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HAVAH x Tokyo Mongz Hills Club Gleam Event

Ends in 3 Days 16 Hours

HAVAH X Tokyo Mongz Hills Club Gleam Event

HAVAH supports the practical use of digital assets (FTs and NFTs) across different networks. Its interchain technology allows it to freely connect and transfer digital assets from one network to another without being limited to the chain on which they were issued.
Tokyo Mongz Hills Club is a project operated by HASHLINK, a subsidiary of Comseed Corporation, a Japanese gaming company, and public entity. TMHC is creating a new metaverse world called ‘Mongz Universe’ based on the story of Momotaro, a popular Japanese tale (folklore), into WEB3 IP. TMHC aims to service various WEB3 IP businesses including games, webtoons, animations, and apparel.
Curious about the details of the Event Prizes (NFTs)?- HAVAH Friends KIKI NFT- UNIVERSAL STALLION NFT
➡️ Check out the descriptions through HAVAH Medium and UNIVERSAL STALLION Youtube below!
🎁 Event Rewards 🎁3 types of rewards to a total of 158 winners!1) Whitelist Giveaway①  HAVAH Friends KIKI NFT WL x 50② UNIVERSAL STALLION NFT AL x 502) Airdrop① Token: 200 HVH x 50 (Total 10,000 HVH)② NFT: Tokyo Mongz Hilss Club NFT x 3 (each FP 0.13 ETH)3) Referrals PrizeThe more entries, the higher your chances of receiving an airdrop.HAVAH Friends KIKI NFT to TOP 5 people
🎈 How to Participate 🎈✔️Complete all the listed entries on the Gleam Event.✔️The referral ranking will be based on the number of entries collected.✔️Submit your HVH wallet address for HAVAH FRIENDS prizes and HVH.✔️Submit your Metamask wallet address for TMHC prizes.✔️You must only enter one wallet address, either HAVAH wallet or BSC wallet.If you enter addresses from both, you will be disqualified from the event.
📅 Event Schedule 📅1) Period: 23.06.07 - 2023.06.11 02:59 pm (UTC)2) Winner Announcement: 23.06.12 on both Discord.Team HAVAH will work hard to ensure that digital assets can be used freely and without regard for network constraints in the future.Contest Host: HAVAH official

BullBear AI X Sonic INU Partnership GiveAway

Ends in 6 Days 20 Hours - 272805 Entries

BullBear AI X Sonic INU Partnership GiveAway
🎉 BullBear AI -  The first Meme project using #AI to predict BULL and BEAR markets through User Behaviors and Price Action. 
🥳 To Celebrate BullBear AI X Sonic INU Partnership we are giving away 99,999,999,999 $AIBB and $100 worth of Sonic INU Token To 20  Winners as Rewards!! 
Details:-🌐Website | 📖`WhitePaper 
Already Listed on MEXC, BitMart & Camelot
Contract Address: 0xb9af4762c039d63e30039f1712dfab77026408c7
| More Entries, More chance |Do Some Refer to increase your winning chance
🏆 Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆
1 Top 1-10: 40% of 99,999,999,999 $AIBB = 39,999,999,999 $AIBB
 2 10-50: 30% of 99,999,999,999 $AIBB = 29,999,999,999 $AIBB
 3 50-100: 30% of 99,999,999,999 $AIBB = 29,999,999,999 $AIBB
$100 worth of Sonic INU Token To 20  Winners
⏱️ Event Ends: 14th June
➡️ The more entries you have, the higher your chance of winnings !!
☘️ Good luck 🍀Contest Host: BullBear AI

🥳 Meta Vision X Airdrop Brother

Ends in 5 Days 7 Hours

🥳 Meta Vision X Airdrop Brother™ Big Giveaway
🥳 In Collab with Airdrop Brother, Meta Vision is giveaway 300,000 $Mify as Rewards!! $Mify Token Info 👇Total Supply: SolanaContract Address: https://solscan.io/token/HQozfam6LaibgvcpHpmuozUoyEjrVhaajUVcKxNuJvHx🏆 Giveaway Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆------------------------------------------------🏃‍♂️ FCFS 2,000 People «-» 80 $Mify👩‍👩‍👧 Random 1,000 People «-» 80 $Mify🥇 Top 1-5 Refs «-» 4,500 $Mify🥈 Top 11-20 Refs «-» 1,500 $Mify🥉 Top 11-50 Refs «-» 562 $Mify⏰ Giveaway End Date: 13th June🏆 Distribution: 12 days after the listing. 🔔 Per Token Listing Price Maybe $0.08 - $0.10➡️ More entries, more chances Do Refer and Increase winning chance.Contest Host: Airdrop Brother™

MyTicky Giveaway

Ends in 6 Days 20 Hours - 30998 Entries

MyTicky x CryptoTechDAO Giveaway
🎉 We are excited to announce a giveaway to celebrate the upcoming launch MyTicky's game-changing ticketing app! Get ready for a revolutionary ticketing experience as we integrate smart tickets with the power of Blockchain! 🔗🥳 To participate, simply complete the various tasks available below. We are giving away a total of $300 USDT, so don't miss out on this chance to win!.​​🏆 Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆🥇Top 15 Refs «-» 10 $USDT each👬  Random 75  «-»  2 $USDT each⏱️ Ends : 14 June⏱️ Distribution : 16 June➡️ The more entries you have, the higher your chance of winnings !!☘️ Good luck 🍀Contest Host: CryptoTech DAO

Enter to Win Big with @Magicsquareio & @RenoviHub: The Ultim...

