 2022 00:00 (UTC+9) ~Jan. 08th, 2023 15:00 (UTC+9)📣 Winner Announcement​ 📣Jan. 09th, 2023 15:00 After (UTC+9)📣 Compensation payment date 📣Jan. 09th, 2023 15:00 After (UTC+9)(Rewards are paid sequentially)
Earn a value reward of $20,000 (USD) or more in total pool.
🥇 Top 3 Reward 🥇<TOP 1> 
Legendary Ride Summon Box 1EA, NFT Astel Summon Right 3EA
<TOP 2> 
Hero Ride Summon Box 1EA, NFT Astel Summon Right 3EA
<TOP 3> 
Hero Ride Summon Box 1EA, NFT Astel Summon Right 1EA
🥇 Top 100 Reward 🥇
<TOP 4 ~ 50> 
Rare Ride Summon Box 1EA
<TOP 51 ~ 100> 
Uncommon Ride Summons Box 5EA
🥇 Random 20🥇Astellian gift Box 30EA

🔥 How to Participate 🔥​Complete all 11 missions below to earn mission points.​
You can earn 03 points per Friend Invite mission.​
There is no limit to the number of friend invitations.​​1. Enter your E-mail address​ + 400 point
2. Wallet address linkage + 500 ​point
3. Client down after visiting AOA's website + 500 point4. invite friends​ + 200 point (No restrictions)
5. AOA AIR DROP Daily Attendance + 50 point(every day)6. Medium Visits​ + 50 point(every day)
7. Discord Join + 200 point
8. Twitter Re-tweet​ + 100 point
9. Facebook Visits + 100 point
10. Telegram Join​ + 200 point11. Glixir Games Youtube Visits + 100 point​
📃 Notice​​· Users who participate in the event in a negative way or by violating the terms of use may be excluded from winning.​
· The top winner will be decided based on the number of friends you invite.​
· If there are duplicate winners, the ranking will be determined based on the time the friend invitation is completed.​
· The event schedule is subject to change due to internal circumstances.​
・This event can only be participated once per account and cannot be duplicated.​
・Rewards will be given to participants who correctly entered their wallet address.​・If the email address you entered is different, it may be difficult to pay compensation.· Winners can be checked through the email you participated in after the event.· Those who participated in advance can once again earn points during the mission.
· Please note that when participating in some events, there is a mission where participation is completed by pressing the "Continue" button.
· If you have completed a mission but are not, Please check your other account again.
· Mission scores are not added up when using multiple accounts.
📝 Go to Community
   Astel of Atra Homepage   Astel of Atra Medium
   Astel of Atra Facebook
   Astel of Atra Twitter   Astel of Atra Discord   Astel of Atra Telegram
Contest Host: gelixir

W3DNA & Tap Fantasy

Ends in 36 Days 19 Hours - 72 Entries

W3DNA & Tap Fantasy
⭐️ W3DNA & Tap Fantasy ⭐️GIVE AWAYW3DNA is a NFT domain, name and account in Web3.0🌐without extension and in any language Tap Fantasy is an MMORPG blockchain game developed by HTML 5. It has both AXIE's Play-to-Earn module and Roblox's Design-to-Earn developer module..🏆Prizes🏆​100 domains of 9 characters ($40 each) | 200 USDT for 20 winners | 120 winners in total⚡️Conditions⚡️
120 winners will be randomly selected
Complete maximum tasks and refer friends to get more entries
Don't forget to add your BSC (BEP-20) wallet to get the reward 
Gleam duration: from 8th of December to 14th of December. Prizes will be distributed after the sale launch. Don't miss your chance!
Participate in the Airdrop and win a free domain worth of $40 now! Activate it at the start of sales!
Contest Host: w3dna


