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Ends in 36 Minutes 36 Seconds - 16594 Entries

📣 Join #AMA COMEARTH X MetaDAO(will be host on our Discord)We are pleased to host the AMA session of our partner COMEARTH 🚀You can win rewards if you make this social tasks(more entries = more chances to win)AMA Details:🗓 Date: June, 28⏰ Time: 10 AM UTC 📍 Venue: https://bit.ly/3NcOiyE💰 Rewards: • $100 in $MDGG for 10 best questions• 2 LANDS NFT from COMEARTH🧐 Find Secret Codes in MetaDAO and COMEARTH social ✔️Contest Host: MetaDAO

Carbon NFT Competition

Ends in 1 Day 15 Hours - 98 Entries

1 Carbon NFT
🌳 Our Origins Carbonized NFT collection will be launching soon 🌳These NFTs are more than just artwork ‼️Each NFT is backed with carbon credits fromselected forestry and conservation projects.When you buy a carbonized NFT you offset actualcarbon in the real world.Your purchase supports those projects that areprotecting and regenerating rare species andhabitats. We want to reward our community, so we decided to make an event where you guys can stay ahead of the crowd and win your very own Carbon NFT before we even start the sale.Complete as many tasks as you can and help us spread the word.🌱 Let's make the world a better place! 🌱Contest Host: Likvidi

Happy Giraffe Society Whitelist Spot & Solana Giveaway!

Ends in 24 Days - 14 Entries

Happy Giraffe Society Whitelist & 2 Solana Giveaway!
INTRODUCINGHAPPY GIRAFFE SOCIETYRemember, this is only one of many ways you can win free Solana or whitelist spots! We will be constantly giving more away on our Twitter, Discord, and Instagram pages so make sure to follow and stay active for all the latest updates!Contest Host: Happy Giraffe Society


Ends in 28 Days - 0 Entries

This is our second GLEAM #NFT Giveaway with many more coming every MONTH! DON'T MISS OUT!Many ways to ENTER!Be sure to complete all steps for maximum chances of WINNING a FREE NFT or some $CRO Tokens. :)Twitter: http://Twitter.com/@CrooksCronosInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/crooksofcronosnft/Discord: https://discord.gg/RgyfqGnaGEWebsite: http://Crooksofcronos.xyzMerch/Mint: CronosCrooks.shopContest Host: The Grand Scheme Of Crypto - Crooks Of Cronos NFT

Movemoon Airdrop

Ends in 2 Days 10 Hours - 811940 Entries

Movemoon Airdrop
🔊🔊🔊🔊BIG NEWS: Movemoon Airdrop is available⏰ Start: 0:00 (UTC) on June 24🕰 End: 0:00 (UTC) on June 30 (or another new date)🎁 Prize pool: 10,000,000 tokens — IDO token price: $0.001 🎁 Tokens distribution: After 7 days after listing🎉 1500 winning members will be awarded randomly: 6,000 tokens/member($6)Top members with the most referrals will receive bonus based on the following ranking:💥Top 1: Bonus 50,000 tokens($50)💥Top 2: Bonus 30,000 tokens($30)💥Top 3: Bonus 20,000 tokens($20)💥Top 4 - 10: Bonus 10,000 tokens($10)Contest Host: Movemoon

100k $RFX Giveaway (July 2022)

Ends in 26 Days 15 Hours - 20 Entries

100k $RFX Giveaway (July 2022)
Reflex Cloud Mining Giveaway50k $RFX Giveaway for the first 10 Users with the most entries and 50k $RFX to 10 random Users.Simply download the app and join this new giveaway for free!*The winners will receive the prize in their Reflex cloud mining account.Contest Host: Reflex Token

HAHIHO X PreciousPass Freemint + WL 에어드랍 이벤트

Ends in 3 Days 8 Hours - 2208 Entries

HAHIHO X PreciousPass Freemint + WL 에어드랍 이벤트
HAHIHO 채널에서 PreciousPass Freemint 2장 + WL 3장을 받아왔습니다.다들 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.🏆 PreciousPass Freemint 2장 + WL 3장⏰ ~7월 1일 자정 마감 ____________________________________________________________________프로젝트 이름 : PreciousPass(Klay)트위터 : 10K디스코드 : TBA
PRECIOUS PASS DAO NFT는 커뮤니티 액세스, 도구, 거버넌스, 다양한 특전 및 특히 모두를 위한 고급 보석에 대한 액세스를 허용합니다.
NFT 홀더는 커뮤니티 튜표, 알파콜, NFT 프로젝트 일정, WL 스팟, 추첨 무료 nft, 추첨 irl drop 보석에 대한 다른 추첨에 대한 액세스, 다이아몬드 패스스와 골드 패스 소유자에게 다이아몬드 목걸이 또는 금 지급 예정
🔔 총 물량 : 4,999개💰 가격 : WL - 0.045 ETH / 퍼블릭 - 0.066 ETH⏰ 민팅 일정 : 7월 말  
홈페이지 : TBA
디스코드 : TBA
트위터 : https://twitter.com/PreciousPassNFT
* Freemint + WL 당첨확률은 매우 낮지만 당첨되면 대부분 많은 수익을 볼 수 있습니다* 프리민트는 무조건 참여합시다!📌 당첨자 발표 후 당첨자분들의 팔로우 및 입장을 확인하며 하지 않았을 경우에는 당첨이 취소될 수 있습니다.Contest Host: Hahiho29

Vmain NFT Airdrop Campaign

Ends in 14 Days - 496 Entries

Vmain NFT Airdrop Campaign
Join Vmain NFT Airdrop Now! 1. Follow Us On Twitter2. Retweet Pinned Post On Twitter3. Join Our Vmain Telegram Chat4. Join Our Vmain Telegram Channel5. Join Our Vmain Discord Server6. Visit Vmain on Facebook Page7. Visit Vmain on Website8. Visit Vmain On Youtube9. Visit Vmain On Medium10. Submit BSC(BEP20) WalletTop 1-10: Each Will Get 1 NFT Book + 1 NFT Junior + 1 Event TicketTop 11-200: Each will Get 1 NFT Book + Book of artifacts + 1 Event Ticket We will select 800 winners at random, Each Will Get Book of artifact + Event Tickets
🎁 Airdrop List WinnersRandom : 1000Top Referral : 200
Contest Host: Vmain NFT

