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Perfect Xmas Gift for your kids- CrowBot-Bolt Robot Cars

Ends in 9 Days 4 Hours

Driven by #ESP32, this STEM Programmable Robot Car can do light tracking, follow lines, avoid obstacles & remote control. Plus provide #programming lessons, what else would you want from this #OpenSource car? Learn More details 👉 https://bit.ly/3TDP5vC

Win a Pixel 7 Pro worth $900

Ends in 35 Days 11 Hours

Voted the Best Camera Smartphone of 2022, Android Headlines is giving away one Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Win $200 CASH from SweepsDB.com

Ends in 57 Days 20 Hours

To celebrate the holiday's, SweepsDB is giving away $200 CASH.
You get to pick how you want it. Paypal? Crypto? Amazon Gift Card? Something else? It's completely your pick.

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ALKEMON Giveaway Campaign #Oasys #HomeVerse

Ends in 1 Day 3 Hours - 11196 Entries

ALKEMON Giveaway Campaign #Oasys #HomeVerse

ALKEMON is a Move2Play web3 game. It is a game that everyone publicly declare their goals on social media and earn while acquiring healthy habits.Users who win ALKEMON GENESIS NFT will get the right to participate in closed beta and receive various utilities.
🔥More Details🔥https://twitter.com/project_kaeru1[Prize]🎁ALKEMON GENESIS NFT x 5
🎁1000 $OAS x 10
2022-12-06 14:23:59 (UTC)2022-12-06 2323:59:59 (JST)
Contest Host: double jump.frog INC


Ends in 12 Days 20 Hours

Through this give away I will be providing anyone a chance to win Gw2 GemsContest Host: Laz_Vale

Gangchi Union

Ends in 6 Days - 56410 Entries

💥Gangchi Union X 좋은친구들 콜라보 이벤트💥
💥Gangchi Union NFT X 좋은친구들 콜라보 이벤트💥⏳ 12/02~12/11 21:00🎁airdrop = NFT x5 / 남상락패키지x3 (1개 300달러상당)Whitelist x 50<nft = give a way 1 / random 2 / top 2 / top 3~6 random1 >< 남상락패키지 = top1 / random1 /giveaway 1>WEB | TWITTER | DISCORD 📍"Gangchi Union 콜렉션은 NFT를 반영한 프리미엄 제품을 한국시장 뿐 아니라  글로벌 시장까지 진출할 예정이고 이 IP에 대한 수익쉐어로 홀더들과 성과를 공유합니다.동참하는 대기업들 및 기관에게는 라카이코리아와 강치연합군이 함께 전개하는 '선한 기업'이미지를 공유하여 기업의 영속성에 기여하고,각각의 NFT가표방하는 기부 및 후원활동을 통해 사회참여에도 적극적으로 나섭니다.📍민팅 일정 공개!
 🕑민팅 시간🕑12월 13일 OG 30개 8:00PM - 8:50PM12월 13일 1차 WL 9:00PM - 10:00PM 12월 14일 2차 퍼블릭 8:00PM ~ 12월 15일 7:00PM12월 15일 3차 퍼블릭 8:00PM ~ 12:00PM📍12월 8일 진행하는 강치유니온 AMA 진행 목차 1.간단한 프로젝트 소개 2.IP 수익쉐어, 혜택 관련 된 내용 설명3.로드맵 소개4.앞으로 향후 사업 운영방식 설명 ama 진행하면서 간단한 퀴즈 이벤트도 있으니 많은 참여 부탁드립니다! 장소 : 강치유니온 디스코드 AMA 채널 🕑AMA 시간 : 12월 8일 8:00 PM🎁상품🎁 1.에어드랍 x 32.남상락 패키지 x 2 (상품은 아래 사진 참고) 📍아직도 강치유니온 디스코드, 트위터를 안들어왔다고!?트위터 https://twitter.com/GANGCHI_UNION follow 디스코드https://discord.gg/7GdQa5dh5Z트위터 팔로우, 디코 입장하면 이벤트 참여 완료! 랜덤으로 추첨을 진행합니다! 🎁상품🎁1.에어드랍 x 5 2.FCFS WL X 50 3.남상락 패키지 x 3개[남상락패키지 구성품] 훈민정음 아람 머그컵 한글 무궁화 머그컵 2개하늘과 바람과 별과 시 글라스컵대한독립 글라스컵독립유묵 글라스컵독도팔찌 3색 택 1 (골드,실버,블랙) Welcome to Gangchi Union community!Gangchi Union_Homepage📌https://www.gangchiunion.com/Gangchi Union_Discord📌 https://discord.gg/XU4nXtPU6eGangchi Union_twitter📌 https://twitter.com/GANGCHI_UNIONGangchi Union_Linktree📌 https://linktr.ee/gangchiunion
힘들 투자자분들을 위한 노래
https://linktr.ee/goodfriend0906 <-링크트리
💞event question💞
https://t.me/gfs906 <- 수다방
https://www.instagram.com/goodfriend0906 <-  인스타그램
https://open.kakao.com/o/greb4m0d <- NFT수다/정보오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/gfNhCBHd <- 더마르스전용 오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/gn8JQ6Sd   <- NFT 오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/glnxudzd   <- NFT/P2E 오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/gejchHUd <- 레퍼럴교환 오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/gvrNi52d  <- 이더리움전용 오픈톡
https://youtu.be/gUSifvhXGvU             <- 좋은친구들 주제곡
당첨시 디스코드 미참여, 트위터 언팔인상태이면 
당첨이 취소됨을 알려드립니다
Contest Host: goodfriend

