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Panasonic LUMIX S1H mirrorless camera with a 20-60mm lens worth $4K

Ends in 77 Days 3 Hours

Enter to win a Panasonic LUMIX S1H mirrorless camera with a 20-60 mm lens.

Win a Lelit Bianca Espresso Machine worth $4,600

Ends in 2 Days 3 Hours

Calling all espresso lovers! Enter for a chance to win the grand prize - a Lelit Bianca in Matte White ($4,595 value!)! And... 1 runner up winner will receive a Vitamix Foodcycler ($450 value!)!

the latest contests

Free Shipping Giveaway

Ends in 8 Days 10 Hours

Use this template to offer free shipping as a prize to some lucky shoppers.To encourage shoppers to come back for more, you can attach this campaign to the post-checkout page so customers can immediately enter the giveaway and stay connected with your brand.To make the offer enticing, you can offer free shipping for an extended timeframe, such as a year.
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

TEST TEST Covalent & Hepsicrypto Giveaway TEST TEST

Ends in 4990 Days 22 Hours - 897 Entries

deneme HepsiCrypto Hoodie & Covalent T-Shirt Giveaway (300$) deneme
📣Three people will win our competition. A hoodie and Covalent t-shirt will be sent to three different people. Shipping fee will be paid by our team. All you have to do is complete all the tasks. Have fun! 🥁🎉Guideline for earning points:1. Almost all missions are optional, but completing more items increases your chances of winning. 2. Follow the latest announcements closely by joining our Telegram channel! https://t.me/CovalentHQ3. Follow CovalentHQ on Twitter to earn points.4. Retweet this tweet and earn more points.5. Earn extra points by joining our Discord channel. Please note that special announcements can be made on the Discord channel.6. Subscribe to Covalent HQ Youtube channel to not miss important updates and new videos every week.👉🏼 For the best contest experience, we recommend using Google Chrome or Brave Browser.Contest ends: 📆 2 October 2021 | ⏰ 8:59 PM (UTC) 🌟Don't forget that you can increase your chances of winning by completing more missions and you will earn an extra 7 entries by completing the first three missions! 🎊________________________________________________________________Important Announcements- T&C's: This competition is open internationally. Restrictions due to compliance regulations for different jurisdictions apply. Covalent HQ or Hepsicrypto.com is not responsible for any legal repercussions incurred due to non-compliance of participants. Please consult the respective laws governing your region for the most accurate information.- The tasks you fulfill require continuity. The tasks of the winners will be checked. If the rule is violated, the gift will be cancelled. (If you have joined our Telegram group but are not in there on the day of the draw, your prize will be void.)- Participation with a fake profile is prohibited. Winning profiles will be reviewed. Our team will decide whether the profile is fake or not.- Worldwide shipping will be provided. Possible customs charges or taxes are the responsibility of the winner.- Winners must contact our team within one week. Prizes of those who do not contact will be cancelled.Contest Host: Covalent Türkiye

Promote Eventbrite Events

Ends in 7 Days 10 Hours

Use this template to boost attendance at Eventbrite events and drive other powerful actions to help promote your events.Please be aware of the no purchase necessary laws in your country if you are requiring users to purchase a ticket.
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

Ticket For New Universe Array

Ends in 2386 Days 18 Hours - 16 Entries

10 UNITS For Start Staking
For New Members - Mandatory!​
Fill out this Form & Share your retweeted link on Array Discord channel on room #free-ticket-to-array with your wallet address
​For extra Units of Array You can optionally do following tasks:
01. - Create Post on Your Twitter Profile & Tag Your 5 Crypto Fan Friends - 1 Array02. - Create Post on Your Facebook Profile or Group & Tag Your 5 Crypto Fan Friends - 1 Array03. - Create Post on Reddit - 1 Array04. - Create Post on Instagram - 1 Array05. - Create Post on TikTok - 1 Array06. - Create Post on Your Medium: https://bit.ly/3z2CxmX - 1 Array07. - Create Post on Your Webtalk: https://bit.ly/3AVUBAE - 1 Array 08. - Create Post on Your MarketHive: https://bit.ly/3r37kgt - 1 Array09. - Create Post on Your Torum: https://bit.ly/3wwYc4N - 1 Array10. - Create Post on Your Publish0x: https://bit.ly/3e9vyQY - 1 Array11. - Create Post on Your CAM.tv: https://bit.ly/2T5MQHr - 1 Array12. - Create Post on Your Minds: https://bit.ly/3i5mm1j - 1 Array13. - Create Post on Your BitcoinGarden: https://bit.ly/3yPB0Aw - 1 Array14. - Create Post on Your BitcoinTalk: https://bit.ly/3ebuvQp - 2 Array                                 Proposition for all social networks:Follow, Like or clapsTag 5 crypto friendsComment with word about Array and tag #Array #Units Share or retweet on Own Profile or group and Provide proof links on Array Discord Channel on #free-ticket-to-array room;
Contest Host: Array