PickleRick Finance Airdrop

Ends in 22 Days 15 Hours - 20 Entries

PickleRick Finance Airdrop
PickleRick $RICKWelcome to PickleRick Finance! Home of the foul mouthed, deranged and intellectual disasterminds. Loosely based on the popular show Rick and Morty, In an infinite multiverse where anything can and will happen, we will allow our creativity to unfold. Incentivized BUSD rewards program for holders, future GameFi, NFT space and a first of its kind blockchain dating app!Telegram: http://t.me/PickleRickCryptoSweepwidget:   🔥BUSD Rewards!💰STAKE $RICK to earn!🚀 GameFi, NFT platform and Native Blockchain Dating App✅Contract Verified on BSCscan⚖️ Contract Audited by @Vital_Block📌 Token info: • Name: PickleRick • Symbol: RICK• Token Type: BSC• Total Supply: 100 000 000 000💰Presale Ratio💰• Softcap - 30 BNB• Hardcap - 60 BNB• The minimum allocation per presale will be 0.01 bnb, and the maximum allocation is 1Launch on Pancakeswap(24hrs after presale ends)Social Media:🌏 Website: www.picklerick.online👥 Telegram group: https://t.me/PickleRickCrypto🧧 TG China: https://t.me/PickleRickFiChina🐣 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/PickleRickFi🛡 Audit: https://github.com/Vital-block/Solidity/blob/52f5cbfaec71da8a40cf46df40b4dfd67dafc1e4/Audit%20-%20PickleRick.pdfContest Host: PickleRick Finance

Starknet Vietnam Community's Learn and Earn Campaign

Ends in 1 Day 10 Hours - 87 Entries

Starknet Vietnam Community's Airdrop Event
THỂ LỆ: 1. Follow @starknetvietnam 2. Retweet tweet này 3. Join telegram chat: https://t.me/starknetvn4. Ngồi im, tình yêu sẽ tới Chương trình sẽ kết thúc vào ngày 28/04/2022. Tổng giải thưởng: Up to 50 USD được chia đều cho 5 người may mắn nhấtContest Host: Starknet Vietnam Community

👟TRACER x 에어드랍코리아 경쟁화리 EVENT👟

Ends in 1 Day 8 Hours - 3171 Entries

👟TRACER x 에어드랍코리아 경쟁화리 EVENT👟
👟TRACER x 에어드랍코리아 경쟁화리 EVENT
니어프로토콜 기반 M2E 2.0 프로젝트 TRACER NFT 
화이트리스트 이벤트를 진행합니다.
많은 참여 부탁드립니다.
경쟁화이트리스트: 15명
📆 기간: 6.25일 ~ 6.30일 00시 마감
🚶 니어프로토콜 기반 Move to Earn 2.0 프로젝트 TRACER 🚶
👟  Tracer NFT 소개 👟
TRACER의 3D 신발 NFT는 메타버스와 현실 세계를 연결합니다. 
하나의 신발 NFT는 3개 이상의 NFT 부품으로 구성되며, 
신발마다 모양이 다르고 다양한 디자인과 스탯이 존재합니다.
👟  Tracer NFT 특징 👟
3D composable NFT
실력있는 디자이너가 3D로 작업하여 완성도가 높고 가지고 싶은 매력이 있으며, 
추후 메타버스로 확장하기 용이함.
파츠별로 구성되어 있어, 나만의 NFT를 조합해 나갈 수 있습니다. 추후 염료, 질감 등의 
custom이 가능하게 할 예정 Social
계주, 마라톤, 로드 전쟁 등 유저가 “국경을 넘어 함께 뛸 수 있는” 소셜 컨텐츠를 통해 꾸준히,
 장기적으로 즐길 수 있는 콘텐츠 제작
Non ponzi tokenomics
기존 P2E와 M&E(M2E)들은 신규 유저의 유입이 줄면 토큰 가격 유지가 거의 불가능한 폰지 구조를 고질적으로 가지고 있습니다. 이것은 신규 유저의 cash in으로 기존 유저의 cash out을 가능하게 하는 불합리한 구조임을 인식하고, 새로운 토크노믹스 추진 예정.
Semi stable model
고질적인 폰지구조로 인해 초기유저들은 큰 이득을 보고, 신규유저는 진입을 망설이는 문제가 많았습니다. 이를 위해 semi stable model을 도입하여, 
유틸토큰의 단기적 변동성을 거버넌스가 감당하게 구성하였습니다. 이로인해, 신규유저는 망설이지 않고 진입할 수 있으며, 유저들은 안정적으로 M&E를 즐길 수 있습니다.
Contest Host: Airdrop

StepWatch IDO Whitelisting Contest

Ends in 10 Days 2 Hours - 0 Entries

🛑StepWatch IDO Whitelist🛑
🧜‍♀️STEPWATCH is a WEB3 fitness and health tracking mobile application that incorporates NFT Move-To-Earn and social networking elements. It is where you can get rewards through walking, jogging, and going to the gym. You need a free Watch to participate in the Platform or purchase an NFT watch first. Walking, running, and physical training can then enable you to obtain Cryptocurrency and other NFTs on the Platform and the items you earn can be used for in-platform activities or can be traded on the platform..✨Get a chance to be whitelisted and receive a guaranteed Copper-Tier allocation.  
✨30 whitelist spots will be given away during the IDO deal with StepWatch. 
The IDO deal will take place on BullStarter.
To participate in this contest, you should do the following: 
1. Register on BullStarter and complete KYC2. Complete ALL the tasks provided below👇
❗️ On July 8th, all of the winners will receive a personal email from BullPerks with further instructions. We will also announce them on social media disclosing only the first 5 and last 5 symbols of their wallet addresses. If you have any questions, please ask our admin in the Official Telegram Chat.T&C's: Due to compliance regulations, residents from the United States, and OFAC sanctioned countries are not permitted to join this contest. The team is not responsible for any legal repercussions incurred due to the non-compliance of participants. Please consult the respective laws governing your region for the most accurate information. 
Disallowed Locations:
Albania, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Jamaica, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Syrian Arab Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Yemen, and ZimbabweStepWatch is a WEB3 fitness and health tracking mobile application that incorporates NFT Move-To-Earn and social networking elements. It is a place where you can get rewards through walking, jogging, and going to the gym. You need a free Watch to participate in the Platform, or you need to purchase an NFT watch first. Walking, running, and physical training can then enable you to obtain Cryptocurrency and other NFTs on the Platform and the items you earned can be used for in-platform activities or can be traded on the platform.Contest Host: GamesPad