WIN this Christmas Eve Books Box from Books2Door worth over ...

Ends in 7 Days 20 Hours - 150 Entries

WIN this Christmas Eve Books Box from Books2Door worth over £80
WIN this Christmas Eve Books Box from Books2Door worth over £80! Created just for the festive season, our delightful Christmas Eve Gift Box is the ideal present from online children's bookseller, Books2Door. The box is filled to the brim with books for little ones and money-saving deals for adults. With a grand total of 35 books included, this is the perfect gift for a family of little bookworms.Contest Host: Motherhood: The Real Deal


Ends in 27 Days 12 Hours - 0 Entries

为了给OKLink监控功能的用户提供更好的产品体验,OKLink将正在进行一次用户调研,参与的用户将有机会获得USDT空投奖励! 另外,我们还将抽取5位能够提供建设性意见的用户,为他们开通OKLink API功能权限请按照下面的步骤完成任务👇 (你的erc20地址将在最后一步的谷歌表单内进行收集) 活动时间:11月30日- 12月9日Contest Host: OKG

Portugal VS South Korea

Ends in 27 Days 4 Hours - 13 Entries

World Cup News ➡️2022 12-02 15:00(UTC)

🇵🇹Portugal VS 🇰🇷South Korea
Choose your favorite football team🎁Activity 1:10 lucky users will be drawn from the winning team, and 5U/person will be rewarded🎁Activity 2: trade #POR share $1000U
POR transaction interface:https://www.mexc.com/zh-CN/exchange/POR_USDT?_from=search_market
Remind➡️UID is the voucher for awarding; Please fill in your MEXC-UID correctly for gleam task
✍️Sign up to MEXC: https://www.mexc.com/register?inviteCode=mexc-002
Recommended ranking​
Users are recommended to participate in gleam tasks during the event period, and users whose total personal points reach more than 30 points can participate in the gleam points prize pool sharing.
Prize Pool Sharing Rules:
1.If the total points of all participating users in the gleam prize pool is ≧ 600 points, total amount of prize pool = 50usdt
2.If the total points of all participating users in the gleam prize pool is ≧ 1000 points, total amount of prize pool = 100usdt
3.If the total points of all participating users in the gleam prize pool is ≧ 2000 points, total amount of the prize pool = 200usdt
✍️Special remark:
1.Net Deposit = Deposit - Withdrawal
2.The prize sharing rewards are divided according to the proportion of users. The larger the proportion, the more rewards available.
3.Users can participate in all activities if they meet the conditions of the activity
4.MEXC owns the right to interpret this event
5.Rewards will be paid within seven days after the activity ends
6.For Q&A, please go to the MEXC-community:https://discord.gg/rxe5jM8kEJ

Contest Host: mexc activity

OceanPark X WEB3 Space

Ends in 4 Days 12 Hours

OceanPark X WEB3 Space
OceanPark BiG AirdropTOP 20 participants will Get 10$ each.Randomly 60 participants will Get 5$ each.Randomly 500 participants will Share 20,000,000 OceanPark Diamonds.Users will be able to convert their OceanPark Diamonds to Aptos.OceanPark is a WEB 3 gaming park built on Aptos, dedicated to introducing the world of Web3 to a diverse spectrum of everyday consumers. We plan to introduce more than 1 billion WEB3 users to APTOS.The more entries you have the higher your chance of winning!Contest Host: WEB3 Space

Christmas Calendar [Mời Bạn Bè-1]

Ends in 31 Days 12 Hours

Hãy Chia Sẻ Yêu Thương!
Hãy Chia Sẻ Yêu Thương! Thật tuyệt nếu bạn bè của bạn cũng cùng chơi và giành chiến thắng. Hãy chia sẻ lịch lên mạng xã hội và mở khóa một lượt để giành giải thưởng ngày hôm nayContest Host: Remitano


Ends in 3 Hours - 10220 Entries

⚽️Gate.io決勝トーナメント進出おめでとうキャンペーン 🇯🇵
⚽️Gate.io決勝トーナメント進出おめでとうキャンペーン 🇯🇵
📅締切​:12月5日23:59終了予定参加方法⚽️本Twitter投稿をRTするだけ         Gate.io Japan日本公式twitter
登録はこちら​Contest Host: gate.io

Secret Santa Giveaway! Win $140 worth of products to gift to...

