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Win a DJI MINI2 Drone

Ends in 21 Days 21 Hours

To celebrate the success of Eye Of The Storm, Paranoid (Crash & Burn), Dead Reckoning, and Leigh's love for his DJI MINI2 Drone, we're giving one away! (stickers included) Good luck!

Win $200 CASH from SweepsDB.com

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To celebrate the holiday's, SweepsDB is giving away $200 CASH.
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[IndiGG X League Of Kingdoms] Drago Mystery Box

Ends in 1 Day 7 Hours - 54470 Entries

How to Join - Complete all the required tasks below to get valid entries.- Top 10 referrals will be guaranteed of 10 Drago Mystery Boxes.-20 lucky participants will win the rest of 20 Drago Mystery Boxes.League of Kingdoms [DRAGO MYS BOX GIVEAWAY] Enter this quest for a chance to win a Drago mystery box giveaway including a number of prizes range up to ~$4000 in value. Total of 1000 MYS boxes will be revealed/told on the 1rst of March (Please go through "Drago MYS box details" for more info.https://medium.com/league-of-kingdoms-eng/drago-mystery-box-giveaway-02-jan-23-15-feb-23-b6bdfa44eef6)DRAGO MYS BOX items include :​
About League of Kingdoms
League of Kingdoms is a massively multiplayer strategy game that is centered around building kingdoms and governing the world. Here the player can build a powerful kingdom and army, forge alliances, compete against others, and trade digital assets across the blockchain.
-DRAGO Marketplace: https://opensea.io/collection/lokdrago-About DRAGO: https://leagueofkingdoms.com/drago-Drago MYS box details: https://medium.com/league-of-kingdoms-eng/drago-mystery-box-giveaway-02-jan-23-15-feb-23-b6bdfa44eef6🚨 🚨 🚨
**TOP 10 Refers <--> DRAGO MYS BOX guaranteed ****WALLET ADDRESS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO WIN**Contest Host: Pelleus's Candy Shop

TypeIt! X OKX

Ends in 32 Days 7 Hours - 6231 Entries

TypeIt! X OKX
How To Free Mint?Complete the below actions in TypeIt!’s gleam campaign to be eligible for the free mint NFT. 
Follow OKX and TypeIt! on Twitter
Retweet TypeIt! Free Mint event tweet 
Join TypeIt! and OKX Discord
Join TypeIt! Telegram
Enter your BEP20 wallet address
Once all actions are completed, your wallet address will be entered into the list of eligible users for the free mint NFTs. At the end of the campaign, 1000 wallet addresses will be randomly selected and added into the minting whitelist for the OKX keyboard theme.Contest Host: TypeIt!


Ends in 4 Days 7 Hours - 1260617 Entries

Tangled [30,000 TIPO] Air Drop Event Season 2

Tangled is successfully listed on WEMIX.FI!
To commemorate this successful listing, we will hold an event to airdrop 30,000 TIPO!After completing the mission below,we will randomly select 100 users who scored more than 50 entry points and give you 3,000 TIPO tokens.🪐 What is Tangled? 🪐Tangled is a project that leads social-fi with a Web 3.0 video chat platform.Users can acquire TIME through random video chat to acquire TIPO tokens and various utilities.We have now updated version 1.7.0 and listed on WEMIX.FI
📅 Event 1 Dates 📅
2023-01-19 ~ 2023-01~31 (UTC:00)‼️Tangled's Gleam event will be held more than three times.Season 1 event is still going on.https://gleam.io/LOBJ2/tangled-air-drop-event-season-1🎈 How to Participate 🎈You will automatically complete the event by completing all of the missions below.Please make sure to visit the Discord community to win the prize.🎁Reward🎁1️⃣ Randomly give  2,000 TIPO Tokento 100 users who participated in all missions.(*The winners will be announced by the Discord community.)2️⃣TOP 20 referral ranker5,000 TIPO Token eachContest Host: Tangeld