$MSWS 10 Million Airdrop

Ends in 26 Days 12 Hours - 236 Entries

$MSWS 10 Million Airdrop
🎊🎉10,000,000 $MSWS token Airdrop🎉🎊
1000 $MSWS for 10,000 membersOur NFT sale is live you can get your Wolf + 10,000 $MSWS : https://publicsale.mightysolwolves.com/
Tasks to Participate in Airdrop :
① Mint Token : | Mint address : ArGrm5N6Sv9d79bosoH7jjteRDVLfX1J2HinPFoBFXz6 | Name : Mighty Sol Wolves | Symbol : MSWS 
② Follow : https://twitter.com/MightySolWolves?s=09
- Quote tweet Pinned post with hashtags : $MSWS #Solana #Airdrop and tag 3 friends
Contest Host: sharpsneaker


Ends in 19 Days 9 Hours - 96 Entries

🎊 社群活動開跑!多重好禮等你拿!🎊💎 累積10分 Free Mint!再抽無聊猿土地💎🏵 活動一、天天抽好禮加入Line社群一同交流並參與活動,可獲得〔 ETH、Airpods、iPad 〕等好禮。🏵 活動二、邀請拿白單完成表單任務可獲得積分,完成後分享自己的連結給好友,每增加一位好友可獲得1積分,累積滿10分即可獲得Hoboxs白名單資格。( 取得白名單資格可在發行日以〔 Free Mint 〕獲得 Hoboxs。 )🏵 活動三、抽虛擬土地〔 Hoboxs持有者 〕可獲得抽虛擬土地的機會,獎項為Otherside等土地項目。( 將以快照方式記錄,時間請關注官方公告。 )抽獎土地|Otherside #52893存放地址|0xF63bCeddF6E16E5Bd87AEB0C4d84625E6aFd38C6--------------------------------------🚀 我們是 Homily DAO ! 🚀Homily DAO 將打造一個友善社群,在元宇宙中聚集人才並提供知識,我們將打造一個與〔家庭〕為主軸的DAO,讓NFT元宇宙與現實世界更佳緊密!收藏NFT將在元宇宙中獲得一個新身份〔HOHO〕,HOHO們都將透由參與社群活動進而關注社會議題。🔉 7月份重要事件 🔉・第一場AMA|7月初・課程教學|每週末・Hoboxs發行日|7月底🌐 更多內容請見官方網站※ 為保持活動公平性,如發現假帳號或者惡意洗分者,將喪失白名單資格,此外,主辦單位保有最終修改、變更、活動解釋及取消本活動之權利,若有相關異動將會公告於網站, 恕不另行通知。Contest Host: homilydao

🔥$1000 Airdrop on the launch of Holonus's Redesigned webs...

Ends in 11 Days 4 Hours - 720 Entries

$1000 HLN Airdrop on the launch of Holonus's Redesigned Website.
​Holonus is a platform to create an economic zone based on DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)● We're excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website.●To celebrate it we're doing $1000 HLN Airdrop.🤑●🔖100 Winners will receive $10 eachContest Host: Holonus

$SHS 10 Million Airdrop

Ends in 26 Days 12 Hours - 309 Entries

$SHS 10 Million Airdrop
Next-gen WEB 3.0 Fitness & Steps Reward Utility | $SHS Token | Sneaker Swap Portal with $SHS Token | SharpSneaker dApp in Progress10 Million $SHS Community Token Airdrop (first 10,000 participant gets 1,000 $SHS Each)✅ Tasks:
👟 Follow us on Twitter
👟 Retweet Pinned Post👟 Join our Discord
Contest Host: sharpsneaker

@ARATSBOI GAMING invite you to join Utopo x Soulmeta Airdrop...

Ends in 2 Days 8 Hours

Utopo x Soulmeta Airdrop Giveaway

Utopo is an all-in-one platform for GameFi assets trading, data and walkthroughs of popular games, social networking for games, and game asset custody.Soulmeta is a Social Metaverse Platform where NFT can be freely mint and users can earn income through social interaction.
PRIZE POOL - $20000 USDT + 3000 mysterious boxes
Reward details
🏆 20 X $500 USDT
🏆 50 X $100 USDT
🏆  70 X $ 50 USDT
🏆 150X $ 10 USDT
🌎 30 X 100 mysterious boxes
Each mystery box is worth 1 USDT
320 Winners will share $20000 USDT + 3000 mysterious boxes
Complete all the entry missions below, and share the link with your friends for higher chances of winning!
Join us for the latest news!
​WEBSITE - https://www.utopo.com/
TWITTER - https://twitter.com/utopogame
TELEGRAM - https://t.me/UtopoOfficial
CHANNEL - https://t.me/UtopogameNews
MEDIUM - https://medium.com/@utopogame
Contest Host: Utopogame

Monster GO x ForN Gaming Guild NFT Airdrop

Ends in 5 Days 9 Hours - 6630 Entries

Monster GO x ForN Gaming Guild NFT Airdrop
🎉 MonsterGO NFT #Giveaway🎉#MonsterGO(@monstergo_bsc)⚡ゲーム性は RPG+AXIE 予定⚡PvE,PvP,NFTステーキング有り⚡ 7月にゲーム映像公開、8月にβ開始🎁 Elf Egg NFT🏆 Twitter x 5⏰ END 7/3 21:00 JST
Rule1. Follow @monstergo_bsc &@ForNGamingGuild on Twitter2. Like and RT3. Join Monster GO&ForNGamingGuild Discord(https://discord.gg/X9uZKwDUCg)(https://discord.com/invite/GDxhdDsN3H)4.Refer Friends For 10 Entries5. Submit your bep-20 addressTips:1. We will remove fake accounts to ensure the fairness of the event;2. Participants must be active and real users.3. Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the event endsContest Host: Monster

AQX Telegram Sticker Competition

Ends in 2 Days 13 Hours - 62 Entries

AQX Telegram Sticker Competition
We hope that you enjoyed our mini campaigns set throughout the month. Coming up next, we will be hosting an internal Telegram Sticker Competition that starts on 25th June 2022, 12pm UTC!Winners of this competition may have their stickers be chosen to be inside AQX’s official sticker pack! More information here: -insert medium article link-We will be giving away a total of 100 USDT with 3 winners!
First place: 50 USDT
Second place: 30 USDT
Third place: 20 USDT
Disclaimer:1. Participants will only be eligible for rewards through an airdrop into their AQX UID and wallet address, accessible via an approved AQX user account.2. Participants will have to complete KYC 2 to receive their rewards.Contest Host: aqx