Ends in 6 Days 14 Hours - 118351 Entries

LADY BUG CHAIN AIRDROP CAMPAIGN​LADY BUG CHAIN is running a MASSIVE AIRDROP CAMPAIGN with a total prize pool of 500.000.000 $LADY tokens. This campaign is held to prepare for the LADYBUG CHAIN token launch.🏆 REWARDS POOLTotal airdrop : 500.000.000 $LADY tokensThe rewards will be distributed between 400 random winners gets (1 Million $LADY/each ) and  Top 20 refers gets ( 5 Million $LADY/each) .(More entries lead to higher chances of winning the airdrop campaign)
📃 RULESSubmit all the tasks in our gleam campaign
✅ Follow our twitter
✅ Retweet our airdrop campaign
✅ Follow our partner @CryptoTechDAO on twitter
✅ Retweet @CryptoTechDAO post ladybugchain airdrop
✅ Tweet with the hashtag listed and tag 3 friends to join
✅ Join our Telegram channel and Telegram chat group
✅ Submit your wallet address (non-exchange)
❤ Refer friends for higher chances of winning
⭐ Daily task (optional): Retweet/tweet about us and tag others
📆 TIMELINEDec 8th, 2022 14:00 UTC - Dec 15th 2022 17:00 UTCTokens will be airdropped to the wallet address within a few weeks after the campaign end (details will be announced then).Contest Host: Lady Bug Chain

APENFT & Deez Nuts 白名单空投活动!-悟空

Ends in 4 Hours

APENFT & Deez Nuts 白名单空投活动!
基于 TRON链的NFT版德州扑克Deez Nuts即将上线,总量:1560个第一期于12月9日北京时间22:00开售,数量:520个,free mint!点击:apenft.io参与完成Gleam表单任务,赢取Deez Nuts Launchpad 白名单资格!奖励:50个Deez Nuts Launchpad 白名单资格!时间:北京时间12月8日 14:00–12月9日14:00What’s Deez Nuts?Deez Nuts is an innovative NFT series on the Tron blockchain which forms the basis of an exciting, sustainable “play to earn” ecosystem.Deez Nuts issues sets of 1560 cards (Decks) as NFTs that can be traded among users to compete for a share of the large prizes available in regularly scheduled games. We will both release our own Decks and work with partners to release their Decks, and host games with a wide variety of rule-sets.Contest Host: APENFT

12 Days of Cockmas 2022 - Day 2

Ends in 5 Hours

12 Days of Cockmas, Day 2: Squirt.org Jockstrap
Enter to win Day 2 of the Squirt.org 12 Days of Cockmas: a Squirt.org Jockstrap!Whether you’re looking for something to wear around your local cruising grounds, or an outfit to help you show off in the Squirt.org Video Chat Rooms, nothing says “show me your cock” like flaunting a Squirt.org jockstrap.Contest Host: Squirt.org

NFTb Trading Competition on Kucoin

Ends in 7 Days 6 Hours - 282 Entries

NFTb Trading Competition on KuCoin

Trade $NFTB on KuCoin to Win
100,000 $NFTB + 200 exclusive NFTs
NFTb will be launching a brand new $NFTB trading competition with a giveaway reward pool of 100,000 $NFTB on Kucoin.
🗓️ Campaign: 7 - 15 Dec🎁Reward Pool: 100,000 $NFTB + 200 NFTs🏆 Winners: 25 users x 4000 $NFTB | 200 users x 1 NFT-----✅ HOW TO ENTER:Activity 1: Trade $NFTB on KuCoinActivity 2: Complete all gleam tasks KuCoin Trading Link: https://bit.ly/3681PHc-----ACTIVITY 1
$NFTB Trading Competition:NFTb will be awarding 100,000 $NFTB shared price pool between the top 25 active users for trading $NFTB on KuCoin during the competition period: 7-15 Dec.  ACTIVITY 2
Gleam Lucky Draw: NFTb will run a lucky draw for users who have been trading on Kucoin & completed all gleam tasks. 200 lucky users will get the exclusive NFTb NFTs, which will give the holders access to exclusive airdrops in Q4 and whitelist access to NFTb Launchpad.
-----🏆 WINNERS:During the campaign period, all users need to complete the Gleam tasks to be eligible for the 100,000 NFTB prize pool & exclusive NFTb NFTs.All users need to add their Kucoin trading (BEP-20) wallet to the Gleam campaign. Winners will be able to claim their rewards within 7 working days after the competition ends directly on the NFTb’s rewards page: https://nftb.io/gaming-rewards/Good luck!
Contest Host: NFTb

