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Claim Whitelist Application 

Total Entries:86
Started at:2021-04-29
Ends at:2021-05-06T02:59:59-04:00
Date Added:2021-04-30 05:53:17
Has Referrals:No
Description:Claim Whitelist Application

介于对中文社区用户大力支持的回馈,新生代信用稳定币Claim将在2021年4月30日12:00-2021年5月3日12:00 开启Claim用户白名单挖矿名额申请,所有社区用户参与「Claim申请白名单挖矿活动」的任务都有机会获得白名单名额。关注Claim官方推特@claimdotxyz获取申请任务。Claim协议支持用户不仅可以将持有的资产质押并生成稳定币CUSD进行资金融通,同时也可以享受资产预期收益所形成的信用杠杆。Claim协议将最大程度帮助你提高资金使用效率。Claim已于4月21日正式上线,网址。届时已经发放240个早期白名单。当前我们拿出300万枚Claim并开放150个白名单名额面向社区用户。中标用户可参与白名单阶段Dai无损质押挖矿获得Claim代币奖励。最终提交的白名单地址会经过随机抽取有效白名单150份,并能参与白名单池的挖矿份额。社区用户白名单兑换细则:兑换时间:2021年4月30日12:00-2021年5月3日12:00 官网:https://claim.xyz挖矿教程:奖励数量:900万枚白名单池(早期):挖矿时间:2021年4月21日 20:00-5月10日 20:00兑换额度:2,400,000 DAI每份白名单兑换额度:10,000DAI 白名单总数:240个白名单池(普通白名单):挖矿时间:时间 5月3日 20:00-5月10日 20:00兑换额度:1,500,000 DAI每份白名单兑换额度:10,000DAI白名单总数:150个社区用户白名单申请规则:白名单申请起始时间:2021年4月30日12:00 白名单申请关闭时间:2021年5月3日12:00中标白名单公布时间:5月3日在Claim官方twitter进行公布社区用户白名单申请任务:1、在你的twitter上发布英文版海报并@claimdotxyz(见下图)2、关注Claim官推@claimdotxyz3、转推申请白名单活动推文4、点赞任意三条推文5、加入官方电报社群 6、邀请3位好友进电报群 7、填写表格:官方链接:官网链接:https://claim.xyz官 方 推 特 : Medium :⻛险提示:1、数字资产是基于区块链技术应用的创新型投资,具有较大的⻛险系数,请您务必确认已了解并知悉数字资产投资的相关知识后慎重抉择。2、Claim不会以任何方式推荐、引导或者鼓励您投资任何项目,请您务必确保基于独立思考并自主的做出投资决策。3、请严格按照项目规则进行兑换,用户若出现影响活动正常运行的违规操作,项目有权取消参与资格。
User benefits 「 Claim user whitelist mining application has been opened」
In response to the strong support of users in the Chinese community, the new generation of credit stable coin Claim will open the claim user whitelist mining quota application from 12:00 on April 30, 2021 to 12:00 on May 3, 2021. All communities Users who participate in the "Claim Application Whitelist Mining Activity" task will have the opportunity to obtain a whitelist quota. Follow Claim's official Twitter @claimdotxyz for application tasks.The Claim protocol supports users not only to pledge their assets and generate stable currency CUSD for financing, but also to enjoy the credit leverage formed by the expected return of assets. The claim protocol will help you to maximize the efficiency of the use of funds.Claim was officially launched on April 21 at By then, 240 early whitelists have been issued. We currently have 3 million claims and open 150 whitelists for community users. Successful bidders can participate in Dai non- destructive pledge mining in the whitelist stage to obtain Claim token rewards. The final submitted whitelist address will be randomly selected 150 copies of the effective whitelist, and can participate in the mining share of the whitelist pool.Community user whitelist redemption rules:Redemption time: April 30th 12:00 - May 3rd 12:00Official website: https://claim.xyzMining tutorial: pool (trial area):Mining time: April 21th 20:00 - on May 10th 20:00 Exchange limit: 2,400,000 DAIRedemption quota per whitelist: 10,000DAI Total number of whitelists: 240Whitelist pool (ordinary whitelist):Mining time: May 5th 20:00-May 10th 20:00 Exchange quota: 1,500,000 DAIRedemption quota per whitelist: 10,000 DAI Total number of whitelists: 150Community user whitelist application rules and links:Whitelist application start time: 12:00 on April 30, 2021Whitelist application closing time: 12:00 on May 3, 2021Announcement of the winning bid whitelist: May 3, announced on Claim official twitterCommunity user whitelist application tasks:1.Post the poster on your t
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