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Forty-Two card Shop to earn Giveaway Campaign

Ends in 10 Days 10 Hours - 38 Entries

Shop to Earn !
各位好!42FTC第一波抽獎活動開跑!活動時間:6/27~7/8獎品:前20名完成表單內所有任務即可直接獲得商城購物禮金/其餘有參與表單任務的人我們也會抽獎抽出10位獲得等值42USDT的購物禮金快來參與哦!我們的NFT 簡介:現代人都一定會網路購物,只要在日常生活中於指定的網路商城購買自己日常所需的東西,出示截圖我們就會回饋USDT 給你讓大家體驗🎉shop to earn 🎉NFT有三種等級,普卡、金卡、黑卡普卡NFT每次網路購物享USDT 回饋金,金卡享有普卡賦能之外還會每個月空投購物禮金2000元。黑卡享有普卡金卡賦能之外,每個月空投飯店住宿卷or五星飯店餐券or球場VIP包廂(目前和樂天桃猿棒球場vip 包廂配合!趕快來完成連結裡的所有任務即可參與抽獎Contest Host: iioop009

500 XT Token Giveaway Competition🔥

Ends in 13 Days 11 Hours - 69 Entries

500 XT Token Giveaway Competition🔥
Is the bear market taking a toll on your portfolio? 📉 Participate in our XT.com giveaway competition and win up to 100 XT tokens today! 💸Prize Pool: 500 XT Token Prize Pool
First Prize 🏆 100 XT TokenSecond Prize 🏆 75 XT TokenThird Prize 🏆 50 XT Token4th to 10th 🏆 25 XT Token 20 Random Winners 🏆 5 XT Token Start date: 28th June, 12:00 GMT +7
End date: 11th July, 18:00 GMT +7
**Important Note** 
Winners will be announced on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter & Telegram) on the 12th July at 18:00 GMT +7. All bots and duplicate entries will be disqualified. Winners must complete at least level 1 KYC to be eligible to receive airdrop of XT tokens. One participant cannot win more than 1 prize. 
**About XT Token**XT Token is XT exchange’s native token and can be used to reduce transaction fees on our platform, purchase NFTs on OpenSky, stake to earn rewards and participate on XT Starter launchpad IDO’s. 
XT Starter Launchpad  https://www.xt.com/XTStarter
XT Staking  
https://www.xt.com/finance/posXT NFT https://www.xt.com/nft/***Tips***Want to increase your chances of winning? Complete all the tasks and invite your friends to participate so you both can earn more entries! The more entries you earn, the higher your odds of winning! ***About XT.com***XT.com is the world’s first social infused exchange and is headquartered in Singapore.The platform owns the global top-level domain www.xt.com, and currently has more than 3 million registered users, more than 300,000 monthly active users, and more than 30 million users in the ecosystem.Contest Host: XT Exchange

TELOS ✖️ DigiFinex Listing Events

Ends in 14 Days 2 Hours - 1 Entries

TLOS ✖️ DigiFinex Airdrop

Telos is built for speed and scalability making it the ideal network for mainstream adoption – Telos based Tokens NFT’s and Smart Contracts are already used for DeFi, Gaming, Social Media apps and many more use cases. Telos is home to over 100 distinct applications (dApps) including Taikai, Qudo, Qubicles, Appics, Wordproof, Seeds, Zeptagram, and NewLife. These applications enjoy the networks speed (0.5s block times) and scale (10,000+ TPS) but also the robust on-chain services that Telos provides for voting, sentiment, decentralized file storage, location and much more.
DigiFinex is the world's Top 10 crypto exchange by trading volume and liquidity, offering spot, leverage, perpetual swap trading, and fiat to crypto trading. DigiFinex is widely loved for being stable, secure and easy to use.
⭐️Join in TLOS ✖️ DigiFinex listing events to share 1,600 TLOS🚀
🎉EVENT: Airdrop: Complete the tasks shown at the bottom to share 1,600 TLOS
80 randomly selected participants will get 20 TLOS (~4 USDT)
⏰Time: 08:00 June 28th, 2022 - 08:00 July 12th, 2022 (UTC)
Contest Host: DigiFinex


Ends in 13 Days 10 Hours - 1400 Entries

$960 worth of NFTs to win!6 winners will receive 1 Character NFT to start their Fun-2-Earn journey in Souls of Meta and 8 more winners will get 1 Legendary tank NFT each!
🧙A Cross-Game Multi-Chain Fun-2-Earn (Play-Own-Earn + Free-To-Play) Third-person Action-RPG Fantasy NFT Gaming Metaverse of Blades and Sorcery where you can own and monetize NFT assets through GameFi and SocialFi, and travel through community-created realms, fight monsters, collaborate with other players (PvE & PvP), solve quests and beyond, to have fun playing and earn at the same time! ⚔️
☄️The war has begun. In this age, power has the last word. And the word is $A.O.T. Age of Tanks is the first military strategic metaverse
💛 Reward Pool – $960 in Playable NFTs for 14 lucky Winners 💛 
🦸🏼‍♂️ Souls of Meta Winners #1-6:1 Normal tier character - $80
🦸🏼‍♂️ Age of Tanks Winners #7-14:
1 Legendary tank each - $60
Souls of Meta NFTs will be airdropped at our INO. The exact date is to be announced soon. More information about Souls of Meta in the Linktree.Age of Tanks NFTs will be airdropped 5 days after the Gleam Campaign winners are announced.👇 Complete all items below to maximize your chances of winning. 👇 
Contest Host: SOULS OF MΞTΛ 🦄🚀

