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A Trip To Rome Giveaway worth $5K+

Ends in 7 Hours

* Flight Cash from Dollar Flight Club
* 4-5 night stay at citizenM Rome Isola Tiberina
* Value: $5,000+

The Centurion PC with Intel i5 14600K CPU!

Ends in 32 Days 22 Hours

Alexander PC's is excited to announce an exclusive giveaway featuring the Centurion PC, carefully designed to deliver a superior gaming experience.

Win $1500 worth of Rare Plants

Ends in 8 Days 3 Hours

1st place: Receives a Monstera Standleyana 'Albo Variegata'
2nd Place: Receives a White 'Princess' Philodendron
3rd place: Receives a Pink 'Princess' Philodendron
4th place: Receives an Anthurium Fingers
5th place: Receives a Tradescantia 'Nanouk'
Top 10 winners will receive a 1-year Flora Plus subscription (worth $60)
Remaining winners will receive 6 months of Flora Plus ($39 value)!

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Gate.io Bots AI Trading Contest - Trade & Win $8,000!

Ends in 6 Days - 20750 Entries

Event Duration: February 19, 2024 ~ March 4, 2024
Participating Tokens: RNDR, FET, TAO, AKT, AGIX, PRIME, CORGIAI, OCEAN, and other AI tokens
How to Participate: Sign up and trade with AI tokens on Bots
Sign up
🎁Participate to Share A $8,000 Prize Pool!🎁
1. Please make sure your KYC is verified to claim rewards.
2. The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account when participating in the activity.
3. Rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event ends.
Contest Host: Gate.io

Donna Michaels Leap year

Ends in 1 Day

Don't miss out for a chance to win a $29 Target GC from Donna Michaels

Growing up, Elle Hudson lost
herself in books as a form of escape after two separate
tragedies claimed the life of her father and her brother.
Her love of reading eventually blossomed into a successful
writing career. Now she is in the Poconos doing research for
a new series with police officers as her heroes. They held a
special place in her heart. Too bad the cop assigned to take
her on ride-a-longs is as arrogant as he is handsome.

Jeremy Mercer was ten when his father died in the line
of duty and his mother moved him and his sister from NYC to
the Poconos. To serve and protect is in his blood, so it was
only natural for him to follow in his father’s
footsteps and become a cop. He also joined the National
Guard, because helping people is his calling in life. Being
assigned liaison to a romance author isn’t part of
that calling. Besides, he doesn’t like
writers—doesn’t trust them. Too bad the woman
he’s stuck babysitting is as beautiful as she is
sweet, unless she’s putting on a front like his ex.
Elle is there to write romance, not look for it, but
there is no denying the chemistry between her and Jeremy.
Even though they agree to do just that they accidentally
fall into bed…several times. Not smart, especially
when he opens up about his past and she realizes just how
deep their connection runs.
Falling for Jeremy
could be a mistake. How will he react when he finds out it
was her brother his father had died trying to save? Will he
view it as a sign that they were meant to be together? Or
will he want nothing to do with her and walk away?
| Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR
Contest Host: Fresh Fiction

The Green Outdoors Giveaway

Ends in 15 Days 22 Hours

As we move into spring, embrace your wellness journey through our sustainable and green giveaway! Gear up for your next backyard adventure with gorgeous landscaping from Yardzen, dive into the world of sports with The GIST's inclusive sports news, indulge in outdoor-inspired scents courtesy of Every Man Jack, enjoy delicious, chef-crafted meals from Clean Plates, and live sustainably with Honeycomb. With the Green Outdoors giveaway, win everything you need to craft the perfect spring season. Enter today for your chance to win the following prizes:$250 cash gift card from The GIST$250-off promo code from Yardzen. Yardzen enables you to design and build your outdoor living space with ease.$250 gift card to Every Man Jack One-year free membership to WellzyPerks from Clean Plates3 month supply of honeycomb luxury bamboo toilet tissue from Honeycomb

Jennifer Faye Leap Year

Ends in 1 Day

Walk Down the Aisle of Romance: Win The Bride's Pink Shoes eBook + Starbucks Treats!
About THE

A lost love comes back…
Clara Harrington is secretly arranging the
wedding of the year for Hollywood’s latest
sweetheart—an event that will make her the West
Coast’s most sought-after wedding planner. However,
when she discovers the best man is her ex-fiancé,
Andrew Cross, Clara is blindsided. Andrew is a changed man,
intent on making amends. But will Clara risk her heart again
when at long last her career is about to take off?
NOTE: This book was previously released as The Wedding Do-
Over. It has since been rewritten and approximately 15K
words added.
Seabreeze Wedding Chapel series:
Prequel - The Bride's Dream Wedding
Book 1 - The
Bride's Pink Shoes
Book 2 - The Bride's Christmas
| BN.com | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR
Contest Host: Fresh Fiction

GateEarn SERSH Giveaway!

