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Top Giveaway of MyDota2.net

Ends in 3 Days 22 Hours - 191845 Entries

1. Blades of Voth Domosh
2. Sullen Harvest
3. Manifold Paradox
4. Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm
5. Swine of the Sunken Galley
6. Great Sage's Reckoning
7. Tempest Helm of the Thundergod
8. Exalted Bladeform Legacy
9. Feast of Abscession
10. Doll of the Dead
11. Fiery Soul of the Slayer
12. Demon Eater
13. Concord Reversion
14. Codicil of the Veiled Ones
15. Blade of Tears
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Contest Host: Giveaway organization

OMEN/HyperX Saleblazers Starter Pack - Claim with OMEN Gamin...

Ends in 1042 Days 23 Hours

🏪🕹️Ready to open the Gaming Store of your dreams? 🎮💻 Kickstart your retail empire in SaleBlazers with the hottest products from OMEN and HyperX. Claim your free Starter Pack DLC and unlock the following as crafting recipes and starting clothing:OMEN 45L DesktopHyperX Quadcast S MicrophoneHyperX Alloy Origins KeyboardOMEN ShirtOMEN HatMake us proud SaleBlazer, and survive the perils of this unique shopkeeping survival experience.💡How to Enter This Giveaway💡Sign in/sign up for Surf Giveaways using the button on the top right of this pageComplete any of the actions below to collect entriesWinners will be notified by email at the end of the giveaway period with redemption instructions💡Claiming Instructions 💡Redeem your code in your Steam client ("Add a game") or at https://store.steampowered.com/account/registerkeyMore about the game:OPEN WORLD MULTIPLAYER SURVIVAL SHOPKEEPINGSaleblazers is a multiplayer shopkeeping survival game set on a perilous island environment. Play solo or team up online to play on one server. Build a cozy mom-and-pop coffee shop on your own or construct challenging mega malls as a team.SHOPKEEPING SIMULATORBuild and expand a retail empire from scratch within a reactive open world sandbox observed by law enforcement and populated by customers with minds of their own. Hungry college students suffer from limited budgets and tourists are willing to buy just about anything.SAMURAI, WIZARDS, AND COWBOYSBring a frying pan to a gunfight. Equip a kitchen knife for an agile hack-and-slash experience. Use a claymore for a slower, harder-hitting approach. Heal teammates and poison enemies with spells or potions.RELAXING ACTIVITIESThose that prefer a calmer gameplay experience can farm and fish to start their shopkeeping empire.PVP INVASIONSWelcome unexpected guests to your server by enabling PvP invasions. Or, take your entire lobby to see what shopkeepers are up to on other servers. Make small talk with proximity voice chat.ESCAPE THE ISLANDExplore the handcrafted open world of Saleblazers and defeat its bosses on a grand adventure to build a rocket ship to freedom.
Host: OMEN-Gaming-Hub

Alaskan Road Truckers Playtest Access - Claim with OMEN Gami...

Ends in 1038 Days

🚛❄️EXPLORE ALASKA LIKE NEVER BEFORE 🏔️🧊 Grab your keys and hit the road in Alaskan Road Truckers. Prepare for treacherous conditions this weekend with your guaranteed access to the playtest!💡How to Enter This Giveaway💡Sign in/sign up for Surf Giveaways using the button on the top right of this pageComplete any of the actions below to collect entriesWinners will be notified by email at the end of the giveaway period with redemption instructions💡Claiming Instructions 💡Redeem your code in your Steam client ("Add a game") or at https://store.steampowered.com/account/registerkeyThe playtest starts on October 6th 2023 at 12:00PM GMT+1 until October 8th 2023More about the game:Experience the definitive truck driver simulationGet behind the wheel and drive across the entire state of Alaska with dynamic weather and unpredictable road conditions. Become a trucking legend and get your cargo to its destination on time.●     Pick your route across diverse road conditions ●     Expand and customize your truck collection●     Take on different jobs with a huge variety of cargo typesGet out of your truck…Get your hands dirty with involved, in-depth truck maintenance. Look after your truck, stock up on supplies, and make sure you’re ready for your next journey.●     Maintain your truck to keep it on the road●     Upgrade your HQ and manage your business●     Visit stores and gas stations to pick up essential purchases and fuel●     Leave your cab to explore scenic landmarks and soak up the atmosphere…and surviveBe prepared for what Alaska has to throw at you, expect the unexpected for the journeys which lie ahead. ●     Manage your health by battling against hunger, fatigue, and the cold●     Plot your route and make sure you have the best equipment for the job●     Encounter dangers like mud slides, avalanches, fallen trees, and more!
Host: OMEN-Gaming-Hub

Fall 2023 Giveaway

Ends in 1 Day 8 Hours

IMPT: If your name is drawn by Joinsurf.com YOU MUST BE SUBSCRIBED to Slangille Designs on YouTube to be considered eligible for the prize. If you are not subscribed then a new name will be requested to be drawn.The winner of the giveaway will win a $25 (cdn) Xbox Giftcard Code that will be paid in Canadian funds. If you reside outside of Canada the amount in CDN will be sent to your valid PayPal account due to region locking of codes. The winner must provide a valid email address (if in Canada) for the XBox Gift code to be sent to, or a valid Paypal address for the $25 CDN to be transferred to you and converted to your local currency.
Host: Slangille

Abdallah's Road to 1-Million!

