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Ends in 6 Days 21 Hours

ArbMouse Airdrop
😱😱 MASSIVE PRIZE POOL 25 BILLION Trillion $ArbMouse Token😍😍TOP 1-10 : Users will get Secret Reward.FIRST 300 : Users will get 50 Milion $ArbMouse Token each RANDOM 200 : Users Will get 50 Milion $Arbmouse Token EachPER VALIED REFERRAL GET 50,000 TOKENS✨ Refer Your Friends To Increase Wining ChanceContest Host: Crypto Marketing

Lucky Finance Airdrop

Ends in 27 Days 10 Hours - 345030 Entries

Lucky Finance Airdrop
🎉 Lucky Finance - Lucky swap a Defi platform based on ZkSync Era which integrates Dex, NFT & Dao. ​
Lucky Finance is giving away 5 million Token in $LUCKY as Rewards!!
🌐 Website 📒 Docs ♦️ App 🔘 Dex
🏆 Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆🥇 Top 1-10 Refs «- » 10$ USDT + 5000 $LUCKY🥈 Top 11-30 Refs «- » 2000 $LUCKY🥉 Top 31-50 Refs «- » 1500 $LUCKY🏃First FCFS 5,000 «-» 1000 $LUCKY👬 Random 6,500 «-» 500 $LUCKY➡️ The more entries you have, the higher your chance of winnings !!☘️ Good luck 🍀Contest Host: Lucky Finance

MyNFTScore Share2Earn Daily Competition

Ends in 14 Minutes 14 Seconds - 58 Entries

MyNFTScore Share2Earn Daily Competition

Welcome to MyNFTScore´s Share2Earn Stage 1 🥳
About MyNFTScore:
One-Click Reward Game. MyNFTScore is changing the idea of play2earn Games. 
With the Gamified Earning Protocol (GEP) DeFi Platform, MyNFTScore created a system which gives the opportunity to create a more equitable and inclusive financial system, one where Gaming meets Earning. 
Lets revolutionize together the NFT World!
🤩 How to Win the Share2Earn? 🤩Step 1: Make a Tweet about your favorite Function/Income of MyNFTScoreStep 2: Double your chances by referring a new Friend. (worth 2 entries)Step 3: Enter your BEP-20 wallet adress to receive rewardPlease don't forget to add your custom Answer after the ":" in Twitter 🐦
Each step gets you one entry. 
Entries are essentially "Chances to Win".
Good Luck to everyone 🍀
Contest Host: MyNFTScore

$47 Amazon Gift Card [Dango Books June 2023 Giveaway]

Ends in 27 Days 6 Hours

Dango Books Monthly Subscribers Giveaway For [June 2023]To participate & win this giveaway, you MUST be a Dango Books Newsletter Subscriber! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Important Information About Giveaway Rule: Make sure you whitelist our email teamdango@dangobooks.com. So you don't miss out our email if you win. Winners must respond to our email within 36 hours, or we will redraw a new winner, the maximum winners we will redraw is 2.
Offered By: Team Dango (https://dangobooks.com/)

Unlock the Future with AI Insider: Win $2000 in BTC and Stay...

Ends in 1 Day 21 Hours - 275000 Entries

Unlock the Future with AI Insider: Win $2000 in BTC and Stay Ahead of the AI Game!

Complete 6 tasks - Earn $2000 in Bitcoin!

We're not just giving away a chance at $2000 in BTC - we're offering a priceless opportunity to stay ahead of the AI game.
Participating is simple:
1. Complete tasks such as following social media accounts and sharing the giveaway with your network.
2. Accumulate points with each completed task to increase your chances of winning. Remember, the more points you earn, the higher your chances of claiming victory. The giveaway ends on June 5th, so don't miss this exceptional opportunity to showcase your competitive edge. Join now, and good luck to all participants.
Contest Host: The AI Insider

🥳 BreakingBad Massive Giveaway 🥳

Ends in 9 Days 21 Hours - 163400 Entries

🤝 BreakingBad x Galaxy Lab 🤝
🤝 BreakingBad  is Giving away 400,000,000 $BKC Token For Giveaway Don't miss the chance to win! 🤝✨BreakingBad - last project was ESG on the bsc chain, at least 10000x,  the liquid pool still has over 600 BNB now. The new project will over-rised 30ETH on pinksale🌐 Website l 🚀 About BreakingBad 🎁 Prize Pool:- 400,000,000 $BKC Token For Giveaway🎟️ Prize Distribution:-🏆1 - 10 Top Refer :-  5,000,000 $BKC Token Each🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Random 2000 Winners - 100,000 $BKC Token Each🧑‍🤝‍🧑 2000 First (FCFS) Users - 75,000 $BKC Token Each⏰ Start:- 3 June,2023 - End :- 10 June ,2023🗓️ Distribution Date:- After Giveaway End Within 7 days🔴 Term & condition apply complete All Task carefully Do some Refer and Increase winning chanceContest Host: Galaxy Lab


Ends in 13 Days 5 Hours - 2841 Entries

[ THE9 Community Airdrop Event ]
TRX airdrop event will be held. The total prize pool is 2,000 TRX.
❗️ Chances of winning increase when chatting in the community🎁 Total Prize : 2,000 TRX🏆 10 Winners ( 200 TRX each )📅 Period : June 3th ~ June 17th
📍 THE9 COMPANYThe existing kiosk market in Korea is mainly composed of rental businesses with a simple payment system.(Typically, a kiosk installation requires a rental fee, a maintenance fee, and an installation fee)THE9COMPANY, a kiosk platform business launched in 2019, decided to be a game changer by providing free kiosks to mom-and-pop stores in this market.[ MAJOR PARTNER ]KT, Hitejinro, Lvmama, UN Habitat, CCIK, WELLNAU, HMCS Welfare Foundation, DOKU, Telkom Indonesia[ THE9 LINK ]WebsiteㅣTwitterㅣDiscordㅣTelegramㅣMedium
Contest Host: THE9

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Win Exciting Prizes with Fox GPT!