🔥Supreme Finance O/X Quiz Airdrop Event🔥

Ends in 2 Days 9 Hours - 3771 Entries

🔥Supreme Finance O/X Quiz Event🔥
🔥Supreme Finance O/X Quiz Event🔥
 To promote Supreme Finance's ecosystem, Supreme Finance holds O/X Quiz event.Take the quiz and show us your interest in HYPE! DetailsPlease follow the process below.Period2022 06.27 10 : 00 (UTC) ~ 2022 06.30 10 : 00 (UTC)Prize (Random) 💰$50 worth TRX for 1 participants  💰$10 worth TRX for 5 participants  💰$5 worth TRX for 20 participants  💰$1 worth TRX for 300 participants 
1️⃣Follow @SupremeFinance2       
2️⃣Join our Telegram Community 
3️⃣RT this post + Like                        
4️⃣Drop your TRX wallet address  
event winner will be randomly selected and will receive worth $500 TRX Tokens❗️
Total $500 worth TRX for ParticipantsContest Host: Aegis Ventures

STEPOUT Airdrop Round2

Ends in 16 Days 11 Hours - 5 Entries

STEPOUT Giveaway Round2 +WL Test beta App.
​STEPOUT Giveaway Round 2
+ Writelist test beta app.Stepout is first traveler-to-earn token travel you to earn on your travel all Created with the purpose help people become healthier and wealthier, we always believe that we can reach our goal.Join Test application
Writelist 200 people join test bata application on Play Store,
 We choose randomly from the players who complete all the tasks200 players  
Announcement of writelist of test beta app Date 3 
beta test start July 4-7, 2022
The top 10 bug reporter will receive 3,000 $STO/player
and 3 NFT Limited.
No. 11-200 will receive 500 $STO/playerand 1 NFT Limited.
We are thrilled to announce that Stepout Airdrop Campaign 
About 200,000 $STO and 30 Limited NTFs will be released at this event!
200000 $STO for 1000 winners The rewards will be distributed to the winners one week after TGE. 
​👉🏻 The top 3 referrals will receive 5,000 $STO/player
and 3 NFT Limited👉🏻 The top 20 referrals will receive 1,500 $STO/playerand 1 NFT Limited
👉🏻 The top 200 referrals will receive 250 $STO/player
and randomly 4 NFT Limited👉🏻 We choose randomly from the players who complete all the tasks 800 players, then send them 150 $STO/player
STO Presale Price 0.03 USD
Starts: June 28, 2022
Ends: july 14, 2022
 $STO will be distributed 30 days after TGE
Contest Host: step-out

Royal Sharx Club Giveaway Contest!

Ends in 3 Days 15 Hours - 46 Entries

Royal Sharx NFT Giveaway Contest!
We have decided to change the "Invite contest" on the Discord - To Gleam Giveaway!Whom ever participate, has the chance to win our exclusive prizes! From SOL rewards, to 1 Sharx NFT! The first Sharx NFT Giveaway on our community! Follow the simple steps over the Gleam to be eligible for the prizes!We appreciate your participation and being a part of our amazing community! Contest Host: Royal Sharx Club

2nd Apeiron mini-Blackhole Giveaway

Ends in 5 Days 17 Hours - 1675 Entries

2nd Apeiron mini-Blackhole Giveaway
Apeiron is giving away 200 mini-Blackholes to future Godlings! Part 2 of 3 Celestial Conjunction Celebration Giveaways!What is Apeiron?Apeiron is a God Game, a revival of the classic god simulation genre popular in the early 2000s. Players are able to 'play god'- by grooming their own planets and controlling giant avatars in action packed real time battles. What are mini-Blackholes?Mini-Blackholes are NFTs used in Celesital Conjunctions (aka "Breeding") of Apeiron Planet NFTs, the basic unit of play in Apeiron.Breeding Planets!?Those who own multiple Primeval Planets can begin breeding early and amass a large arsenal of planets, ultimately becoming the "official distributors" of the Apeiron game. BROWSE OUR COLLECTION NOW​Contest Host: Apeiron NFT

Kommunitas x Arenum

Ends in 1 Day 8 Hours - 230 Entries

Kommunitas x Arenum
We are glad to announce this Gleam, which gives you the opportunity to get a Pass to participate in the Beta League with prize pool $500 (will be given in ARNM tokens).📅 Date: 13:00 June 27 — 14:00 June 29 UTC⚠️Notes1. Subscribe Twitter: @Arenum_official2. Register at Arenum.io and add your nickname3. Invite your friendContest Host: Arenum.io

Movemoon Whitelist

Ends in 4 Days 11 Hours - 1860 Entries

Movemoon Whitelist
🚀Movemoon has officially opened IDO for our whitelist community🏁Complete our tasks as guided and get a chance to join the community IDO in July
✅SC/HC: 50/100 BNB
 ✅Min: 0.2BNB - Max: 2BNB✅ Add Liquidity: 100% 
🌟50 slots for top entries and 300 random slots🎁On top of that, there are many exciting gifts for our members:🎁Top 1: $100 + WL slot🎁Top 2: $50 + WL slot🎁Top 3: $30 + WL slot🎁Top 4 - 10: $20 + WL slot
Contest Host: Movemoon