Ends in 58 Days 8 Hours

💰 Renovi Hub's $1000 GIVEAWAY! 💰
⭐ Magic Square is hosting a Joint Gleam with Renovi Hub & giving away $1000 in total to 4 Lucky Winners that complete all the tasks below! ⭐Renovi HUB provides a comprehensive solution for creating, showcasing, and renting land and virtual spaces for the Metaverse.  Complete the Tasks  Share with FriendsWinners will receive an Email to the email address they provide down below!Contest Host: Magic Square

Starmaker X Airdrop Ultimate

Ends in 6 Days 1 Hour - 22090 Entries

Starmaker 🤝 Airdrop Ultimate
🤝 Starmaker  is Giving away $500 Worth Of  $STAR Token For Giveaway .Don't miss the chance to win! 🤝🎁 Prize Pool:-  $500 $STAR Token For this Giveaway
🌐 Website l About Starmaker
🏆 Top 1- 10 Refer Get 10$ Worth $STAR Token
🏆200 Random USERS Get 2$ Worth $STAR Token⏱️Start :- June 07, 2023 - Ends:- June 14, 2023
🗓️ Distribution Date:- TBA🔴 Terms & Conditions apply. Complete all tasks carefully. Refer a friend (or two) to increase your chance of winning!
Contest Host: Crypto Twilight

🎉 Toolscodecoin X DiNoDAO

Ends in 7 Days 18 Hours - 8 Entries

🎉 Toolscodecoin X DiNoDAO
🎉🎉To celebrate our partnership with @DINoDAO_ 🦖 🦕 we bring you a #giveaway 🥳🎁$500 for the 10 luckiest users🎯🔸Follow @Toolscodecoin_ & @DiNoDAO_🔸Like,rt & tag 3 friends📍End: June 14#partnership #giveaway #Sui #AirdropContest Host: Gleam


Ends in 7 Days - 96 Entries


COMPLETE ALL THE FOLLOWING TASKS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE PRIZE!Prize Pool: $300 worth of $WAR tokensWar Legends will be launched on Finblox on June 15th 💰 Top 5 entries that refer the most friends will each receive a $20 $WAR💰 20 random winners will each receive a $10 $WARTerms and Conditions1. Prizes will be credited to your Finblox wallet2. Winners will be shared via Finblox users' email.3. Finblox reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time and without notice.🚀 War Legends is a blockchain-based military-themed MOBA game and metaverse where players can join World War II battles and enjoy diverse game modes. Supported by Seedify, a blockchain gaming incubator, it offers an immersive experience for gamers.Contest Host: Finblox

Mr Pot Head NFT

Ends in 2 Days 8 Hours - 36 Entries

WIN a Mr Pot Head NFT Whitelist Spot! 🥔🍁

🎉 We are excited to announce our Mr Pot Head NFT Whitelist Competition! 🎉
Mr Pot Head is a collection of 1,420 one of a kind premium NFT's hot boxing on the Solana Blockchain. We are giving 25 lucky people the chance to win a whitelist spot! 🍁 🥔
🎫 How to win? Simply log in via your twitter account, complete the tasks below and you will go in the draw to win, it's that simple! Winners picked at random, competition closes in 72 hours. Good luck! 💨💨
* 1 whitelist spot per person/wallet, 25 whitelist spots given out in total via this competition. Each wallet can mint up to a total of 3x NFT's. You will also be able to  register your interest for our Whitelist via our discord when it opens momentarily, however this is not a guarantied whitelist spot. 
Contest Host: Mr Pot Head NFT

FloxyPay Exchange 1st Edition Giveaway Event!

Ends in 15 Days 1 Hour - 1321 Entries

FloxyPay Exchange 1st Edition Giveaway Event
This event is open to everyone but must be 18 years above to participate.The rewards will be distributed to the winners one week after the event ends.The winners will be required to have a Floxypay exchange account to receive their rewards.TOTAL REWARD: $1200 USDTReward Distribution1st place $100 USDT2nd place $70 USDT3rd place $40 USDT4th - top 99 place $990 USDTHOW TO WINThe total points you accumulate at the end of the event will determine your chances of winning, the higher the point the higher your chances of winning.GOOD LUCK!!!Contest Host: Floxypay


Ends in 6 Days 13 Hours - 14650 Entries

Unielon Genesis Pass卡
🥳 Unielon & BTOK Airdrop Activity Is Coming!! Complete the tasks to win High-value Genesis Pass🤑🤑🤑🔴 Rules:1. Users must complete all tasks in Gleam2. Please make sure that the address you provide is a Dogecoin wallet address that begins with "D"; otherwise it will be considered an invalid address3. All rewards will be sent to your Dogecoin wallet address within 10 working days after the end of the activity.🥳Unielon&BTOK联合空投活动震撼来袭,高价值PASS卡等你来赢!!完成任务,赢取更多获奖机会🤑🤑🤑💫Unielon Genesis Pass的作用是什么?1. 在交易市场上线时获得独家早期访问权限,免除所有基础门槛2. 如果 Doge 网络遭受双花攻击时,只有 Genesis Pass 持有者才能继续在#Unielon 上进行交易3. 享受平台手续费15%折扣4. 每当网络拥塞时,Genesis Pass持有者有优先打包权💫如何获得Unielon Genesis Pass?1. 在推特关注@BtokWallet2. 转推@Btok_official推文3. 浏览@DTOKcom推文4. 在ins关注@btok_official5. 在gleam填写狗狗币钱包地址🔴规则:1.用户必须完成gleam中的所有任务2.请确保您填写的地址是狗狗币钱包地址,否则将视为无效地址3.所有奖励在活动结束后10个工作日内发送到您的狗狗币钱包地址。Contest Host: Btok