Ends in 32 Days 9 Hours - 3900 Entries

🎉🎉  TECHDOGE Special Airdrop is LIVE 🎉🎉🐕Next-G of DOGE Family - HiddenGem 100x 🚀🏆 Total Prizes 🏆 $TECHDOGE💎 Top 10 entries will get extra bonus 💎🥇1st : $TECHDOGE🥈2nd : $TECHDOGE🥉3rd : $TECHDOGE🏅4th - 10th : $TECHDOGE🎯 100 Entries = 100.000.000 $TECHDOGE🎯The rest will receive rewards corresponding to your entries⏰ END : 16:00 UTC 30th July⛔ BEWARE : If any accounts were explore cheating, it will be add on blacklistand result will be delete.🎉GOODLUCK !!!Contest Host: TECHDOGE

Sneaker Designer Hunting

Ends in 5 Days 5 Hours - 9301 Entries

Sneaker Designer Hunting

🏁Sneaker Designer Hunting🏁
📣During the campaign period, the users who complete the Gleam Task will be eligible for this NFT. Complete the tasks below to get eligible!
📌Join us on Discord and find #event-campaign room to submit your art.
🎁OAT+Right to decide the next OAT
⏰3PM UTC June 24 - 12PM UTC July 3
☑️Claimable 24 hours after the completion of the gleam task.Contest Host: B.A.D Hood


Ends in 5 Hours - 857 Entries

Contest Host: Babylons


Ends in 1 Day 7 Hours - 201 Entries

🔥MINIGAME HÀNG TUẦN CỦA MIFU ĐÃ TRỞ LẠI🔥 Nhằm tri ân sự đóng góp của các member MIFU CAPITAL, MIFU đặc biệt tổ chức lại Minigame hàng tuần dành cho các member của đại gia đình MIFU💰Tổng giải thưởng mỗi tuần là: 600.000 VND, mỗi giải 200.000 VNĐ👉 Thể Lệ: Hoàn thành tất cả các task trong gleam để đủ điều kiện quay số và sẽ chọn ngẫu nhiên 3 bạn chiến thắng👉 Thời gian bắt đầu: 21h mỗi tối thứ 6 hàng tuần👉 Thời gian quay số: 21h30 tối thứ 4 hàng tuần🌵 #MIFU #CAPITAL là một cộng đồng đầu tư crypto tại Việt Nam, chúng tôi cung cấp cho thành viên thông tin, kiến thức và phân tích cơ hội đầu tư. Việc tham gia do các bạn tự quyết định, còn đối với MIFU, chúng tôi cam kết luôn cung cấp thông tin khách quan, miễn phí và sẽ luôn như thế, đặc biệt là chúng tôi KHÔNG BAO GIỜ kêu gọi vào nhóm kín thu phí, hay kêu gọi member donate hoặc các hình thức xin tiền member khác. ✨ MIFU - Make Income For You: Tôn trọng lời hứa, cam kết với đối tác; Tạo ra giá trị thật cho dự án và nhà đầu tưContest Host: MIFU CAPITAL

Futira Global Giveaway $20,000

Ends in 10 Hours - 467 Entries

Futira (FUT) $20,000 Airdrop

The Most Anticipated Giveaway Campaign! 🔥

⚡️ Futira will distribute the $FUT tokens to users who join the giveaway program and complete simple tasks! For completing each task, you will receive certain points.
🔹Join Futira Twitter and TG channel — 10 points 
🔹Like the post in Futira Twitter — 5 points 
🔹Comment on the publication in TG and Twitter (comments like good project, to the moon, etc. are not taken into account) — 5 points
🔹Post on Twitter mentioning Futira (meme, text) — 5 points
🎁Total Prize Pool: $20,000
⭐️To take part in the giveaway program, follow the link, complete tasks, and earn points. The more points you score, the higher your reward will be!
Join the campaign now! 🚀
Contest Host: Futira Global

Meta Square Airdrop

Ends in 26 Days 12 Hours - 90 Entries

✨  10 Million $MSQU Airdrop  ✨☑ Complete Simple tasks to get into Meta Squares Digital Shops World !✅ Follow us✅ Follow @HedgeCartelfund on Twitter✅ Retweet Pinned Post✅ Join our Collab Partner's DiscordContest Host: sharpsneaker

Unuverse x InvestMan 10 WL Spots Giveaway!

Ends in 1 Day 16 Hours - 17 Entries

Unuverse x InvestMan 10 WL Spots Giveaway!
Somewhere in our UNUVERSE, there is an island filled with the most phenomenal creatures ever known, each more remarkable than the other. It is UNU that represents these creatures through UNU Animal NFTs.We are giving away 10 WL Spots, do ALL the tasks below and be active on our community to win 🏆Contest Host: Unuverse

Kanimal Clash

Ends in 2 Days 5 Hours - 33423 Entries

💥kanimalclash x 좋은친구들💥​
​💥kanimalclash x 좋은친구들💥​💌에어드랍 2개, 20WL  💌
민팅 예정가 400달러 상당 폴리곤 체인총 800달러 100만원이상 이벤트
< 랜덤1, 홍보왕 1명>
⏳기간 6월 25일~6월 30일 오후9시 
캐니멀클래시 x 굿프렌드 영상보고
 ‘좋아요’ 누르고,  댓글 달아주세요!
Kanimal Clash는 실시간 멀티플레이어 블록체인 게임입니다.  10,000개 이상의 고유한 캐릭터 NFT로 나만의 덱을 만들 수 있습니다.각 캐릭터는 고유한 기술과 액세서리를 가지고 있습니다. 성과 타워를 파괴하여 상대를 물리치고 아레나에서 토큰, NFT를 획득할수 있습니다.토큰을 수집하고 Kanimal NFT를 번식하고 지금 영토를 확장해보세요.캐니멀 클래시의 강점은 7가지가 있습니다.1. 클래시 로얄과 비슷한 게임성과 엑시 인피니티의 P2E 모델 + 소각 모델을 추가하였고 갈라게임즈의 확장성과 노드 모델을 합친 게임이라는 점2. 넷마블에서 게임 개발 경력이 많은 게임 개발팀 및 동남아시아의 P2E 게임 개발 경력이 있는 Gala Games 출신 개발팀이 만든 게임이라는 점3. NFT를 통해 브리딩, P2E 게임에 활용 이외로 NFT 소각을 통한 업그레이드, 스테이킹, 길드 내에서 레벨, 게임 노드로 사용한다는 점4. 스콜라십 로그인 기능을 탑재하여 마켓플레이스와 루데나 지갑을 통해 스콜라십 기능 간편하게 사용 가능하다는 점5.OKX 및 코인원에 상장되어 있는 루데나 프로토콜이 개발 하였고 Avocado, Polygon, Enjin 등 파트너사 보유하고 있다는 점6. 루데나의 게임 소셜 플랫폼에서 3백만 이상의 유저들에게 게임을 노출이 가능하다는 점7. 유틸리티 토큰의 다양한 사용처 
(인게임, 마켓플레이스, 커뮤니티 등)가 있다는 점입니다.