Ends in 4 Days 18 Hours

Are you ready for our Secret Santa Giveaway?? We know some of you might not celebrate the holiday where Santa comes to visit. The good news is this gift can be versatile. Secret Snowperson? Secret Elf? Secret Fairy? Whatever you celebrate, this gift is pure wellness in a rolled up bundle. Win more than $140 worth of products for yourself or to give as a gift. Our rainbow elf has been stitching away, and we've got all of these healing rollers filled for holiday gifting. Keep in mind this handmade roll-up filled with our Complete Set of Rainbow Rollers will fit swimmingly in a stocking, your purse, backpack, diaper bag, glovebox, etc. It's a tidy way to bring your rollers along for the ride. No purchase necessary to win. The big winner will be announced on Friday December 9th, at 11:59 pm MST. Check someone special off of your list with plenty of time to get your holiday gift in the post. We will also mail your prize on your behalf, if you desire.

HyperPay & HEST Airdrop

Ends in 3 Days 4 Hours - 9538 Entries

HyperPay & HEST Airdrop
🏆Reward Pool: 10,000 HEST TokensFinish tasks below will have a chance to win the rewards!​🎊📜Rules:
✅Follow HyperPay & HEST Twitter
✅ Rt, like tag 3 friends
✅Join HyperPay airdrop feedback TG(https://t.me/HyperPayairdropfeedback) and HEST TG
✅Submit HyperPay Web3 wallet BSC address
🗂Download the app: https://www.hyperpay.tech/app_down?type=tt
How to Create BSC address on HyperPay Web3 Wallet❓
Disclaimer: HyperPay reserves the right to amend or revise this event's terms or cancel it at any time and for any reason without prior notice at its sole discretion.
Contest Host: HyperPay GiveAway

OneXPlayer 2 Giveaway

Ends in 55 Days 17 Hours

OneXPlayer 2 Is Coming Soon!OneXPlayer 2 Indiegogo Campaign will be launched on December 20, 2022. To celebrate this, we will give away an OneXPlayer 2 to one of the contestants.Follow 4 steps to enter:\ud83d\udcdfStep 1: Follow our Twitter \ud83d\udcdfStep 2: Join our Discord\ud83d\udcdfStep 3: Share this to your friends or your social media page\ud83d\udcdfStep 4: Enter with your email\ud83d\udd3bLet me briefly introduce you OneXPlayer 2OneXPlayer 2 powered by the most powerful AMD Ryzen Processor, enhance your gaming experience in every way. It features an 8.4 inch Super Big Screen, a more realistic gaming world for you to experience! What makes this even more exciting is that it equipped with detachable controllers, allows you to play games in a more relaxed way!\ud83d\udea8OneXPlayer 2 Beta Testers Recruitment Program is officially launched! We are now looking for beta testers worldwide, if you are interested, please join our Discord to enter.\ud83c\udfae Subscribe to receive the price details, specification and the latest updates from the campaign: https:\/\/www.indiegogo.com\/projects\/--319313\/coming_soonThank you for your support and valuable time, the closing date for entries is January 30th, 2023 and the winner will be announced on January 31st, 2023.Good luck for you to be the lucky one to get the free console so you can play AAA games anywhere, anytime.Join our group for more exclusive discount: Facebook Group \/ DiscordFollow our official account: Twitter \/ Facebook \/ YouTube \/ InstagramVisit our site
Offered By: OneXPlayer (https://onexplayerstore.com/)

KuCoin Pre-AMA Activity — PREMA (PRMX) : Complete All the ...

Ends in 2 Days 4 Hours - 15283 Entries

KuCoin Pre-AMA Activity — PREMA (PRMX): Complete All the Tasks for a Chance To Win 2,000 PRMX!🎉🎉🎉
If the following goals have been achieved by the end of the activity period, we will select 40 winners of 2,000 PRMX each.✅ PREMA (PRMX) Telegram Group = 12,000 members✅ KuCoin News Channel = 124,000 subscribers✅ KuCoin Exchange 2nd Group = 133,000 members
✅ KuCoin KCS Group = 16,500 members
*If the target number has not been reached the rewards will be added to other parts of the PREMA (PRMX) AMA activities.
Contest Host: KuCoin

Play Alphabet Earn CET Vol.31

Ends in 5 Days 12 Hours - 95337 Entries

Play Alphabet Earn CET Vol.31
Comment the Coin/Token name on the Twitter Or Telegram to join the competition!❓What is 'Play Alphabet Earn CET'?'Play Alphabet Earn CET' is the first play to earn campaign for CoinEx community, users will need to figure out the exact coin/token listed on CoinEx and drop the correct answer, eligible commentators will be randomly selected as winners to share the rewarding pool.                    🎁 Reward: $500 worth of $CET                     
  ⏰ Time: 03 - 10 Dec 2022             
More entries, More chance & Bigger prize 💰
Register a CoinEx account | Download CoinEx App
Contest Host: CoinEx