Ends in 4 Days 16 Hours - 58855 Entries

Share 1,000 SERSH Tokens!
What to do:

🟢 Follow @GateEarn & @SerenityShield_

🟢 Retweet and Like this post

🟢 Join our Gate Earn Telegram

🟢 Tag a friend in the comments

20 lucky winners* will share 1,000 SERSH Tokens!

⏰ The giveaway runs for the entire duration of the SERSH HODL.* Eligible for participants in the SERSH HODL&Earn during the giveaway period.


The rewards will be distributed in SERSH.

KYC2 must be completed by the end of the event to receive rewards.
The winner list will be announced on Gate.io HOLD&EARN Telegram Channel.

The rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event ends.
The use of duplicate accounts and any other cheating behaviour is strictly prohibited.
Crypto Market Warning: Be Informed and Cautious Before Investing!

Contest Host: Gate.io

Cindy Kirk Leap year

Ends in 1 Day

Wings of Fortune: Cindy Kirk's Angelic Giveaway!

An uplifting page-turner about life, loss, and
second chances
In 1919, when
doors were locked and windows were shuttered against
disease, an angel came to GraceTown. She moved from house to
house, nursing the sick and breathing life into the
community—and then she disappeared. The only evidence
of her existence is a stone angel in her likeness in the
town square…
Nurse Jenna Woodsen doesn’t know anything about the
Angel of GraceTown or the statue honoring her in the
community’s town square.
She only knows that when she and her elderly aunt were
forced to flee Philadelphia in the dead of night, Violet--
the wayward traveler Jenna picked up--suggested they shelter
in a deserted house in GraceTown.
Violet, a doppelganger for the angel in the square,
insists they will be safe here. Everyone assumes Jenna is
the fiancée of the absentee homeowner and Violet
convinces Jenna to play along.
Jenna is slowly rebuilding her interrupted life when her
“fiancé” shows up. Will Daniel’s
arrival cause Jenna and her aunt to run again? Or is his
appearance part of a bigger plan that will allow Jenna to
face her past and fully embrace the life she’s found
in GraceTown?
Rich in plot, emotions, and characters, this is a
book you won't soon forget. So, sit back, prop up your feet
and take a break from reality today!
| Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR
Contest Host: Fresh Fiction

GateEarn AMU Giveaway!

Ends in 3 Days 16 Hours - 52025 Entries

Share 4,000 AMU Tokens!
What to do:

🟢 Follow @GateEarn & @AmuletProtocol

🟢 Retweet and Like this post

🟢 Join our Gate Earn Telegram

🟢 Tag a friend in the comments

20 lucky winners* will share 4,000 AMU Tokens!

⏰ The giveaway runs for the entire duration of the AMU HODL.* Eligible for participants in the AMU HODL&Earn during the giveaway period.


The rewards will be distributed in AMU.

KYC2 must be completed by the end of the event to receive rewards.
The winner list will be announced on Gate.io HOLD&EARN Telegram Channel.

The rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event ends.
The use of duplicate accounts and any other cheating behaviour is strictly prohibited.
Crypto Market Warning: Be Informed and Cautious Before Investing!

Contest Host: Gate.io

Meg Napier Leap year

Ends in 1 Day

Love Through Time: Win a Signed Copy & Starbucks Card!

Can love between two souls be
so strong that it withstands the tragic death sentence of
history to rise again in a more auspicious time and place?
And if so, what if those two unknowing souls are so wary of
disappointment that they refuse to see the possibility of a
new beginning?
The passion between Stephen, a British major loyal to
King George, and Katrina, who believes her fellow colonists
are justified in rebellion, is instantaneous, joyous, and
all-consuming. Katrina’s family despises her
relationship with the hated Redcoat, but the two find such
happiness in each other’s arms that they believe their
love can survive any difficulty. Amidst the beauty of the
Hudson Valley and the looming threat of war, they cling to
each other and to the hope that both sides will see reason.

Fast forward 250 years. Catherine and Etienne are
determined to avoid the entanglements and pain that love and
relationships can cause. Safe in her predictable suburban
life and content with her work, Catherine wants nothing to
do with passion or commitment. Angry and resentful after a
terrorist bombing steals his eyesight and derails his career
as a photojournalist, Etienne tries to retreat further
behind the walls he’s always had in place around his
As soon as the two meet, however, the barriers they have
so carefully constructed are eroded by passion, laughter,
and a strangely instantaneous intimacy. When dangerous
choices threaten to tear them apart in an echo of Stephen
and Katrina’s fate, Catherine and Etienne are forced
to choose: is it better to remain safe and alone, or to risk
everything for love?
SIGHT: Kindle
| BN.com | Apple
Books | Kobo
| Google Play | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR
Contest Host: Fresh Fiction

Cheryl Bolen Leap Year

Ends in 1 Day

Royal Romance & Suspense: Dive into Cheryl Bolen's Giveaway!