Participate in Twitter Space and complete tasks to get lucky...

Ends in 14 Hours - 92 Entries

Participate in Twitter Space and complete tasks to get lucky packs!
✅User tasks:1. Follow India on Twitter2. Enter the Indian Telegram community3. Like+rt4. The 5 users who participate in the space and are selected to ask questions can get 5U rewards5. Listen to the space throughout the process, we will randomly select 5 users from the audience during the space, and each will issue 2U airdrops.  ❗️Rules:1. Users must complete all gleam tasks to receive rewards2. Please leave your UID within 24 hours after the announcement of the list, and it will become invalid after the expiration date3. Be strict with any cheating behavior, once found, disqualification from participationContest Host: CoinW Exchange

Ends in 38 Days 16 Hours

Enter to WIN Your Dream Dartboard this Holiday Season 🎯🏆 GIVEAWAY WINNER 🏆1000 Home Series Dartboard worth $2,599Dartboard of Champions. Spider 360 the Originators of Soft-Tip Darts.Making products accessible to champions in the home,The Home Series is a commercial-grade Dartboard.For the homebuyer only interested in the best.🇺🇸 PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸The winner will be chosen at random Monday, Jan 16, 2023. The giveaway is open to US residents 18 and overClick Here to see previous Giveaway Winners

Festivus Day 9

Ends in 1 Day 3 Hours

Enter to Win!
​Win a pair of Vibram V-Train 2.0 shoesA perfect tool for serious trainers and functional athletes. These are really great shoes for gym workouts, and very healthy for your feet to have some freedom! The Vibram V-Train 2.0 allows for good toe articulation, great balance and active stability in the gym. The upper construction is specifically designed for heavy training, focused on durability and performance. The Vibram V-Train 2.0 shoes also feature distinctive rope traction lugs in the arch. In addition, the lacing system has been updated with a new hook-and-loop closure system with a softer feel, which is perfect for aggressive lateral movements. The XS Trek rubber compound is designed for all-around performance both indoor and outdoor. It offers superior performance qualities including flexibility and wet traction. These shoes are ideally suited to the trails and the urban playground as well as a range of indoor activities thanks to the non-marking soles. 

For more information on the men's or women's Vibram V-Train 2.0 or any other of Vibram's line of performance footwear click here. Contest Host: Get Out There

"Deez Nuts" 白名单-W

Ends in 23 Days 14 Hours

"Deez Nuts" 白名单
​Deez Nuts 为我们带来了白名单名额!只要您关注官方推特并完成以下任务,就能以Free Mint的资格免费购买即将上线的NFT!我们将为每一个完成任务的用户发送1个白名单!(Tronlink钱包下载 & 插件安装: 这儿)Deez Nuts介绍Deez Nuts是Tron链上的全新的NFT系列,以"play2earn"为基础,构成了一个令人兴奋的、可持续的生态系统。Deez Nuts作为NFT发行了成套的卡片(Decks),卡片可以在用户之间进行交易,并赢取每期游戏中的奖金池。补充说明:①每个白名单用户最多mint1个nft。②通过审核的白名单用户列表将在元猴官网及官方社群进行公布。Contest Host: APENFT