Ends in 6 Days 5 Hours - 32289 Entries

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Win Exciting Prizes with Fox GPT!
🎉🎁 GIVEAWAY ALERT: Win Exciting Prizes with Fox GPT! 🦊🎉Are you ready for a thrilling giveaway via Tsunami? We're excited to announce the Fox GPT Giveaway, where you have a chance to win amazing prizes! Participate now for your shot at these exciting rewards:🥇 Top 1: $350 worth of $FGPT🥈 Top 2: $200 worth of $FGPT🥉 Top 3: $100 worth of $FGPT🏅 4th-10th place: $50 worth of $FGPT💰 200 lucky random participants will each get $10 worth of $FGPTThe giveaway ends on 10th June, so make sure to enter before then for a chance to win these incredible prizes. Winners will be chosen randomly after the giveaway ends.Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to enhance your creativity with Fox GPT and win fantastic prizes! Enter now and let your imagination soar with Fox GPT! 🚀Contest Host: Airdrop/Giveaway


Ends in 11 Days 3 Hours - 10995 Entries


SPORES LAUNCHPAD X WAR LEGENDSThis reward is only for users who complete all tasks below!Total Prizes: $500 worth of $WAR for 20 Winners
War Legends IDO will take place on SPORES on June 9th
🌟Top 5 Referrers will receive $20 each🌟
🌟40 random winners who have done all tasks will share $400🌟$WAR token will be distributed on TGE Date
⏰ Deadline: June 14th, 2023
War Legends, developed by Playchain, is an immersive military-themed MOBA game set in historical WW2 scenarios. With Seedify's incubation, a successful BETA version and Global Tournament featuring 18 gaming guilds, War Legends offers an extraordinary gaming adventure.
Let's experience the thrill of a unified war zone world with War Legends!Get whitelist of War Legends today: https://launchpad.spores.app/ido/war-legends
You can also get airdrops from other projects here:
Contest Host: Spores Network

Giveaway Campaign - X-launch >< UFC

Ends in 8 Days 6 Hours - 22974 Entries

🎉 UC Finance Giveaway Alert! Win $3000 worth of $UCF Tokens! 🎁
🎉 UC Finance Giveaway Alert! Win $3000 worth of $UCF Tokens! 🎁To celebrate the success and growth of UC Finance, we are thrilled to announce a special giveaway exclusively for our community members. We want to express our gratitude for your support and involvement in making UC Finance a remarkable project.Participation is easy! Follow the steps below to enter:🔥Gleam: By completing these steps, you will have a chance to win:🥇 Top 1: $500 worth of $UCF 🥈 Top 2: $300 worth of $UCF 🥉 Top 3: $200 worth of $UCF 🎗 100 random people will receive $20 worth of $UCF The results will be announced on 12th June via our official Twitter account and Telegram group.Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to win a share of the $3000 worth of $UCF Good luck to all participants! 🚀🏦Contest Host: Airdrop/Giveaway

20 ounces of Silver (Toned Coat of Arms) - Investor Crate

Ends in 27 Days 10 Hours - 40140 Entries

Win 20 ounces of Silver
The veteran-owned and operated Precious Metals subscription crate company Investor Crate is giving away a 20 x 1 oz Silver "Toner" Coins for the month of June.  Don't like waiting around to see if you won? Check out our website to get a Precious Metals Subscription Crate sent to you EVERY month! The winner will be drawn on the 30th of June.These coins are particularly special because they were "last in roll" coins and are tarnished or "toned" on the obverse "Coat of Arms" side. While no definitive explanation is given as to why, we think this monster box was at the bottom of a pallet against a Conex bin that got extremely hot. Very unique and cool! We hope you guys have a wonderful start of the summer, get out there and enjoy it. Cheers!InvestorCrate.comContest Host: Investor Crate

Wise Crypto X BRCBooster Giveaway

Ends in 8 Days 21 Hours - 106510 Entries

Wise Crypto X BRCBooster Giveaway

🥳 10,000 $BRBTGiveaway
ℹ️ BRCBooster offers a set of DeFi tools to help teams and projects mint, transfer and, stake BRC-20 tokens while enabling them to raise funds on Bitcoin. It aims to be a one-stop DeFi solution for the BRC-20 ecosystem!n
🎁 Prize Pool: 10,000 $BRBT
⏰ Duration: June 2, 2023 - June 12, 2023
🎖️Top Referrals🎖️
🏅 Top 1-20 Winners -   200 $BRBT Each
🎖️Random Winners🎖️
🏆 Random 240 Winners -  25 $BRBT Each
🗓️ Distribution Date: TBANote: If you get more entries, then you will get more chance to win.
ℹ️ Disclaimer: The airdrop campaign is subject to change based on market volatility and situations. Tokens will be distributed by BRCBooster team. do remember that airdrop tokens are free. #DYOR.
Contest Host: WIse Crypto