Ends in 62 Days 14 Hours - 21 Entries

Abdallah's on the Road to 1-million subscribers and is launching a new channel called AbdallahGaming!  Subscribe to both AbdallahGaming and AbdallahSmash to enter, along with even more chances to enter!Partnering up with Fixture Gaming, Abdallah will give away a Nintendo Switch TOTK OLED model to one lucky Subscriber once we hit 1-Million on YouTube!5 Runners-up will receive their choice of either S1 or S2 Pro Controller Mounts for Nintendo Switch by Fixture Gaming
Contest Host: Abdallah Elayan

Ends in 1 Day 5 Hours

The Golden Gram Awards is the premier entertainment event of the year, honoring the best in Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, Music, and more!  Our Award Committee and Board of Advisors will consider several factors: Nominees are not only picked based on followers, but based on those individuals that have shaped the industries and continue to inspire future generations with their passion and dedication. Join us December 2nd at the 'Sport of Kings' venue in Hallandale, FL for an evening of glamour, glitz, live performances and entertainment. The prestigious Golden Gram Awards is with great honor partnering with an incredible charity ('The Place of Hope'), whose mission is to provide programs and services to children, youth and families to end the cycle of abuse, neglect, homelessness, poverty and human trafficking in our local communities.  Upon registering, we will send you a 'welcome email' with more information.     

Enter to Win a PS5 or $500

Ends in 8 Days 14 Hours - 383811 Entries

Enter to win a Disc Edition of the PlayStation 5 Gaming Console or Choose $500 via PayPal or Amazon Gift Card as Prize Alternative.Giveaway Rules:  PS5 shipped to USA Resident only, non-USA gets $500 Prize Alternative or winner may opt for $500 prize alternative in the form of Amazon USA Gift Card or PayPal.
Twitch Sub Questions - 
At this time, Prime subscriptions are not able to be used to subscribe to a channel on the iOS Twitch Mobile App. However, you can still use Prime subscriptions on your mobile device via subs.twitch.tv in your phone's internet browser, or you may complete your Prime subscription use from twitch.tv on a desktop.
Contest Host: Dragon Blogger Technology


Ends in 61 Days 6 Hours - 369478 Entries

Contest Host: Memeinator

Married In Minecraft's 2nd "Double Stack Giveaway"!!

Ends in 12 Days 11 Hours - 15 Entries

Win 1720 Minecoins!
You have a chance of winning one of 2, (or maybe even Both) Minecoin Gift Packs, worth 1,720 Minecoins EACH!One Digital code will be awarded for TikTok, and one for YouTube! 
What do you have to do?  Its Too Easy!
1. Follow us on YouTube to enter for that card!
2. Follow on TikTok to enter for that card!3. bonus entry (see below)
Contest Host: Married In Minecraft's Village!

Scott the Woz Charity Bonanza Giveaway 2023

Ends in 14 Hours - 42209 Entries

On a budget but still want to help?We've laid out a few ways you can below.
Plus, we're giving away...
1 - Playstation 51 - Signed PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
1 - Xbox Series X
1 - Xbox Series S
1 - Signed Nintendo Switch OLED1 - Signed Nintendo Switch1 - Signed Nintendo Switch Lite
40 - CLUE® Scott The Woz Edition
All signed by Scott The Woz
The more ways you enter the better chance you have to win.
Plus, you're helping out two great children's charities in the process.
Deadline: December 1st, 2023
Winners: 57
Eligibility: Worldwide
Contest Host: Pixel Empire


Ends in 30 Days 6 Hours - 17 Entries

The PlayStation 5 is the most powerful console on the market, and it's sure to give you hours of gaming enjoyment. With its sleek design, fast loading times, and stunning graphics, the PS5 is the perfect way to experience your favorite games.
Now, you can have a chance to get your very own PS5! Simply sign up for our competition and you'll be entered to win. There are no purchase necessary, and the winner will be chosen at random.​
So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start playing the games you love on the best console on the market!
Click here to sign up for your chance to Get  PlayStation 5!
Contest Host: Daily Rewards

Roblox Studio

Ends in 3287 Days 14 Hours - 31 Entries

Roblox Studio
To get roblox studio understand these:​1. If Child is doing this, ask a parent before using gleam.io2. If you are a roblox player above 13 then you don't need to ask a parent.3. To Use you must have a chromebook, not linux, windows or macbookContest Host: CameronStudios

20€ para Valorant, Lol, Steam...

