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SweepsDB - Match-2: KABI MERGER

Contest Description

Ends in 8 Hours - 5940 Entries


After the K-Universe collided with our universe, quite a few pieces of information poured into our cyberspace. To avoid losing these precious civilization heritages forever, team Kverso organized Kenner to start excavation operations in the prosperous area of debris, but these people are far from enough. We desperately need more warriors to join the great cause of rebuilding Cyber-Utopia! Only the most courageous and persistent explorers can collect enough pieces to synthesize KABI NFT. Start immediately and become the sole owner of the KABI in your destiny!
‚ŹįEvent Duration:¬†May¬†11¬†, 2022 GMT 00:00-May 17, 2022 GMT 23:59‚ÄčGame Link:ICP: https://kverso.com/event/icp/kabimerger/ETH: Coming SoonParticipation conditions:¬†Connect with designated¬†web wallet.¬†
A total of 240 KABI NFT WL will be distributed in this campaign&
We will give away a total of 240 KABI NFT WL. the top 20 players on the day's leaderboard will receive 1 KABI NFT WL.
At GMT 00:00, the leaderboard of the previous day will reset, and the results will be announced according to the player's score ranking at GMT 23:59 of the current day.
We also need your help to recruit more like-minded friends! 100 KABI WL will be distributed as Kenners’ Recruitment Raffle rewards!
Please follow our official website, Twitter account & Discord Channel
On May 18, 2022, GMT 08:00, We will announce Kenners’ Recruitment Draw Results!
ūüďíEvent Rules:¬†1. Users must complete all tasks;2. All users can participate.3. You must¬†RETWEET¬†the specific¬†TWITTER¬†POST, and¬†participate in¬†KABI MERGER mini-game.¬†¬†4. Rewards will be distributed within 5 working days after the end of the event.5. Eligibility for¬†KVERSO OATS¬†will refresh at least once in every 24 hours.6. You must leave both your ICP Principal ID and ETH wallet address in the Google Survey if you are playing on the ICP Game Link,¬†or you will NOT be able to claim the OAT Badge.7. Team KVERSO reserve the right to make the final decision on the outcome of this event.
Kverso Twitter: Kverso_Crypto
Kverso Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ACkcqrs8nT
Galaxy Campaign: https://galaxy.eco/KVERSO/campaign/GChB9UUSsw/
ICP Game Link: https://kverso.com/event/icp/kabimerger/
ETH Game Link: Coming Soon
Google Form: https://forms.gle/rcPqiDoCwSfoaavG6
ICP Wallet Plug-in: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/plug/cfbfdhimifdmdehjmkdobpcjfefblkjm?hl=zh-CN 
ICP Web Wallet: https://www.stoicwallet.com/
Contest Host: KVERSO

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