Starbreeders Giveaway

Ends in 1 Day 21 Hours

Starbreeder Giveaway
😱😱 MASSIVE PRIZE POOL 4181 $NEUT Token Each User😍😍⏰2X FREE NFT Worth ($300)🔥5X FREE MINT WL FOR COMMUNITYTOP 1-10 : Users will get 30,000 $NEUT Token EACH FIRST 500 : Users will get 4181 $NEUT Token each RANDOM 500 : Users Will get 4181 $NEUT Token Each✨ Refer Your Friends To Increase Wining ChanceContest Host: Crypto Marketing

Kolo Market × WEB3 Space Collab Giveaway

Ends in 3 Days 21 Hours - 216220 Entries

$KOLO Token Giveaway

🌐 Project Information🌐KOLO.Market, the world's first web3.0 classical Music platform, was one incubated and invested by an NYSE-listed company🎖️Prize Pool Breakdown🎖️
​TOP 10 - 250 $KOLO EACHFCFS 3,000 - 10 $KOLO EACHRANDOM 300 - 25 $KOLO EACHToken will be distributed by KOLO team within 72 hrs after the giveaway ends
The more entries you have, the higher chance of winning
🍁Good Luck🍁
Contest Host: WEB3 Space

OMT Airdrop

Ends in 17 Days 3 Hours - 39561 Entries

OMT Airdrop 44550 USDT
🚀OMT - Epic Airdrop of 44,550 USDT
🎁 ​A total of 5,500,000 OMT tokens will be distributed to participants in the program. Register for the giveaway and complete simple tasks to earn tokens. Also, earn additional coins for each referral.✅ How to participate in the giveaway:
1. Visit the OMT page.2. Register in the personal account.3. Follow OMT on social media:- Telegram;- Youtube;- Twitter;- Instagram;- Discord.4. Receive OMT tokens.5. Stay updated on announcements in our social media channels and participate in the upcoming Airdrop stages to earn more tokens.🔐 All tokens received during the Airdrop period will be unlocked quarterly, equivalent to 10% of the received amount. The first portion of this amount will be unlocked on the day of OMT token trading launch.🏆To increase your chances of winning a larger prize, send your referral link for the OMT Airdrop and earn additional points!                                       ☘️ Good luck 🍀
Contest Host: OMT Systems

Beam's Web3 Iceland Trip Giveaway

Ends in 8 Days 22 Hours

Beam's Web3 Iceland Trip Giveaway!
Do you want an all expense paid creative trip to Iceland?!Beam is excited to support our community with this opportunity.1 winner gets an all expense paid 6 day, 5 night South Iceland Photo Adventure trip!On this 6-day adventure, expert guides (John Wingfield & Eamon Bonner), will lead you to iconic locations on the south coast, and even venture into the alien planet-like Highlands, weather permitting. Over the course of your journey, your guides will also teach you photography skills, ranging from beginner to advanced. All skill levels are welcome on this trip.View the full itinerary and learn more about the experience here:The ExperienceWho is this for: Whether you're a photographer, traveler, artist, collector, gamer, or crypto enthusiast, Beam is excited to bring someone on this journey. An interest in photography is a definite plus!What's Included: One person will receive: Roundtrip Airfare, Accommodations, Meals and the guided Photo Adventure with John & Eamon.When: The trip will take place Jul 7th - 12th, 2023Winner Selection: The winner will be randomly selected from a raffle of all the entries.Contest Host: Beam

BitMart AGB 50% OFF Flash Sale Whitelist Giveaway

Ends in 2 Days 3 Hours - 1988 Entries

BitMart AGB 50% OFF Flash Sale Whitelist Giveaway
💎 AGB 50% OFF Flash Sale Whitelist Giveaway 💎BitMart Launchpad offers token presale to our community at a discount. The discount is 50% off compared to their marketing price. Successful participants will enjoy the benefits of early investment and may reap high rewards. 5 qualified lucky users will be randomly selected and given whitelisting spots in the 🔥AGB 24H 50% OFF FLASH SALE🔥 (June 7, 2023, 12 PM - June 8, 2023, 12 PM, UTC). 1 ticket per person (Approx. $20 worth of tokens). Please pass KYC and deposit $20 before participation. 
🚨How to Participate🚨
[Step 1] 👇
Follow our Twitter @BitMartExchange, RT & tag 3 friends
[Step 2] 👇
Complete entries in this Gleam
⏰ Participate and complete entries by June 5 at 11:59 PM UTC
Participate in the More Crypto, Less Fees now  👉 https://www.bitmart.com/activity/more-crypto-less-fees
🚨Rules🚨1. To qualify, participants must be a BitMart user
Don’t have an account? 
Click Here To Register​
2. The potential winners will be randomly selected from all qualified users on or about June 6. Potential winners will be notified via Twitter DM. Rewards will be distributed within 2 business days after the end of the campaign.
Terms & Conditions apply
❗️PLEASE READ❗️You must have a BitMart Account to receive rewards in this Sweepstakes
If you don't have one, please register using this link:
👉  bitmart.com/register/en?r=SOCIALS✨ NEWLY registered users may receive up to $3,000 in welcome bonuses
Contest Host: BitMart


Ends in 13 Days 3 Hours - 24081 Entries

🗓Period : June 2, 2023 ~ June 16, 2023 (UTC)🎁Reward : $IGPT (1,500$)🙌Winner Announcement : June 19, 2023 🙌Airdrop Date : TBA​🏆Random Winners🏆 $IGPT (4$) x 200 People🏆 Top 5 🏆$IGPT (140$) X 5 People📗About Insight GPTInsight GPT aims to become a leading platform bybuilding a blockchain platform and providing anindependent solution to provide a next-generationAI total platform. In order to improve the problemsthat have occurred in the existingAI and blockchain-related markets,it was developed to introduce an objective, transparent,and safe blockchain to the platform, andto participate in the platform ecosystemby using the key token, IGPT📙Insight GPT KeywordReliabilityEfficiencyTransparencySecurity📘About IGPTToken Name : Insight GPT (IGPT)Token Type : ERC-20Listing on : INDOEX👇Insight GPT 👇Website | Telegram Ann | TelegramDiscord | Twitter | YoutubeContest Host: GOOD