LOC Pioneer Medal Giveaaway Campaign

Ends in 14 Days 18 Hours - 127 Entries

LOC Pioneer Medal Giveaaway Campaign
LOC Pioneer Medal Giveaaway Campaign​In celebration of LOC launching the Website 2.0, we are partnering with Project Galaxy (https://galaxy.eco) to host the Pioneer Medal OAT giveaway campaign.⏳ June 28- July 12
💰 Top 100 refer rank users will share $1000 worth of SLG in the prize pool.
🤑 Top 200 refer rank users will share the $1000 prize pool.
🎁 600 LOC Genesis Honors Medal NFTs worth $3000 will be airdropped at random.
Land of Conquest is a multi-end (Web/H5/Android/iOS) game that incorporates blockchain technology and synthesizes the NFT concept. It is currently deployed on BSC. 
Contest Host: Gleam Marketing

Land Public sale started in Metafluence City

Ends in 5 Days 14 Hours - 108748 Entries

Lands Public Sale Started Giveaway
🔥We are thrilled to announce Lands Public Sale Started Giveaway
🚀 Metafluence City 🚀Such a great time to be a part of this up-and-coming metaverse world.
🎁 Rewards 🎁
1,000 Winners in Total
​👉🏻 The top 1 referral will receive a Land Plot + 100 USDT
👉🏻 The top 3 referrals will receive a Land Plot + 50 USDT
👉🏻 The top 10 referrals will receive Land Plot + 25 USDT
👉🏻 We will randomly choose the rest of 990 winners from the participants who complete all the tasks and send them 500 $METO/player
End date: July 03, 2022
📝 Terms and Conditions 📝
Winners will receive their rewards 1 month after the campaign.
Rewards Claiming Period will only be available for 7 days.
Metafluence reserves the right to cancel or amend the Campaign or Campaign Rules at our sole discretion.
Contest Host: Metafluence

Winerz Platform Launch Airdrop

Ends in 5 Days 3 Hours - 117 Entries

Winerz Platform Launch Airdrop
Today, with the launch of our Platform, we are also doing an interactive giveaway to thank you all for your patience and support!Complete a few easy tasks and have a chance to win a part of 100,000 $WNZ!!! This time we will have a total of 10 winners, who have completed all the tasks! Every completed task will grant you +1 entry point.Contest Host: Winerz

⚽️ Community Tournament ⚽️

Ends in 5 Days 17 Hours - 237 Entries

⚽️ Community Tournament ⚽️
Soccer is all about competition, and while we wait together for the upcoming release, we thought we might heat things up with a friendly tournament 🔥The competition will start on the 29th of June and will be live until the 03rd of July. 1 team per user, 5 games a day, a total of 25 matches.The user will "lock" this team for the competition. Cannot change formation and/or players during the week. This will be validated with the pictures of the matches and/or Rektcord tool.Every user will need to take pictures of each game so we can validate all the data with our internal system. We want to avoid any type of exploit. The picture should have the score of the game + date/time of when you played. 
Another option is using the website https://metasoccer.rektcord.com/member and reading the instructions about how to add a team so it can be recorded there so we can validate.
Point system W/D/L: Amateur 2/1/0; Beginner 3/1/0; Semi-pro 4/1/0; Pro 5/1/0; Legend 6/1/0 points. Each user can play in the tier that they want.
Prize system will be based on your lineup skill: Lineup 40-49: Prizes: 1st position 500 $MSU; 2nd 200 $MSU; 3rd 100 $MSU; Lineup 50-59: Prizes: 1st position 800 $MSU; 2nd 500 $MSU; 3rd 200 $MSU; Lineup 60-69: Prizes: 1st position 1,4k $MSU; 2nd 800 $MSU; 3rd 500 $MSU. Winners have 24 hours to send the proof to MetaSoccer team.
The excel file will be disclosed for the ones that are eligible in the 🏆┃ms-tournament discord channel or in our telegram groups.
We’ll give 1 Silver NFT Youth Scout to the top referrers and 50 $MSU per each new wallet with 11 new players bought on the marketplace (with a max of 500 $MSU)  🚀 Entries will be validated by checking purchases on the new wallets. We hope we can see you on the pitch 🤞Contest Host: MetaSoccer


Ends in 27 Days 8 Hours - 28 Entries

Eu vou estar fazendo um sorteio de 100 REAIS para um de vocês ganharemSIGA OS PASSOS ABAIXO PARA PARTICIPAR, O GANHADOR VAI SER SORTEADO DIA 26 DE JULHOQuanto mais etapas você cumprir mais chances de ganharBOA SORTE TODO MUNDO🍀Contest Host: Bryan Santos


Ends in 6 Days 15 Hours - 1464 Entries

You Gifted giveaway

10 NFTs and 5 whitelists from You - GIFTED 
 Recently, You – GIFTED released a unique collection "Rulers of the ocean" on Binance NFT 
 The collection is the basis for the P2E game, for which a native token and the possibility of staking for holders are being developed. 
 On the occasion of the launch and the desire to involve more people in a large-scale project, we decided to raffle our NFTs. 
 10 winners will each receive 1 NFT 
 The draw is open to everyone.

BioFi MoonDoge Giveaway!