Kenka nft air drop

Ends in 25 Days 16 Hours - 5 Entries

🗓Period : Jan.23rd.2023 ~ Jan.27th.2023 (UTC)🎁Reward : $BUSD🏆Winner :  4 $BUSD x 250💌 First come participants :1 $BUSD x 1,000🙌Winner Announcement : Feb.30th.2023🙌Airdrop Date : TBA📗About KENKAKENKA METAVERSE is an underground world themedblockchain game.The game has a ‘Play to Earn’ ecosystem, where users cantrain themselves and win KENKA [fights] to earn items such asgangsters, honor, gold (tokens), and much more.Land, gangsters, and other items in the game are NFT andcan be sent, received, bought, and sold.Users can bring these items to form guilds with other users andjoin together to build a stronger community thanin traditional games.📙About KENKA MetaverseThe game ecosystem is designed to have an immersivePlay to Earn experience, where players can traintheir characters and by having a “KENKA”,meaning fighting in Japanese, to gain fame and fortune.Land, squads or brothers, and other items in the game arein NFT and tradable.By bringing these items together and forming guilds withother players, you can participate in a robust communitythan in traditional games.📘About KENKA EcosystemKENKA METAVERSE metaverse takes placein real life cities around the world.The stage is set for street fights in Tokyo, Osaka,Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Okinawa, New York, LA,London, China, and Korea.Players can either buy their own land in the metaverse,or bet and take it away from their enemies.👇KENKA 👇
Website | Telegram | Discord
Twitter KENKA
Twitter Pancake GamesContest Host: GOOD

[AR] حدث المتابعة لعام 2023

Ends in 8 Days 15 Hours

حدث الاشتراك

حدث جديد للمستدعين
هل تتابعونا بالفعل على كل منصات التواصل الاجتماعي؟ شاركوا بهذا الحدث حتي تعرفوا المزيد عن Summoners War على المنصات المختلفة. تابعونا وفوزوا بالجوائز 🙌✨
على قنوات التواصل الاجتماعي الخاصة بنا، ستجدوا تحديثات اللعبة الأخيرة، ومقاطع تشويق للوحوش الجديدة، وأحداث منصات التواصل الاجتماعي المنتظمة مع جوائز، بالإضافة إلى أخبار عن البثوث! 🤩🎁المكافآت🎁فائز/ـة عشوائي/ـة واحد/ـة: مجسم التوأمفائز/ـة عشوائي/ـة واحد/ـة: مجسم مارونافائز/ـة عشوائي/ـة واحد/ـة: مجسم شايناخمسة فائزين/ـات عشوائيين/ـات: بطاقة بريدية + طقم دبابيسعشرة فائزين/ـات عشوائيين/ـات: خمسة طوامير غامضةكل المشاركين/ـات: طومار غامض + مائة طاقة + مائة ألف مانا⏰فترة الحدث⏰
23 يناير - 4 فبراير (11:59 ليلًا بتوقيت السعودية)
⚠️ سيتم الإعلان عن الفائزين على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي يوم 6 فبراير تقريبًا.⚠️ سيتم الإعلان عن الفائزين بالمكافآت (كالمجسمات والبطاقات، إلخ) والاتصال بهم بشكل فردي عبر البريد الإلكتروني بدءًا من 7 فبراير.⚠️يرجى التأكد من التحقق من صندوق البريد الإلكتروني / صندوق البريد العشوائي.
Contest Host: Com2uS