Oscar Giveaway

Ends in 4 Days 18 Hours

Oscar Giveaway
🎉 Win big in the Oscar social media giveaway! 🎉Join now for a shot at $650 worth of tokens. 45 winners: the top 5 referrals get $50 worth of tokens, and 40 random winners get $10 worth of USDT each. Participate, invite friends, and increase your chances.The giveaway runs from June 2 (10:00 a.m. UTC) to June 8 (6:00 p.m. UTC). Don't wait; join now!Prizes distributed on June 10. 🚀📅Contest Host: TokenSuite

Mirage & Moonlit Games Giveaway

Ends in 2 Days 3 Hours - 1323 Entries

Mirage & Moonlit Games Partnership Celebration
Don't miss out on your chance to win $500 in USDT! ⏰ Complete the tasks to secure your entry into the draw and stand a chance to be one of the 8 lucky winners to receive $50 each. 🎁💰 Participate in the AMA live session and ask your burning questions for a chance to share the $100 prize pool.⚡️🔥Contest Host: Mirage

POPCOIN Giveaway

Ends in 2 Days 19 Hours - 5543 Entries

Join KuCoin Memecoins Group AMA with POPCoin, 300 USDT to Give Away!
⏰ 14:00 on June 5, 2023 (UTC)📍 https://t.me/KuCoin_Memecoins🎁 Total Rewards: 300 USDT - Join gleam event to win 250 USDT, 25 winners!We will lucky draw 25 users who complete all tasks to win 10 USDT each!- Free-ask 🗣 : 5 BEST questions, 10 USDT each*This AMA is limited to KuCoin Memecoins group to encourage open communications, KuCoin doesn't suggest investing or promising any listing on the exchange. Please DYOR if you want to invest in the project.Contest Host: KuCoin

KuCoin Pre-AMA Activity — REV3AL (REV3L): Complete Tasks f...

Ends in 1 Day 19 Hours - 18405 Entries

KuCoin Pre-AMA Activity — REV3AL (REV3L): Complete Tasks for a Chance to Win 10 USDT! 🎉
If the following goals are achieved by the end of the activity period, 100 qualified participants will win 10 USDT each!REV3AL (REV3L) Social Media Communities✅ rev3altechnology Instagram Page = 16,500 followers✅ REV3AL Twitter Page = 44,500 followers✅ REV3ALTECH Telegram Group = 14,000 membersIf the target numbers are unachieved, the rewards will be added to other parts of the related AMA activities.Contest Host: KuCoin

Brcc Swap X OKX Wallet $5,000 $BCCX Tokens Giveaway

Ends in 3 Days 2 Hours - 7234 Entries

Brcc Swap X OKX Wallet $5,000 $BCCX Tokens Giveaway
To celebrate the launch of our partnership, OKX Web3 and Brcc Swap is collaboratively giving away $5000 worth of $BCCX tokens  to our followers. 🎊🎊🎊 Reward$5000 worth of $BCCX tokens to 50 users who finished all of the following quests ⬇️⬇️⬇️ To Join 
Follow and Retweet;
Download OKX wallet Web extension on https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/okx-wallet/mcohilncbfahbmgdjkbpemcciiolgcge;
Leave your BTC address from your OKX wallet: 
Connect OKX wallet to https://brccswap.com/;
How to get your BTC address from OKX wallet​How to connect OKX wallet to BRCC SWAP
Event duration: June 2nd – June 6th
(Join Our Crew3 Space for more airdrops: https://okxweb3.crew3.xyz/questboard)
👇Finish the following steps to enter the Giveaway👇
Contest Host: OKG

AiPTP X COMEARTH Partnership Giveaway

Ends in 5 Days 17 Hours - 44205 Entries

🎉COMEARTH X AiPTP Partnership Giveaway 🎉
 COMEARTH X AiPTP Partnership Giveaway 
🏆 Rewards 🏆 
💲Total Reward Pool: $5,000 worth of $ATMT Tokens, $ECOM as bonus referral rewards💲
✨Reward for 1,000 Winners✨🏆 995x Random Winner will receive $5 worth $ATMT each 🏆✨Top 5 Referral Rewards✨🏆1st: $5 worth $ATMT + $5 worth $ECOM🏆2nd: $5 worth $ATMT + 500 $ECOM🏆3rd:  $5 worth $ATMT + 300 $ECOM🏆4-5th: $5 worth $ATMT + 200 $ECOMGiveaway Duration: 2nd-9th June (One week)
Users must complete all the Gleam tasks to be eligible
More tasks more chances to win
To claim the rewards, you need to present in AiPTP & COMEARTH  Telegram/Discord

Coin Bureau live event

Ends in 1 Day 20 Hours - 243 Entries

Join for a chance to win!
🎉 Join Yield App's giveaway! 🎉10 tickets to the highly anticipated Coin Bureau event in London are up for grabs.The event will take place at the Grand De Vere from 10 am to 8 pm. You will get to hear from speakers such as Guy, the host of Coin Bureau, Aaron and Austin Arnold from Altcoin Daily, along with many founders, engineers, researchers, and other blockchain veterans. Contest Host: Yield App

