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Ended 1 Day 23 Hours ago - 324 Entries

🪙Duet Happy Trading 1🤑
NFTs for all participants who complete all the tasks correctly!Time⏰: 2nd April to 22nd April, 2022How to Participate?🤔Step 1. ZAP minimum $50 worth of any supported single coin to USDT-USDC, USDT-BUSD or USDC-BUSD pair in Earn Module.Step 2. After supplying liquidity to any of the stablecoin pairs, borrow dUSD from dAssets section.Step 3. Get dWTI-dUSD or dXAU-dUSD LP Tokens from PancakeSwap by supplying dWTI/dXAU and dUSD. If you don’t have extra dWTI/dXAU you can swap half of borrowed dUSD to dWTI or dXAU and then supply liquidity along with remaining dUSD.Step 4. After getting LP Tokens, supply them to the respective pair in the Duet App Earn Module.Step 5. Fill the Gleam form and submit proof in the form and also share the proof in Duet Discord Channel #happy-trading-1-feedback and tag @mod
You have to keep the funds deposited for atleast 10 days. Removing them at any time before the required time will make your entry invalid.
🪙Rewards🤑All participants who complete the task correctly are eligible to get Duet NFTs! Additional USDT rewards are prepared for Top 10 highest deposit users-Rank 1: 100 USDTRank 2: 80 USDT Rank 3: 60 USDTRank 4 to 10: 35 USDTFor more details check out the Medium ArticleContest Host: Duet Protocol

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