Duty to his
country keeps him from the arms of the woman he craves with
every breath—his bride.
the day he marries the woman of his dreams, Richard Harwood,
the 6th Duke of Bentley, is summoned by his wife’s
cousin, who has been gravely injured. The cousin, the
powerful and wealthy Earl Devere, believes the attempt on
his life is tied to his fledgling investigation into a
potential stock fraud endorsed by men at the highest levels
of government. If the stock scheme is as corrupt as the
cousin suspects, it could bankrupt the kingdom. The Duke of
Bentley is taxed with determining the legitimacy of the
stock offering. But he must tell no one of his suspicions,
not even his bride.
In her first Season, lovely
Emily Beresford, has the good fortune to win the heart of
the kingdom’s most sought-after matrimonial catch, the
handsome Duke of Bentley. From the moment they met, the two
have been hopelessly in love. So why does this man she
adores abandon her on their wedding night?
Bentley’s inquiries keep stealing him away from this
woman he craves with every aching breath, his wife. These
same inquiries endanger him—and his adored duchess.
Will he have to choose between his
country or his wife?
BY A DUKE: Amazon.com | Kindle
| BN.com | Powell's Books | Books-A-Million | Indie BookShops | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR
Contest Host: Fresh Fiction

Jenna Jaxon Leap year

Ends in 1 Day

The Lyon's Den Delight: Win a $15 Gift Card!
About THE

He’s not the type of
man to forgive--but he’ll never forget her.
Geoffrey, Lord Longford is between a rock and a hard
place. His estates are about to be sold to keep the earldom
afloat so without a huge infusion of cash, his life is about
to change for the worse. When his best friend suggests
Geoffrey marry an heiress, he’s despondent but
resigned. Despite his reservations, he seeks out Mrs. Dove-
Lyon at The Lyon’s Den to find a suitable young lady
with a suitable fortune.
Diana Edgerton sacrificed years of her life taking care
of her uncle until he died, but that sacrifice is about to
be rewarded handsomely. His will leaves Diana the sole heir
to a vast fortune, but with one horrifying
stipulation—she must be married in order to inherit
it. Unfortunately, terrible rumors about Diana and her uncle
have made her all but unmarriageable. In desperation,
Diana’s aunt suggests she visit The Lyon’s Den
and consult Mrs. Dove-Lyon to arrange a match to save her
With two clients seemingly made for each other, a happy
ending is all but assured.
Except Geoffrey and Diana have an unfortunate history--
one that makes their union almost an impossibility. With so
much hanging in the balance, can the two of them overcome
the fact they despise one another long enough to secure the
possibility of a future together?
LYON'S PAW: Kindle
| Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR
Contest Host: Fresh Fiction

Sharon Buchbinder Leap year

Ends in 1 Day

Dangerous Love: Sharon Buchbinder's Special Giveaway!

A dangerous infatuation--or a second chance at
Lola Getz and Webster Bond
felt an instant spark when they met as high school students
in Victory Shores. But their budding romance was cut short
when Lola’s parents died in a plane crash and she had
to return to Mexico. There, she became a famous artist and
married a man who turned out to be a fraud. Webster,
meanwhile, joined the army, earned medals of honor, and came
back to his hometown as a cop.
Years later,
Lola’s life is in danger when armed men break into her
house. She flees to the only place she feels safe: her
twenty-fifth high school reunion. Webster is surprised and
thrilled to see her again—and vows to keep her safe.
But is she his long-lost love or a deadly temptation?
FOR LIFE: Kindle
| Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR
Contest Host: Fresh Fiction

$50,000 Giveaway - Tradiac x Prop Traders Club

Ends in 15 Days

Prop Traders Club are once again partnering with Tradiac to bring the community another great giveaway! Up for grabs this time are 5 x $10,000 challenges.The GiveawayTo enter this giveaway complete the following steps:Enter your name\/email on this page and continueEarn a minimum of 10 entries on the next page*You can also earn more entries by completing other tasks or referring other users to the giveaway.The Kingsumo software will automatically detect any users you refer and award you extra entries!Winners will be picked at random based on number of entries on 15th March 2024. All winners will be contacted by Prop Traders Club and\/or Tradiac.*Only those with 10+ entries will be considered for a prize.About TradiacProp Traders Club have been evaluating prop firms for over 2 years now and we can confidently say, that Tradiac is one of the few legitimate players in the industry.Tradiac have carved out a piece of the industry by providing traders with fantastic trading conditions, unique tools to save and increase capital as well as offering a range of account options. Some key highlights:Maximum drawdown up to 30%Backed by hedgefund - Interests are alignedSave your scaling progressPathway to scale to $1,000,000If you would like to head to Tradiac, click here.
Offered By: Prop Traders Club (https://proptraders.club)