OpenWaters Origin NFT Giveaway

Ends in 4 Days 20 Hours - 5956 Entries

OpenWaters Origin NFT Giveaway

OpenWaters NFT Marketplace🚀 Presents the "OpenWaters Origin NFT Giveaway"  🚀
The OpenWaters Origin NFT - minting and hodling the “OpenWaters Origin NFT” will prove forever that the owner has been a believer since the earliest days of the OpenWaters NFT Marketplace. In this way, the NFT functionally serves as a POAP or Proof of Attendance Protocol. There are super valuable collectable NFTs and their value grows as our Marketplace growsRead More about OpenWaters Origin NFTs atOpenWaters Origin NFT Docs
🌟 Rewards: 🌟• Top 50 Participants with most number of entry points will get OpenWaters Origin Gen 0 NFT sent directly to their Metamask wallet through Airdrop!!!💎
( There are only 100 Gen 0 NFTs in OpenWaters Origin NFT Collection )WHITELIST YOUR WALLET• Top 10000 Participants with most number of entry points will get their wallet whitelisted to Mint an OpenWaters Origin (Random Gen 3 - 10 ) for free from OpenWaters NFT Marketplace .💰
The more entries you have, the more chances of you winning!Try to get as much entry points as you can getYou can keep on inviting your friends to get more entry pointsAlso can visit OpenWaters NFT Marketplace daily to collect bonus points dailyMAKE SURE YOU FILL IN DETAILS CORRECTLY SO THE SYSTEM WILL VALIDATE YOUR AIRDROP TOKENS ELIGIBILITY.FAILURE TO FILL IN YOUR INFO AND/OR CHEATING WILL DISQUALIFY YOUR ENTRIES BY THE ENTRY VALIDATION SYSTEM.
#OpenWaters | #WOOF | #OpenWatersOriginNFTs
Contest Host: OpenWaters Origin NFTs Airdrop

🎉🎉Ave.ai & The DONS Partnership Giveaway 🎁 $1000 in...

Ends in 6 Days 11 Hours - 2490 Entries

🎉🎉Ave.ai & The DONS Partnership Giveaway 🎁 $1000 in DONS
To celebrate our Partnerships with THe DONS , we are organizing a massive airdrop.Complete the tasks below, and you will have a chance to win !🏆🏆Total Prize Pool 💥 $1000 in DONS💥💲10 in DONS*100ppl🕙Time:Jun.7 - Jun.14- RT&like on Twitter
- Follow @TheDonsCoin
- Follow @aveaiofficial
- Join Ave.ai Telegram Group
- Join  TheDonsCoin Telegram Group-Visit TheDonsCoin Website- Download Ave.ai App &Create your wallet
🌹Introducing the $DONS, the ultimate MAFIA meme token on the BNB chain!💣🤝
📮 More Info  : 
Telegram Group
Official Website
AVE.AI is a one-stop Web3 interactive terminal, which aggregates protocols such as Dex, DeFi, Token and NFT on the chain, and is committed to developing a Web3 interactive platform with safer funds, more professional data, and more convenient experience.
📮 More Info  : 
Official Website
English Group
Contest Host: Ave.ai

The DONS Giveaway

Ends in 2 Days 17 Hours - 5733 Entries

Join KuCoin Memecoins Group AMA with The DONS, 300 USDT to Give Away!
⏰ 14: 00 on June 7, 2023 (UTC)📍 https://t.me/KuCoin_Memecoins🎁 Total Rewards: 300 USDT - Join gleam event to win 250 USDT, 25 winners!We will lucky draw 25 users who complete all tasks to win 10 USDT each!- Free-ask 🗣 : 5 BEST questions, 10 USDT each*This AMA is limited to KuCoin Memecoins group to encourage open communications, KuCoin doesn't suggest investing or promising any listing on the exchange. Please DYOR if you want to invest in the project.Contest Host: KuCoin


Ends in 22 Days 1 Hour - 496 Entries

We‘re excited to launch 'BOOMING EAR' Campaign, with $5000 rewards for liquidity providers in spacefi.io​📒RulesIf you add liquidity on SpaceFi
Above $50k, Share 3000 xSPACE & 3 Planet NFT (special)
$10k-$50k, Share 4000 xSPACE & 2 Planet NFT (special)
$5k-$10k, Raffle 30 winners, each 100 xSPACE
Under $5k, Raffle 50 winners, each 50 xSPACE
The distribution of rewards will reference the added liquidity!Winners Announced: 06.30💡How to joinFirst, bridge ETH, USDC, etc., into zkSyncEra through:bridge.zksync.ioceler.networkwww.orbiter.financeSecond, add ETH-USDC, SPACE-ETH or SPACE-ETH liquidity on SpaceFi DexYou can also stake the LP in Space Farm, with 42%-303% APR.Contest Host: SpaceFi

MXUP Sign-up Giveaway Event

Ends in 7 Days 1 Hour - 737 Entries

🚀🚀MXUP Sign-up Giveaway Event🚀🚀
🗓Period : June 7, 2023 ~ June 14, 2023 (UTC)🎁Reward : EGG NFT x 5 / 2,000 x $PXBT🙌Winner Announcement : June 15, 2023🙌Airdrop Date : June 20, 2023🏆 Random Winners 🏆EGG NFT x 5 people5 $PXBT x 200 people🏆 Top 5 🏆200 $PXBT x 5Note. It is event only for new registration.📗About MXUPMXUP is a web3 lifestyle app that puts the health ofmodern people and the sustainable environment offuture generations as its priority.MXUP will sell ‘MXUP 3D AR EGG/PET NFT’ as minting,and is planning to provide contents that will enhance communication with Pets, such as feeding,playing, and decorating, while providing services toexercise and mine together with the Pet. 📙About NFTMX EGG and MX PET are virtual pets that canexercise and interact with users.and the amount of MXT/PXBT that can be mineddepends on the role of each NFT item.📘About PXBT$PXBT is a token built on the Ethereum ERC-20 standardand used to support the construction of theWEB 3.0 decentralized community withinthe PAXB ecosystem👇MXUP 👇
Website | Discord | Twitter | Telegram
Contest Host: GOOD


