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Sands Press New Year New Read Givaway!
✨✨Simply follow the steps below for a chance to WIN! And don't forget do complete all the actions for an extra 20 points!! ✨✨🗓️The giveaway will be open until January 31st and the draw will take place the morning of February 1st 🗓️All participants must have a valid North America shipping address and a phone number.Book Descriptions:I Am Madness by Andrew Jay Gillespie 
An uncharacteristically hot summer season has draped the city of Moravian. Detective John Morgan, mire in personal struggles, is alone to lead an investigation into the gruesome murders of the some the city’s most violent criminals. While he wrestles with his own demons, he finds himself grappling to care these miscreants that the city of Moravian seem to believe are better off dead. As the body count rises, John Morgan must choose who lives and who dies.
Mr. Sticks – Jeffrey Hale
Mr. Sticks – Jeffrey Hale
The dark net is filled with monsters. It’s frequented by thieves, drug dealers, child predators, and cold-blooded killers. But Mr. Sticks is the most fearsome of them all.
Mr. Sticks uses the dark net to locate the lost and vulnerable; to lure young men and women into his web. And once he has a fly in his web, he doesn’t let go.
Nobody knows what happens to Mr. Sticks’ victims, after the dance is done, but Lucia, an office administrator from Eaton, Colorado, is determined to find out. Before her sixteen-year-old sister becomes another notch on Mr. Sticks’ belt.
Living Secrets – M.K. Stoddart
Elsie Davis had the life women dream about, a promising career in interior design, married only a month to her long-time boyfriend Alex. Everything was going as planned when it was all changed in a blink of an eye. In a devastating car accident, Elsie not only loses her husband, but memories from that day. Four years have passed when we find Elsie in Nanaimo BC, still shattered by an impossible love. Struggling day to day, visited in dreams by her dead husband, Elsie is unable to move on. She leads a new life, where she doesn’t have to be a grieving widow. In what seems to be a chance meeting with a handsome stranger in a park, new meaning is brought to Elsie’s life. Recent personnel changes at Elsie’s work bring in a new handsome designer, Elsie immediately recognizes him as the stranger from the park. His name is Landon Hayes and the two of them will be partnering up on a new project. With a budding relationship, Elsie will have to overcome her pain and admit to her past as well as dealing with the fear of falling in love again with a man she knows nothing about. Landon is everything that was missing from her life, but is she ready to let go of her husband? When Elsie comes across a picture from her past, questions arise about who Landon is. Her friends and even a dream from her dead husband warn Elsie to make sure she knows what she’s getting into. As Landon and Elsie get closer, Elsie’s rival and jealous co-worker, Laurel will try and drive a wedge between Landon and Elsie. Laurel will orchestrate the illusion of an affair between herself and Landon. Unbeknownst to Elsie, she walks right into what she believes is the morning after of this illicit affair.
Contest Host: Sands Canada

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