VOOPOO Drag 4 Vape Mod Kit Giveaways! OVER ALL LEGENDS

Ends in 3 Days 20 Hours - 4241 Entries

VOOPOO Drag 4 Vape Mod Kit Giveaways
Prizes:1 set * VOOPOO Drag 4 Vape Mod Kit1 set * VOOPOO Drag 4 Vape Mod KitWe'll have 2 Winners, Prizes are distributed randomly, one for each person.All the entries are optional*Due to shipping policies, there are still some areas that are not available. Please check our Shipping Guide.
*If winners already ordered the product at our website, we can issue a refundWinners will be randomly picked on 9/12/2022.
Contest Host: Vapesourcing

Wise Crypto X Digipharm Giveaway

Ends in 20 Days 6 Hours - 1370 Entries

Wise Crypto X Digipharm Giveaway
🥳 40000 $DGH Airdrop Giveaway 🥳
🎉 Wise Crypto is thrilled to announce partnership with Digipharm!! 
✨ DIGIPHARM help patients access the best available healthcare with our pioneering value-based contracting platform.
➡️ $DGH is listed on MEXC
🏆 Prize Pool 🏆
👬 Top 50 referrals will get 200 $DGH each
👬 300 Random winners will get 100 $DGH each
Contest Host: WIse Crypto

🍂 Bitfinex繁中社區金秋九月福利大放送 🌕 - ...

Ends in 4 Days 4 Hours - 100 Entries

🍂 Bitfinex繁中社區金秋九月福利大放送 🌕
Bitfinex與Tether繁體中文社區給大家發福利喇!動動手指,完成簡單的Gleam任務,即可參與樂透!每週將有一位贏家帶走20USDT作為贈品,活動將持續十週。一起為冬日的到來儲備能量吧~Contest Host: Bitfinex Asia

Gate.io Nigerian Twitter Community Learn, Engage & Earn

Ends in 26 Days 11 Hours - 70 Entries

Gate.io Nigerian Twitter Community Learn, Engage & Earn
🥳To celebrate the opening of Gate.io Nigerian Twitter, ➕Follow, 🔄Retweet, 📨 Reply & ❤️ Like Our Twitter page.🎁 5 lucky draws worth $30 each to be won at the end of the event!Note:*The rewards will be distributed in 14 days or after the event.*The winner list will be announced on Gate.io News Twitter/Telegram Channel.*The use of duplicate accounts and any other cheating behaviour is strictly prohibited.Contest Host: gate.io

#WIN #MHA My Hero Academia #Giveaway

Ends in 1 Day 5 Hours

Happy Holidays from Akachi Comics!To celebrate, we\u2019re giving a ton of My Hero Academia swag to one lucky winner!Prizes include: My Hero Academia manga Vol1-6, My Hero Academia Character Guide, Funko Pop of Deku and Bakugo, My Hero Academia craftable buildable action figures.Covers and editions may not be the exact ones pictured depending on availability.*Your email will be distributed to all of the creators. You can unsubscribe from each individually.*
Offered By: Akachi Comics (http://akachicomics.com)


Ends in 2 Days 5 Hours - 1485 Entries

OXALUS & OddOwlClub
Reward is ONLY for those who download Oxalus Wallet and login.
⚠ EXCLUSIVELY for this time of OddOwlClub ⚠
📅 By Dec 7th, 2022
✍ About ✍🦉OddOwl Club is the community for like-minded NFT frens. A bunch of 10,000 oddities to lead a tangible web3 lifestyle, building a gate-free and vibing community both on-chain and IRL.🚨 Good luck! Join Now the Club---
Oxalus - the first full-suite NFT trading platform creating a smart and efficient experience for users including NFT Aggregator, NFT Wallet and, Games.Our key product is Oxalus NFT Aggregator gathering multiple listings from multiple marketplaces and allows users to quickly purchase NFTs across Marketplace in a single transaction to save tons of gas fees.
To celebrate this partnership, we're more than happy to share with you the opportunity to receive big rewards!
Contest Host: Gleam