Ends in 9 Days 1 Hour - 4637 Entries


SPORES LAUNCHPAD X 3VERSEThis reward is only for users who complete all tasks below!Total Prizes: $500 worth of $VERS for 20 Winners
3VERSE IDO will take place on SPORES on June 13th
🌟Top 5 Referrers will receive $20 each🌟
🌟40 random winners who have done all tasks will share $400🌟$VERS token will be distributed on TGE Date
⏰ Deadline: June 16th, 2023
3VERSE is a thrilling turn-based strategy game where players can use their PFPs to battle other PFPs, providing real utility to their NFT collections. At its core, it is a competitive, turn-based strategy game that can be picked up quickly by beginners, yet challenging to truly master.
Don't miss out on this extraordinary gaming adventure!🔥Get whitelist of 3VERSE today: https://launchpad.spores.app/ido/3verse-ido
You can also get airdrops from other projects here:
Contest Host: Spores Network

MEXC x $AIEMOJI Giveaway

Ends in 2 Days 13 Hours - 12690 Entries

MEXC x $AIEMOJI Giveaway
⭐️MEXC x $AIEMOJI Giveaway ⭐️
Complete the gleam tasks to participate in the lucky draw!1. Follow Official Twitter2. Join Official Telegram Groups3. Like and Retweet4. Tell us your Twitter Handle and MEXC UID
🎁Prize Pool - 71,400,000 $AIEMOJI
⏳Event Time 
Jun 7, 12pm - Jun 10, 12pm (UTC)
🪄 Reward distribution rules
25 lucky users will be randomly selected from those who have completed the gleam tasks. 
Each winner will get 2,856,000 $AIEMOJI.
🏅Winners Announcement
Announcement will be made on this page 72 hours after event ended.
📥 Reward Distribution
Rewards will be issued to winners' MEXC account in 7 working days after $AIEMOJI spot trading is live on MEXC
📲Download MEXC and Sign UpThis event is exclusive to MEXC users and a valid MEXC User ID is required. Sign up now!
⚠️Rules and Regulations
To participate, users must have a minimum of 30 USDT worth of assets in their MEXC account during the event period.
Each person is limited to a single chance in the lucky draw.
Registering multiple accounts to participate in the event or engaging in other fraudulent activities will result in disqualification.
MEXC team has the authority to make the final decision about this event.
By participating in this event, you acknowledge and accept the rules and regulations outlined.
🔷 Join the MEXC Community: https://linktr.ee/mexcglobal_
Contest Host: mexc activity

Bulletswap Airdrop

Ends in 4 Days 20 Hours - 10330 Entries

Bulletswap Airdrop

🎁 2,000 $BLT Airdrop
ℹ️ Bullets Finance is a blockchain project that aims to revolutionize the financial industry by introducing a decentralized and secure platform for investment management. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Bullets Finance is poised to disrupt the traditional financial system and provide a new paradigm for investors.
Top Referrals
🥇Top 1- 20 Users - 40 $BLT each
Random Winners
👫Random 80 Users -  15 $BLT each
📆  June 6, 2023 - June 12, 2023
Contest Host: WIse Crypto

ValTower X Airdrop Ultimate

Ends in 5 Days 1 Hour - 53040 Entries

ValTower 🤝 Airdrop Ultimate
🎉  ValTower - A Free to Play Rogue-Like Deck Building Game, the first mobile game on #zksync.
🥳 In Collab with Airdrop Ultimate, ValTower is giving away  600,000 $VTT Tokens, 100$ USDT, 10 WL as Rewards!!
🔶 Submit zkSync wallet from Metamask Wallet  🔶
🏆 Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆
🥇 Top 1-10 Refs «-» 30000 $VTT + 1WL
🥈 Random 100 «-» 3000 $VTT
👬 Lucky 10  «-» 10$ in $USDT
 #NFA #DYOR ♦️ We encourage everyone to conduct their own research (DYOR) before joining any airdrop project. Remember, our airdrop is absolutely free; never pay any fee to receive airdrop tokens.
☘️ Good luck 🍀
Contest Host: Crypto Twilight

🥳 Dawn Refuge X Airdrop Brother

Ends in 5 Days 7 Hours

🥳 Dawn Refuge X Airdrop Brother™ Big Airdrop
📜Dawn Refuge - Gamefi on #Zksync Chain with #P2E and Escrow system. The end is near, put on your mecha and fight! FOR THE VICTOR!🥳In Collab with Airdrop Brother, Dawn Refuge is giveaway $1,000 in $DRT + 5 NFTs as Rewards!!🏆 Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆 --------------------------------------------👩‍👩‍👧 Random 325 People «-» $2 in $DRT🥇 Top 1-5 Refs «-» $40 in $DRT + 1 NFTs🥈 Top 6-20 Refs «-» $10 $DRT⏰ Giveaway End Date: 13th June🏆 Distribution: After Giveaway End☘️More entries, more chances Do Refer and Increase winning chance.Contest Host: Airdrop Brother™

🥳FameEX & The AI City Giveaway🔥

Ends in 2 Days 12 Hours - 1856 Entries

🥳FameEX & The AI City Giveaway🔥

🎉The AI City - A web3 multiplayer game with AI integration, 4k graphics set in a fantasy AI-designed city divided into 4 Maps.
🤩In Collab with FameEX Global, The AI City is Giving away 100 IDO WLs & 100$ $TAIC Tokens as Rewards!
✅ Complete all tasks below to get a chance to be winners!
🏆Prize Pool Breakdown🏆
🥇Rank 20 Refs 《-》$100 $TAIC
🎁 Random 100 《-》100 IDO WLs
➡️The more entries you have, the higher your chance of winning.
🍀God Luck🍀
Contest Host: FameEX

TheBoomBox.io Airdrop Contest

Ends in 2 Days 8 Hours - 79 Entries

Boombox Airdrop
Join the Boombox airdrop competition for your chance to win one of five 0.2% supply airdrops that the team is giving away. Keep in mind that the stealth launch is happening VERY soon so make sure to be active in the twitter and tg. Best of luck!Contest Host: TheBoombox

KuCoin Pre-AMA Activity — ParallelChain: Complete Tasks fo...

