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SweepsDB - 【MAX $14,000】BigTime × Samurai Guild Games × PREMA
Just an FYI! This contest has already ended

Contest Description

Ended 7 Days 23 Hours ago - 5046 Entries

【MAX $14,000】BigTime × Samurai Guild Games × PREMA
🔥BigTime ⚔ × Samurai Guild Games × PREMA🔥🏆Great rewards🏆Special collaboration rewards campaign
💎“BigTime” game access passes “Ruby Pass”
💷Special US$ prizes
🖥Premium Gaming Computer
Chance to receive BigTime access passes・Special US$prizes💷Premium gaming computer💻⌛Deadline⌛18:00 on August 27st [sat]〜 23:59 on September 28th[wed](Japan time zone)🏆 The more entries, the more receivable US$🏆 ※The increase of total entries increases the receivable US$☝Let’s participate the campaign and increase the rewards amounts!Details of the prizes will be as follows.
■About “BigTime” game access passes“Ruby Pass”
These are the access passes available in the “BigTime” game.
Everyone who plays big time has access to the 4x characters.4x characters are…
①The Time Warrior is an aggressive, front line fighter that wields melee weapons to deliver close up carnage.
②The Chronomancer is a powerful ranged damage class who uses magic to decimate their foes.
③The Shadowblade is an agile and stealthy melee fighter, dealing death to those who stand in the way.
④The Quantum Fixer is a masterful support class. Heal your allies, and bring misery to your enemies.
To use “BigTime” game access passes, you need to register as a new member in advance.
To sign up:
[1] Please have them make an account at https://invite.bigtime.gg/mattyice1
[2] Provide us their username + email (case sensitive)
[3] Make sure they make their account before they provide their info
■How to entry
Join our Discord community + Follow our SNS + RT the campaign post
Complete tasks and increase your chance to win!
(※You must join Discord to havechance to win)
🌟Entry to the campaign and receive Great Rewards🌟💷💎Please join us!💎💷
✅About BigTime
Humanity is on the brink of extinction. The walls of spacetime are collapsing, different eras of history are colliding together, and forces of darkness are coming through the tears in time. Yet there is still hope. At the end of the universe stands an ancient and mysterious alien city, where Evermore Academy has gathered the greatest minds and heroes from throughout history. Together, the warriors united will wage the final battle to save all of history from collapsing into the void.
✅About SamuraiGuildGames
「Samurai Guild Games” (SamuraiGG) aims to create new options in the lives of guild members through games with four elements: playing, learning, creating, and earning.
We will provide information on NFT, crypto assets, Web3, and GameFi in an easy-to-understand manner for beginners to lower the entry barriers and help SamuraiGG members overcome the “Play to Earn” game entry barriers. Samurai Guild Games will provide support.
Samurai Guild Games will be formed from two platforms, the “Education Platform” and “GameFi”, to create a unique economic sphere. As the first entry point for the educational platform, we will provide “literacy development” to help Japanese overcome the barriers to entry and create an environment where anyone can enter.
By providing guild members with a variety of information, we will “nurture creators” and create opportunities for “product development” and other activities in collaboration with game companies. In GameFi, we will also provide a scholarship system, DAOs, and issue tokens to make “Play and Earn” a reality.
PREMA NFT is a blockchain platform that provides a seamless multi-chain experience. The app allows token management between different chains, connection to Web3 Dapp, and the use of NFC accessories.
Contest Host: SamuraiGG

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