Ends in 8 Hours - 452 Entries

Join the JOVV Gaming 3,300 PUBG MOBILE UC (Global) Giveaway for a chance to win 660UC !
You can enter by following us on social media with the options below!
Giveaway ends at 11:59pm GMT on February 29th, 2024!​
How To Enter:
- Complete as many of the entry objectives as you’d like by clicking the +1 button next to each item and completing the given steps.(*By completing each step, you will earn 1 entry.)
- Upon completion, each item will automatically give you the indicated entries into the giveaway. 
- The buttons for complete items will then change to a checkmark. 
- This checkmark means you have earned a new chance to win by completing that step!
By participating, you agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined via the link at the bottom of the widget.
Contest Host: JOVV Gaming

Win a Hand Soap Prize Pack

Ends in 3 Days 18 Hours

ENTER DAILY! 1 random winner gets a hand soap prize packThe computer will randomly pick a winner!I'll announce the winner in the group on March 3 at 10:15 PM ESTPlease don't accept friend requests, random messages saying you won or send anyone money for prizes!

Skull and Bones Premium Edition - Xbox Game Code

Ends in 31 Days 21 Hours - 3350 Entries

1 winner will receive a Skull and Bones Premium Edition - Xbox Game Code [$100 VALUE]
Must follow all steps below.​1) Subscribe to me on YT [ https://tinyurl.com/HomieDrewYT ]2) Follow me on Twitch [ https://www.twitch.tv/HomieDrew ]
3) Follow me on Twitter [ https://twitter.com/Homie_Drew ]4) [Optional] Follow me on Kick [New Streaming Platform] [ https://www.kick.com/HomieDrew ]
5) Ends 3/31/24
 [https://twitter.com/Homie_Drew/status/1759411016100638888 ]
Winner must also redeem in 24 hours or subject to re-roll.All entries will be verified. Good luck! :)
Contest Host: Homie Drew

WIN Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2024 Tickets

Ends in 18 Days 6 Hours - 9479 Entries

Rev up your excitement! Thanks to TCL, you could be on the fast track to the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2024! Enter now for a chance to win 6 tickets and experience the thrill firsthand!
1st Prize – 2x Grandstand tickets for Sunday 24th March 2024 (Raceday)2nd Prize – 2x GA Passes for Saturday 23rd March 2024 (Qualifying)3rd Prize – 2 x GA Passes for Friday 22nd March 2024 (Practice)
Want to win? Follow us on socials toincrease your chances of winning!
*Promotion only valid for AUS residents 18 years and older. T&Cs apply. Read below for further details. The F1 FORMULA 1 logo, F1 logo, F1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, FORMULA 1, GRAND PRIX and AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX and related marks are trademarks of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula 1 company. All rights reserved.
Competition period is from 19 February to 18 March 2024.
Contest Host: TCL Electronics Australia

Win Amazing Gifts for Loved Ones worth approx £345 RRP

Ends in 24 Days 17 Hours - 7585 Entries

This competition is only open to UK entrants and it is the sole responsibility of the company that Melanie's Fab Finds is hosting the prize for to provide the competition prize, Melanie’s Fab Find’s IS NOT responsible for providing an alternative prize if the company fails to provide this. Where a voucher is offered as a prize no change will be given. Where Melanie's Fab Finds is sending out the prize, this will be organised directly with the winner. There is no cash alternative to prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner. Where items are out of stock an alternative will be given that is of equal, lesser or greater value depending on what is available at the time. Winners must reply within the time specified in the email they are sent or a new winner will be selected unless otherwise stated on the blog post. Prizes will be sent within approximately 30 days from when the winner has responded to their winning email. No automated, bulk or third party entries. Over 18's only, you may be asked to provide id. One entry per household. Melanie's Fab Finds Reserves the right to change or cancel the competition if an issue arises with any prize provider at any time. Information given for the competition will not be saved by Melanie's Fab Finds. The winners' name will be announced when drawn. By entering this competition you are agreeing to give permission for this. The winner will need to provide their details for the prize to be sent to them. By doing this it is assumed the winner gives permission for these details to be given to whomsoever is providing the prize. Good Luck everyone ;-)