Ends in 2 Days 17 Hours - 11755 Entries

KuCoin Pre-AMA Activity — ParallelChain: Complete Tasks for a Chance to Win $10 in XPLL! 🎉🎉🎉
If the following goals are achieved by the end of the activity period, 100 qualified participants will win $10 in XPLL each!ParallelChain (XPLL) Social Media Communities✅ ParallelChain ($XPLL) Twitter Page = 77,000 followers✅ ParallelChain Official ($XPLL) Telegram Group = 17,000 members✅ ParallelChain Discord Server = 8,000 membersIf the target numbers are unachieved, the rewards will be added to other parts of the related AMA activities.Contest Host: KuCoin

ARBMOUSE AI X COMEARTH Partnership Giveaway

Ends in 5 Days 14 Hours - 12130 Entries

🎉COMEARTH X ARBMOUSE AI Partnership Giveaway 🎉
 COMEARTH X ARBMOUSE AI Partnership Giveaway 
🏆 Prize Pool 🏆 
💲1 Trillion $AIMOUSE Token💲
✨Shared by 1,000 FCFS & 500 Random Winner✨✨Top 3 Referral Rewards✨🏆1st: COMEARTH VIP NFT Box + 1,000 $ECOM🏆2nd: VIP NFT Box + 500 $ECOM🏆3rd: VIP NFT Box + 300 $ECOMGiveaway Duration: 7th-13th June 
Users must complete all the Gleam tasks to be eligible
More tasks mean more chances to win
To claim the rewards, you need to present in ARBMOUSE AI & COMEARTH  Telegram/Discord
Contest Host: NFTICALLY

Aiemoji X web3 protocol 10B giveaway

Ends in 5 Days 20 Hours - 93550 Entries

Aiemoji X web3 protocol 10B giveaway
A $10B $AIEMOJI giveaway is happening, and you can participate in this event and get a share of the total reward pool. 🎉What is AiEmoji 🎉AIEMOJI is a token symbol driven by AI technology. Its appearance not only changes the no taste meme coins, but also will have a huge impact on people's lives. AIEMOJI will be the token with the highest circulation.
🎉Airdrop Distribution Process🎉
RANDOM 500 people: - Share 74M $AIEMOJI  each 
Top 1-50 :  Share  460M $AIEMOJI to  each 
🎉More Information🎉Distribution: TBAMore Info: Click Here
Want More Airdrop/Giveaway: http://t.me/web3_protocol1
( Winner List will be announced in 2-3days of event end )
Web3 Protocol reserves the right to disqualify any participants who engage in dishonest or abusive activities during the event.Contest Host: Web3 Protocol

To Celebrate $LARRY Listing by #CoinW, $500 in LARRY to Grab...

Ends in 6 Days 6 Hours

To Celebrate $LARRY Listing by #CoinW, $500 in LARRY to Grab!
To Celebrate $LARRY Listing by #CoinW
💎 $500 in LARRY to Grab!
New Fans Airdrop - $500 in LARRY (Finish all the entries to win $5 in LARRY each! Note: this is not on the "first come, first served' basis but a lucky draw!)
📃Term& Condition :
CoinW reserves the right of final interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to amending, changing, or canceling the event without prior notice.
CoinW reserves the right to disqualify users that are deemed to be wash trading, illegally bulk registered accounts, as well as trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation.
Contest Host: CoinW Exchange

Crashout X web3 protocol 100 $COUT giveaway

Ends in 20 Hours - 20665 Entries

Crashout X web3 protocol 100 $COUT giveaway
A 100 $CUT giveaway is happening, and you can participate in this event and get a share of the total reward pool. 
🎉Airdrop Distribution Process🎉
RANDOM 80 people: - Share 1 $COUT WL  each 
Top 1-20 :  Share  1 $COUT WL to  each 
🎉More Information🎉Distribution: TBAMore Info: Click Here
Want More Airdrop/Giveaway: http://t.me/web3_protocol1
( Winner List will be announced in 2-3days of event end )
Web3 Protocol reserves the right to disqualify any participants who engage in dishonest or abusive activities during the event.
Contest Host: Web3 Protocol