TRD Marvelous NFT 1ST Issue Airdrop $100,000

Ends in 3 Days 2 Hours

TRD Marvelous NFT 1ST Issue Airdrop $100,000
🌟To celebrate the official start of the first TRD Marvelous NFT airdrop event! We will release 100,000 USD to the first batch of users🎁Airdrop Bonus Pool: $100,000🎁Complete tasks to share rewards👉🏽Follow us on Twitter, Like&Retweet the pinned tweet, and tag 3 friends.👉🏽Share this airdrop event on your Facebook or Twitter page, and leave the link in the comments to prove it.👉🏽Stay vigilant, you'll have a higher chance of getting the airdrop when the tasks are 100% done.⚠️Event Duration:12/08/2022, 4:00 AM UTC - 12/12/2022, 4:00 AM UTC⚠️Please pay attention to check for spam to avoid missing the airdrop rewardContest Host: Blockchain Labs

Superpower Squad & BitKeep Airdrop

Ends in 4 Days 2 Hours

Superpower Squad & BitKeep Airdrop

Step 1
Download BitKeep Wallet APP or use BitKeep Chrome extention;
Step 2
Create or import a wallet in BitKeep. Tutorial ;
Step 3
Users need to 1)Swap at least once in BitKeep; 2)) Complete all the other Gleam tasks.
Only a certain amount of users will be distributed the airdrop rewards.
Rewards will be preferentially distributed to users who invite new users to participate.
All rewards will be distributed to your BitKeep wallet address within 10 working days after the event ends.
Cryptocurrency investments involve risks. BitKeep shall not be held responsible for any claim or whatsoever resulted from or in connection with your cryptocurrency investments on BitKeep platform.
下载BitKeep钱包或使用BitKeep Chorme浏览器插件
用户需要 1)在BitKeep进行至少一次swap操作;2)完成其他Gleam任务。
Contest Host: BitKeep VIP

Christmas Giveaway

Ends in 17 Days 18 Hours - 16 Entries

Christmas Giveaway
Celebrate Christmas with #ApesFootball for a chance to get NFTs. To enter:
Retweet & follow @ApesFootball
Share your ApesFootball-themed Christmas info using #ApesFootballChristmas
50 runners-up will get ApesFootball NFT rewards!
Contest Host: Giveaway

🔥VeFam Airdrop-04🔥

Ends in 29 Days 15 Hours - 60 Entries

🔥VeFam Airdrop-04 🔥
🔥VeFam Airdrop-04🔥
☃️🎄Merry Christmas: Best Wishes🎄☃️
🎅Total Prize: 100 VPunks Weapons🕒️Time: 12/12/2022-23/12/2022🎁Prize:1 VPunks Weapon/ The earliest user to join the event.Participation conditions: Own VPunks
The winner will be announced on Twitter and Discord.
Contest Host: Vefam


Ends in 34 Days 6 Hours - 154 Entries

QUE TAL GANHAR UM DEPÓSITO DE R$30,00?Você tem 100 chances de vencer.
Para concorrer é muito simples, basta você cumprir as tarefas listadas abaixo.
Não é obrigatório cumprir todas elas, mas quanto mais você fizer, mais chances você terá de ganhar!
Serão 4 sorteios, com 25 vencedores cada.APÓS INSCREVER-SE, JÁ ESTARÁ PARTICIPANDO DOS 4 SORTEIOS.Regras:VOCÊ PODERÁ VENCER APENAS UMA VEZ!SAQUE MÁXIMO DE R$300,00.Nossa equipe entrará em contato com os vencedores no e-mail cadastrado aqui no sorteio.
Fique atento e não perca essa!
Contest Host: Gambling Craft