Bookclub Box

Ends in 61 Days 10 Hours

Win TWELVE signed paperback copies of HOUSE ON FIRE by D. Liebhart for your book club and a ZOOM Q&A with author!Learn about HOUSE ON FIRE at AMAZON and GOODREADS.HOUSE ON FIREHow far would you go to keep a promise? Bernadette Rogers swore she\u2019d never put her father in a nursing home. Does that include euthanizing him to keep her word? Her mother thinks it does. Bernadette isn\u2019t so sure. And even if she were, it\u2019s not like you can walk into a drug store and buy Nembutal. As an ICU nurse Bernadette's no stranger to the blunt realities of death, but her mother\u2019s request to help her father\u2014who\u2019s disappearing into the abyss of dementia\u2014go \u201cpeacefully\u201d blindsides her. Her mother thinks it\u2019s assisted suicide. Bernadette knows better. Even if they do it for all the right reasons, it would still be murder.Surrounded by conflicting voices, Bernadette doesn't know which way to turn. Her self-righteous sister insists it's a sin. Her magnanimous ex thinks her mother will try it alone. Then best friend offers to help. What was supposed to be a relaxing two-week break becomes an emotional rollercoaster as Bernadette is forced to make an agonizing decision about her beloved father and figure out just how far she\u2019s willing to go for love. For fans of Jodi Picoult and Lisa Genova, House on Fire is an unforgettable story of family, friendship, and the promises we aren\u2019t sure anyone should honor.
Offered By: 9:25 Books (http://dliebhart.com)

Teton Wilderness Backcountry Fishing Pack Trip

Ends in 31 Days 23 Hours

Experience the ultimate fishing adventure with our Overnight Backcountry Fishing Pack Trip Giveaway! This is your chance to win a 3-day, 2-night guided trip for two to the stunning Teton Wilderness in Wyoming. Known for its pristine lakes and rivers teeming with trout, this backcountry destination is a dream come true for avid fishermen.The winner of our giveaway will have the option to embark on their journey either on horseback or by hiking with pack llamas, adding an element of adventure and excitement to the trip. Our experienced guides will lead you deep into the wilderness, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to some of the best fishing spots in the area.During your trip, all meals will be provided, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the serenity of nature without worrying about cooking or packing food. And if you want to extend your stay and fish for even longer, you have the option to add additional days at an extra cost.But why keep this amazing experience to yourself? As the winner, you also have the opportunity to bring along additional guests at a discounted rate of 10%. Share the unforgettable memories and breathtaking views with your loved ones as you cast your lines and reel in those prized trout.Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to escape to the great outdoors and indulge in your passion for fishing. Enter our Overnight Backcountry Fishing Pack Trip Giveaway now for a chance to win this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Offered By: Soda Peak Outfitters, LLC (https://sodapeakoutfitters.com)

tickets to Disneyland Galaxy’s Edge

Ends in 41 Days 21 Hours - 43 Entries

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE DOES NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.Promotion Description: The 'Designing Empires Giveaway' ("Sweepstakes") begins on 02/17/2024 at 12:00 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada)) and ends on 04/14/2024 at 12:00 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada)) (the "Promotion Period"). By participating in the Sweepstakes, each entrant unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with and abide by these Official Rules and the decisions of Counterfeit Content ("Sponsor"), which shall be final and binding in all respects. Sponsor is responsible for the collection, submission or processing of Entries and the overall administration of the giveaway. Entrants should look solely to Sponsor with any questions, comments or problems related to the Sweepstakes.Eligibility: Open to legal residents of United States who are 18 or older. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Sponsor and their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, distributors, retailers, sales representatives, advertising and promotion agencies and each of their respective officers, directors and employees (collectively, the "Promotion Entities"), and members of their immediate families and/or persons living in the same household as such persons, are ineligible to enter the Sweepstakes or win a prize.Winner Selection: The winner of the Sweepstakes will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible Entries received throughout the Promotion Period. The random drawing will be conducted by 72 hours by Sponsor or its designated representatives, whose decisions are final. Odds of winning will vary depending on the number of eligible Entries received. Winner will be notified by email at the email address provided in the Entry Information on or about 72 hours after the random drawing. Potential winner must accept a prize by email as directed by Sponsor within 48 hours of notification. Any winner notification not responded to or returned as undeliverable may result in prize forfeiture. The potential prize winner may be required to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility and release of liability, and a Publicity Release (collectively "the Prize Claim Documents"). No substitution or transfer of a prize is permitted except by Sponsor.Prizes:1 (#) winner(s) will receive [(2) tickets to Disneyland Galaxy’s Edge] (approximate retail value or "ARV": $100)1 (#) winner(s) will receive [(1) Authentic Star Wars Episode 1 Crew Jacket] (approximate retail value or "ARV": $100)1 (#) winner(s) will receive [(2) tickets to Designing Empires Launch Party] (approximate retail value or "ARV": $100)1 (#) winner(s) will receive [(1) Lego Star Wars Tie Bomber Building Kit] (approximate retail value or "ARV": $100)1 (#) winner(s) will receive [(1) Designing Empires Crew TShirt] (approximate retail value or "ARV": $100)1 (#) winner(s) will receive [(1) Cameo appearance in Designing Empires Season 2] (approximate retail value or "ARV": $100)1 (#) winner(s) will receive [(1) $50 Gift Certificate to Scum and Villiany Cantina] (approximate retail value or "ARV": $100)Only one prize per person and per household will be awarded. Gift cards and gift certificates are subject to the terms and conditions of the issuer. Prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner. Sponsor reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to award a substitute prize of equal or greater value if a prize described in these Official Rules is unavailable or cannot be awarded, in whole or in part, for any reason. The ARV of the prize represents Sponsor's good faith determination. That determination is final and binding and cannot be appealed. If the actual value of the prize turns out to be less than the stated ARV, the difference will not be awarded in cash. Sponsor makes no representation or warranty concerning the appearance, safety or performance of any prize awarded. Restrictions, conditions, and limitations may apply. Sponsor will not replace any lost or stolen prize items.Prize will only be awarded and/or delivered to addresses within United States. All federal, state and/or local taxes, fees, and surcharges are the sole responsibility of the prize winner. Failure to comply with the Official Rules will result in forfeiture of the prize.Online Entry: Enter the Sweepstakes during the Promotion Period online by signing into the entry form and perform the tasks provided. The entry form can be found on the following website at .Automated or robotic Entries submitted by individuals or organizations will be disqualified. Internet entry must be made by the entrant. Any attempt by an entrant to obtain more than the stated number of Entries by using multiple/different email addresses, identities, registrations, logins or any other methods, including, but not limited to, commercial contest/sweepstakes subscription notification and/or entering services, will void that entrant's Entries and th