3space Art x NEOPIN Airdop

Ends in 15 Days 7 Hours - 292340 Entries

3space Art x NEOPIN #Collab #Airdrop
Exciting News! To celebrate the listing of $PACE on NEOPIN, $50,000 worth of PACE tokens will be eligible for ALL NEOPIN wallet users!🎁 Event Details
🎉 Event 1: Complete social missions and connect your NEOPIN wallet to 3space Art. All NEOPIN wallet holders can claim 100 PACE (about $7)🎉 Event 2: Deposit a minimum of $10 worth to "PACE - NPT pool" to share a 30,000 PACE prize pool*Separate registration form will be provided via social channels⏰ Event Duration
Event 1 June 2, 6AM ~ June 16, 6AM (UTC) (Claim starts June 21, 9AM)
Event 2 June 9, 6AM ~ June 23, 6AM (UTC). (Winners will be announced on June 29, 9AM)
✅ About 3space Art
Blending the digital and physical experience. Stake your NFTs to participate in online and offline art exhibitions. Get paid to show your collection to new audiences.
✅ About NEOPIN
NEOPIN is a one-stop, non-custodial global CeDeFi platform for the secure use of crypto with regulatory frameworks while leveraging the benefits of both CeFi and DeFi. NEOPIN aims to become an open blockchain platform that bridges traditional finance and DeFi protocols for all users, providing a seamless and integrated experience.
Fyi, Top 3 APR Pools on NEOPIN!🥇 USDT/NPT ▶️ 106.39% APR🥈 ETH/NPT ▶️ 87.48% APR🥉 MATIC/NPT ▶️ 26.17% APR*The displayed APRs are estimated and should not be considered guaranteed rates of return.
Maximize your earnings now
📌 Notes
1. You must provide the NEOPIN App’s wallet addresses (Ethereum network).
2. You will not receive any rewards If you do not submit your wallet address or if you submit an incorrect wallet address.
3. You must visit 3space Art and connect your NEOPIN wallet ONLY to claim 100 PACE. The claim button WILL NOT appear on other wallets
4. You are aware that the winners of the second event will either be selected randomly.
5. If you do not maintain community engagement by the winner announcement date, your entry may be canceled.
6. If you participate in the event unfairly, your application may be canceled.
7. The 3space Art and NEOPIN team reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the campaign at any time and for any reason without prior notice
Contest Host: 3space Art


Ends in 5 Days 20 Hours - 254780 Entries

🎉 X-World Airdrop 🎉​X-World - Enjoying Passionate Game Time, Every Sec Becomes Your Income.🌐 X-World Website 🌐😱😱 MASSIVE PRIZE POOL 60,000 $BUILD 😍😍TOP 1-10 : Users will get 600 $BUILD EACH.TOP 11-30 : Users will get 250 $BUILD EACH.FIRST 3,000 : Users will get 11 $BUILD Each.RANDOM 1,500 : Users Will get 11 $BUILD Each.✨ Refer Your Friends To Increase Wining Chance ✨Contest Host: gleam.io

HUGO INU Giveaway

Ends in 1 Day 17 Hours - 20773 Entries

Join KuCoin Memecoins Group AMA with Hugo Inu, 300 USDT to Give Away!
⏰ 15:00 on June 9, 2023 (UTC)📍 https://t.me/KuCoin_Memecoins🎁 Total Rewards: 300 USDT - Join gleam event to win 250 USDT, 25 winners!We will lucky draw 25 users who complete all tasks to win 10 USDT each!- Free-ask 🗣 : 5 BEST questions, 10 USDT each*This AMA is limited to KuCoin Memecoins group to encourage open communications, KuCoin doesn't suggest investing or promising any listing on the exchange. Please DYOR if you want to invest in the project.Contest Host: KuCoin

yWhales X Edge of NFT Giveaway

Ends in 7 Days 8 Hours

yWhales X Edge of NFT Giveaway

yWhales has partnered with Edge Of NFT to give away
1st Prize: SILKS Genesis Avatar(Valued at ~$200)2nd Prize: Utopia Avatar(Valued at ~$100)Who is yWhales?
yWhales is a community-based firm that builds, advises, and invests in Web3 technologies through their four divisions: Communities, Solutions, Ventures, and Labs. Our ecosystem is comprised of CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Executives from industries all across the world who are all centered around the belief that Web3 will shape the future of how we live, work, and play.
What is SILKS?Game of Silks is dynasty fantasy sports set in the high stakes real world of thoroughbred horseracing. Players own digital versions of real-life racehorses and earn rewards based on the actual results on and off the track.In Game of Silks a player’s avatars represent their racing silk and in-game brand. This foundational digital asset is akin to a prominent family crest and signifies both ownership and identity. It is the visual representation of your dynasty. The Genesis Avatar collection offers additional utility for this exclusive group of holders. Each year Genesis Avatar holders will have exclusive access to mint that year’s crop of series 1 racehorses that are registered to begin racing.What Are Utopia Avatars?Utopia Avatars is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection developed by Utopia, a Web3 ecosystem that aims to revolutionize traditional business operations through the use of blockchain technology. The collection features 3D art collectible tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain, offering both tangible and virtual opportunities and experiences for its holders. They've partnered with two renowned artists, Joaquín Ganga and Richard Orlinski.
Guideline for earning points:
All tasks are optional, however, completing more items increases your chances of winning.
1. Follow @YWhales_W3, @EdgeofNFT, @gameofsilks, and @UtopiaAvatars Twitter.
2. Quote and retweet this giveaway post on the @EdgeofNFT Twitter and tag two friends who would appreciate the chance to win the prize too...
..sharing is caring!3. Subscribe to Edge Of NFT's Spotify and share it with your frens!
4. Subscribe to the official Edge of NFT Youtube channel.
5. Subscribe to the official yWhales Youtube channel.
When you unlock the last task, it will generate you a unique link through which all your referrals will get credited. Remember, referrals must enter through your unique link before you get credited for points.
For the best contest experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.
Let's keep in touch. If you want to stay on the edge and learn about our latest episodes, drops, and news, subscribe to our newsletter.
eSubscribe Here
Contest Host: Edge of NFT

