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SweepsDB - Madhatterni Birthday Blow Out Giveaway !
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Contest Description

Ended 1 Day 14 Hours ago

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME IN SEPTEMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for visiting/viewing this GiveawayVisit my Twitch.tv/madhatterni for secret codes or enjoy some replay video game playthroughs.Visit my https://www.youtube.com/c/Madhatterni for secret codes in the comment section MY GOALA COMMUNITY GIVEAWAY EACH MONTH In 2022September Three Winners1st $50 PayPal / Twitch Subscriber Receives $200 instead2nd $20 PayPal / Twitch Subscriber Receives $80 instead3rd $10 PayPal / Twitch Subscriber Receives $40 insteadWow if each winner is subscribed this will be the most I've awarded to winners at once -Twitch Subscriber ToS-*Twitch Subscriber prize will be Verified though entry method / enter Giveaway as a Subscriber using entry method.When winners is drawn through Join Surf randomizer, if Subscriber Entry is not located, then Base Prize is won .*If Subscription is canceled after entering you are therefore forfeiting prize for deceptive reasons & winner will be redrawn*This is a FREE Giveaway and it is optional to Subscribe to Twitch.tv/Madhatterni for a higher reward.-NOTES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If Prize is paid in the form of PayPal, When you enter said Giveaway you are confirming to have a PayPal account to accept PRIZEIf Prize is in form of Digital Gift Card, directions will be noted with how to redeem Digital Gift Card ( E Gift Card )If Prize is in the Form of a material item I will never ask for shipping costs but I will only send to the address you used when claiming PRIZEI give 48hrs - 72hrs for prize to be claimed, after 3rd reroll Giveaway Prize remains on 3rd redraw till they claim using Joinsurf randomizer On my Twitch there are Channel Point Awards. This provides opportunities to increase PRIZE & adding more ways for Secret Codes to those that watch my content. Due to ToS a Giveaway can not be edited after being Scheduled or Published ( but the Award will be noted and available as an addition on behalf of the user that unlocked said reward)(Secret Codes unlocked by Channel Point Awards will have a high chance to be the username of who activated) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For BOT Account ProtectionComment on Five Videos on my Youtube ( Keep Up The Good Work or Penguins Are Awesome ) say anything up to youorStop by & watch my Twitch.tv/Madhatterni for an amount of time you wouldn't be inconvenience by(I would say 30min to 1 hour but thats just me shelling for myself but I leave it up to the person entering this Giveaway)&(Twitch Subscribers do not have to do above Bot Protection as your payment proves your verified)( Twitch Bits 5 or more also show your not a bot but don't give Twitch your hard earn money just lurk , it helps me more ^.^ ){ Thank You for SUPPORTING MY Content & By Doing so Your Allowing Me To Hold More Contests, Giveaways & Ways To Give Back }
Host: Madhatterni

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