Ends in 31 Days 22 Hours - 44 Entries

BioFi MoonDoge Giveaway!
This month we're running a Gleam campaign to direct attention to the release of our newest NFT collection the Moon Doges!Moon Doges are the avatar/companion of the Ethos Metaverse! They'll be used to traverse the galaxy and explore the planets throughout the Ethos! Doges will come with a home base that can be upgraded with in-game items, Origin Doges will get a free Doge Ship, Classic Doges are whitelisted for Ships, and both Doges will be used to compete against other Doges for a chance to earn $BioFi!Enter for your chance to win a free Doge and gain access to the Ethos Metaverse and all the activities involved!Contest Host: BioFi

Lucky Squid Game Whitelist Competition

Ends in 2 Days 1 Hour - 178 Entries

Lucky Squid Game Whitelist Competition
Welcome to Lucky Squid Game Whitelist Competition____________________________________________________________________________________________________🔥🔥🔥Lucky SquidGame is built as a token for fans of the world-famous movie SquidGame. In the crypto market, we participate as well as the characters in the film, there must also be an element of luck besides bravery. We want to bring the game to the whole community of Lucky Squid Game where all LSG holders can be the winners 🔥🔥🔥🦑 TRENDING 2022🦑 HUGE MARKETING, HUGE PARTNERS AND KOLS🦑 Audit & KYC completion🦑 BANNER ADS🦑 ANTI BOT & ANTI DUMP🦑 No team token🦑App Game Comingsoon🦑Dapp comingsoon🦑100% presale token unlock🦑Low Tax
Complete all tasks and get rewards
- 50 slots for Top Users
- 150 slots for Random Users
Contest Host: Whitelist Competition

Chainers Week 3 WL Giveaway

Ends in 5 Days 5 Hours - 492 Entries

Chainers NFT –  WL Giveaway
Chainers is an NFT collection of 11111 alien creatures that are about to invade our world on Solana blockchain with 3 main purposes: SOCIALIZE - PLAY - CREATE!Your Chainer is your key to the Chainers app. A whole new world with countless possibilities to have fun with other players, create assets or even games, and earn as a creator or a player awaits you.Take part in this giveaway to win one of the 40 Chainers WL spots!Contest Host: Chainers

SLEEP |Official Airdrop

Ends in 36 Days 16 Hours - 0 Entries

SLEEP | Official Airdrop
​SLEEP | Official Airdrop💰 Win Up To $20,000 in $SLEEP
SLEEP is currently launching a Community Airdrop Campaign with a massive prize pool of 2,000,000 $SLEEP tokens to get the next revolution in GameFi going.
 🎁 Airdrop Event Winners & Prizes:🔹Prize pool for 5,050 winners: 2,000,000 $SLEEP 🔹TOP 1-3 referrers:  50,000 > 30,000 > 20,000 $SLEEP 🔹TOP 4-50 referrers:  5,000 $SLEEP each🔹Random 5,000 participants:  333 $SLEEP each 📅 Airdrop Event Timeline: June 27, 2022 - August 3, 2022  Good luck to everyone 
All steps are mandatory. Users shall register and complete all steps listed below.
Provide your BEP-20 address that you want to use for the airdrop (Metamask / Trust wallet address starts with 0x, no exchange wallet address).
The more you refer the more your chances to win as you get more entries.
We reserve the right to cancel fraudulent entries.
Contest Host: SLEEP

Edge AMA Giveaway

Ends in 18 Hours - 277 Entries

Edge AMA Giveaway
Welcome to Universe Edge AMA Giveaway 🤑💎On June 28th, Safelaunch will host an exciting AMA with Edge
We're giving away 100 BUSD to commemorate this IDO. 🔥
 Complete Tasks to Get a Chance to win from 100BUSD
Follow the steps below and become one of the 5 winners who will get 20 BUSD 💰
💡Follow the steps below to enter:🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️N/B: More actions increase your chances to win 🏆Contest Host: BSC Marketing

Airdrop After AMA - Mad's Crypto x Tap Fantasy

Ends in 1 Day 6 Hours - 13962 Entries

Airdrop After AMA - Mad's Crypto x Tap Fantasy

100 $USDT Rewards Airdrop
Finish the below tasks then you can join this airdrop.
💎20 USDT * 5 Winners💎
The more entries you get, the higher chance to win the prize!
12:00PM UTC Jun.27th, 2022 - 12:00PM UTC Jun. 29st, 2022🎮TAP FANTASY ENTRANCE
Contest Host: Tap Fantasy

庆祝入驻Project Galaxy — 赢得首枚入驻纪念OAT...

Ends in 13 Days 6 Hours - 2940 Entries

庆祝入驻Project Galaxy — 赢得首枚入驻纪念OAT
👏欢迎加入!我们很高兴您加入PANewsDAO Discord社区!🎉为庆祝PANewsDAO加入Project Galaxy,我们推出了我们的第一个OAT,这也是庆祝 NFT。📣要赢得PANewsDAO的第一个OAT徽章,请完成以下任务!⏰时间:6月27日20:00 - 7月11日20:00 (GMT+8)📌规则:活动期间,完成所有任务的用户将有资格获得此NFT🎁👨‍🎨 关于PANewsDAO:PANewsDAO是为所有Web3爱好者汇聚行业内有价值的信息,提供深度内容共享和互动的综合性加密社区DAO。Contest Host: PANews