[DE] Folgt unseren Kanälen! 2023 Event

Ends in 8 Days 15 Hours

Abonnement Event
Neues Event für Beschwörer!Folgst du uns schon auf unseren Social Media Plattformen? Nimm an diesem Event teil, um Summoners War auf anderen Plattformen zu finden und folge uns, um Preise zu gewinnen 🙌✨​Auf unseren Kanälen findest du die neuesten Updates, Teaser für neue Monster, laufende Social Media Events mit tollen Preisen, Stream Ankündigungen und vieles mehr!
✍️Wie ihr teilnehmt✍️
Folgt uns auf unseren Kanälen die ihr unten finden könnt
Wenn ihr einem Kanal schon folgt, braucht ihr nicht nochmal entfolgen / neu folgen um teilzunehmen
Hinterlasst einen Kommentar unter dem IG Post und lasst uns wissen, welches euer Lieblingsmonster im Spiel ist!
🎁Preise🎁1x zufälliger Gewinner: Twins Figuren1x zufälliger Gewinner: Maruna Figur1x zufälliger Gewinner: Shaina Figur5x zufällige Gewinner: Set aus Postkarte + Pin10x zufällige Gewinner: 5x Mystische SchriftrollenAlle Teilnehmer: 1x Mystische Schriftrolle + 100 Energie + 100 000 Manasteine⏰Event-Zeitraum⏰23. Januar - 4. Februar⚠️Die Gewinner werden um den 6. Februar auf unseren Kanälen bekanntgegeben.⚠️Merchandise-Gewinner werden individuell per Email ab dem 7. Februar benachrichtigt.⚠️Bitte schaut in euren Emails / Spam Ordnern nach!Contest Host: Com2uS

Instant Entry

Ends in 3 Days 15 Hours - 108 Entries

Win $50!
Are you ready for a chance to win $50 worth of $ARTK? All you have to do is sign up for our social competition by providing us with your name and email. In one week, we'll randomly select a lucky winner from all of the entries. It's that easy! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to win some cash. Sign up now and good luck!Contest Host: Artik

Miracle Game for the Players

Ends in 4 Days 13 Hours - 321 Entries

✨✨✨✨✨✨✨🎁🎁 MU 5 x 5 MIRACLE HERO BOX 🎁🎁GLEAM CONTEST🎁 Prize:5 x 5 miracle hero boxeswhat you need to do;
Follow our CEO @SingmanMonte on Twitter
Retweet @0xMiracleGame last tweet
Join our Official Telegram Group
Tweet on Twitter
 Visit This web Page to Enter
And don't forget to do the following tasks.Increase your chances by getting extra points by logging in every day.Contest Host: Miracle Game


Ends in 26 Days 9 Hours - 27 Entries

📩TINGGG! ANOTHER AIRDROP TO GET REWARDS UP TO 5.000 PIB 📩🎉Continuing a series of super attractive events, PiBridge continues to give you another "stunner" Airdrop event with a total prize of up to 5,000 PiB. Simply by voting for App PiBridge at the Hackathon, users only need to complete the simple steps available at Gleam.Gleam missions:1. Email account at PiBridge2. Address to receive your PIB token at the Pibridge app3. View Dapp Pibridge4. Follow Fanpage Pibridge5. Join Telegram Channel PiBridge6. Join Group Telegram Global Pibridge7. "Like" the EZ INVOICE project at Pi Browser (upload the image you liked PiBridge)8. Invite friends to join the Airdrop⏰ Time: Jan 22th - Feb 22th, 2023🎁The total reward value of 5,000 PiB will be allocated specifically as follows:🥇Top 1: 1500 PIB🥈Top 2: 1000 PIB🥉Top 3: 500 PIB🏅40 lucky people: 50 PIB/person👍Which includes LIKE for the PiBridge participating in the Hackathon: EZ INVOICE at Pi Browser.💡Tip: Watch the following video to learn how to LIKE EZ INVOICE in the Pi Browser: LINK❗Note: In the event of cheating, we will remove the results.Contest Host: CRVN Capital

🔮 Barunson Labs Airdrop Event 🔮

Ends in 28 Days 7 Hours - 26 Entries

🔮 Barunson Labs Airdrop Event 🔮
BRS: A cross-chain Web3 platform built on ETH and POLY with Defi + NFT + GameFi by fully utilizing Layer 2 Embracing the Creator Economy by redistributing the fees collected by our protocol. Providing additional use-cases for DeFi users, enhanced liqudity to trade your favorite NFT and GameFi elements to make you earn whilte having fun.🎁 TOTAL REWARDS 40,000 BRS 🎁
Basic Rewards
3,600 users will be raffled to earn a share of the 36,000 BRS prize pool
Referral Rewards 
Share this event to your friends for additional entries and higher aidrop allocation
Top Winner eligible for up to $1.000 worth of BRS Tokens
📌 Referral Ranking🥇1st : 1,000 BRS🥈2nd : 750 BRS 🥉3rd : 500 BRS🏅4th : 300 BRS🏅5th: 150 BRS🏆6-10th: 75 BRS🤑10-50th: 25 BRS
✔️ EVENT Period : January 23rd  - February 17th GMT +9
🥳 Winners Announcement : February 24th.
✔️ Distribution: To be airdropped on the date the trading pair goes live (TBD)
Contest Host: Airdrop