Sathrimel's Free Steam Game Key Giveaway

Ends in 6 Days 16 Hours - 430 Entries

Sathrimel's Free Steam Game Key Giveaway
I have a bunch of Steam keys from various games if you win you get your choice of one out of the following games:Mr. Shifty (Ja8)The Norwood Suite (F8)Splasher (MH8)Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?!(MH8)RaidersSphere4th (HHSB)Highway Blossoms (HHSB)Subterrain (AP8)AER Memories of Old (AP8)Crazy Machines 3 (MY8)Rolling Sun (HCB8)Tumblestone (HHM8B)Hover (HHM8B)AI War: Fleet Command (Own)Acceleration of SUGURI 2 (JN8)Blackwake (JL8)Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom (JL8)Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition (JL8)Serial Cleaner (JL8)Forged Battalion (AG8)Battle Chef Brigade (S8)Figment (S8)Old Man's Journey (O8)Hard Reset Redux (N8)Aaero (F9)Paradigm (MH9)Slipstream (MH9)Creature Romances: Kokonoe Kokoro (HHDB9)Ladykiller in a Bind (HHDB9)Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator (HHDB9)She Remembered Caterpillars (AP9)Monster Prom (MY9)The Journey Down: Chapter Three (MY9)Do Not Feed the Monkeys (MY9)I'm not a Monster (MY9)Paratopic (JN9)Pool Panic (JN9)Kind Words (JL9)Love is Dead (JL9)NAIRI: Tower of Shirin (JL9)Almost There: The Platformer (AG9)Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon (AG9)Think of the Children (HHM9B)INVERSUS Deluxe (HHM9B)Death Squared (HHM9B)Barony (HHM9B)Butcher (HSHB9)The Town of Light (HSHB9)The Spiral Scouts (O9)Puss! (O9)Evergarden (N9)Regular Human Basketball (D9)Sword Legacy Omen (D9)Fluffy Horde (D9)Chasm (D9)Dark Future: Blood Red States (D9c)Aegis Defenders (D9c)Desert Child (D9c)Mages of Mytralia (Ja20c)Eliza (F20c)The Hex (F20c)Warstone TD (F20c)198X (Ma20c)AI War 2 (Ma20c)Etherborn (Ma20c)Driftland: The Magic Revival (AP20)Trüberbrook (AP20)Shoppe Keep 2 (AP20)Capitalism 2 (AP20)Train Valley 2 (AP20)Niche - a genetics survival game (MY20)Heave Ho (MY20)MO:Astray (MY20)Horace (MY20)Felix the Reaper (JN20)Remnants of Naezith (JN20)Overload (JN20)The King's Bird (JN20)Beat Hazard 2 (JL20)Sigma Theory (JL20)Metal Unit (JL20)Basingstoke (JL20)Earthlock (JL20)Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek (AG20)Wargroove (AG20)Little Big Workshop (AG20)Automachef (AG20)Through the Darkest of Times (AG20)A Case of Distrust (AG20)The Shapeshifting Detective (S20)Sunless Skies (OC20)Sunless Sea (OC20)Shadows Awakening (OC20)Autonauts (OC20)Iron Danger (OC20)The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day (OC20)Lightmatter (OC20)Fantasy Blacksmith (OC20)The Suicide of Rachel Foster (OC20)Darksburg (NOV20)Smile For Me (NOV20)Darkwood (NOV20)Tsioque (NOV20)Youropa (NOV20)Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt (NOV20)Children of Morta (DEC20)One Step from Eden (DEC20)The Beast Inside (DEC20)Zwei: The Arges Adventure (DEC20)Frog Detective (DEC20)Frog Detective 2 (DEC20)Still There (DEC20)Struggling (DEC20)Shining Resonance Refrain (DEC20)Path of Giants (DEC20)Not Tonight (JAN21)Deleveled (JAN21)The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines (JAN21)The Wild Eight (FEB21)Train Station Renovation (FEB21)Iris and the Giant (FEB21)Boomerang Fu (FEB21)Hotshot Racing (MAR21)Pesterquest (MAR21)Wildfire (MAR21)Boreal Blade (MAR21)Ageless (MAR21)Main Assembly (APR21)Skully (APR21)Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 (MAY21)Levelhead (MAY21)Size Matters (MAY21)Retimed (MAY21)Family Man (MAY21)Vane (MAY21)Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse (JUN21)Worms Rumble (JUN21)Desolate (JUN21)Paw Paw Paw (JUN21)Effie (JUN21)Hammerting (JUL21)Nimbatus The Space Drone Constructor (JUL21)Paradise Killer (JUL21)Elderborn (JUL21)S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster (JUL21)Deadly Days (JUL21)Adom (JUL21)Last Oasis (Aug21)Out of Space (Aug21)We Need to Go Deeper (Aug21)As Far as the Eye (Aug21)Drake Hollow (Aug21)Nowhere Prophet (Aug21)West of Dead (Sept21)Heaven's Vault (Sept21)Swag & Sorcery (Sept21)Orwell: Ignorance is Strength (Sept21)FRAMED Collection (Sept21)Amnesia: Rebirth (OCt21)112 Operator (OCt21)Guts and Glory (OCt21)GARAGE: Bad Trip (OCt21)Textorcist (OCt21)Tools Up! (OCt21)Hiveswap Friendsim (OCt21)Black Future '88 (OCt21)Syberia 3 (OCt21)Due Process (nov21)Simple Rockets 2 (nov21)Timelie (nov21)Mobius Front '83 (nov21)The Survivalists (dec21)8Doors: Arum's Afterlife Adventure (dec21)Fling to the Finish (dec21)TOHU (dec21)Rebel Cops (jan22)Rustler (jan22)Between the Stars (jan22)Retrowave (jan22)Midnight Protocol (jan22)Per Aspera (feb22)Before We Leave (feb22)Paradise Lost (feb22)Everhood (feb22)Calico (feb22)Nebuchadnezzar (mar22)Evan's Remains (mar22)Monster Sanctuary (apr22)Monster SanctuaryKillsquad (apr22)Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos (apr22)Suzerain (apr22)Chicken Police (apr22)Planet Zoo (May22)
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated (May22)
Spellcaster University (May22)
Surviving The Aftermath (May22)
If Found.... (May22)
Genesis Noir (May22)
Embr (May22)Phoenix Point Year One Edition (Jun22)
Gamedec (Jun22)
Pumpkin Jack (Jun22)
Siege Survival: Gloria Victis (Jun22)
I am Fish (Jun22)Deep Rock Galactic (jul22)Legion TD 2 - Multiplayer Tower Defense. (jul22)Legend of Keepers (jul22)Lawn Mowing Simulator (jul22)Banners of Ruin (jul22)Yes, Your Grace (jul22)ATOM RPG Tru