ONTO Partners with CLV for a $3,000 USDT Giveaway

Ends in 4 Days 7 Hours - 469790 Entries

ONTO Partners with CLV for a $3,000 USDT Giveaway
 We are excited to see that hundreds of users have participated in the ONTO & CLV Hold & Earn Campaign over the past week. To celebrate our partnership, we are now running a special airdrop event to bring more benefits to our users.CLV (previously Clover Finance) is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications. The CLV chain is a Substrate-based specialized Layer 1 chain that is EVM compatible and cross-chain interoperable. The CLV wallet is a multi-chain all-in-one wallet, for Day-to-Day, DeFi, and Gaming purposes.Sounds cool? Then join us now! Simply complete all tasks in Gleam for a chance to share a prize pool of $3,000 USDT! ⏰ Event Period:June 27th 13:00 UTC - July 2nd 13:00 UTC🍀 Prize Pool:💥100% chance of winning a bonus!For those who participated the ONTO & CLV Hold & Earn Campaign, you will get a 100% chance of winning a bonus if you complete all Gleam tasks this time. All eligible participants will share out $1,000 USDT. Don’t miss out!💥A Meet and Greet Gift for Our New Friends! 
What if you missed our last Hold & Earn Campaign? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! If you join us now, there’s still a chance to get giveaway rewards.
Simply completing all tasks in Gleam, and you will qualify for a lucky draw to share $1,500 USDT. 100 lucky winners will be drawn randomly to receive $15 USDT each.💥Plus, the Top 3 winners with the most Gleam entries will get special rewards!🏅️1st place:$250 USDT🥈2nd place:$150 USDT🥉3rd place:$100 USDT📒Event Rules:1. Participants must complete all tasks in Gleam; 2. Only ONTO users are eligible for the giveaway bonus. Download ONTO now; 3. You must fill in your BSC address (start with 0x) in ONTO Wallet, otherwise, you will not be able to receive your activity bonus;4. The top 3 users with the highest entries will receive special rewards;5. You will get extra entries for each person who joins the event via the link you share;6. Participant must log in to and use ONTO (not ONTO Web) during the event;7. The ONTO team and the CLV team reserve the right to make the final decision on the outcome of this event.For further details, questions, or comments, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram or contact us.Contest Host: 本体中文社区

TokenPocket & TRON AMA Giveaway

Ends in 2 Days 5 Hours - 2130 Entries

TokenPocket & TRON AMA Giveaway
🔴 TokenPocket & TRON AMA Giveaway 🔴Complete the following tasks for a chance to win 3,000 $TRX!Don't forget to join the live AMA!https://t.me/tronnetworkENDownload TokenPocket and leave your TokenPocket TRON wallet address!https://tokenpocket.pro/Good luck! Contest Host: TokenPocket

SDC NFT Giveaway

Ends in 3 Days 16 Hours - 66 Entries

Scrooge Duck NFT Giveaway + Free mint WL
📢 Contest DetailsAhead of the launch of Scrooge Duck City NFT drop, We are airdropping 10 NFTs on this exclusive GA. With early access to sales and minting, our whitelist will be given the opportunity to be able to mint 2 NFTs for free before they are released to the public.Winners will be drawn via this Gleam event and included in our exclusive  Discord community + WL role for the mint!Good luck to you all!Contest Host: Scrooge Duck City

Parrot and Crema Free-mint NFT Whitelists x 100 Giveaway

Ends in 3 Days 10 Hours - 4349 Entries

Parrot and Crema Free-mint NFT Whitelists x 100 Giveaway
🔥Parrot and Crema have Reached Strategic Partnership🔥🔹CremaFinance is the 1st concentrated liquidity protocol on SolanaTo celebrate the partnership, we jointly are launching the giveaway of 100 'Crema Chill Chill Turtles' NFT free-mint Whitelists
⭐️Complete the following tasks to win the free-mint WLs👇
The ‘Crema Chill Chill Turtles’ NFT collection designed by CremaFinance is composed of 10,000 lovely turtles in total. They are smart, brave, and cool. They love coffee. They believe all bad things will be gone with a cup of coffee.This NFT collection is not only a set of uniquely-designed pfps, but also an NFT pass representing a series of future welfare and privileges on Crema, such as future airdrop by partnered projects, exclusive access to new products, digital identities to join special events, and so on.
More info👇https://medium.com/@Crema.finance/whitelisting-for-crema-nft-collection-starts-10-million-crm-waiting-to-be-claimed-d167e09c52b5-------------------------------🔥🔥Crema IDO is coming soon!👇https://twitter.com/Crema_Finance/status/1539442370344673280Contest Host: CremaFinance

Tokonomo Airdrop Event 🪂

Ends in 8 Days 15 Hours - 65 Entries

Tokonomo Airdrop Event 🪂
Tokonomo Airdrop Event 🪂Prizes up to $10.000 value!We're launching our airdrop event to thank our early supporters! ⛩Simply follow the steps below to enter; the 50 winners will be randomly chosen on our launch date - July 6th50 winners will receive a unique VIP role in our ecosystem and will have a lot of privileges in the future (more info about that will be shared later)All participants will collect "points" with which you will be able to redeem different bonuses later on our website (WLs, no fee mode, free merch, tokens, special entries to events, etc.)More points you will collect - more bonuses you will be able to unlock in the future!The event is open worldwide! 🌐Join our movement! 🟢Contest Host: Tokonomo