https://linktr.ee/goodfriend0906 <- 좋은친구들링크트리
https://www.instagram.com/goodfriend0906 <-  인스타그램
https://open.kakao.com/o/greb4m0d <- NFT수다/정보오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/gfNhCBHd <- 더마르스전용 오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/gn8JQ6Sd   <- NFT 오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/glnxudzd   <- NFT/P2E 오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/gejchHUd <- 레퍼럴교환 오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/gvrNi52d  <- 이더리움전용 오픈톡
https://youtu.be/gUSifvhXGvU             <- 좋은친구들 주제곡
당첨시 디스코드 미참여, 트위터 언팔인상태이면 
당첨이 취소됨을 알려드립니다.
Contest Host: goodfriend

DroidBits Airdrop

Ends in 17 Days 10 Hours - 8 Entries

DroidBits Community Airdrop
1,000,000 $DRB Tokens AirdropAirdrop winners 
The first 1000 airdrop participants who complete all mentioned tasks will be qualified for the Airdrop.
1000 $DRB Token Each Person
Rules for Airdrop
The competition runs from June 25 to July 15, 2022 
Only participants who will do all the required tasks are eligible to receive the reward.
Multiple or fake accounts are not allowed and they will be eliminated.
Spamming is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
Reward Distribution
Airdrop wil be distributed before July 20th to your Sol address your copied
NOTE: Do not use exchange wallet or your reward token will be lost
Contest Host: https://twitter.com/droidbitsnft


Ends in 5 Hours - 57530 Entries

💥 NOV x 좋은친구들 💥
💥NOV  x  좋은친구들💥⏳ 6/25~6/28 21:00🎁 참가자전원 프리민팅 권한부여(일반) / airdrop 20 스페셜<200klay예상>< 에어드랍 = 기브어웨이,5 응원의메시지 추첨 5분 , 종합점수1~5등 랜덤5 >https://nov-letter.com​대체불가능한게 뭔데?블록체인, 메타버스, NFT... 기술로 세상이 바뀌고 있다는데,봐도 봐도 모르겠다면?어려운 개념도 쉽게 떠먹여 주는 노브레터와 함께해 보세요
최신 NFT 뉴스와 정보를 매주 월,수,금 이메일로 보내드립니다. (무료!)Newgeneration Of Value.
NOV는 세상의 모든 NFT 정보를 가장 빠르고, 재밌게 전달합니다.단순한 투자 수단으로써의 NFT를 넘어, 콘텐츠이자 문화로의 NFT를 전달합니다.투자부터 문화까지 우리의 많은 것들을 바꾸게 될 NFT를 NOV에서 만나보세요.

https://open.kakao.com/o/greb4m0d <- 이벤트문의
https://linktr.ee/goodfriend0906 <-링크트리
💞event question💞
https://t.me/gfs0906 <- 각종 정보방
https://t.me/gfs906 <- 수다방
https://www.instagram.com/goodfriend0906 <-  인스타그램
https://open.kakao.com/o/greb4m0d <- NFT수다/정보오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/gfNhCBHd <- 더마르스전용 오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/gn8JQ6Sd   <- NFT 오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/glnxudzd   <- NFT/P2E 오픈톡
https://open.kakao.com/o/gejchHUd <- 레퍼럴교환 오픈톡
https://youtu.be/gUSifvhXGvU             <- 좋은친구들 주제곡
당첨시 디스코드 미참여, 트위터 언팔인상태이면 
당첨이 취소됨을 알려드립니다
Contest Host: goodfriend

🐠Marine Blues Reboot Club(MBRC) Airdrop event🐠

Ends in 3 Days 8 Hours - 30919 Entries

🐠Marine Blues Reboot Club(MBRC) Airdrop event🐠

🐠Marine Blues Reboot Club(MBRC) Airdrop event🐠​
Date : 25th jun ~ 1st july.2022
Reward : 50 NFT + 200 WL 
Winner announcement : 4th July.2022 
Marine Blues, a first-generation webtoon that personified sea creatures and wittily expressed their day-to-day life!Breathing new life into a currently faded, but nostalgic Marine Blues.After 20 years of its initial release, the Marine Blues characters are revived with OGQ and rebooted into PFP NFT. Marine Blues Reboot Club is an NFT project issued by the Ethereum network, and contains a total of 10,000 PFPs.All profits generated from businesses listed in the roadmap will be shared with holders to expand globally.
✅MARINE BLUES Official link
🌊WEBSITE : https://marineblues.club/
👾DISCORD : https://discord.com/invite/marineblues
📸INSTAGRAM : https://instagram.com/mbrc.official
🐥TWITTER : https://twitter.com/MarineBlues_RC
📒MEDIUM : https://medium.com/@mbrc
📺YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNReP7NDu7QyrTrEb63Y5XA
​Contest Host: GOOD


Ends in 32 Days 17 Hours - 10 Entries

Use OXALUS Tracker - Earn $$$
$5,000 Reward
For 1,000 random users to finish all tasks
📅 By June 30th, 11:59 PM UTC
Your reward can ONLY be sent to the wallet address that you fill in the task you complete below.
✍ About ✍
Oxalus tracker is the first multiple NFT games tracker in the blockchain world. As a comprehensive tool, Oxalus tracker enables players to reach new productivity peaks in NFT game sectors with core features like tracking multiple games, easy management, and free access. Especially, Oxalus tracker aims to be a super tool for Guild Managers to manage scholars with ease: track key performance metrics; manage multiple accounts; find the best scholars and payment options.
Contest Host: Gleam