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Ends in 1 Day - 6254 Entries

Valentine's marks the start, not the end, of our love-filled giveaway journey! 💘
Join our Valentine's Day Giveaway, running from Feb 16-29, 2024, and stand a chance to win a fantastic Medcursor Air Compression Leg Massager!
To join, follow all our social media accounts and don't forget to answer the question "How do you show love to yourself" in the comment section (check our Instagram post) for extra points!
Exclusively open to US residents.
Get ready to embrace the love and thrill! 🎁💕
#ValentinesDayGiveaway #LoveYourself #ShareLoveWithMedcursor #FebSelfLove.
Contest Host: Crownful

Valentine's Day Giveaway - Crownful

Ends in 1 Day - 17989 Entries

Valentine's is not yet the end – it's the beginning of our love-filled giveaway! 💘 
From Feb 16-29, 2024, participate in our Valentine's Day Giveaway for a chance to win a fabulous CROWNFUL Shaved Ice Machine! 🍧 
To enter, simply like/follow all our social media accounts, and comment your favorite dish during love season in the comment section (check our Instagram post). 
Open to US residents only. 
Let the love and excitement unfold! 🎁💕
 #ValentinesDayGiveaway #LoveYourself  #ShareLoveWithMedcursor #FebSelfLove
Contest Host: Crownful

£50 cash to PayPal

Ends in 16 Hours - 13028 Entries

There will be one winner.
The cash prize will only be sent to a GBP PayPal account.
The winner will be picked at random by Rafflecopter & notified by email within 28 days.The winner's first name and first initial of the surname may be announced on the Rafflecopter widget.
The prize must be claimed within 28 days of the first notification email or it will be forfeited. The winner must supply their name, PayPal email and county to claim the prize.
There are no restrictions on the number of times one person can enter. Follow instructions for multiple entries. Return daily for extra entry options which can vary daily. Multiple entries and daily entry options are optional. Every entry counts.
Social sharing entry options must be public so I can verify your entry. I cannot verify entries from private accounts that I cannot see.
All entries must be received by the date and time specified on the Rafflecopter widget, namely 23:59 GMT on the last day of the month the giveaway is running.This giveaway is open to the UK only.
This competition is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other Social Network.
In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond the Promoter’s reasonable control, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition or these terms and conditions, either in whole or in part, with or without notice.

The Hadi Law Firm - Bun B Rodeo Tickets Giveaway!

Ends in 7 Days 22 Hours - 96700 Entries

Be sure to follow us on ALL social media platforms to stay updated on all giveaways!
Complete all actions for more entries.
The contest is open to all Texas residents 18 years and older.
The contest will close on March 7, 2024, at 11:59 p.m.
The drawing will be held on March 8, 2024, Live on our Instagram around 1:00 p.m.
The contest winner will be notified through the email provided.
The contest winner must respond within 2 hours. If not, another winner will be selected.
The contest winner will have 3 days from the time of notification to pick up the prize.
The prize is non-transferable and unable to be exchanged for cash value.

Good Luck!
Click below to get started! ⬇️
Contest Host: The Hadi Law Firm

Noxia Somnia

Ends in 17 Days 6 Hours

G'day, everybody!