BOGA Studios #1

Ends in 13 Hours - 336 Entries

Win $50 ETH
We're releasing our first, free, NFT collection on Friday, 27th Jan 2023.To celebrate, we're giving away $50 ETH.Enter to join the competition. And don't miss our free NFT mint!Contest Host: AVAX Rush

11 Winners Can Claim A $475 Cash Prize

Ends in 66 Days 22 Hours

There are 11 cash prizes of $475 available.There is also a prize slot for a free meal to a child in need, where we will make a donation to Feeding America's Hungry Children on behalf of the winner.The odds of a prize are 1 in 10. You can win unlimited times and prizes are available to US residents that are 18 and older.You Can Try Once a DayWe'll also donate a meal to Feeding America's Hungry Children for joining our free email that will bring you happiness every day with cute puppy pictures and the latest giveaways.

BustaTwyme's Giveaway!

Ends in 17 Days 21 Hours - 0 Entries

BustaTwymes Giveaway!
GIVEAWAYYYY! Obtain entries until February 13 for a higher chance of receiving a free $25 gift card towards any platform/In-game currency of your choice! This means Xbox, Playstation, Steam, or any in game currency like Valorant, Fortnite, Call of Duty, etc.PLEASE NOTE: You must come into and chat one message in least 4 different streams to be eligible! You do not have to stay for the whole stream of course, just come in and say hi! Maybe stay a while and spread positivity as we grow our community together!Once again, a winner will be chosen on February 13 (02/13)Good Luck and come join for some good interactive content! :)Contest Host: BustaTwymes Giveaway!

4D Gaming Ultimate Bundle Givewaway

Ends in 3 Days 22 Hours - 363323 Entries

Ultimate 4D Gaming Bundle Giveaway

4D Gaming launches January 31st! 

To celebrate the launch, 4D Gaming has teamed up with Wildcat, Chap, PowerGPU, & Glitch to do a HUGE giveaway.
Submit your name, email, & phone number to enter to win the prizes below. For extra entries, complete the first entry to access more entry methods!
All entrants will automatically be added to our Early Access list!
(1) $5660 Grand Prize Winner Receives: 
Custom 4D 4080 PC built by PowerGPU ($5000)
One year supply of Glitch Energy ($600)
Wildcat/Chap Signed Founders Edition Mousepad ($60)
(4) Other Prize Winners Receive:
Wildcat/Chap Signed Founders Edition Mousepad ($60)
Glitch Bundle [Energy + Hydration + Shaker] ($90)
​Winners will be drawn at random and announced/contacted before launch so stay locked to our socials to see if you won! 
Contest Host: 4D Gaming

Steam Game Giveaway

Ends in 11 Days - 0 Entries

Steam Game Giveaway
Are you a content creator in the United States?Join Atreeyo with code "Shatt9"Tag a Friend, Viewer, Mod, etc on Twitter so they can win with you!Get sponsored by Atreeyo yourself...?- - -Prize Choices: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2, Castlevania Advance Collection, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Resident Evil Village - Winters’ Expansion DLC, Rogue Legacy 2, Stray, TMNT: Shredder's Revenge, or TunicWinners will receive games as gifts through Steam. Must be willing to add Atreeyo as a friend.Contest Host: Sparkbomb

MazyPrints Sticker Giveaway!

