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SweepsDB - The Lost Bitcoin Gleam Campaign

Contest Description

Ends in 7 Days 21 Hours - 0 Entries

Do you want to win $200 in BTC?
​​5 lucky winners will get to stack some sats by doing a few simple tasks.Enter by doing any of the tasks below. Complete all steps to qualify for bonus entries: 
Join our Discord community.
Join our Subreddit  
Follow @thelostbitcoins on Twitter.
Retweet the linked tweet and mention 3 friends.
Tag @thelostbitcoins in a post to pay homage to the project.
*Winners will be selected at random.Good luck and may Satoshi forever be in your favor!  The Lost Bitcoins is a tribute to all of Bitcoins early adopters, many of whom lost their wallets in the early days of this revolution.. As an homage, we are building the metaverse’s very first bitcoin cemetery to give the 10,963 wallets which have remained stagnant the final resting place they deserve. These wallets are holding almost $80 Billion worth of value.Take a midnight stroll through our cemetery and discover the forgotten. At the heart of the cemetery sits Satoshi's Grand Tomb, as a pilgrimage site where anyone in the metaverse can pay tribute to Bitcoin’s visionary.Our Gravestone NFT collection each represents a piece of history, which is multi-tiered. Each tier represents an actual lost wallet of a different size: 
Tombstones 50 - 99BTC
Obelisks 100 - 999BTC
Mausoleums 1,000BTC - 31,000BTC
Satoshis Grand Tomb - 1,124,600BTC
Here’s where it gets interesting! If/when the bitcoin in any of these wallets move, the NFT holder will receive a notification. Next, they can burn their existing NFT and mint a Bitcoin Ghost NFT. The super rare Bitcoin Ghost will be designed by a blue chip NFT artist that we all know and love, and offers potential utilities in the future buildout of this community and ecosystem. Join The Lost Bitcoins Community Today! Join our Subreddit 
Follow @thelostbitcoins on Twitter.
Retweet the linked tweet and mention 3 friends.
Tag @thelostbitcoins in a post to pay homage to the project. 
Tombstones 50 - 99BTCObelisks 100 - 999BTCMausoleums 1,000BTC - 31,000BTCSatoshis Grand Tomb - 1,124,600BTCContest Host: OGsocial

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