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🔥 💠 Friends Protocol's 1st Airdrop 🪂 - 5 Free NFT! 💰 🔥
🟣 Friends Protocol 绝对是这个牛市你值得关注的项目!这是基于TON链的第一个SocialFi产品,通过 NFT 连接用户并扩展他们的社交网络。它为用户提供了多种激励计划,包括推荐奖励、应用内社交网络和 DAO 管理系统协议。专为 Telegram 的 10 亿用户量身定制的SocialFi产品,通过提供基于 NFT 的社区在 TON 上创造一个乌托邦。🟣 Friends Protocol is definitely a project worth paying attention to in this bull market! It is the first SocialFi product based on TON chain that connects users and expands their social networks through NFTs. It offers various incentive programs, including referral rewards, in-app social network, and DAO management system protocol. This SocialFi product is tailored for Telegram's 1 billion users and creates a utopia on TON by providing a community based on NFTs.🔵 TON 的主要优势在于其可扩展性和高性能。它支持动态分片和多工作链,每秒可以实现数百万次交易。与以太坊 2.0 和 Solana 相比,TON 的分片速率更高,交易确认时间更短。此外,TON 是一个图灵完备的高性能区块链,可以适应主链及其所有工作链上的任何复杂交易。这些优势加上 Telegram 本身庞大的用户基数,使得 TON 成为了众多区块链中的佼佼者。🔵 TON's main advantages lie in its scalability and high performance. It supports dynamic sharding and multiple work chains, enabling millions of transactions per second. Compared to Ethereum 2.0 and Solana, TON has higher sharding rates and shorter transaction confirmation times. Moreover, TON is a Turing-complete high-performance blockchain that can handle any complex transaction on its main chain and all work chains. These advantages, combined with Telegram's huge user base, make TON one of the best chains.🟢 目前,Friends Protocol V1 版本通过一个设计完善的邀请推荐系统来进行人脉扩展以及获得奖励。而 V2 版本将更加广泛,包括基于 NFT 的私密群聊、抽卡等等社交场景。🟢 Currently, Friends Protocol V1 version expands the user network and earns rewards through a well-designed referral system. V2 version will be more extensive, including social scenes such as NFT-based private group chat and card drawing.🟡 我们致力于在 TON 生态系统中创建一个杰出的项目,向尽可能多的个人介绍区块链概念。我们的目标是提高整体用户体验并吸引更多用户,这将推动整个行业向前发展。为此,我们正在探索可能的钱包集成、DEX、法定货币上行通道和社交图谱的可能性,以扩大零到一的过程。我们的努力不仅仅是为了营销活动策略,我们渴望实现更广阔的目标,为用户和整个行业带来更多价值。🟡 We are committed to creating an outstanding project in the TON ecosystem and introducing blockchain concepts to as many people as possible. Our goal is to improve the overall user experience and attract more users, which will drive the entire industry forward. To achieve this, we are exploring the possibilities of wallet integration, DEX, fiat on-ramp, and social graph to expand the zero-to-one process. Our efforts are not only for marketing strategies, but also for broader goals that bring more value to users and the industry.🪂 奖品内容 | PRIZE CONTENT 🪂💎 Friends NFT*5 💎💎一个Friends NFT的价格是15TON,价值为30U+💎💎 Friends NFT * 5 💎💎 The price of one Friends NFT is 15 TON, worth 30 U+ 💎🚧 抽奖规则 | RULES 🚧💯 抽取方式:随机 💯💯中奖人数:5人,即NFT*1/人💯💯 Selection method: random draw💯💯 Number of winners: 5 people, 1 NFT per person 💯
🔥 更多关于Friends Protocol| MORE ABOUT FRIENDS PROTOCOL 🔥
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