Ends in 13 Days - 9 Entries

MazyPrints Sticker Giveaway!
To celebrate the opening of Amymazy's new Etsy shop, MazyPrints... enter to win one free sticker of your choice from the shop!Winner will be picked at random on Feb 8th! Winner will be contacted via email for shipping information.Bots or accounts that only spam giveaways will be rerolled.Good luck!Contest Host: MazyPrints

Win "GreedFall" steam key

Ends in 32 Days 15 Hours - 0 Entries

Win "GreedFall" steam key

You can win this prize by completing any of the actions more, the more you complete the more you increase your chances to win!Vous pouvez gagner ce prix en complétant l'une des actions, plus vous en complétez, plus vous augmentez vos chances de gagner!You have 1 week to redeem this key or we relaunch the giveawayVous avez 1 semaine pour activer la clé sinon nous relançons le giveawayContest Host: neoguyvery

Bob & Brad's Uni Massage Gun Giveaway!

Ends in 1 Day 22 Hours - 10345 Entries

Bob & Brad's NEW Uni Massage Gun

We are giving away a Bob and Brad Uni Massage Gun!!!!About this item
Full-sized Performance, Mini-sized Device: The UNI is a most powerful mini massage gun developed by Bob and Brad, two famous physical therapists with millions of followers. Don't let its compact design fool you, as UNI punches well above its weight class. We redesigned our premium high-torque brushless motor to fit in this slim profile. Though small and light, UNI does not lack power. The percussion massage gun delivers up to 35 lbs of stall force and come with 5 speeds from 1800 to 3000 RPM
Ergonomic Design for Easy Use: Unlike the standard “T” shape of its counterparts, our unique 105° angled handle allows for less wrist extension. You can hold it naturally and reach your back effortlessly, without having to strain yourself. The muscle massage gun measures 6.1 x 5.6 x 2.3 inches and weighs at only 1.26 lbs, great for travel and transport with maximized portability. It’s operation is simple for everyone - a single button controls everything!
Professional Deep Tissue Massage Gun: With 10mm amplitude, the UNI provides rapid bursts of pressure into muscles. It hyper-targets specific problem areas to break away knots. The muscle massage gun comes with 5 massage heads, each specifically designed with its shape and impact level in mind to deliver the proper treatment for each area. Whether you need deep percussive treatment, or just want to activate muscles before a workout, the UNI is your ideal choice
Patented Near-Silent Technology: The deep tissue muscle massage gun is equipped with our patented technology which means an impressively hushed operation. Our professional-grade brushless motor is wrapped around with proprietary sound insulation materials, creating a pleasantly quiet experience without compromising on its power
The Ultimate Companion: The BOB AND BRAD UNI boasts 5+ hours of battery life per charge via fast Type-C charging. Perfect massage gun for athletes, runners, cyclists, home and office workers, drivers, gamers, etc. Package includes BOB AND BRAD massage gun, 5 massage heads, Type-C charging cable, user manual, beautiful packaging, and storage pouch. Also included, 1-year warranty and 24-hour online customer service. Kindly note: No carrying case included
Contest Host: Bob and Brad

Meta Galaxy

Ends in 25 Days 10 Hours - 143 Entries

Venom Circle x Meta Galaxy Partnership Giveaway
Venom Circle x Meta Galaxy Partnership GiveawayAttention everyone! Are you ready for something big? We've got some exciting news for you. To celebrate the launch of Venom Circle, we've teamed up with DAOsocial to launch a triple campaign with a total prize pool of $4000+. You have the chance to win on each of the campaigns, not just one! The campaigns included in this are this gleam campaign, and the Crew3 of both Venom Circle and DAOsocial.Starting with this gleam campaign, the total prize pool is $300. The top 5 users will receive $20 each and an additional 20 random users will receive $10 each. The more entries you have in the gleam campaign, the higher your chance of winning. So, be sure to enter as many times as possible to increase your chances of winning.Every week, you now also have the chance to be one of the 50 lucky players to share the grand prize of $1,200 with all other Venom Circle Crew3 players. That's right, every week you have the chance to win a share of the grand prizepool.And if that wasn't enough, this month DAOsocial is giving away a total of $2,500 split over 50 lucky players on their Crew3 campaign. That's $50 per player. With so many chances to win and such a large prize pool, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity.First Come First Served : only First 4000 users Consider  Prize Recap🔷Ramdom 20 winners will get 10$ usdt each🔷TOP 5 Winners will get 20$ usdt each🔷 50 winners will get 50$ each in Venom Crew3https://venomcircle.crew3.xyz/questboard🔷50 Winners will get 24$ each Venom in Crew3https://daosocial.crew3.xyz/questboardcomplete all task andRefer your friends to increase your winning chancesContest Host: Meta Galaxy