Linity Private Beta Whitelist / Website

Ends in 26 Days 19 Hours

Linity Private Beta Whitelist
🔥 Linity Private Beta is coming 🔥In June our platform will be opened for the first users. There you will find the best crypto opportunities curated by our analysts (Retrodrops, Testnets, NFT mints, etc). Apply to our Whitelist to get access to Linity Private Beta by taking part in this competition. Spots are limited.All whitelisted will get:💎 Life-time access to the Linity platform (will be claimed monthly) with the latest crypto opportunities curated by our team🚀 A chance to shape the future of the Linity platform (what features we build and activities we launch)🤑 More exclusive perks to come (merch, partner WL spots, etc)If you have questions, ask us on our DiscordContest Host: Linity

ELYFI Airdrop Event

Ends in 10 Days 18 Hours - 125770 Entries

ELYFI Airdrop Event
Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce our launch of a new RWA pool on ELYFI on 7 June. To celebrate the launch of the new RWA pool, we're hosting a $1,000 giveaway! 🎉* The first RWA pool sold out in less than an hour due to great interest.
✅ About ELYSIA and ELYFI
ELYSIA is a protocol that tokenizes real-world assets and makes them available on the blockchain. Users can create RWA tokens based on real-world assets and liquidate them on ELYFI. ELYFI is an RWA DeFi developed by ELYSIA.
🎁 Event Reward
🥇Top 1: $200 in EL
🥈Top 2-3: $100 in EL
🥉 Top 4-10: $50 in EL
🎁 5 Lucky Draw: $50 in EL [Min: 80 entries]
* Only participants who score over 80 points can participate in the lucky draw.
⏰ Event Period
6/2 (Fri) - 6/14 (Wed) (KST)
📌 Note
1. Wallet addresses must support the Ethereum network.
2. You will not receive any rewards If you do not submit your wallet address or if you submit an incorrect wallet address.
3. You are aware that the winners of this event will either be selected for the top points or randomly.
4. We will announce the winners within 15 days after the event ends.
5. If you do not maintain community engagement by the winner announcement date, your entry may be canceled.
6. If you participate in the event unfairly, your application may be canceled.
7. The ELYSIA team reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the campaign at any time and for any reason without prior notice.
Contest Host: 3space Art

KT민클 x RAON NFT Airdrop + WL GiveAway!!

Ends in 8 Days 3 Hours - 629 Entries

💎KT민클 x RAON Airdrop x 1 / WL x 50 spot GiveAway💎
💎 KT민클 x RAON NFT Airdrop x 1 / WL (Round.3) x 50 spot 💎 ( Winner Selection : June 12nd )
📌 Launchpad SchedulePala Launchpad Link : https://launchpad.pala.io/#/kt_raon-second
Round 1: OG (Confirmed WL)June 14th, 19:00 - 19:30 (KST)MATIC worth ₩40,000 or KRW (Toss) | 100 Pieces
Round 2: WL (FCFS WL - Holder)June 14th, 20:00 - 20:30 (KST)MATIC worth ₩45,000 or KRW (Toss) | 900 Pieces
Round 3: WL (FCFS WL - Non Holder)June 14th, 21:00 - 21:30 (KST)MATIC worth ₩47,500 or KRW (Toss) | 500 Pieces
Round 4: Public June 14th, 22:00 - Sold out (KST)MATIC worth ₩50,000 or KRW (Toss) | 1,350 Pieces
We plan to select mainly KLAYDICE GENESIS NFT holders!!
WEBSITE : https://raon-2.gitbook.io/nft/ 
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/attention_pala
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/raon_project
DISCORD : https://discord.com/invite/tA3kehmx8x
INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/raon_mellow
Contest Host: klaydice

BinStarter & War Legends Whitelist

Ends in 10 Days - 1740 Entries

War Legends Whitelist
⚠️ Registration is available to individuals who hold tokens worth more than $200 in their wallet.
IDO Date is June 14 on the BinStarter website.25 whitelist competition winners will be able to participate in the War Legends IDO.
War Legends Gleam Rewards1. $100 Guaranteed Allocation​2. $75 Guaranteed Allocation3. $50 Guaranteed Allocation4. $50 Guaranteed Allocation5. $50 Guaranteed Allocation6. $50 Guaranteed Allocation7. $50 Guaranteed Allocation8. $50 Guaranteed Allocation9. $50 Guaranteed Allocation10. $50 Guaranteed AllocationRandomly selected 15 people will get $25 Guaranteed AllocationFollow the instructions and earn points. The more points you earn the more chances you have to win a guaranteed allocation in the War Legends IDO.Good luck to everyone
All steps are mandatory. Users shall register and complete all steps listed below. 
Provide your BEP-20 address that you want to use for the pre-sale (Metamask / Trust wallet address starts with 0x, no exchange wallet address)
(YOU NEED TO REFER AT LEAST ONE ELIGIBLE FRIEND, The more you refer the more your chances to win as you get more entries)
We reserve the right to cancel fraudulent entries
Contest Host: BinStarter

Startup x Dione Protocol (DIONE) $1,000 Giveaway

Ends in 1 Day 17 Hours

Startup x Dione Protocol (DIONE) $1,000 Giveaway

Fulfil tasks to get entries. 👇
🥳50 lucky winners, $20 each🧧 
The more tasks you complete, the higher your chance to win! 🏆
No Gate.io account yet?
  Register Now  
Retweets                                 Prize       <1,000                            $100, 10*$10    1,000-2,999                      $200, 20*$10    3,000-4,999                      $500, 25*$20    5,000-9,999                      $800, 40*$20         ≥10,000                         $1,000, 50*$20*The rewards will be distributed in DIONE.*KYC2 is required, otherwise winners cannot receive the prize.*The rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event ends.(“My Wallets”-“Bill”)*Except new users, winners need to net deposit or trade no less than $50(spot trading) from 2023-05-22 to 2023-06-5.*The use of duplicate accounts or any other cheating behaviour is strictly prohibited.
Contest Host: Gate.io

