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SweepsDB - CookinBurger Launch Celebration NFTGiveaway!
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Contest Description

Ended 5 Days ago - 13383 Entries

Cookin' Burger! Launch Celebration NFT Giveaway!
Game launch Celebration! Cookin' Burger NFT Giveaway!
On June 30, "Cookin' Burger", a new game title for PlayMining, will be launched.To celebrate the new game launch, we are running an NFT Giveaway Campaign!Take this opportunity to get NFT and play "Cookin' Burger"![Campaign Period] June 20, 2022 17:00 (UTC+8) - June 28, 2022 22:59 (UTC+8)NFTs will be distributed to the winners by the end of June.[Campaign Outline]A total of 506 Cookin' Burger NFTs will be distributed by drawing among users who meet the following criteria.・Follow @PlayMining_SG on Twitter(required)・Retweet @PlayMining_SG(https://twitter.com/PlayMining_SG/status/1538807650212712448)on Twitter(required)・Join the official PlayMining Discord server! (required)・Create a PlayMining account(Please enter your PlayMining ID and registered email address)(required)・Refer a friend to this campaign (not required, but those who meet this condition will be considered to have applied for two units)
Please click here to learn how to create your PlayMining ID and Wallet.
[NFTs to be distributed in the campaign]
"Cookin' Burger" Food cart (Secondhand)
[worth 1,000 DEP] x 500
"Cookin' Burger" Food cart (Economy)
[worth 13,000 DEP] x 5
"Cookin' Burger" Food Truck (Secondhand) 
[worth 500,000 DEP] × 1
Shop NFT's locations and menus are determined at random and may differ from the images.
・Existing PlayMining ID and wallet holders are also eligible if they meet other criteria. The ID and wallet must be valid during the campaign period and at the time of the giveaway. If the wallet is not created at the time of the giveaway, you will not receive the NFT even if you win.
・The handling of personal information is in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
・If you repeatedly open and close your account, or commit any other acts that we deem fraudulent (e.g., identity theft, pranks, etc.), or if you violate these terms and conditions, or if you do not follow our instructions, you may be excluded from the Campaign. If you do not follow our instructions, you may be excluded from the campaign.
・This campaign is subject to change, termination, or extension without notice.
・This campaign can be used in conjunction with any other campaign that is in effect during the campaign period.
・Please note that we cannot respond to individual inquiries regarding the progress of this campaign.
・ Even if you win this campaign, we will not be able to distribute your account if it is cancelled or frozen before the NFT giveaway.
・DEA is not responsible for any problems that may occur during this campaign.
Cookin' Burgerローンチ記念!NFTギブアウェイキャンペーン
6月30日に『PlayMining』の新ゲームタイトル『Cookin' Burger』がローンチされます。新ゲームローンチを記念し、NFTギブアウェイキャンペーンを実施します!!この機会にNFTをゲットし、『Cookin' Burger』をプレイしよう!
以下の条件を満たしたユーザーの中から抽選で合計506名に『Cookin' Burger』のNFTをギブアウェイします。
・PlayMining公式Twitterアカウント(@PlayMining_SG)のフォロー(必須)・本キャンペーン関連ツイートのリツイート(https://twitter.com/PlayMining_SG/status/1538807650212712448)(必須)・PlayMining公式discord(https://discord.gg/xWeHGdt)への参加(必須)・PlayMiningアカウントの作成(PlayMining IDおよび登録Emailアドレスを入力ください)(必須)・本キャンペーンの友達への紹介(必須ではありませんが、本条件を満たした方は2口分の応募とみなします)
※PlayMining ID及びウォレットの作成方法はこちらをご確認ください。
『Cookin' Burger』中古屋台
(1,000DEP相当) × 500枚
『Cookin' Burger』エコノミー屋台
(13,000DEP相当) × 5枚
『Cookin' Burger』中古トラック
(500,000DEP相当)× 1枚
・既にPlayMining ID及びウォレットを保有されていた方も、その他の条件を満たせば対象となります。なお、IDとウォレットはキャンペーン期間およびギブアウェイ実施時に有効に保有し

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