LAFCO Holiday Spirit Giveaway: Woodland Spruce Classic Diffu...

Ends in 22 Days 21 Hours

One lucky winner will receive the following prizes… Woodland Spruce Classic Diffuser ($52 Value) Woodland Spruce Signature Candle ($70 Value) Woodland Spruce Room Mist ($40 Value) Woodland Spruce Votive ($18.50 Value) About The Fragrance: The aroma of an enchanted winter forest is created by combining the natural essence of warm birch, earthy palo santo wood, and evergreen spruce. Fir balsam and juniper berries capture a crisp, wintery spirit.

Christmas Giveaway

Ends in 2 Days 21 Hours

Christmas Giveaway

We are giving away be quiet! christmas bundles
As part of our "Upgrade your Christmas" campaign, we are giving away upgrade packages that will allow you to upgrade not only your system, but also your holiday outfits.
🎁 We are giving away: 1 x  Dark Rock Pro 4 MC 1 - m.2 cooler be quiet! Christmas sweater be quiet! hat be quiet! scarf be quiet! thermos flask be quiet! Christmas balls  2 x  Light Wings 140mm PWM high-speed Triple-Pack MC 1 - m.2 cooler be quiet! hat be quiet! scarf be quiet! thermos flask be quiet! Christmas balls
Dont forget the bonus entries to increase your chances.
Good luck!
Contest Host: be quiet!