$100 Prize Pool [4 Winners] - Celebrating 150K Members

Ends in 4 Days 15 Hours - 5196 Entries

$100 Prize Pool [4 x winners]
Thank You 150K Members
& Everyone who has been part of Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook Group and helped us reach 150K Members☺️
We want to celebrate the happiness with a giveaway of $100 Prize Pool which will be shared among 4 x Winners.The more you participate the more chances you will have of winning 🫡Winners will be sent Crypton CryptocurrencyCryptocurrency Pakistan (CCP) Facebook Group is the biggest crypto community of Pakistan and the most informative and active community which ensures people are educated and the go-to place for anything related to crypto in Pakistan.Contest Host: Crypto Awaz

HAHIHO X Monte 에어드랍 이벤트

Ends in 5 Days 18 Hours - 1587 Entries

HAHIHO X Monte 에어드랍 이벤트
HAHIHO 채널에서 100 MONTE(300$)를 받아왔습니다.다들 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.🏆10 MONTE($30) X 5🏆 5 MONTE($15) X 10⏰ ~ 6월 9일 자정 마감 ____________________________________________________________________프로젝트 이름 : MONTE트위터 : 33K텔레그램 : 44K
MONTE Platform은 관광 산업과 web3를 결합한 프로젝트이며, 결제/스왑/스테이킹 등을 지원하는 프로젝트입니다. 해외 5성급 호텔 및 카지노, 여러 회사들과 이미 파트너십을 진행한 상황이며, 2023년 안에 실제로 예약, 결제 및 사용이 가능해질 예정입니다.
현재 홈페이지에 있는 wallet이 없어지고, 6월 달안에 자체 dex인 MONDEX를 런칭할 예정입니다.
MONTE는 다가오는 7월 중순에 제주도에서의 밋업을 시작으로, 분기마다 동남아,미국,일본,유럽 국가 등에서 라는 정기행사를 진행할 예정입니다.
MONTE 플랫폼은 현재 BKEX, CoinW에 상장돼 있으며, 3분기 안으로 상위권 CEX에 상장 예정입니다.
 « MONTE Cheer-Up Event »이벤트 기간 : 2023/05/31 ~ 2023/12/31이벤트 내용 : 1. MONTE 공식 텔레그램 내에서, 한 주의 소통왕 & 응원왕을 뽑아서 각 10MONTE 지급 (인당 30$)2. 당첨자 및 에어드랍은 다음 주 월요일에 일괄 지급3. 당첨자는 중복 가능하지만, 2주에 한번씩 가능 (연속 수령 불가능)
Website: https://monteplatform.org/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MonteGlobal 
Telegram: https://t.me/Monte_Official
Telegram chat : https://t.me/Monte_Platform
CoinW : https://www.coinw.com/frontSpot/spottrade?symbol=1295
BKEX : https://www.bkex.com/en/trade/MONTE_USDT
* 에어드랍은 무조건 참여합시다!📌 당첨자 발표 후 당첨자분들의 팔로우 및 입장을 확인하며 하지 않았을 경우에는 당첨이 취소될 수 있습니다.Contest Host: Hahiho29

🥳 Jump.trade Massive Giveaway 🥳

Ends in 8 Days 21 Hours - 105702 Entries

🤝 jump trade x Galaxy Lab 🤝
🤝 jump trade  is Giving away 150 $USDT For Giveaway Don't miss the chance to win! 🤝🤠 Jump.trade is a unique NFT platform, where you can experience one-of-a-kind cricket NFTs. We bring you Meta Cricket League, the world's first p2e cricket NFT game. ✨🌐 Website l ✳️ About jump trade 🎁 Prize Pool:- 150 $USDT For Giveaway🎟️ Prize Distribution:-🏆1 - 5 Top Refer :- 10 $USDT Each🏆 Random  20 Winners - 5 $USDT Each⏰ Start:- 2 June,2023 - End :- 12 June ,2023🗓️ Distribution Date:- After Giveaway End Within 7 days🔴 Term & condition apply complete All Task carefully  Do some Refer and Increase winning chanceContest Host: Galaxy Lab


Ends in 1 Day 19 Hours - 5435 Entries

Happy Friday Game🔍Find New BitMart HK Website
🎉Celebrate BitMart Launches a New Trading Platform in Hong Kong!🔍Find www.bitmart.com.hk🎁300 USDT/150 winners
🪐 Rules
🔹 Follow @BitMartResearch @BitMartExchange
🔹 Join:https://t.me/BitMartExchange_Asia 
🔹 RT & Like & Tag 3 frds
🔹 Fill out the Form
Register 👉 https://www.bitmart.com/register-referral/en?r=AISAMRT
Contest Host: BitMartResearch

