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Ended 6 Days 14 Hours ago - 353095 Entries

ModernPUBG is a 3D shooting game based on BEP-20. Its features: Unity3D, MMOG, Real Physics, Real-time, Multiple Modes, Innovative Economy.Our mission is to build strong virtual world, create really fun games.We hope to combine NFT and great mechanism to the sustainable game economy, including play to earn.
🏆Alpha Test Register⏰Registration Deadline: August 12th, 14:00 UTC🎮⚠️All participants who complete 100 entries can qualify for the testAirdrop For Register1st entries: 300,000 $METADAO2nd entries: 200,000 $METADAO3rd entries: 100,000 $METADAO4th to 50th: 10,000 $METADAO everyoneAll participants who completed 100 entries: Average share of 2,000,000 $METADAO$METADAO contract:0x6195D22d416E2D2c7C4A883c977Dd9Bfd4e65432
💰Game Play Testing🚗 1st cumulative chicken times: 30,000 Usdt or Tesla Model 3 (The winner can decide the prize)Top 9 cumulative chicken times: 300 Usdt per personTop 10 cumulative kills: 300 Usdt per personTop 10 cumulative survival time: 300 Usdt per person⏰Testing Start : about July 31st, 14:00 UTCNote: All rewards will be distributed after the alpha test is over
👑👑👑Invite friends to play game to win NFTs
Top 100 who invite the most friends to play the game: Gold Chest*1 per person
Drop rate detail:UTR Avartar (40%)
SSR Avartar (60%)
Invite 10 friends to play the game: Silver Chest*1 per person
Drop rate detail:UTR Avartar (5%)SSR Avartar (35%)SR Avartar (60%)
Invited 5 friends to play the game: Copper chest*1 per person
Drop rate detail:UTR Avartar (1%)SSR Avartar (5%)SR Avartar (25%)R Avartar (69%)*Your friends must actually play the game during the alpha test*The game will detect and eliminate all abnormal game behaviors such as robots, hangups, etc. You'll get nothing if your friend is a robot*Website will release event page after the alpha test, where can claim NFTs*NFT rewards will be claimed after the game 1.0 is releasedThank you for support and good luck to everyone🤘Contest Host: Metaverse-DAO

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