Just Landed! 5062$ Giveaway

Ends in 13 Days 15 Hours - 2700 Entries

Just Landed! 5062$ Giveaway
The journey to Mars was long and bumpy, but we are here. And it is time to celebrate the game launch with another giveaway! PRIZE POOL - $5,890 (85 Winners)🏆  $2750 equivalent in MARS4$ split among 55 random winners🏆   4 Mars Land NFTs worth 578$ each split among 4 random winnersWHAT'S NEW WITH MARS4?
BUY MARS4 NFTS - https://4mars.me/5890-giveaway
Watch TRAILER - https://4mars.me/3GOghlT
FARM ON SUSHISWAP & EARN - https://4mars.me/3zdXfUd
GAME LAUNCH ON YOUTUBE - https://4mars.me/3A5ogt8
GAMEPLAY TUTORIAL - https://4mars.me/3lWC3Ko
SOCIALS - https://linktr.ee/mars4me
Ready to test your luck?Contest Host: Mars4

Mecha Master Second Community Giveaway

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Mecha Master Second Giveaway
To Thank all the support we received from you all we've decided to launch a second giveaway with more rewards.JOIN US AND STAND A CHANCE TO RECEIVE FREE MECHA MASTER NFT BLIND BOX AND USDT🏆Total Reward5 Mecha Master NFT Blind Box worth $2500 USDT + 500 USDT👤Total Winner15 WinnersHere is another chance to get $3000 worth of prices on those simple tasks👇👇👇👇👇👇
Follow Mecha Master on Twitter
Like, retweet pinned posts with the hashtag #MechaMaster and tag 3 friends
Follow Mecha Master Telegram News Channel​
Join Mecha Master community on Telegram
Visit and subscribe to Mecha Master Youtube channel
Visit Mecha Master Official Website
Join Mecha Master community on Discord
Enter your BEP20 address
Enter your BEP20 address that uses to purchase Mecha NFT (optional)
Additional Rewards:The 15 lucky winners that have purchased Mecha Master NFT will be able to receive an extra $25 for each NFT purchase with no max cap.Contest Host: Mecha Master Official

SPACE ID - #Web3 Domain OG

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SPACE ID - #Web3 Domain OG
SPACE ID - #Web3 Domain OGFollow the official SPACE ID Twitter and Retweet the #Web3 Domain OG post to have a chance of winning the .bnb domain pre-registration whitelist spot.30 winners will be selected and announced on our official Discord. Gleam campaign ends July 1st, 10 AM ET.
Contest Host: Competition

Slope and Crema Free-mint NFT Whitelists x 100 Giveaway

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Slope and Crema Free-mint NFT Whitelists x 100 Giveaway
🔥Slope and Crema have Reached Strategic Partnership🔥🔹CremaFinance is the 1st concentrated liquidity protocol on SolanaTo celebrate the partnership, we jointly are launching the giveaway of 100 'Crema Chill Chill Turtles' NFT free-mint Whitelists
⭐️Complete the following tasks to win the free-mint WLs👇
The ‘Crema Chill Chill Turtles’ NFT collection designed by CremaFinance is composed of 10,000 lovely turtles in total. They are smart, brave, and cool. They love coffee. They believe all bad things will be gone with a cup of coffee.This NFT collection is not only a set of uniquely-designed pfps, but also an NFT pass representing a series of future welfare and privileges on Crema, such as future airdrop by partnered projects, exclusive access to new products, digital identities to join special events, and so on.
More info👇https://medium.com/@Crema.finance/whitelisting-for-crema-nft-collection-starts-10-million-crm-waiting-to-be-claimed-d167e09c52b5-------------------------------🔥🔥Crema IDO is coming soon!👇https://twitter.com/Crema_Finance/status/1539442370344673280Contest Host: CremaFinance


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ONTO × EDNS AMA: $300 USDT & 200 Polygon Domains up for grabs!

ONTO is hosting an AMA with EDNS, a Web3.0 domain name services provider that brings users to step into a gateway of the Web3.0 world. Our guest is Joey Lam, the CEO and Founder of EDNS.
The AMA will offer $300 USDT for 10 winners in total, 5 from Twitter comments and 5 from live questions on Telegram. Plus, 200 free Polygon domains will be given to the top 200 users, 100 from Twitter Gleam submissions and 100 from Telegram live Google form submissions.
To participate, please follow the rules below.
⏰ Event Period:
June 27th 12:00 UTC - June 29th 12:00 UTC
Event Rules:
1. Users must complete all tasks in Gleam.
2. 5 questions from Twitter comments and 5 from live questions on Telegram will be selected by the EDNS team and answered on Telegram.
3. Participants must submit their ONTO Wallet address to be eligible for the rewards distribution.
4. The free-registeration code for domains will send via the email they submit.
5. Please note that all copied questions will be deemed invalid. 
6. The ONTO team and the EDNS team reserve the right to make the final decision on the outcome of this event.
For further details, questions, or comments, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram or contact us.
Contest Host: 本体中文社区