EMC USDT Airdrop

Ends in 2 Days 22 Hours - 466390 Entries

EMC 🤝 Crypto Tech
🎉 EMC Protocol - Beyond #ICP Layer2, serving as an entry of Computing power and Web3 in AI eras. ​🥳 In Collab with Crypto Tech DAO, EMC Protocol is giving away $200 $USDT + 10,000 $EMC Tokens as Rewards!!​​✅ Create Plug ICP wallet here ⤵️♦️ Android App  ♦️ Wallet Extension ​​​🌐 Website  🔗  LinkTree  📊 Listing on ICPSwap📃 Add Token, Contract (ICP):aeex5-aqaaa-aaaam-abm3q-cai🏆 Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆🥇Top 20 Refs «- » 10$ $USDT (BSC Chain)👬 Random 400 «-» 25 $EMC (ICP Chain)⌚ $USDT sent by us till 10 June (BSC Chain) !! ⌚ $EMC send by EMC Protocol (EMC Chain) !! ➡️ The more entries you have, the higher your chance of winnings !!☘️ Good luck 🍀Contest Host: CryptoTech DAO

Biop X web3 protocol $100 giveaway

Ends in 27 Days 21 Hours - 52520 Entries

Biop X web3 protocol $100 giveaway
A $300 $BIOP  giveaway is happening, and you can participate in this event and get a share of the total reward pool. 
🎉What is BIOP🎉
IBiop is a safe, fast, smart and low cost Bitcoin L2 blockchain based on Optimistic rollup protocol built by Bitcoin developers, for Bitcoin developers. To establish a large Bitcoin decentralized ecosystem like DeFi, NFT, GameFi, SocialFi... by full ledger synchronization and BVM.
🎉Airdrop Distribution 🎉
 Random 100 Winners -  $2.1 $BIOP Each ( $2.1 USDT) 
 Top 1 -10 Winners -   $10 $BIOP Each ( $10 USDT)
🎉More Information 🎉
More Info: Click HereWant More Airdrop/Giveaway: https://t.me/web3_protocol1( Winner List will be announced in 2-3days of event end )Web3 Protocol reserves the right to disqualify any participants who engage in dishonest or abusive activities during the event.Contest Host: Web3 Protocol

🎁 Coinstore x Bearium IEO Pre-Launch Frenzy Airdrop: Win ...

Ends in 9 Days 19 Hours - 3548 Entries

🎁 Coinstore x Bearium IEO Pre-Launch Frenzy Airdrop: Win 62,500 BRIUM Tokens!
🎁 Coinstore x Bearium IEO Pre-Launch Frenzy Airdrop: Win 62,500 BRIUM Tokens!Total Prize Pool:  62,500 BRIUMPeriod: 2nd June - 13th June UTC+840 Lucky Winners
The winners will be randomly selected based on the number of tasks they complete
The more tasks the user completes, the higher the chance of winning!
Cheating Behaviors will be strictly prohibited.
Rewards will be distributed on one week after the $BRIUM token listing
KYC2 is required.
Coinstore reserves the right to final interpretation of this event.Tips: 
Participants who do not have an Coinstore account pls register via referral link
Register HEREContest Host: Coinstore

Find The Next Big Trend (Before It Gets Big) On MarginX

Ends in 4 Days 19 Hours

Find The Next Big Trend (Before It Gets Big) On MarginX
Tired of losing out on the latest memecoin hype? Let all your crypto bros know that you can DISCOVER the next BIG TREND on MarginX, before anybody else does!Follow all the steps below for a chance to win 30 $FX. 10 random winners will get the prize!⌛ Contest ends 8 June 2023 @ 11:59pm (GMT+8)Contest Host: MarginX

Know It Or Blow It Vol.31

Ends in 6 Days 3 Hours - 29295 Entries

Know It Or Blow It Vol.31
✅ Select all ViaBTC Hashrate fluctuations notification methods❓ What is 'Know It Or Blow It'?'Know It Or Blow It' is an educational campaign targetting users' recent FAQs, while enjoying the game, users can learn some blockchain know-how in a simpler way.We encourage you to invite your friends together to share the rewarding pool, top referrals will be granted with a bigger prize!                     🎁 Reward: $500 USDT Pool                           
⏰ Time: 02 - 09 Jun 2023         
Register an ViaBTC Account  | Download ViaBTC App
Contest Host: CoinEx

RealFevr - Drop

Ends in 27 Days 6 Hours - 3332 Entries

Mega Drop Real Fevr - ⚽🥅
🎉🚀🎮 Anúncio Especial: Mega Drop RealFevr! 🎉🚀🎮🔥 Prepare-se para uma experiência de tirar o fôlego! 🔥 O RealFevr está lançando um drop de Pack de NFTs como você nunca viu antes! Se você é fã de jogos, colecionáveis e do mundo do futebol, este evento é imperdível! ⚽🃏🌟 Junte-se a nós neste evento incrível, onde você terá a chance de possuir NFTs exclusivos e limitados do RealFevr, com itens que vão deixar você de queixo caído! ⚡💫 Mas espere, não é só isso! Ao compartilhar esta notícia com seus amigos, você terá mais chances de ganhar! 🎁✨ Compartilhe, marque seus amigos e convide-os para fazer parte deste universo emocionante de RealFevr! Juntos, podemos construir uma comunidade vibrante e cheia de paixão pelo futebol. ⚽🔥🚀 Esteja pronto para viver a emoção de abrir seus pacotes de NFTs e descobrir tesouros digitais que irão impressionar até mesmo os fãs mais ardorosos do RealFevr! 👀💎 Cada NFT é uma obra de arte única, trazendo jogadores lendários, momentos históricos do futebol e muito mais. Este é o momento de mostrar seu amor pelo esporte e pela cultura dos colecionáveis digitais! 🎨🎭🌍 Não perca esta oportunidade! Marque na sua agenda: 30 de Junho! O RealFevr está preparando uma experiência inesquecível para todos os participantes. Fique atento às nossas redes sociais e site oficial para mais informações sobre como participar, as regras e os prêmios incríveis que estão por vir! 📅📢📣 Não perca tempo, compartilhe agora mesmo e espalhe a empolgação! 👇💪🍀 Até lá, e boa sorte! O evento termina em 30 de junho.Contest Host: HUB