Festivus Day 5

Ends in 20 Hours

Enter to Win!
​Win a Helly Hansen Odin Lifa Pro Belay JacketDeveloped with search and rescue professionals who require the warmest possible jacket for protection in cold and wet conditions, the Odin Lifa Pro Belay Jacket is highly breathable and lightweight without compromising on performance and functionality. ​To achieve this, the jacket features a unique combination of technologies, including a face fabric made with 100% LIFA® — a proprietary Helly Hansen fiber that is inherently lightweight and hydrophobic, achieving everlasting water-repellency without the need for DWR treatment. Additionally, two types of strategically body-mapped, synthetic insulation are used for warmth where it’s needed most — Lifaloft™ Fiberballs and PrimaLoft® Cross Core technology, which utilizes Aerogel to increase thermal performance. ​Finally, a Graphene heat conductive lining helps equalize skin temperature by sending heat from warmer parts of the body to colder areas, as well as increases fabric durability and offers anti-static and odor-neutralizing properties. For more information on this and other great Helly Hansen products head to the official site here.Contest Host: Get Out There

SuperThursday12.1 local sites-TW india

Ends in 6 Hours - 1260 Entries

SuperThursday12.1 local sites-TW india
💎 10 विजेताओं में से प्रत्येक को 10 $BSW मिलते हैं!💎📌 कैसे ज्वाइन करें:✅ अपना उत्तर सबमिट करें;✅सही जवाब देने वाले 10 विजेताओं का चयन किया जाएगा✅ आप जितने अधिक कार्य पूरे करेंगे, जीतने की संभावना उतनी ही अधिक होगी🥳प्रत्येक नया रजिस्टर जो $10 जमा करता है और KYC2 पूरा करता है, वह अतिरिक्त $5 अनुबंध बोनस जीत सकता है🧧🥳प्रत्येक उपयोगकर्ता जिसने दोस्तों को Gate.io पर सफलतापूर्वक आमंत्रित किया है, प्रत्येक $5 अतिरिक्त जीत सकता है🧧बिना Gate.io खाते के अभी तक?🌟 अभी पंजीकरण करें और जुड़ें 🌟अभी पंजीकरण करेंhttps://www.gate.io/signup?ch=OppositeSide 【टिप्पणियाँ】 *पुरस्कार अनुबंध बोनस (14 दिन) और यादृच्छिक टोकन में वितरित किए जाएंगे।*पुरस्कार प्राप्त करने के लिए KYC2 को इवेंट के अंत तक पूरा करना होगा।*घटना के दौरान पंजीकरण करने वाले नए उपयोगकर्ताओं के अलावा, उम्मीदवारों को पुरस्कार जीतने के लिए 2022-12-1 से 2022-12-4 तक $50 (स्पॉट ट्रेडिंग) से कम का व्यापार करने की आवश्यकता नहीं है। उच्च ट्रेडिंग वॉल्यूम और आपके द्वारा पूर्ण किए गए अधिक कार्यों के साथ, आपको जीतने का उच्च मौका मिल सकता है।*विजेता सूची की घोषणा Gate.io न्यूज टेलीग्राम चैनल पर की जाएगी।*इवेंट समाप्त होने के 14 कार्य दिवसों के भीतर पुरस्कार वितरित किए जाएंगे।*डुप्लिकेट खातों और किसी भी अन्य धोखाधड़ी वाले व्यवहार का उपयोग सख्त वर्जित है।Contest Host: gate.io

ETHIndia x Etherspot

Ends in 7 Days 12 Hours - 25 Entries

Complete all the steps and get a FREE cool stuff!
1. Complete all the steps2. Go to the Etherspot booth at ETHIndia3. Spin the wheel to find out what prize you get4. Grab your prizes!Contest Host: Etherspot

Know It Or Blow It Vol.11

Ends in 5 Days 12 Hours - 101716 Entries

Know It Or Blow It Vol.11
✅ Select the number of cryptocurrencies supported in ViaBTC Revenue Sharing❓ What is 'Know It Or Blow It'?'Know It Or Blow It' is an educational campaign targetting users' recent FAQs, while enjoying the game, users can learn some blockchain know-how in a simpler way.We encourage you to invite your friends together to share the rewarding pool, top referrals will be granted with a bigger prize!                     🎁 Reward: $1000 USDT Pool                         ⏰ Time: 03 - 10 Dec 2022          
Register an ViaBTC Account  | Download ViaBTC App
Contest Host: CoinEx

Meta2150s x MetaLine Twitter Space

Ends in 3 Hours - 267 Entries

Meta2150s x MetaLine Twitter Space
MetaLine is a large-scale Web3-based multi-connect game for nautical management, adventure and strategy.
Venue: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1DXxyvbbLXvKM
Time: Dec 5th, 7:30 AM UTC
Rewards: 10 Wl of NFT
Finish the tasks and leave your questionsThe selected question-raisers will get rewardedContest Host: sypool

Gate.io Futures | WCTC S3 | Word Scramble

Ends in 3 Days 12 Hours - 25443 Entries

Gate.io Futures | WCTC S3 | Word Scramble
​Gate.io Futures | WCTC S3 | Word Scramble Win a share of $150How to Participate 
Follow us @GateioFutures
RT & Like this post 
Find the missing football player
Comment and Tag 3 friends with #WCTC3
Winners  : 15 winners win $150
Period : December 02nd - December 08th (UTC)
Contest Host: gate.io