CMQ ✖️ DigiFinex Listing Events

Ends in 13 Days 1 Hour - 0 Entries

CMQ ✖️ DigiFinex Listing Events

COMMUNIQUE is a Social media application and CMQ is a Native token of COMMUNIQUE App. That lets you trade calories into crypto token CMQ.
DigiFinex is the world's Top 10 crypto exchange by trading volume and liquidity, offering spot, leverage, perpetual swap trading, and fiat to crypto trading. DigiFinex is widely loved for being stable, secure and easy to use.
⭐️Join in the CMQ ✖️ DigiFinex listing events to share 499,500 CMQ🚀
🎉EVENT 1: Airdrop: Complete the tasks shown at the bottom to share 200,000 CMQ
1. The first 200 participants will get 500 CMQ (~25 USDT)
2. 100 randomly selected participants will each receive 1,000 CMQ (~50 USDT)
📌EVENT 2: Trade CMQ to share 299,500 CMQ
Top 50 users whose trading volume is greater than 1000 USDT will share 299,500 CMQ (~15,000 USDT)
🔥Champion will get 40,000 CMQ  (~2,000 USDT)
⏰Time: 08:00 June 27th, 2022 (UTC) - 08:00 July 11th, 2022 (UTC)
Contest Host: DigiFinex

MegaLott 205 000 JPM Airdrop

Ends in 12 Days 10 Hours - 4 Entries

MegaLott 205000 JPM token Airdrop
AIRDROP 205.000 JPM TOKEN AIRDROPMEGALOTT is a Global Blockchain-Based Lottery Platform.The MegaLott Team is excited to give you 1010 chances to win JPM tokensRank 1 to 10 receive 1000 JPMThe remainder of the 205.000 JPM will be divided equally among the next 1000 rankingFinish ALL tasks in this campaign in order to maximize your chances of winning.Important: Winners will receive their tokens 1 month after this Airdrop event end. The listing will be announced soon!Good luck to you all!About MegaLottMegaLott is a fully permissionless DeFi-powered play-to-earn lottery DApp, the long-sought solution to a fair and modern lottery model.The launch of innovative products like the MegaLott Token Platform will help players gain a larger global online lottery market share over the next few years. The solving of Traditional lottery problems, MegaLott's advantage is Blockchain-Based Lotteries with: Decentralize & Non labor intensiveFully transparent & AutonomousInstant Claiming Regional Unlimited.Using the MegaLott Token (JPM) in the lottery pools helps avoid centralized entities, increase the winnings to the players and get additional profits by price changes on the exchanges and further scale of the lotteries. The rewards are based on the staking time in the pool, the total size of the pool, and predicted winning based on the user's bets.Follow MegaLott on social media to stay up to date with all the latest developments.Website: https://megalott.ioTesnet: https://testnet.megalott.ioPresale: https://presale.megalott.ioLinktree: https://linktr.ee/megalottAll final decisions belong to MegaLott.Contest Host: Zeus

TFSC Beta Test Registration

Ends in 3 Days 23 Hours - 3401 Entries

TFSC Beta Test WL
 We sincerely welcome developers who are interested in the TFSC network to participate in this round of beta tests. The TFSC network will provide rewards for their contributions and give priority to well-performed nodes to participate in the next round of testing in the future. Eligible applicants
UENC node operation service Providers; Public blockchain node operators;  Public blockchain developers or enthusiasts.
Hardware requirements
CPU: Intel CPU series or higher with eight or more cores are recommended
Memory: At least 16 GB DDR4
Disk standards: Mid to high end NVME solid-state disks (SSDS)
Disk space: 500 GB or more is recommended
Network bandwidth: fixed IP address with at least 50M upstream and downstream peer rates
Client Program: The download link will be sent to the application email
Others: Using a cloud server to deploy nodes is also feasible; the Client Program download link will be sent to the application email: Please check the official website for the wallet access
June 24 - July 1: Fill in the registration form and provide detailed information about your excrescences in operating blockchain nodes.
July 2 - July 3: The team will review and release the list of candidates. Shortlisted candidates can start to prepare for the next period after the list is released.
July 4 - July 6: Users will need to conduct client installation, block synchronization, assets claiming, and staking;
July 7-July 21: Start of the beta testing period.

Contest Host: Blockchain.org

Marinade and Crema Free-mint NFT Whitelists x 100 Giveaway

Ends in 2 Days 9 Hours - 6752 Entries

Marinade and Crema Free-mint NFT Whitelists x 100 Giveaway
🔥Marinade and Crema have Reached Strategic Partnership🔥🔹CremaFinance is the 1st concentrated liquidity protocol on SolanaTo celebrate the partnership, we jointly are launching the giveaway of 100 'Crema Chill Chill Turtles' NFT free-mint Whitelists
⭐️Complete the following tasks to win the free-mint WLs👇
The ‘Crema Chill Chill Turtles’ NFT collection designed by CremaFinance is composed of 10,000 lovely turtles in total. They are smart, brave, and cool. They love coffee. They believe all bad things will be gone with a cup of coffee.This NFT collection is not only a set of uniquely-designed pfps, but also an NFT pass representing a series of future welfare and privileges on Crema, such as future airdrop by partnered projects, exclusive access to new products, digital identities to join special events, and so on.
More info👇
🔥🔥Crema IDO is coming soon!
Contest Host: CremaFinance

Sorteio de 2 NFTs da Coleção PFP Supply

Ends in 20 Hours - 2089 Entries

Sorteio de 2 NFTs da Coleção PFP Supply
Sortearemos 2 NFTs durante a transmissão ao vivo do podcast Simplificando a Web3, o podcast acontecerá na terçar feira dia 28/06 as 19:00 horas.Para participar siga os passos abaixo, quanto mais passos você fizer, mais chances você tera! link da coleção https://pfpsupply.co/Contest Host: P2ECREW

Carnage Carnival x Dynamic Crypto Gaming (20 x Mystery Ticke...

