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SweepsDB - Christmas gift-DAO Gamer Community Round NFT Badge Whitelist
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Contest Description

Ended 10 Days 17 Hours ago - 70050 Entries

DAO Gamer Community Round NFT Badge Whitelist
ÔÇőA Christmas gift from DAO Gamer
­čÄ«Community Round┬áNFT Badge┬áWhitelist┬á­čÄ«
 The DAO Gamer guild is excited to bring you a Christmas gift- the community round NFT Badge Whitelist Campaign as a show of appreciation for the community. In return for being such a fantastic supporter of ours, we want to let you earn a precious chance to? Win DDG NFT Badge at a seed round price of? 1 NFT Badge=1 BNB through the community round NFT Badge campaign. Campaign process1. Complete the following tasks to join the DAO Gamer Community Round NFT Badge Whitelist activity and wait for the whitelist2. 777 addresses randomly included in the whitelist can get the opportunity to participate in Mint NFT Badge.
NFT Badge Whitelist rewards­čĺŞ┬á Mint DGG NFT Badge at the angel round price of 1 NFT Badge=1 BNB
­čĆćEach┬áNFT┬áholding address can get an airdrop of DGG tokens┬á
Finish ALL tasks in this campaign in order to maximize your chances of winning. 
┬áDGG NFT Badge holder rights:1. DGG Guild game priority participation right. Relying on the DAO Gamer ecology, it can optimize NFT community assets by screening, investing, and introducing excellent meta-universe NFT games, allowing the best games to be listed on the platform through community autonomous voting, and allowing NFT Badge holders to participate in the organization and earn first income. In the first phase of DAO Gamer, the well-known games Axie Infinity, MIR 4, MetaverseX, and Thetan Arena jointly launched P2E games.2. DAO Gamer will launch the NFT Badge player contract function in the later stage. The P2E process and reward rules of the guild platform are established on the basis of the blockchain smart contract, and the contract and the underlying agreement are open, transparent, and reasonably traceable. Gamers earn while playing. Realize the optimal combination of virtual assets of participants and player skills and strategies in NFT games and the optimal production relationship combination, and share value-added with game developers, players, and the community.3. Holders of DGG NFT Badge are given priority to enjoy the Scholarship established by DGG to create cash flow for the community and obtain corresponding game training and guidance. Lending game entry props lowers the entry barrier. The NFT Badge token incentive mechanism will further improve the P2E skills and profitability of game players, allowing players to obtain higher P2E benefits.­čĺŞ┬áImportant: winners will receive the official email┬á to let them know the account to pay BNB, and will receive┬átheir NFT and airdrop tokens 1 month after payment.┬á┬áGood luck to you all­čśë┬áAbout DAOGamer┬áDAO Gamer (DGG) is a decentralized game guild autonomous organization (DAO) that participates in and invests in virtual worlds and blockchain games based on non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the form of a DAO decentralized organization, and Sharing and value appreciation.Follow DAOGamer on social media to stay up to date with all the latest developments.Website´╝Ühttps://www.daogamer.io/Twitter´╝Ühttps://twitter.com/DGG_DAOGamerMedium´╝Ühttps://daogamer.medium.com/
Contest Host: DAOGamerIDO

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