🎉Sorteo RiotPoints Patroxx Navidad🎄🎁

Ends in 20 Days 11 Hours - 112 Entries

🎉Sorteo RiotPoints Patroxx Navidad🎄🎁
Esta es una de las 3 partes del sorteo. Podéis participar 3 veces, una en la de Szyzzorzotra en la de PinguSama y una en la mía. No os preocupéis😎Cada una de estas partes dará casi 2k RP a sus respectivos ganadores. Buena suerte y felices fiestas a todos nuestros seguidores🎉🥳🎄Contest Host: Twitch Patroxx

toni anderson december

Ends in 26 Days 20 Hours

Help Toni Anderson celebrate the new release of a "Cold" Romantic Thriller that will keep you warm this holiday season!
To celebrate her new release, COLD DECEIT, Toni Anderson is giving away a signed copy of Cold & Deadly! Don't miss her new book, coming December 20th. Order your copy today.

When forensic anthropologist Zoe Miller stumbles across a murder victim in the blisteringly hostile Sonoran Desert, she triggers a chain of events that puts her in the crosshairs of a ruthless killer.
FBI HRT operator Seth Hopper is on secret assignment near the Mexican border when he suddenly finds himself on a rescue mission. The former Navy SEAL is ordered to protect Zoe, whether she likes it or not, which sets them off on a cross-country journey back to Virginia.
Zoe has good reason not to trust a man like Seth, but there is no denying the scorching heat that flares between them, hotter than the desert sun. Can Zoe find justice for the murdered woman? Or will the killers close in to destroy them both…
Order COLD DECEIT: Amazon.com | Kindle | BN.com | Apple Books | Kobo | Google Play | Powell's Books | Books-A-Million | Indie BookShops | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR

Contest Host: Fresh Fiction

alexandra ivy DECEMBER

Ends in 26 Days 20 Hours

Warm your nights with a great book from Alexandra Ivy! Grab a beverage with Starbucks GC

Get in the spirit of the holidays with a $10 Starbucks gift card! Alexandra Ivy is giving away one and hopes you'll grab a holiday beverage. What's your favorite drink?.
In Pike, Wisconsin, a small town full of deadly secrets, a woman searches for the truth about a long-ago night, while a killer prepares to silence her forever, in New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Ivy’s chilling tale of romantic suspense. A must-read for fans of Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton, and Mary Burton.WILL SHE FIND THE ANSWERTeenager Lia Porter shouldn’t have been anywhere near the railroad bridge that night. Sneaking home after a party in the fields outside Pike, Wisconsin, she glimpsed a woman in a leather jacket, running in terror. Lia puts the incident from her mind—until a body is found near the same spot fifteen years later, wearing the same jacket. The police rule it a suicide. Lia knows different. The woman she saw was trying to save her own life, not end it. But whatever she was fleeing from found her first . . .BEFORE THE KILLERThe stranger who arrives at Lia’s store shares her suspicions. Hollywood stunt driver Kaden Vaughn has come home to Wisconsin to learn the truth about what happened to his brother’s fiancée years ago. The leather jacket, the timing—he believes the dead woman is Vanna, and that Lia may be the only person who can help. Together they retrace Vanna’s steps, but the more they dig, the darker the secrets become.FINDS HER?The killer is still out there, stalking the streets of Pike again, willing to do whatever is necessary to keep the truth locked in mystery. One by one, all those who know something about that night must be silenced, until there is no one left to tell .
Buy DESPERATE ACTS: Amazon.com | Kindle | BN.com | Powell's Books | Books-A-Million | Indie BookShops | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR

Contest Host: Fresh Fiction

Jade Lee december

Ends in 26 Days 20 Hours

A Yuletide bookish gift box from Jade Lee

If you like surprises, you'll love this giveaway from USA Today bestseller Jade Lee. Enter now for a chance to win a surprise box of goodies including books, a signature Squidge, and more! And if you're looking for a gift for yourself, the price is right on this new Regency-era, Scottish-set romance.  ALMOST A SCOTSometimes a Lady Needs a Villain.A LADY IN TROUBLEIseabail Spalding is on the run, desperately searching for a man who can stand up to her uncle. She’s hiding in London, pretending to be an empty-headed debutante, but someone has discovered her secret. The villainous seducer Reuben Bates demands she bend to his will or be exposed.A SCOUNDREL WITH AMBITIONReuben means to marry into the aristocracy, and if that means leveraging Miss Spalding’s secrets to his advantage, well, that’s her problem. Until she surprises him. The clever beauty matches him scheme for scheme. Better yet, she sees his merit even though he is nothing but a gutter rat with big plans. Then she runs out of time, and he’s sworn to abandon her.CAN A BLACKGUARD SAVE A BEAUTY?Reuben must give up the future he’s always wanted to help the angel who’s caught his eye. It won’t work unless Iseabail trusts him completely, and trust is the one thing she will not do. But she can love, and he can adapt.Together they’ll risk everything, including their lives, to face an entrenched evil in Scotland.
Contest Host: Fresh Fiction