This month at Zeepond you can win a Steam key of Noxia Somnia
Make sure to complete all tasks to unlock your bonus entries!
Good luck all and please keep safe!
Contest Host: Zeepond

Win Cookbook

Ends in 20 Days 20 Hours

Gluten Sugar Dairy Free Vegan Cookbook. This vegan cookbook has 89 delicious vegan recipes that are easy to follow, use familiar ingredients and turn out delicious. All recipes are gluten, refined sugar, dairy and soy free. All the recipes were tested by volunteer home cooks around the world to make sure that they turn out great. Easy to follow instructions, familiar ingredients that create delicious meals.If you think a plant based diet is bland and boring, get this book! Inside this cookbook are recipes so good that even non-vegans love them!
Offered By: Gluten Sugar Dairy Free LifeStyle (https://glutensugardairyfree.com)

Get a guaranteed Soulbound Avatar NFT from Planetary Metaive...

Ends in 17 Days 16 Hours

Join the giveaway NOW and GET guaranteed  1 Soulbound Avatar NFT as a gift for first 200 🎁
Don't miss out on this EXCLUSIVE opportunity! Join our Whitelist to secure YOUR Avatar today.
🚀 Get early access to our beta app and participate in the FREE mint in March!
Ready to dive into the Planetary Metaiverse? 👉 Sign up on our Whitelist NOW! 
Contest Host: Planetary Metaverse


Ends in 31 Days 6 Hours

Swoop in before the rest and win a soon-to-be-released running pack.Our new RACEPAC series features three hydration vest style packs of different sizes \u2013 4-litre, 8-litre and 20-litre.The RACEPAC 4 is perfect for shorter training runs and races up to half-marathon distance.The RACEPAC 8 is ideal for day-long runs and races.The RACEPAC 20 is designed for multi-day runs and races over longer distances. INOV8 ambassador Jack Scott used a prototype of this larger pack when breaking the 268-mile Spine Race record by 10 hours in January 2024.All three packs are supremely comfortable and mould to the body with zero-bounce. Each can be adjusted for the perfect fit and all main materials contain recycled content.The packs will be available to buy from inov-8.com soon. All those who enter the competition will automatically get early access. Three winners will be picked, all of whom can choose which pack they would like as their prize.
Offered By: INOV-8 (https://www.inov-8.com/)

Enter Today!

Ends in 11 Days 2 Hours

Two winners will be selected at random and awarded prizes as follows: One Grand Prize – Nighthawk Custom GRP 30 Super Carry IOS, Five hundred rounds of Remington 30 super carry ammunition. Second Place Prize - One Remington Safes Gun Club 36 Safe, one Rem Arms Model 700 SPS Tactical in 308 Winchester, one Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44 (30mm) CDS-ZL2 Side Focus Illum. FireDot Duplex scope, one Silencer Central BANISH Backcountry suppressor and associated tax stamp, four boxes Remington ammunition 308 Winchester Core-Lokt Tipped. 

BGC+ and Banana Gaming Joint Free PC giveaway!!

Ends in 31 Days 6 Hours - 2025 Entries

To celebrate the up and coming launches of BGC+ and Banana V2 we've decided to open up a free PC Giveaway competition. This PC will be able to smash out any game you throw at it and will have you Banana Gaming 2.0 ready! All you have to do to enter is make sure you're following us on our socials. Will be giving away many more PC's in future!  This PC features -  Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D | 5GHz | 8 Core 16 Thread Processor Processor Cooling: DeepCool Ag400 Air Cooler Case: MSI MAG FORGE AIRFLOW 320R Mid Tower Case Motherboard: AMD B650 [M-ATX] Motherboard Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER 16GB Graphics Card Memory: 32GB [5200MHz] DDR5 RAM Operating System SSD: 1TB NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive Power Supply: 750W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply Operating System Activation: Microsoft Windows 11 Home Edition We're super excited for the future of Banana Gaming and we hope you guys are too! I'll update pictures of the box when I get my hands on it, for now it's just a stock image.  Good luck everyone and see you in game! 

Dandelion Subscription Club Monthly Giveaway

Ends in 22 Hours

Win one month Dandelion Subscription Club cross stitch kit!The Dandelion Subscription Club is the perfect stress-free craft, delivered directly to your home. Cross stitching is easy to do, even if you've never cross stitched before and awesome for grabbing some you-time; slowly. It's super relaxing!Each monthly subscription kit comes with a cute design in color and black\/white patterns, cross stitch fabric, embroidery hoop, DMC thread, high-quality John James needle, and instructions\/tips guide.Everything you need is sent directly to your door so there's no need to search stores for supplies that might - or might not - be in stock.
Offered By: Dandelion Stitchery (http://www.dandelionstitchery.com)

Steam Gift Card (6) Giveaway to celebrate the Steam Release ...