Ultimate Bundle Giveaway

Ends in 7 Days 10 Hours

Use this template to giveaway a bundle of products that are relevant to your business, industry, and target audience.Here are some ideas:
​Home Improvement Bundle
Home Office Bundle
Gardening Starter Kit
Tech Gadgets Bundle
Back To School Tech Kit
PC Gaming Bundle
Streaming Tool Kit
Photographer's Gadgets & Accessories
Growth Marketer's Software Bundle
Smart TV Bundle 
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

Mother's Day Giveaway

Ends in 7 Days 10 Hours

Use Gleam to run a giveaway to celebrate Mother's Day. This template is perfect for E-commerce stores to grow their online presence, engage with customers and drive sales.
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

E-Commerce Giveaway With AMOE

Ends in 7 Days 10 Hours - 737 Entries

Use this template to promote drive sales and promote your store. To comply with No Purchase Necessary Laws a free entry alternative will be made available via the Terms & Conditions to all entrants in countries where an alternate method of entry is required.
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List


Ends in 6 Days 14 Hours - 813 Entries

DAILY PASS (4) + BATTLE PASS (2) + GRAND PRIZE (1) $100 pack of Astrites!
Purchase is done through codashop if it’s available during the release of Wuthering Waves! If not, we will find a different way of compensating the winners. Anyone is more than welcomed to join!
If you're not present within the clock countdown then you will be disqualified and we will choose another participant!
🐸Winners will be announced MAY 23RD - 26TH ON MY LIVESTREAM!🐸
Contest Host: Lobapixel

Multi-Tiered Reward

Ends in 7 Days 8 Hours

Use this template to offer increasingly valuable discounts to users as they complete more and more meaningful actions.
Offering different reward tiers is a powerful way to boost engagement, encourage users to complete more actions, and ultimately drive sales!Remember, you have complete control of the actions you include in your campaign, so focus on what is important to your business.​
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

E-Commerce Discounts

Ends in 7 Days 10 Hours

With this template you can allow users to sign up to your email list to unlock an instant discount code and enter the draw to win a prize.This is a great way to promote your store and drive instant sales. You can even add more valuable actions to your campaign and require users to complete these actions to unlock your discount.
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

Batan Gemi Hediye

Ends in 4990 Days 22 Hours - 5504 Entries

Bim de satılan SteelSeries Rival 3 Cekilisi
Bim de satılan SteelSeries Rival 3 Cekilisi
Haftaya youtube da açıklanacaktır.KATIL ÜYELERİNİN ŞANSI 5 KAT FAZLA.
Milli Piyango Onaylı Çekiliş
Contest Host: BATAN GEMİ

Multi-Tier Discounts

Ends in 7 Days 10 Hours

Use this template to offer increasingly valuable discounts to users as they complete more and more actions.This is a great way to encourage purchases and incentivise the completion of more actions.
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

KeesperTEC Sorteio - 5 Gift Card Steam 20R$

Ends in 4990 Days 22 Hours - 3910 Entries

5 Gifts Cards Steam 20R$
Participe grátis, apenas concluindo coisas simples.Como da ultima vez nenhum BR ganhou, resolvi fazer esse exclusivo para compatriotas, então APENAS BRs GANHARÃO!SORTEIO SERÁ AO CONSEGUIRMOS 1.000 INSCRITOS NO YOUTUBE!Quando realizado o sorteio, avisarei os ganhadores por suas redes sociais (caso não responda, não ganhará!)BOA SORTE!Contest Host: KeesperTEC

Leaderboard Giveaway

Ends in 7 Days 10 Hours

Use Gleam to create a referral program for entrants to climb up the leaderboard by referring their friends. Prizes will be offered to the top positions.To climb up the leaderboard, entrants can either refer more friends or come back daily to complete more actions.Bonus tip: Don't forget to enable 'Embedded Leaderboard' in the Installation options once you're done!
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