DAO Space x SpaceAI

Ends in 13 Days

DAO Space X Space AI Partnership Giveaway

🎉Space AI Finance is an extensible financial platform integrating Dex & Cex for crypto currency, OTC, NFT, cross-chain swaps and trusted payment solutions.🏆
​🤝In Collab DAO Space, Space AI Finance giving away 2000$ Worth $SPAI Token as rewards!!🏆 Prize Pool 🏆------------------------Top 1-10 ➡  10$ Worth $SPAIFCFS 500 ➡ 2$ Worth $SPAIRandom 450 ➡ 2$ Worth $APAI♻ Distribution: Within 3 days after listing.
Details:-🌐Website | ✔Audit & KYC | 📖WhitePaper 🌌CoinMarketCap | 🔥License
| More Entries, More chance |
Do Some Refer to increase your winning chance
Contest Host: DAO Space

Minario NFT Twitter GiveAway

Ends in 6 Days 16 Hours - 3187 Entries

Minario NFT Twitter GiveAway
👏 @MinarioNFT Twitter GiveAway 👏 😎Win $100 - 5 lucky winners Every couple of days, a winner will be chosen and announced on Twitter.1️⃣ Follow MinarioNFT & Retweet this tweet2️⃣ Complete Gleam3️⃣ Prize will be distributed follow the timeline and announced in TwitterContest Host: C2E

Loved Apes Airdrop

Ends in 4 Days 20 Hours - 7670 Entries

Loved Apes Airdrop

🎁 $5,000 worth $LAPE Airdrop
ℹ️ Loved Apes is on the Sui Network to foster connections between collectors and to spread love. Love is paramount, followed by art.
Top Referrals
🥇Top 1-30 Users - $50 worth $LAPE each
Random Winners
👫Random 175 Users -  $20 worth $LAPE each
📆  June 6, 2023 - June 12, 2023
Contest Host: WIse Crypto

NYXS App Download Referrals

Ends in 18 Days 18 Hours - 60958 Entries

NYXS App Download Referrals
Friends Referral Event is Live!🏆In-app Event 1: Invite your friends and Get an X-Coin Bonus of up to $20,000!            🔥No limit to the number of friends that you can invite!Automatically 🏆In-app X Gleam Event 2: The individuals who invited the most friends from the app with many entries # on the gleam will be picked.      Total Prize Pool: $5,000 in 50k X-coins     🥇1st:  $2,000 in 200k X-coins x 1     🥈2nd: $1,000 in 150k X-coins x 1🥉3rd:  $400 in 40k X-coins x 1         ✪4th-10th: $100 in 10k X-coins x 7             ✪11th-100th: $10 in 10k X-coins x 90 ​Contest Host: NYXS

VR Giveaway

Ends in 2 Days 17 Hours - 14642 Entries

Join KuCoin AMA with Victoria VR (VR) , 82,800 VR to Give Away!
⏰ Time: 12:00 PM on June 8, 2023 (UTC)📍Venue:https://t.me/KuCoin_Exchange_New
🎁 Total Rewards: 82,800 VR
- 🥳 Gleam GiveawayTop 10 participants:  2477.5 VR each
Lucky draw of 50 participants who complete all tasks,  495.5 VR each
- 🌟Lucky DrawSend your UID with #VRAMA in the AMA Venue before AMA starts, 
10 lucky winners get 2,500 VR each
- Free-ask 🗣 : 5 BEST questions,  1,650 VR each
Contest Host: KuCoin

✨Dino DAO X Live X

Ends in 5 Days 18 Hours - 225 Entries

✨Dino DAO X Live X✨
✨We're proudly announces @LiveX_Sui as our newest partner🥳🎁Here come #giveaway: 1000 USDT and Wl for the lucky ones✅Rule:  1️⃣Follow:@DiNoDAO_ & @LiveX_Sui2️⃣Like & RT3️⃣Tag 3 friends4️⃣Finish Task⏰12/6#Airdrop #Sui @SuiNetwork #SuiecosystemContest Host: Gleam

$1000 worth of $PAXG Giveaway!

Ends in 7 Days 23 Hours - 3238 Entries

Empowering Investors with Stability and Rewards! Welcome! GAIN ensures a positive price trend while reducing token supply. It implements a fair rewards system, rewarding holders with PAXG based on their ETH investment. The partnership with Sandrock.uk, a reputable trading company, offering Ai trading and training products, generating further token burning.  Join GAIN today to be part of this innovative ecosystem and unlock exciting opportunities. We're thrilled to announce a $1000 worth of $PAXG giveaway.  Don't miss out & Good luck! Contest Host: ogsocial

ChilizX | Giveaway $INTER signed jersey by Lautaro Martínez

Ends in 2 Days 23 Hours

ChilizX Giveaway | $INTER signed shirt by Lautaro Martínez
To celebrate Inter heading to the finals, we are giving away a $INTER jersey signed by Lautaro Martínez!By entering this giveaway, you agree with the terms & conditions.All you have to do to have a chance of winning the signed $INTER jersey is:1. Be aged eighteen (18) or over;2. Have a ChilizX account;3. Have completed KYC2 on ChilizX.4. Buy/sell a minimum of 150 $INTER Fan Tokens on ChilizX during the campaign period;5. Follow ChilizX on Twitter and retweet the campaign tweet;6. Fill in your ChilizX UID on Gleam;7. Fulfill as many tasks on Gleam to increase your chances of winning.Good luck!The Competition will run from June 6th, 18:00 pm CEST until June 10th, 23:59 pm CESTMake sure to buy/sell a minimum of 150 $INTER Fan Tokens on ChilizX during the campaign period.Contest Host: Chiliz