Ends in 30 Days 23 Hours - 83135 Entries

​Welcome to my Nightingale 2024 Gift Card Giveaway Hey everyone, and welcome! My name is Ser Medieval and starting today -

February 17th: I'll be hosting another gleam giveaway for  6 - 20$ Steam Gift Cards.6 winners total, 2 winners announced every 2 weeks via Twitter & Gleam.​
Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation, which offers digital rights management, multiplayer gaming, video streaming and social networking services.

Add money to your Steam Wallet and enjoy all of your favorite PC, Mac, and SteamOS games.Instant Access to Thousands of GamesCreate and Share Content
​Set out on a journey of survival and adventure, into the mysterious and dangerous Fae Realms of Nightingale! Become an intrepid Realmwalker, and venture forth alone or with friends - as you explore, craft, build and fight across a visually stunning Gaslamp Fantasy world.
  Steam Page
Just like before - You can find the entry methods below, if you're planning on following my Twitter I would appreciate it if you complete the retweet entry as well to spread the word!
First Two Winners - March 2ndSecond Two Winners - March 16thThird Two Winners - March 30th
Other Entry Methods:50 Entries - Follow my Twitch25 Entries - Follow me on Twitter25 Entries - Retweet Giveaway Message40 Entries - Follow my Tiktok200 Entries for Twitch Subscribers​Complete 6 quests for 250 Bonus Entries
Kind Regards,Ser Medieval

Contest Host: SerMedieval

Sugars.Zone Airdrop | 3K USD worth of Tokens | 500 winners

Ends in 15 Days 12 Hours - 5549 Entries

Enter the airdrop by following the steps below. Complete challenges and bring referrals to earn extra points. 🔥 Rewards 🔥 A total of 3000 USD worth of Tokens is Allocated to this airdrop, divided into 2 Reward Levels given below.  🔥 Reward LEVEL 1 🔥  The Top 30 users with the most points will earn the following rewards in tokens    🥇Top User: 500 USD worth of Tokens 🥈2nd: 250 USD worth of Tokens  🥉3rd:  100 USD worth of Tokens 🏆4th:  50 USD worth of Tokens  🏆5th - 30th:  300 USD worth of Tokens will be distributed among these users 🏆    🔥 Reward LEVEL 2 🔥    469 additional users who earned the most points will receive a share of 1800 USD worth of Tokens.    You can ask Airdrop Related Questions in the BountyPortals Telegram Chat Room. Winners List will be announced here Token Distribution will be after TGE at IDO Price. 

NBA Infinite Global Launch Giveaway

Ends in 2 Days - 6776 Entries

It's tip off time!
NBA Infinite has launched and we're giving away an iPhone 15 Pro! You can enter by following us on social media and visiting the links to download the game!
Giveaway ends at 11:59pm PT on 3/1.
See you on the court!
How To Enter:
- Complete as many of the entry objectives as you’d like by clicking the +1 button next to each item and completing the given steps.
- Upon completion, each item will automatically give you the indicated entries into the giveaway. 
- The buttons for completed items will then change to a checkmark. 
- This checkmark means you have earned a new chance to win by completing that step!
By participating, you agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined via the link at the bottom of the widget.
Contest Host: NBA Infinite

Thursday Boot Company Waxed Canvas Field Jacket Giveaway

Ends in 7 Days 22 Hours

This giveaway is for a Thursday Boot Company* Waxed Canvas Field Jacket in the color khaki, and is a size MEDIUM. This is a great jacket for fall, spring, and warmer winter days.I wore this jacket in my review video on the Stray Reviews YouTube channel and, if you haven't already seen it, you can check it out at https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/@StrayReviewsOnce I draw the winner, I'll reach out via email. Be sure to add contact@strayreviews.com to your safe senders list so that my email doesn't land in your spam folder. If your name is drawn, and I don't receive an email response from you in 3 days, I'll draw another winner.Quick note: by signing up for this giveaway, you'll be added to my monthly \"My Favorite Things\" newsletter where I share a current list of my favorite lifestyle gear and apparel. It's pretty cool.Good luck! Thanks for watching Stray Reviews!*Thursday Boot Company is not associated with this giveaway. They were kind enough to send me two jackets for my review video, and I decided to give one away.One last thing: this giveaway is only for residents of the United States. International shipping rates are crazy these days!
Offered By: Stray Reviews (https://www.youtube.com/@StrayReviews)

Win 1x Makedo Discover Kit + 1x $50 Amazon Voucher 🇺🇸

Ends in 21 Hours

Win a cardboard construction kit for your little one and treat yourself too in our giveaway 📦 Valued at $100!Prizes include:🛠 1x Makedo Discover Kit (126 piece set)💸 1x $50 USD Amazon voucherMakedo inspires kids to create, learn and have BIG fun building a wonderful world of upcycled creations. Use the Makedo tools to cut, fold and connect forts, race cars, robots and a billion things for hours of entertainment and imaginative play.Enter now for your chance to win + get a secret 10% OFF discount code 🤫