Ends in 2 Days 5 Hours - 1961 Entries

Carnage Carnival x Dynamic Crypto Gaming (20 x Mystery Ticket NFT Giveaway)
​We're giving away 20 x Mystery Ticket NFTs for the Community!​​What is Carnage Carnival?Play and Earn MOBA NFT blockchain based game with the aim of giving our community the autonomy that it deserve.Who are Dynamic Crypto Gaming?Dynamic Crypto Gaming aims to be one of the most welcoming web 3.0 DAO, optimised for content creation, esports, education and empowering their members. It's been great working with them so far!What is our Mystery Ticket NFTs?This ticket allows the owner to reveal upon marketplace launch to see if they are a winner of our NFT prizes. Only 1000 units available. Carnage Carnival is a NFT MOBA play and earn game project set to be released in the year 2023.Will I be able to trade this Mystery Ticket NFT?It is tradeable at one of our Official Marketplace, TofuNFTWhy should I own more than one? This is where it gets interesting. By holding more than one of our mystery tickets, unlocks certain perks.  3 x Mystery Ticket = Secure a whitelist spot for our NFT Presales  5 x Mystery Ticket = @Mogul (OG) Role (They will have their own token presale spot, beta access)  10 x Mystery Ticket = Secure a whitelist spot for our NFT Building We'll announce the date for every winners to CLAIM the NFT via our WEBSITE on our Discord and Telegram soon.Be sure to join our discord or telegram.Contest Host: Carnage Carnival

Memelist Giveaway ft. Memeland by 9GAG

Ends in 2 Days 11 Hours - 58051 Entries

Memelist Giveaway ft. Memeland by 9GAG
2 Memelist will be given away to 2 lucky winners![ Log in by your social account to see the tasks! ]Lucky Winners will be selected 2-3 working days after the contest ends
Winners will be announced at July 1, 2022, 02:00 (UTC+0)About MemelandMemeland is a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs. Each Memeland PFP (aka Captain) unlocks private club membership, exclusive access to creator NFT marketplace, IRL events, upcoming 9GAG drops and projects, and more.
About LootexLootex is a player-centric cross-chain NFT trading platform that shares the latest blockchain game info. We are devoted to building a gamer-centric game asset marketplace where gamers can easily browse, trade, and buy game assets across multiple blockchains.
💰 Increase your chances of winning by completing ALL the actions on Gleam.io. 💰
                              >> Login at the bottom to Enter <<
Contest Host: LootexIO

Bounty Campaign of Aquaris

Ends in 9 Days 7 Hours - 255 Entries

Bounty Campaign of Aquaris
The Most Anticipated Bounty Campaign! 🔥
⚡️ Aquaris will distribute the $AQS tokens to users who join the bounty program and complete simple tasks! For completing each task, you will receive certain points. 5 points = 1 $AQS
🔹Join Aquaris Twitter and TG channel — 10 points 
🔹Like the post in Aquaris Twitter — 5 points 
🔹Comment on the publication in TG and Twitter (comments like good project, to the moon, etc. are not taken into account) — 5 points
🔹Post on Twitter mentioning Aquaris (meme, text) — 5 points
🔹Subscribe to the Aquaris subreddit — 5 points
🔹Publication in third-party subreddits (meme, news about the project, question / discussion). Points are credited only after providing a link — 10 points 
r/binancer/CryptoMoonShotsr/SatoshiStreetBetsr/CryptoTechnologyr/CryptoCurrencyTradingr/CryptocurrencyICOr/icocryptor/shitcoinmoonshotsr/CryptoMarsShotsr/AllCryptoBetsr/AltStreetBetsr/CryptoMarsr/CryptoMoonr/ico/r/SatoshiStreetDegensr/MarsWallStreetr/BSCMoonShotsr/cryptostreetbetsr/altcoin_newsr/BSCcryptoListingsr/CryptoMoonCoinsr/defir/CryptoCurrencies/r/CryptoMarkets/r/CoinBaser/cryptocurrencymemesr/Crypto_Currency_Newsr/ethfinancer/BlockchainStartupsr/BlockChainr/ICOAnalysis🎁Total Prize Pool: unlimited⭐️To take part in the bounty program, follow the link, complete tasks, and earn points. The more points you score, the higher your reward will be!Join the campaign now! 🚀Contest Host: AQUARIS

Nominex Twitter Contest | Hit the Top Ten

Ends in 4 Days 17 Hours - 6549 Entries

Join Our Telegram Channel + Refer Friends!
🎯 Hit the top ten on Twitter10 random users will equally share $200 in NMX tokensThe task is simple, just a couple of clicks🏆 To claim your prize:🔹 Join telegram groups;🔹 Retweet.And also in the competition there are additional tasks that will give you more points, which means more chances to win:• Tag 2 friends in the tweet comments;• Subscribe to Nominex and Nomiswap twitters;• Share the contest with your friends.Contest Host: Nominex

Exclusive MetaShooter X MetaGods alpha invitation key + 20 M...

Ends in 16 Days 14 Hours - 261 Entries

Win NFT invitation key to play MetaShooter Alpha version & 20 MetaGods NFTs!
 🗝 MetaShooter is giving away 100 NFT Alpha invitation keys + 20 MetaGods NFTs 🗝By having an NFT Alpha invitation key, you will be able to have an opportunity to play & win daily or weekly rewards by participating in different types of competitions in the upcoming MetaShooter P2E hunting metaverse.🟢🟢🟢🟢🟢In order to receive NFT Alpha invitation key & Download the game, you need to have account in Hunter's Dashboard and connect your wallet address you entered during login process on this gleam campaign🦌🟢🟢🟢🟢🟢Other ways, how to play MetaShooter game:✅ Create an account in  Hunter's Dashboard✅ Stake 300MHUNT tokens for at least 3 months to get NFT Alpha invitation key OR stake 6000MHUNT for at least 6 months to get NFT Hunters badge✅ You have to use NFT Alpha invitation key (click on NFT Alpha key on hunter's dashboard, press "use" button"). Then you will be able to Download the game from hunter's dashboard menu section "download game". After downloading a game, you will need to use same logins as you used for Hunter's Dashboard to be able to enter the game and connect your used NFTs. 🟢🟢🟢🟢🟢Why MetaShooter is collaborating with MetaGods?
MetaGods is the next generation of play-to-earn action Massively Multiplayer Online RPG. 
Earn epic NFT loot by exploring dungeons and slaying mythical monsters. 
Bring along your friends from any Metaverse and earn even more rewards.
MetaGods NFTsAdventure Pack include a Character, Weapon and Armor. These 3 are essential to enter the Dungeon stages. This pack will allow you to access dungeons without the need to craft items and start earning.*MetaGods NFTs will be airdropped straight to winners wallets🟢🟢🟢🟢🟢P.S Check the first MetaShooter alpha mission teaser here:🟢🟢🟢🟢🟢
Alpha NFT invitation keys distribution will hold on BNB-721 chain and will be distributed to your Hunter Dashboard before 24th of June. Alpha game download unlocks on 24th of June 3 pm UTC for Alpha NFT invitation key holders.Contest Host: metashooter.gg