WorldPay x Coinstages Airdrop

Ends in 7 Days 18 Hours - 609165 Entries

WorldPay x Coinstages Airdrop
🔥We are thrilled to announce our new MEGA AIRDROP with WorldPay!!
We are holding a Special MEGA Airdrop for our Community, big thanks to WorldPay who have designed, initiated, and contributed a lot to our event
About WorldPay
World Pay token is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on the Binance SmartChain (BSC) with a smart contract that makes it safe to use and beneficial to hold.---- Airdrop Details ----
• 🎁Prize: $100,000 USD In $WPAY
•🎁$90k USD In $WPAY For 2500 FCFS + 2000 Random Winners gets ($20 USD)•🎁$10k USD In $WPAY  For Top 20 Referrals gets ($500 USD)
• ⏰Time: 07th June - 15th June
📍NOTE: Please complete all taks to eligable in this airdrop, we will check whether or not you completed the required tasks. If there is a fraud, we will cancel your results.
Contest Host: coinstages

Stablecomp Betatesting & Airdrop Campaign

Ends in 11 Days 5 Hours - 3985 Entries

Win A share of 100.000 SCOMP tokens in the Beta Testing & Airdrop Campaign
Complete easy tasks with Gleam to earn Airdrop points. Top 200 point scores win from 250 to 1000 SCOMP. Register your Ethereum address for this & future Airdrops. Skim the Gitbook to understand the full power of Stablecompand get ready for the Incentized Pre-Launch.Contest Host: stablecomp.com

Meme God - Nakamigos NFT Giveaway

Ends in 3 Days 5 Hours - 104 Entries

Meme God - Nakamigos giveaway
We're releasing our new Meme God token this month and to celebrate our upcoming public launch we're giving away to one lucky winner a Nakamigos which at the time of this writing is worth $650 USD. Simply follow the steps below to enter, the winner will be randomly chosen at the end of the competition. The Contest is open worldwide, complete every action to unlock 5 bonus entriesContest Host: memegods

WandererGamefi Freemint Ruffle, 100 Spots giveaway

Ends in 2 Days 4 Hours - 1925 Entries

WandererGamefi Freemint Ruffle, 100 Spots giveaway

🎁  WandererGamefi zkSync Genesis Free Mint Giveaway🎁
BitMart is launching the NFT free mint ruffle giveaway with the WandererGamefi team. Users have chances to win 100 spots of free mint spots by finishing Gleam tasks 🤩
⏰ Campaign Period: 06/6/2023 3:00 PM - 06/9/2023 3:00 PM UTC ⏰
1. To qualify, participants must be a BitMart user
Don’t have an account?  
Register now
2. Rewards will be distributed within 15 business days after the end of the campaign.
3. 100 Winners of the giveaway will be able to receive a free mint of Wanderer Genesis NFT per address
About WandererGamefi
WandererGamefi is 1st ever mobile and H5 casual game on @zksync .  Addicted enough to kill your free time with #free2play mechanism. Unlock by owning more than 1 out of 5,555  NFT starting at 0.001E
Contest Host: BitMart

Discovery Spaces: Verasity

Ends in 1 Day 23 Hours

Discovery Spaces: Verasity

100$ $VRA Token Giveaway, join our Lucky Airdrop today!​We are happy to announce a Twitter Space Panel with Elliot Hill, Chief Marketing Officer of Verasity
To celebrate this, we will airdrop 5 x 20$ VRA tokens!
🕑Twitter Space time:07/06/2023 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM UTC📃RulesComplete three tasks and join the AMA to qualify.🏆*Prizes5 x 20$ VRA Tokens!* 5 verified users will be chosen - winners will receive their prize on the given cryptocurrency wallet address! Providing the wrong address is your risk; double-check if the provided address is EVM-supported.🎉Giveaway period
06/06/2023 (1:00 PM UTC) - 09/06/2023 (11:59 PM UTC) Contest Host: HouseOfChimera

Metahorse Unity $10.000 Airdrop

Ends in 22 Days 22 Hours - 406590 Entries

Metahorse Unity $10.000 Airdrop
Exciting news! 🥳 
Metahorse Unity is going to AIRDROP $10.000 worth $MUNITY Token and WL's! 💸 Don't miss out on your chance to win big – join our community, complete all the tasks and get ready for the airdrop🎁
What is #MetahorseUnity?Metahorse Unity is one of the most unique free to play cross-platform (mobile & web) RPG Racing Game with classical RPG mechanics where players compete in both PvE and PvP racing arenas and complete various quests within the various live events at Metahorse Unity environment.
Metahorse Unity will airdrop $10.000 to the participants that complete the tasks!To be eligible for this giveaway, please complete the following tasks in Gleam. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!Further information on the giveaway is as follows:
 ⏰ Event Duration:June 6th 6:00pm — June 30th 6:00pm (UTC)
🏆 Prize Pool: $10.000 & WLParticipants will gain $10.000 worth of $MUNITY Token airdrop and Metahorse Unity Whitelists!
📜 Terms and Conditions 📜1-Users need to complete all tasks in gleam.
2-Airdrop date will be announced soon, stay tuned.
Discord: https://discord.gg/metahorseunity
Telegram: https://t.me/MetahorseUnityNFT
Game Trailer: https://t.co/asQws5n9b4$1000 Zealy Giveaway: https://zealy.io/c/metahorseunity/questboard
Note: Crypto Wallet Address details might be requested from the winners after the completion of the raffle.
For further details, questions, or comments, follow us on Twitter & Instagram, and join our Discord.Contest Host: Hungri Games

Win a Social Photo Booth for your Event!

Ends in 4 Days 11 Hours

It's Sleek, Sexy and so much fun and now you can enter to win one for your event.Prize Includes:3 Hours of ServicePropsCustom TemplateCustom Start ScreenPremium BackgroundGifs, Boomerangs & PicsEmail, Text, AirDrop deliveryLive GalleryAttendant$500 Value!Travel fees may apply outside of Dade and Broward Counties. No purchase is necessary. Other restrictions may apply
Offered By: Vision DJs, Lighting & Photo Booths (https://www.visiondjs.com/photo-booths/)