Ends in 352 Days 5 Hours - 120 Entries

20€ Lol, Valorant, Steam...
El ganador lo anunciaré en directo en el momento en el que llegue a 500 seguidores, avisaré en redes sociales tanto que haré el sorteo como el ganador, que tendrá 24 horas para reclamar el premio, si no lo hace se volverá a sortearContest Host: Nakashi7

Celebration for 500 Followers on Twitch.

Ends in 106 Days 7 Hours - 195 Entries

Massive giveaway at 500 Followers
As a thankyou from bulverik games we will be giving away a choice from below once we hit 500 Followers:Magic the Gathering: - Standard Recent Printed Booster BoxPokemon: - Standard Recent Printed Booster BoxYu-Gi-Oh: - Standard Recent Printed Booster BoxFlesh & Blood: - Standard Recent Printed Booster BoxDungeons & Dragons: - Full 5 set of polyhedral dice, Rolling Mat, Dice Box, 2 x Chonky D20 (1 large 1 smaller) and a Players handbook or a book of your choosing (this is perfect for a new beginner)Contest Host: Come Game With Bulverik

Video Game Release

Ends in 8 Days 19 Hours

Use this template to promote an upcoming game release and build hype online by getting entrants to complete valuable actions for a chance to win a free copy of the game.
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

Game Key Giveaway

Ends in 8 Days 19 Hours

Use this template to giveaway Game Keys, BETA Keys, in-game item codes, exclusive DLC codes and more to lucky contest contest winners.This is a great way to grow you stream or promote your game.Just remember to set your number of winners to the number of game keys you want to give away.
Contest Host: Gleam - Master Example List

100 Twitch Followers

Ends in 97 Days 11 Hours - 437 Entries

Free Steam Game Under 60 USD$
Hey! I'm giving away one Steam game of your choice under 60 USD$ to a winner that is following me when I hit 100 Twitch followers. Once I hit 100 followers, I'll do a live giveaway pull. To enter, just follow me here on Twitch and for an extra entry, follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ALTRNOVA. There will be a 200 follower giveaway after.Contest Host: Twitch

KeesperTEC Sorteio - 5 Gift Card Steam 20R$

Ends in 5162 Days 9 Hours - 3910 Entries

5 Gifts Cards Steam 20R$
Participe grátis, apenas concluindo coisas simples.Como da ultima vez nenhum BR ganhou, resolvi fazer esse exclusivo para compatriotas, então APENAS BRs GANHARÃO!SORTEIO SERÁ AO CONSEGUIRMOS 1.000 INSCRITOS NO YOUTUBE!Quando realizado o sorteio, avisarei os ganhadores por suas redes sociais (caso não responda, não ganhará!)BOA SORTE!Contest Host: KeesperTEC

Advent Calendar

Ends in 1491 Days 5 Hours - 13327 Entries

GiveAway of 1100 AuricCells or 1 DBD DLC
Enter the Giveaway for a Chance to win 1100 AuricCells, 1 DBD DLC or 10 €/$/£ Giftcard for Steam/Switch/PSN/XBOX/STADIAContest Host: Adventskalender


Ends in 6 Hours - 1075 Entries

Termos do GivewayPara participarem no giveway, tem de utilizar o meu código na loja do fortniteCódigo: DILANPLAYSTV, e fazerem um compra de 500 ou mais Vbucks, e enviarem me, para o meu email. Email: dilanplayscontactoprofissional@gmail.comQuando chegarmos aos 100 apoiadores, ai o giveway será realizado.Obrigado a todos, que ajudarem, a realizar este giveway.
Contest Host: Ferreira Dilan

Sorteio: Minecraft (JAVA EDITION)

Ends in 655 Days 10 Hours - 562 Entries

Sorteio: MINECRAFT (Java Edition)

Primeiro sorteio do canal.
O sorteio será realizado quando eu chegar a 10k de inscritos no Youtube.
Vou mandar um e-mail para o ganhador, se não responder em 2 dias, vou refazer o sorteio.
É necessário se inscrever no canal do Youtube e da Twitch (coloque seu nome e no lugar do sobrenome o nome do seu canal do Youtube, para eu saber quem é quem, vou verificar se o ganhador está inscrito.
Aquele que estiver participando (e vir a ganhar), porém não estiver inscrito, será desclassificado e o sorteio será refeito.
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/uETc4XH
Contest Host: GolfinhoAlado

Minecraft Original Gratuito

Ends in 5162 Days 9 Hours - 50 Entries

4 contas de Minecraft Original
As contas disponibilizadas não são Full Acesso.Elas são geradas automaticamente após completar as tarefas. Não podemos controlar os banimentos dos servidores.É possível gerar até 4 contas gratuitamente.Após concluir todas as tarefas a seguir, você desbloqueará os prêmios.Adquira seu Minecraft Full Acesso na Minestore e receba uma conta apenas sua 100% segura e individual.Dúvidas? Assista este vídeo ensinando como participar![EM BREVE]
Contest Host: Minestore