[WEMIX Airdrop] MYRTLE TOKEN Launching Event

Ends in 9 Days 8 Hours - 2330 Entries

[WEMIX Airdrop] MYRTLE Fan Token Global Launch Event

MYRTLE : The world's first Fan Token with real value!​
WEMIX is again showing us how a blockchain could be utilized in real life by introducing the Fan Token service on the world's biggest blockchain gaming platform WEMIX PLAY.
Myrtle Sarrosa, one of the most influential creators in the world of gaming and an active ambassador of WEMADE's revolutionary blockchain game MIR 4, is issuing her Fan Token on January 27th.
To celebrate this monumental event in the world of blockchains, WEMADE is givingaway 200,000 WEMIX to the participants. 
Event Duration : January 23, 2023 -  February 5, 2023 (UTC+8)
Total Reward Size : 200,000 WEMIX
🎉 Event Rewards:
 ​Reward 1 : 1,000 WEMIX each to the 100 top point earners 
Reward 2 : 100 WEMIX each to the 1,000 qualifiers(randomly selected)
🧩 Winner Announcement : 2023.02.10(Fri)
🧩 Airdrop Date : 2023.02.17(Fri)
⭐️How to Participate
1. Complete 6 missions and get 100 points to be qualified for the entry.
2. To be the winner of the Reward 1, complete all 6 missions and earn extra points with "Refer Friends For Extra 20 Points". You can repeat this mission over and over again and earn 20 points for each action.
3. Must create and submit your PLAY Wallet address.
4. The list of the winners will be uploaded on WEMIX PLAY MEDIUM
🍬Any illegal participation will result in exclusion from the reward list.🍬Remember to submit a legitimate PLAY Wallet address, incorrect addresses will be excluded from the reward list.🍬The event content, schedule, rewards, and announcement channels are subject to change according to circumstances.
This is one of the biggest WEMIX Airdrop events ever!
Do not miss this chance to win WEMIX!
Contest Host: WEMIX PLAY

Lunar New year Gleam campaign

Ends in 6 Days 8 Hours - 12884 Entries

Lunar new year giveaway campaign
To celebrate the year of the rabbit, Helio Protocol is launching a Lunar new year giveaway campaign worth $500!Simply complete a few tasks and 5 lucky winners will stand a chance to win 500HAY ! Contest Host: Helio Protocol

New York Dairy x NY Farm Girls

Ends in 21 Days

New York Dairy x NY Farm Girls
Join the New York Dairy Community and be entered to win $500New York is home to 1,000's of dairy operations and family farms. Together they employ over 180,000 people and rank first in the United States for the production of cottage cheese, and #2 in yogurt and sour cream.By signing up below you'll be supporting our goal of creating a community of people to help share, support, and engage with our New York Dairy Community.Enter your information below and then earn extra entries by following us on our social media platforms. Contest Host: New York Dairy

NFT Campaign (Bitget EN Telegram)- Task 10

Ends in 17 Days 4 Hours

NO.10 Angel - View the pinned Insights post and post on the rep point system via #social Label & Collect 13 Community Roles NFT to share $6000!
In Bitget English Official community, we divided the contribution of members to the community into 13 different levels and designed the NFT of 13 different roles for you to collect, every day, we will update a new role NFT for you to mint, don't miss it!
⏰ Event Time: Begins from 22/01/2023 12:00 pm (UTC)
$1000 - Collect & Share! ( 1. Collect at least 9 Bitget community reputation Role NFTs at GALXE 2. Finish at least 9 tasks (everyday one new task will be updated) 3. Join Bitget English Official Telegram community during the event period)
$2000 - Rank & Share! ( Top 100 Members on the rep points leaderboard to share according to their respective rep points proportion!)
$3000 - Legend Fund! ( If 50 members reached the reputation level 'Legend', an extra Legend Fund will be set up for differentia community event operations for 'Legend' members ONLY!)
Anyway, in our community, a lot of innovative services are offered to our community members.The higher reputation level you are at, the more benefits you deserve! For rewards receiving, you can register a Bitget account via this event's designated registration link. https://partner.bitget.com/bg/BitgetRepRoles🤔FAQQ:I visited GALXE campaign page, and be told that I am not eligible to mint NFT, so when can I mint NFT?A:Join our community channel (https://t.me/BitgetENOfficial/547) first, we will announce the list of eligible participants in batches here, then you can go to GALXE and mint your NFT.📃Term& Condition :1. Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to amending, changing, or canceling the event without prior notice.2. Bitget reserves the right to disqualify users that are deemed to be wash trading, illegally bulk registered accounts, as well as trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation.
Contest Host: Bitget