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TRIBALPUNK PARTNERS WITH CRYPTO M: MYSTIC BOX AIRDROP💰 Tribalpunk Cryptoverse, a fascinating gamefi with a prehistoric theme, is undergoing beta testing with great interest in the community.👉 We will be holding the Airdrop Mystic box event for the Crypto.M community:⭐️ How to join:Do all Gleam tasks🏆 Reward:20 Mystic boxes for 20 lucky winners 📅 Time:From June 27th to 23:59 (UTC), June 30, 2022⏰ If you want to receive the Mystic box, you need to create an account with the Beta code (available through Tribalpunk Whitelist events).💥 Mystic box will be distributed 3 days after the result announcement. If winner does not have an account, you will need to register an account on Official Launch day (7/7) to receive prize.  We wishing you all the best in this event. 🥰
Contest Host: Tribalpunk

Bybit NFT x Merge Bird Gleam

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Bybit NFT x Merge Bird Gleam
In celebration of the launch of the Merge Bird NFT collection on Bybit NFT Marketplace, we are giving away 2,000 $USDT prize to our supporters.
About Game Space:
  Game Space releases games on their GameFi-as-a-Service Platform, which is the 1st GaaS platform in the industry. About Merge Bird NFT Mystery BoxMerge Bird is an on-chain game, inspired by the once-popular game 'Flappy Bird'. Merge Bird NFTs Collection is the 1st NFT collection of Game Space. Merge Bird NFTs are categorized into 3 rarity tiers: including Bird5(level 5), Bird10(level 10), and Bird20(level 20).A total of 3200 Mystery boxes will be sold on Bybit NFT.Merge Bird NFTs could be:- An access to play in the Merge Bird game.- Resold on the Game Space NFT Marketplace&Bybit NFT Marketplace.- Merged with other birds to get a higher level bird that can be used as a PFP.- Used in some of the coming games in GameSpace Ecosystem.Campaign period: 08:00AM, Jun 27, 2022 — 11:59PM, July 3, 2022 (UTC)
Rewards:The number of points a participant collects represents the number of entries into the overall prize pool with the following places:1st place $10002nd place $5003rd place $3004th place (4 winners) $50
Users who create multiple accounts and engage in fraudulent activity will be disqualified from the event.
Rewards will be distributed to the winners’ Bybit accounts (UIDs) within 20 working days from the date that the winners are announced. 
Winners cannot leave Bybit communities or unfollow Bybit social media accounts until the rewards are distributed.
Bybit reserves the right to cancel or amend any activity or activity rules at its sole discretion.
Contest Host: Bybit

Klaytn Museum Quiz Event

Ends in 5 Days 3 Hours - 1088 Entries

Klaytn Museum Quiz Event
🎉 About Klaytn Museum🎉It is a metaverse space to commemorate the third anniversary of the launch of Mainnet, and you can see Klaytn's growth over the last three years, including history, technical strengths, the expansion of the GameFi ecosystem, and the exhibition of NFT projects. 🕗 Event duration 🕗6/27 (Mon) 09:00 - 7/3 (Sun) 9:00 (UTC) 🏆 Product 🏆Total 20 people, Airdrop Random NFTs donated by Klaytn-based NFT projects 📢 How to participate 📢1. The quiz will open when you have completed all of the mandatory missions.2. The quiz must be submitted only if the right answer is entered.3. Completing the whole mission increases your chances of winning. ⚠️Attention⚠️The more entries you submit, the better your chances of winning.Please enter your Klaytn wallet address here.If you engage in an event in an unusual or unlawful manner, you may be disqualified from winning.The merchandise will be sent to the Klaytn wallet address you provided.If there is an issue or a difficulty with the wallet address, you may be disqualified.You can only participate once per person.Contest Host: Klaytn Games

Solv Dream Panel #20220628 Gleam Tasks

Ends in 3 Days 17 Hours

Solv Dream Panel #20220628 Gleam Tasks
Prize:$400 Giveaway($SOLV) + 5 Dtools NFT Common Pass + OAT,etcGalaxy Campaign:https://galaxy.eco/SolvProtocol/campaign/GCw5gUtxKfTopic:Deep dive into the current NFT marketDate & Time:June 28, 2022 at 13:00 UTCVenue:The Stage (Solv Discord)Guest:--Anne(Marketing Lead of NFTScan)--Anqi(ZKSpace Global Business Development Lead)--Isaac Lee (ZKSpace CIO)--Adam (Dtools co-founder)Host: Brian & GraceContest Host: SolvProtocol

MetaShooter & Liquidifty Giveaway

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MetaShooter & Liquidifty Giveaway
MetaShooter & Liquidifty GiveawayDate: 27 June - 1 July 2022Prize: 100 MetaShooter Alpha version Invitation NFT KeysMetaShooter is super detailed AAA type web 3.0 game, which provides a unique and logical gameplay experience as the majority of other projects lack. To add, its a game where where players can actually play an exciting game and earn, not only to earn. Some features:In order to receive NFT Alpha invitation key & Download the game, you need to have account in  Hunter's Dashboard  and connect your wallet address you entered during login process on this gleam campaign 🔫In MetaShooter players can customize their equipment, have their own strategy in the game and that game focuses not only on purchased equipment, but on actual skills and luck.Contest Host: Liquidifty