Blaugrana News

Ends in 954 Days 19 Hours - 665 Entries

Barcelona Shirt Giveaway
Will be giving away 1 of the new Barca shirts to a lucky winner once I hit 1000 subscribers. If you win you'll be able to chose between the 1 of 3 new Barca shirts (Home, Away Or 3rd) and any player/number on the back.Contest Host: Blaugrana News


Ends in 954 Days 8 Hours - 769 Entries

Получите приз!!!
Выпонлите задания в самом низу и потом:Перейдите по ссылке https://vk.com/im?sel=-54712779 и напишите команду "!FAQ" -без ковычекПотом напишите "!subADM00103" -без ковычек и ждите ключ или аккаунт.http://vk.cc/6qM93S — ДЛЯ СВЯЗИ СО МНОЙ VK 🔥 http://vk.com/mebru — МОЯ ГРУППА VK 💜 http://youtube.com/adm00103 — канал YouTube ️❤️Contest Host: https://vk.com/id_adm00103

Vansh Monga

Ends in 1146 Days 15 Hours - 398 Entries

1000 subscribe complete sub ka. Road to 30+k subscribes
Jab complete ho jaenge tab ek video dalunga sub ka complete ho gaContest Host: 11k Subscribes complete sub ka promotion

Refer A Friend

Ends in 8 Days 10 Hours

Use this template to run highly engaging viral giveaways where users unlock more entries by sharing the giveaway with more people!You should consider adding more actions such as email subscriptions, social media actions or anything that's relevant to you to maximise the value you get from referred users.
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

E-Commerce Giveaway

Ends in 7 Days 10 Hours

This template shows you some of the best ways you can use your contest or giveaway to promote your e-commerce store and drive customer acquisition.
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

6IX2K » The Official Raptors Uprising GC Supporters Club

Ends in 103 Days 14 Hours - 3753 Entries

6IX2K: The Official Raptors Uprising GC Supporters ClubAttend our Pregames to raid the NBA 2K League Twitch chat with us! Weekly prize drops for members including exclusive merch, in-game items, and experiences.
Someone say prize drops?Here's how to be eligible...
1. Join the clubTo be eligible, sign up right here as an official member of 6IX2K.
Signing up gives us all the info we need to ship you prizes.
All 6IX2K members get a free subscription to our Twitch channel and access to exclusive 6IX2K emotes and giveaways!
2. Attend our Pregames on twitch.tv/RaptorsGCAn hour before we play, our hosts, special guests and 6IX2K members meetup on our Twitch channel.We'll be dropping prizes in chat, interviewing special guests, and previewing our upcoming matches.At tip off, the 6IX2K mob will raid the NBA 2K League Twitch chat, announcing our arrival by dropping a waterfall of 6IX2K emotes!
3. Discover new ways to win weeklyEach week we'll add new 6IX2K activities, with one superfan recognized as "Fan-of-the-Night" by Raptors Uprising during each Pregame.Check back here regularly, and keep an eye on our social channels so you don't miss a beat: Twitter & Instagram 
Powered by Tangerine​
Contest Host: Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

COVID-19 Giveaway

Ends in 7 Days 10 Hours

We know times are tough, so to help brighten your day we're giving away an awesome prize to one lucky winner.Just complete the actions below to enter, the more actions you complete the more chances you have to win!
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

Sorteio - AWP | Acheron - Well Worm ~ LEIA AS INSTRUÇÕES~

Ends in 11 Days 23 Hours - 467 Entries

AWP | Acheron - Well Worm

Siga as instruções:
- cada entrada é uma chance de ganhar
- ao entrar no instagram e no twitter sigam as paginas (vou checar se seguiu)
-so ganhara recebera o premio quem estiver seguindo no insta , twitter e youtube.
- o SORTEIO será realizado quando o canal FreiTasThi18 na Twitch alcançar 150 seguidores - para acelerar compartilhe o canal com amigos
Contest Host: FreiTasThi18

Promote Your Amazon Store

Ends in 7 Days 10 Hours

This example giveaway shows you some of the best ways you can get users to enter your Amazon giveaway which will help you incentivise meaningful actions, grow your store and drive sales.
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List