Hearts of Steel

Ends in 7 Days 21 Hours - 502 Entries

Blog Tour Giveaway!
Enter to win a copy of Hearts of Steel by Elizabeth Camden! Two copies are up for grabs!Giveaway is open to the US only and ends on February 3rdContest Host: Www.hfvirtualbooktours.blogspot.com

LUNAR NEW YEAR GIVEAWAY | DreamGame x Allkeyshop

Ends in 3 Days 4 Hours - 81911 Entries

LUNAR NEW YEAR GIVEAWAY | DreamGame x Allkeyshop
DreamGame has joined forces with one of the biggest price comparison sites in the world - AllKeyShop, to bring you an amazing LUNAR NEW YEAR Giveaway!Let's celebrate!We will pick 10 of you to be our lucky winners of the following awesome games:
​Marvel's Midnight Suns PC Windows (Steam Activation Key)
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection PC Windows (Steam Activation Key)
Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition PC Windows (Rockstar Activation Key)
Resident Evil Village Gold Edition PC Windows (Steam Activation Key)
One Piece Odyssey PC Windows (Steam Activation Key)
Death Stranding Director's Cut Edition PC Windows (Steam Activation Key)
God of War PC Windows (Steam Activation Key)
Days Gone PC Windows (Steam Activation Key)
Elden Ring PC Windows (Steam Activation Key)
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition PC Windows (Steam Activation Key)
Winners will be announced on 30th of January 2023!GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE,DREAMTEAM x ALLKEYSHOPContest Host: Dreamgame.com

NAVIFORCE | Quartz Watch

Ends in 25 Days 15 Hours - 0 Entries

NAVIFORCE | Quartz Watch | Giveaway
NAVIFORCE WATCH FROM ALPHAITEM.COMWhen signing up alphaitem is allowed to send you emailsTrough our subscribed newsletterContest Host: Alphaitem.com

Celebrate 'Almost 5,000 Followers on Instagram' with $50 of ...

Ends in 3 Days - 808900391 Entries

Celebrate 'Almost 5,000 Followers on Instagram' with $50 of Official Rock Merch of Your Choice! One Winner Chosen, Sunday, January 29, 2023!
Enter the RockMerch Official Sweepstakes of Rock Music! One Winner will receive $50 in FREE authentic, licensed, Rock Music Merchandise from RockMerch. YOU GET TO CHOOSE your own prize! Enter the Sweepstakes and receive the RockMerch newsletter with exclusive product discounts. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years of age to enter Sweepstakes. Void where prohibited by law. Sweepstakes ends January 29, 2023 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific.Contest Host: RockMerch


Ends in 5 Days - 13681 Entries

Win 1 of 2 prize duos from Pupups!
Win 1 of 2 prize duos from Pupups! Keep your pup safe with a Fi Dogs GPS unit and an ultra awesome matching Pupups collar and leash set. Contest Host: Modern Dog Magazine

JOYSHAPER $300 Walmart Giftcard GIVEAWAY

Ends in 3 Days - 322805 Entries

JOYSHAPER $300 Walmart Giftcard GIVEAWAY

Win value of  $300 Walmart Giftcard for ONE lucky winner!
$300 Walmart Gift Card*1
$40 Joyshaper Tummy Control Panties*5
$500 in Prizes
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Contest Host: Fitvalen