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SweepsDB - And Their Numbers Grew Paperback Bundle
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Ended 9 Days 11 Hours ago

Enter To Win 3 Newly Released Biblical Fiction Paperbacks, +Plus Digital Character Art (And Their Numbers Grew)And Their Numbers GrewFour lives. Four destinies. One gospel.Rumors of the risen Christ spread through Jerusalem like a wildfire\u2014and the Sanhedrin is paying attention.Their efforts to stifle the name of Jesus only fuel the cause until a young Pharisee gets involved, breathing threats of imprisonment\u2014or worse. Stephen\u2019s brutal stoning accelerates the persecution and sends the faithful fleeing the city for their lives.They are afflicted in every way, but not crushed. As the fledgling church disperses, their numbers continue to grow. Now, the apostles must train the new believers in the ways and words of Jesus\u2014and what it means to live in God's Kingdom here on earth.The Kingdom of God spreads to Damascus, Joppa, Caesarea, Antioch, and Tarsus through the testimonies of Ananias, Tabitha, and Barnabas. While an outraged Saul sets out for Damascus to arrest them all, the followers press on fervently, with the help of the Holy Spirit\u2014though it may cost them their lives.Four disciples whose lives are intertwined, told in four novellas, chronicling the birth pains of the early church.Herod's Steward by Katrina D. Hamel (Court of the Tetrarchs, Book 3) A Powerful SlaveA Woman DiscipleA Soldier Searching for GodChuza finally has the family he longed for. Now he just wants to keep them safe. But he also swore to serve Herod Antipas, and his master\u2019s rule is becoming erratic. Chuza must regain his influence in the court while supporting his wife in her new mission. His task would be easier with Titus by his side, but the Greek soldier is still missing.Chuza\u2019s wife Joanna is a prominent member of The Way\u2014a group led by the miracle-working apostles. But while she tries to share the good news with the people of Jerusalem, a new enemy ravages The Way, dragging men and women to prison. Chuza knows the believers must flee, but getting his loved ones out of the city may be his greatest challenge yet.As their lives are broken down and rebuilt with Jesus as their cornerstone, Chuza tries to hold his family together. But his master's fateful choice threatens to undo everything, and Chuza fears his life will end as he began\u2014alone.This third novel concludes the Court of the Tetrarch series in a world forever changed by the empty tomb.The Peasant King by Tessa Afshar (Book 2)Jemmah has always thought of herself as perfectly ordinary . . . until she faces extraordinary circumstances.When her mother, the Persian king\u2019s famous senior scribe, is kidnapped, Jemmah and her sister must sneak undetected into enemy territory to rescue her. But infiltrating their adversary\u2019s lands proves easier than escaping them. Fleeing through dangerous mountain passes, their survival depends on the skills of a stranger they free from prison: a mysterious prince named Asher.Asher is not who the world believes he is. Despite his royal blood, he has had to climb his way out of poverty to forge success from nothing. A manufacturer of some of the best weaponry in the East, Asher has only one goal: to destroy his father. But following his escape from prison, Asher is irresistibly drawn to Jemmah, unaware that she guards her own secret.Jemmah must convince Asher to give up everything he has worked for, all for the sake of a higher purpose he\u2019s not sure he believes in. The fate of the Persian empire\u2014and possibly the Judean people\u2014hang in the balance and in the persuasive power of one ordinary woman.Bestselling author Tessa Afshar delivers another adventurous novel filled with romance and imagination, reminding readers of what Publishers Weekly calls her \u201camazing talent for packing action and intrigue into the biblical setting for modern readers.\u201dFull-length historical romance novel set in biblical timesCompelling, clean romanceCan be read as a standalone or as a companion to The Hidden PrinceIncludes discussion questions for book groups+Plus 30+ Stunning Images of the Characters in And Their Numbers Grew. Digitally delivered via bookfunnel.**U.S. Addresses Only
Offered By: Naomi Craig & Donna E. Lane (https://naomicraig.com)

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