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SweepsDB - Project Eluune X Ancient8: To Gamefinity and Beyond
Just an FYI! This contest has already ended

Contest Description

Ended 232 Days 18 Hours ago - 1420 Entries

Welcome to the Project Eluune session of To Gamefinity and Beyond. Don't hesitate to join in our event and complete all the tasks to claim exclusive rewards!
ūüéĀ Rewards Structure
Section 1 rewards: 5 StarGardens + 10 Aurahmas + 300 Whitelist Spots for Aurahmas Mint + 750 special Ancient8 Creatures
Section 2 rewards: 28 Priority Accesses to Ancient8's Token Sale on CoinList & all qualified participants to share the prize pool of 20,000 $BUSD
Section 3 rewards: Prize pool of $25,000 of $A8 tokens at Public sale price to be shared to all qualified participants.
✨Section 1: Project Eluune's Task Challenge 
Complete all the tasks in Section 1 to join Project Eluune's reward pool raffle and claim the exclusive reward from the Project Eluune team:
Retweet Project Elu√ľne twitter
Connect your Discord to register the account on Crew 3 website 
Like,Retweet & Comment #OnlyTogetherWeTranscend
Complete all the Ancient8 Missions to reach Level 5 on  Crew 3 website and Submit a photo of completion to Gleam.
Submit your SPL Wallet
Project Eluune Reward Pool: 
The first 300 Level-5 participants on Crew3: 1 Whitelist spot for Aurahmas mint each
5 lottery prizes for the first 300 Level-5 participants on Crew3: 1 StarGardens + 2 Aurahmas/ each
750 raffle prizes: 1 Ancient8 Creature/ each
After the completion of Section 1, Section 2: Ancient8's Task Challenge will be unlocked and open entries to an extra reward pool of 28 Priority Access to Ancient8's Token Sale on CoinList & 20,000 $BUSD sponsored by Ancient8.
 ✨Section 2: Ancient8's Task Challenge 
ÔĽŅÔĽŅComplete all the tasks in Section 2 to additionally join Ancient8's reward pool raffle & claim the exclusive reward from Ancient8's team:¬†
Follow Ancient8’s Twitter
Retweet Ancient8’s event tweet
Join Ancient8’s Discord and Verify the account
Join Ancient8’s Telegram group
Subscribe Ancient8’s Youtube channel
Create your Ancient8’s GameFi Identity account by 
1) Visiting https://ancient8.gg/profile
2) Connecting your wallet to log in 
3) Adding your email to the profile 
4) Adding at least 1 more wallet to the profile here: https://ancient8.gg/profile
Submit your BEP-20 Wallet (non-exchange) to join Section 2 Pool
Submit your ERC-20 Wallet (non-exchange) to join Section 2 Pool
Ancient8 Reward Pool:    
28 raffle prizes: 28 Priority Access to Ancient8's Token Sale on CoinList
All qualified participants will share the prize pool of 20,000 $BUSD
 ✨Section 3: Dynamic Supporters Challenge Participate in 9+ out of 17 campaigns in the “To Gamefinity & Beyond" campaign series to join the largest reward pool of this event: $25,000 in $A8 tokens at Public sale price airdrop!
The campaign series have a total of 17 campaigns to help people learn more about different top GameFi projects and earn their rewards. Completed tasks in both Section 1 & Section 2 in 9+ campaigns in this campaign series: To Gamefinity and Beyond.
¬†ūüďĆ Terms And Conditions¬†
Any inquiries for changes (including wallet addresses) requested after the conclusion of the campaign shall be deemed invalid.
Any cheating will be disqualified without notice.
Ancient8 reserves the right to amend the activity rules or cancel the event.
Contest Host: Ancient8

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