NFTing x CrazyMeta Giveaway

Ends in 6 Days 10 Hours - 2602 Entries

🎁 NFTing x CrazyMeta Partnership Giveaway 🎁
WIN 100 USDT Worth of Prizes from NFTing and CrazyMeta 🎁
🥇 GRAND PRIZE: 1 Winner of 50 USDT🥈 2ND PRIZE: 2 Winners of 25 USDT
⏰ Duration:  June 27, 2022 to July 4, 2022
Good Luck everyone! 🚀🛡️ CrazyMeta is a Wear-to-Earn community-led creator powerhouse and ecosystem empowering designers and fashionistas to create fashion NFTs for the Metaverse and to forge them into physical fashion items. The CrazyMeta platform and DAO allows partners and other DAO participants to bring their unique vision into both the Metaverse and the physical universe and so let their followers bring their voice wherever they may be.
🛡️ NFTing is the all-in-one NFT ecosystem with multi-chain functionality, multilingual features and an intuitive interface that is easy to use by artists, collectors and crypto newbies alike. Not just another NFT exchange, but a truly decentralized, next-gen NFT trading, creation, curation and communication platform, NFTing aims to foster a thriving community on its built-in social platform, while activating projects and artists to unleash their creativity with zero barriers to entry.#NFTingxLootboxGiveaway
Contest Host: NFTing

MetaSHIBAZero Airdrop 🎉

Ends in 28 Days 14 Hours - 160 Entries

METASHIBZ Giveaway 🎁
500 million METASHIBZ Prize pool🎁First 10k member recive 50,000 METASHIBZ each 🎁Distribution started in 27 July 2022 🎀METASHIBZ listed on Quick swap, paraswap, coincodex ✅Check contract adress : https://polygonscan.com/token/0x43a927aA7927fCe2588025cCCb13a8fd0632c059Contest Host: MetaSHIBAZero

Klaytn Museum Quiz Event

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Klaytn Museum Quiz Event
🎉 클레이튼 뮤지엄🎉메인넷 론칭 3주년 기념 메타버스 공간으로, 역사부터 기술적 강점, 게임파이(GameFi) 생태계 확장 및 NFT 프로젝트들의 전시 등 지난 3년 간 클레이튼이 성장한 모습을 한 눈에 볼 수 있습니다. 🕗 이벤트 진행 기간 🕗6/27 (Mon) 09:00 - 7/3 (Sun) 9:00 (UTC) 🏆 상품 🏆총 20명, 클레이튼 기반 NFT프로젝트가 기부한 NFT를 랜덤으로 지급 📢 참여 방법 📢1. 필수 미션을 모두 수행하면 퀴즈가 나타납니다.2. 퀴즈는 맞는 답을 넣어야만 제출이 됩니다.3. 퀴즈를 다 풀면 당첨확률이 높아집니다. ⚠️주의사항 ⚠️꼭 클레이튼 기반의 지갑 주소를 제출해주시길 바랍니다.의무미션만 모두 수행해도 참여가 완료되지만 퀴즈 풀기, 친구초대를 하면 당첨 확률이 높아집니다.비정상적이거나 불법적인 방법 등으로 이벤트에 참여한 경우 이벤트 당첨자에서 제외될 수 있습니다.상품은 제출한 Klaytn 지갑 주소로 직접 전송될 예정입니다.지갑 주소에 오류나 문제가 있을 경우 당첨자에서 제외될 수 있습니다.1인당 한 번만 참여할 수 있습니다.Contest Host: Klaytn Games

Tap Fantasy 150000 Followers Airdrop

Ends in 2 Days 10 Hours - 30459 Entries

Tap Fantasy 150000 Followers Airdrop
 If our twitter reach 150k followers by 30th June,
💝 10 random winners will get SR NFT Skins! (1 SR NFT SKINS=1 $SOL)
Complete the tasks down below so you are eligible for the airdrop.
Winner list will publish on medium.
🎮TAP FANTASY ENTRANCE⏰:Jun.27th-Jun.30th
Contest Host: Tap Fantasy

庆祝入驻Project Galaxy — 赢得首枚入驻纪念OAT...

Ends in 13 Days 6 Hours - 0 Entries

庆祝入驻Project Galaxy — 赢得首枚入驻纪念OAT
👏欢迎加入!我们很高兴您加入PANewsDAO Discord社区!🎉为庆祝PANewsDAO加入Project Galaxy,我们推出了我们的第一个OAT,这也是庆祝 NFT。📣要赢得PANewsDAO的第一个OAT徽章,请完成以下任务!⏰时间:6月27日20:00 - 7月11日20:00 (GMT+8)📌规则:活动期间,完成所有任务的用户将有资格获得此NFT🎁👨‍🎨 关于PANewsDAO:PANewsDAO是为所有Web3爱好者汇聚行业内有价值的信息,提供深度内容共享和互动的综合性加密社区DAO。Contest Host: PANews

Startup x Biswap (BSW) $1,000 Giveaway

Ends in 1 Day 22 Hours - 155221 Entries

Startup x Biswap (BSW) $1,000 Giveaway
Fulfill tasks to get entries.  👇🧧100 lucky winners, $10 each🧧 
The more tasks you complete, the higher your chance to win! 🏆
Retweets                          Prize
<1,000                        $100, 10*$10
1,000-2,000               $200, 20*$10
2,000-6,000               $500, 50*$10
6,000-10,000             $800, 80*$10
     >10,000                      $1000, 100*$10No Gate.io account yet? Register one now
  Register Now
*The rewards will be in BSW.
*KYC is required, otherwise winners cannot receive the prize.
*The rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event ends.
*Winners need to trade no less than $50 in $BSW from 2022-06-15 to 2022-06-30.
Contest Host: Gate.io