Sorteo RiotPoints Zeze Navidad

Ends in 20 Days 11 Hours - 154 Entries

🎁 Sorteo Riot Points Zeze Navidad 🎁
Esta es una de las 3 partes del sorteo. Podéis participar 3 veces, una en la de Patroxx, una en la de Pingu Sama y una en la mía (szyzzorz). No os preocupéis 😎Cada una de estas partes dará casi 2k RP a sus respectivos ganadores. Buena suerte y felices fiestas a todos nuestros seguidores 🥳🎄Contest Host: Canal de youtube de Zeze

🎁 Sorteo Riot Points Pingu Navidad 🎁

Ends in 20 Days 11 Hours - 146 Entries

🎁 Sorteo Riot Points Pingu Navidad 🎁
Esta es una de las 3 partes del sorteo. Podéis participar 3 veces, una en la de Patroxx, una en la de Syzzorzy una en la mía (Pingu). No os preocupéis 😎Cada una de estas partes dará casi 2k RP a sus respectivos ganadores. Buena suerte y felices fiestas a todos nuestros seguidores 🥳🎄Contest Host: Pingu

Strive Airdrop Giveaway

Ends in 27 Days 4 Hours - 8 Entries

STRiVE NFT & WL Giveaway
STRiVE NFT & WL Giveaway
🎉💰 115 WINNERS – NFTs and WL roles up for grabs💰🎉Strive Website The first storytelling platform & community for self-development. Enabling #TellToEarn
Stories are meant to be shared!
🔥  LEVEL 1 🔥 TOP 10 REFERRERS - 1 NFT Airdrop each
🔥  LEVEL 2 🔥 Additional 100 lucky participants 
Winners will receive WL spots each.
🔥  LEVEL 3 🔥 Answer Special Strive Question
5 winners of 1 NFT Airdrop each (based on answer)
📌 Don't forget to submit your BEP-20 Wallet Address 📌
🚫 Fake accounts/bots will be rejected. 🚫
Contest Host: TokenMinds

Grand Christmas Booklover Giveaway

Ends in 4 Days 16 Hours

Join the holiday festivities with a multi-author giveaway event! Connect with fresh, sparkling reads! Enter to win bonus giveaways PLUS a grand prize $150 gift card! You could win Discovering Good News in John by Pam Farrel, Upcycled: Crafted for a Purpose by Tina Yeager, The Grace Impact by Nancy Grace, God's Gift by Lee Ann Mancini, Valuing Gold by Cynthia L. Simmons, or 12 Words for Christmas by Nancy Grace!
Offered By: TINA YEAGER (https://www.tinayeager.com)

Kathy Lyons december

Ends in 26 Days 20 Hours

Shift into new year mode with three shifter romances from Kathy Lyons!
Ready for a magical start to the new year? Enter to win three paranormal romances from USA Today bestselling author Kathy Lyons, including WERE-GEEKS SAVE LAKE WACKA WACKA from the Were-Geeks Save the World series, and THE BEAR WHO LOVED ME (first edition cover!) and ALPHA UNLEASED from the Grizzlies Gone Wild series. Keep reading for more about book 1 (BOUND BY SHADOWS, previously titled THE BEAR WHO LOVED ME) in Kathy's sexy bear shifter series. Between singlehandedly running her bakery and raising her teenaged nephew, Becca Weitz thought she had a decent grip on "normal." Then her nephew vanishes, and life as she's known it changes forever. Local legends are true: bear shifters exist . . . and her nephew is part of their clan. As is Carl Carman, the sexy, larger-than-life man who has sworn to find her nephew-and the other young shifters who've gone missing.As the leader of his clan, Carl is surrounded by enemies. He's learned the hard way that keeping a firm leash on his inner beast is key to survival, though his feelings for Becca test his legendary control. Then danger stalks too close, and Carl realizes he must unleash the raging, primal force within to protect everything he holds dear. But can Becca trust his grizzly side with her life-and her heart?
Contest Host: Fresh Fiction

Holiday Giveaway 2022

Ends in 6 Days 16 Hours - 5414 Entries

Happy Holidays from RØDE!