MetaFight x Métavers NFT France

Ends in 3 Days 9 Hours - 333 Entries

Giveaway MetaFight x Métavers NFT France
🥊 MetaFight: Cadeaux + Whitelist offertes🎁 Nous offrons à la communauté Métavers NFT France :3 x Pass Bronze 10 x WhitelistMetaFight est un trading card game utilisant l'image de combattants professionnels de MMA. Nous avons des partenariats avec l'organisation Ares et + de 300 Fighters dont Ciryl Gane, Damien Lapilus et Jerome Le Banner.Notre Play-And-Earn permettra de gagner des NFT en faisant combattre vos Fighters et donne accès à un métavers dans AltspaceVR.Contest Host: MetaFight

MEGACY Legendary Giveaways

Ends in 11 Days 9 Hours

MEGACY Legendary Giveaways
Time to take some actions!! Help us make our MEGACY community bigger. Be the first 1500 members to complete these duties and get a chance to win prizes and giveaways!!
* 20 lively members to receive airdrop $Sol* 50 LUCKY ones to receive MEGACY NFT airdrops* 1500 members to receive OG roles on MEGACY Discord (guaranteed WL tickets)

Event time: 2022.06.25 12:00AM - 2022.07.08 11:59PM (GMT+8)
Event Rule:

Users need to complete all tasks in gleam.​
Rewards will be distributed according to the entries ranking. 
$SOL rewards will be distributed within 5 working days after the event ends. with NFT presents that will be distributed prior to the moment of minting.
Please ensure that the wallet assets are not less than $10, otherwise it will be regarded as an invalid address
Contest Host: MEGACY.io

BabyRonaldo Whitelist Competition

Ends in 1 Day 8 Hours

BabyRonaldo Whitelist Competition
🚀Let's crack the round and become one of the lucky winners.⭐️Total winners: 300 (100 TOP referrals + 200 randoms)Note: The Top 5 people with the highest score in the Whitelist contest will receive prizes respectively:1st: 1 spot Whitelist + 200 BUSD2nd: 1 spot Whitelist + 150 BUSD3rd: 1 spot Whitelist + 100 BUSD4th: 1 spot Whitelist + 50 BUSD5th: 1 spot Whitelist + 20 BUSDTop 6-10: 1 spot Whitelist + 10 BUSD/user✅Token Name / Symbol: BABY RONALDO / BRND✅SC/HC: 75/150 BNB✅Min/Max: 0.1/0.8 BNB✅Total Supply: 100,000,000,000✅Buy/ Sell Tax Total tax : 11%✅Buy tax : 3% 1% send to Marketing Wallet 1% send to Holder Wallet 1% buy Fan token Bonus for Top Transaction ✅Sell tax : 8% 2% send to burn wallet 3% send to Marketing Wallet 3% send to Holder WalletOUR CHANNELS:Official Telegram: @babycr7x1000Website: https://babyronaldo.xyz/Twitter: https://twitter.com/babyronaldo_22Contest Host: gleam-campain

Try Your Best Learn&Win Mega Winner Draw

Ends in 33 Days 9 Hours - 138 Entries

Try Your Best Learn&Win Mega Winner Draw
1 MEGA WINNER 大奖获得者1位Please note: Winner’s social account will be verified. And the winner will be asked to do a simple interview. The final interpretation of this event belongs to Polygon.请注意:中奖者社交账号需经过审核验证真实性。且中奖者需要同意进行一次简单的采访。Polyon官方拥有本活动最终解释权。Prize List 奖品清单Gensokishi:Sushi Card + Bronze Ticket (Exclusive Entry to game) 寿司卡+铜板门票(可获得封测游戏资格)Tellie:PRO account (invite only) 专业账户(仅限邀请)One Planet:Mystery NFTs worth $1000 价值1000美金神秘NFTTristan: TGO Whitelist + Mystery NFT 治理Token TGO白名单+神秘NFT徽章FreshCut:FreshCut Membership + 1000 $FCD + Swag Pack FreshCut会员+1000 $FCD+周边礼包BovineVerse:100,000 BVG 10万$BVG Iswap:300USNKRZ:$200 SKZAnother1:NTR - Meta NFT (can exchange to real shoes) 鞋子 NFT (可兑换现实版鞋子)Evolution Land:Reserved land 预留土地一块CyberConnect:Link3 personal page whitelist 个人Link3页面白名单Zoop:Priority Pass Utility NFT 首期发售特权NFTMetaTravelers:Comic NFT + Nibiru Avatar NFTContest Host: PolygonChina

Arenum.io Beta League Competition

Ends in 1 Day 15 Hours - 6495 Entries

Arenum.io Beta League Competition
We are glad to announce this Gleam, which gives you the opportunity to get a Pass to participate in the Beta League with prize pool $500 (will be given in ARNM tokens).📅 Date: 17:00 June 24  — 10:00 June 30 UTC💰 Prize Pool: 50 Passes👥 No. of winners: 50⚠️Notes1. Subscribe Arenum Announcement: https://t.me/arenum_announcements2. Subscribe Twitter: @Arenum_official3. Register at Arenum.io and add your nickname4. Play one 1vs1 matchContest Host: Arenum.io

Jigsaw Terminator Challenge

Ends in 4 Days 5 Hours - 16758 Entries

Dragonaire Jigsaw Terminator Challenge🔥Collect all 3 different jigsaws you can become the winner of this campaign and have a chance to get the Token $DEAR AirDrop.📜 How to join:- Complete all tasks below to get the first random jigsaw on Galaxy.- Join our community for more events and get another 2 jigsaw pieces.- 100 token $DEAR AirDrop WLs drawn from the users who cllect all 3 jigsaws.🏆 Prize Pools:🚁 100 token $DEAR AirDrop WLs.  ( Up to 1500 $DEAR!!! )🐉 “A Song of Light and Dark” NFT collection on Project Galaxy🎁 10 Free Mint Mystery Boxes (1 SSR-Box, 2 SR-Box, 7 R-Box)🖼️ In-game limited-edition avatars and avatar frames.😎 Discord exclusive STAN (hardcore fan) identity verification symbol💰 Lots of token $DES ⏰ Time:June 24th - July 2rd 12PM UTCMore details: MediumStep your gas and good luck!Contest Host: dragonairenfts.co