Ends in 1 Day 21 Hours - 114340 Entries

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50,000 $ZODS Token + 50 WL Airdrop 🎉🎉

🏆Prize Pool 🏆
🥇Top 1-5👉 1,000 $ZODS Token
🥈Top 6-20👉 333 $ZODS Token
🤗 Random 2000 winner 👉 20 $ZODS Token each
50 Random Winner 1 Wl each 
Contest Host: Metaverse space

Opside x ReadON Giveaway

Ends in 5 Days 11 Hours - 49865 Entries

Opside & ReadON GIVEAWAY
Opside started the Incentivized Pre-alpha Testnet on May 24th, expected to run for about 3 months.To celebrate the launch of Pre-alpha Testnet, Opside & ReadON are hosting the GIVEAWAY now!
 🎁 200 winners will be picked randomly to share 400 USDT. Come and join us!
      The rewards will be distributed within 5 business days after the end of the event.Contest Host: OpsideZK

Learning Camp#4

Ends in 1 Day 19 Hours - 3932 Entries

Learning Camp#4: A Share of $2,000 Prize Pool
🔥Calling to all users, Learning Camp#4 is Here!🎁A $2,000 prize pool is up for Grabs!⏰ Jun. 2nd ~ Jun. 5th
✅Read&Complete learning tasks 
✅Join our Telegram group
👉Trade on Cross Margin & Isolated MarginContest Host: Gate.io

MONTE Token Airdrop Worth $600

Ends in 26 Days 16 Hours - 577 Entries

MONTE Token Airdrop Worth $600
[ MONTE Token Airdrop Worth $600 ]
MONTE airdrop event will be held. 
🎁 Total Reward : MONTE Token Worth $600.
🏆 200 Winners 
📍 MONTE Platform
MONTE creates a blockchain tourism ecosystem where tourists can enjoy tourism services without cash. Tourists can be guaranteed the safety, convenience, anonymity, and transparency of funds through MONTE.MONTE already did MOU with high-end 5 star hotels / leisure companies / casino etc.also, MONTE will launching 'MONDEX' replacing the existing wallet system in June.Starting with a meet-up on Jeju Island in mid-July, MONTE will hold a regular event called 'Tourism Web3' every quarter in Southeast Asia, the United States, Japan, and European countries.The MONTE platform is also currently listed on BKEX, CoinW, and will be listed on top CEX within Q3.
📍 MONTE Platform
MONTE Platform은 관광 산업과 web3를 결합한 프로젝트
해외 5성급 호텔 및 카지노, 여러 회사들과 이미 파트너십을 진행했으며, 
2023년 안에 실제로 예약, 결제 및 사용이 가능해질 예정6월 중 DEX서비스 MONDEX 런칭 예정MONTE는 다가오는 7월 중순에 제주도에서의 밋업을 시작으로, 
분기마다 동남아,미국,일본,유럽 국가 등에서 정기행사를 진행 예정상장 거래소 : BKEX , CoinW( 3분기 내 상위권 CEX 추가 상장 예정 )
« MONTE Cheer-Up Event »이벤트 기간 : 2023/05/31 ~ 2023/12/311. MONTE 공식 텔레그램 내에서, 한 주의 소통왕 & 응원왕 10명 뽑아서 각 10MONTE 지급 (인당 $30)2. 보상은 다음 주 월요일에 일괄 지급3. 당첨자는 중복 가능하지만, 2주에 한 번씩 가능 (연속 수령 불가능)
Contest Host: THE9

Loved Apes Airdrop

Ends in 4 Days 22 Hours - 276090 Entries

Loved Apes 🤝 CryptoTech
​🎉  Loved Apes - The right time to show love. We are in the @SuiNetwork to foster connections between collectors & to spread love.​🥳 In Collab with Crypto Tech DAO, Loved Apes is giving away  10,000$ in $LAPE Tokens as Rewards!!🔶 Submit SUI wallet from Trust Wallet or from Suiet Extension 🔶👇 Loved Apes Partners👇🏆 Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆🥇 Top 1-10 Refs «-» 50$ in $LAPE🥈 Top 11-30 Refs «-» 25$ in $LAPE🏃 First FCFS 2,000  «-» 2$ in $LAPE
👬 Random 2,500  «-» 2$ in $LAPE
 #NFA #DYOR ♦️ We encourage everyone to conduct their own research (DYOR) before joining any airdrop project. Remember, our airdrop is absolutely free; never pay any fee to receive airdrop tokens.☘️ Good luck 🍀Contest Host: CryptoTech DAO

Wise Crypto X BitX Giveaway

Ends in 3 Days 21 Hours - 78480 Entries

Wise Crypto X BitX Giveaway

🥳 1,000 $BXDX Giveaway
ℹ️ BitX is A non-custodial BRC20 Liquidity market on Bitcoin
🎁 Prize Pool: 1,000 $BXDX
⏰ Duration: May 13, 2023 - June 13, 2023
🎖️Top Referrals🎖️
🏅 Top 5 Winners -   100 $BXDX Each
🎖️Random Winners🎖️
🏆 Random 20 Winners -  25 $BXDX Each
🗓️ Distribution Date: TBA
ℹ️ Disclaimer: The airdrop campaign is subject to change based on market volatility and situations. Tokens will be distributed by BitX Blockchain team. do remember that airdrop tokens are free. #DYOR.
Contest Host: WIse Crypto