In celebration of the holiday season, we are getting into the festive spirit and giving away  4 HUGE RØDE Prize Packs!
Each of the four winners will have the choice of one of the following packs:Filmmakers – Wireless GO II Dual Transmitter Kit, VideoMic GO IIMobile Content Creators – Wireless GO II Dual Transmitter Kit, Vlogger Kit iOS or Android (Winner's Choice), SC21 or SC22 (Winner's Choice)Musicians – NT1-A, PSA1+ & AI-1Podcasters – PodMic, PSA1+ & AI-1To enter all you need to do is answer one simple question in the panel below:What is our latest wireless mic called?Complete the BONUS tasks for extra points! The more points, the better your chances!Winners will be announced December 14th at 10AM AEDT!Good Luck!Contest Host: www.rode.com

deborah blake holiday

Ends in 10 Days 20 Hours

Holiday Reading Joy with Deborah Blake - Win a Kindle Fire 7 and book
Express your joy in reading with Deborah Blake and enter to win a Kindle Fire 7 plus a copy of CLAWS FOR SUSPICION.

When someone from her past comes to town to cause trouble, Kari Stuart and her sassy kitten Queenie will have to work hard to protect the Serenity Sanctuary in this new Catskills Pet Rescue Mystery.Kari Stuart is finally starting to relax into her role as the new owner of the Serenity Sanctuary and is looking forward to the various fun autumn activities in the beautiful Catskills town of Lakeview, like the annual Oktoberfest celebration. It’s time for friends and quality bonding with handsome vet Angus McCoy. Until the unexpected arrival of her unpleasant ex-husband, Charlie Smith.He comes bearing a shocking revelation—the paperwork on their divorce never went through, and they are still married. Worse yet, he thinks this entitles him to half of her lottery winnings—although he'll happily take partial ownership of the sanctuary instead. Kari isn’t sure if he’s telling the truth, or if it’s just another one of Charlie’s lies.  But things go from bad to worse when an unexpected death makes Kari the main suspect in a murder investigation. Will she and Queenie be able to find the real killer and keep the home they’ve built at the sanctuary safe, or is their string of luck finally tapped out? 
Buy CLAWS FOR SUSPICION: Amazon.com | Kindle| BN.com | Apple Books | Kobo | Google Play | Powell's Books | Books-A-Million | Indie BookShops | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR

Contest Host: Fresh Fiction

ella quinn december

Ends in 26 Days 20 Hours

Enjoy a Ella Quinn Christmas read + Amazon Gift Card
Celebrate the holidays with a delightful Regency novella. Ella Quinn is giving away five e-book copies of THE EARL'S CHRISTMAS BRIDE. Plus one winner will get a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Charismatic heroes who are determined to remain single meet their captivating matches—with irresistible results—in USA Today bestselling author Ella Quinn’s delightfully romantic and thrillingly sexy Regency-set Marriage Game series. Will appeal to fans of historical romance and readers of Sabrina Jeffries, Eloisa James, and Tessa Dare.Ella Quinn’s charming, clever bachelors are happily single—and aspire to stay that way. But one by one, they discover that love, like the spirit of Christmas, is hard to resist . . .To mend his jilted heart, Lucian, Earl of Devon, has been on an extended tour of Europe. But now he’s returned to England—newly determined to remain unmarried. Devon accepts his friend Lord Exeter’s invitation to a holiday house party only after being assured the other guests are exclusively couples and children. Yet it seems Exeter forgot to mention Miss Althea Rutherford. She is eligible, exasperatingly likable, and worse, appears to be totally uninterested in Devon—with one exception . . . Notoriously difficult to please, Althea has been out for two years, met no one she can envision spending her life with, and is now sick of would-be suitors. In lieu of a third season, she is determined to tour the Continent—a subject Devon is enthused to discuss with her. Devon’s fascinating stories of Europe only strengthen Althea’s resolve to remain unattached—and weaken his own . . . Devon thought he was finished with traveling, but the idea of making the journey with the intriguing Althea won’t leave his mind. The challenge is to convince her that he’d be a much more enjoyable companion than a chaperone—perhaps for many Christmases to come . . .
Buy THE EARL'S CHRISTMAS BRIDE: Kindle | BN.com | Apple Books | Kobo | Google Play | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR

Contest Host: Fresh Fiction


Ends in 41 Days 20 Hours - 4 Entries

8 Custom BSKR Metal Seed Wallets Giveaway

Just Complete the tasks and be part of the most loyal Guild in Crypto.
8 Custom BSKR Metal Seed Wallets
Join our Guild! We are Stronger Together.
US only, due to shipping.
Contest Host: Pulselorian

Akira Ox X Asteria Protocol Airdrop

Ends in 6 Hours - 123970 Entries

Akira Ox X Asteria Protocol Airdrop
Akira Ox X Asteria Protocol Airdrop ⚡️ #AsteriaFinance Lab is committed to constructing an options-based infrastructure for DeFi and building new and innovative financial instruments within the Metaverse.🏆Total Prize Pool🏆300,000 $tATAT Token AIRDROP 💥💥Random 500 winner 600 $tATAT Token each🎁Refer more friends and get more entries and Winning Chance 🤑Contest Host: OEG DAO