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SweepsDB - Tune.FM X Edge of NFT Giveaway
Just an FYI! This contest has already ended

Contest Description

Ended 9 Days 10 Hours ago - 60700 Entries

Tune.FM has partnered with Edge Of NFT to give away:
1 Million Jam Tokens to 1 Lucky WinnerPlus: ALL Participants Get 1000 Jam Tokens!Total Valued at ~ 1600 USD
What is Tune.FM?
Tune.FM is the game-changer in decentralized music streaming and NFT marketplaces! Picture a world where artists and fans unite, fueled by cutting-edge Hashgraph technology and guided by a powerhouse Governance Council. Tune.FM isn't just a platform; it's a movement - empowering artists to monetize their creations and rewarding fans for their passion. 
Earn While You Listen: Unlike traditional platforms, Tune.FM lets you earn JAM tokens for every second you spend listening to music. Your passion for music becomes a rewarding experience as you accumulate tokens simply by enjoying your favorite tunes.
Exclusive Access and Rewards: Say goodbye to the ordinary, and embrace a world where your loyalty as a listener is recognized. Tune.FM offers exclusive experiences, digital collectibles, and rewards, giving you a chance to dive deeper into the music you love and connect with artists on a whole new level.
Discover Unprecedented Quality: Tune.FM delivers an unparalleled audio experience with lossless, uncompressed masters directly from the artists. Immerse yourself in the highest quality sound, categorized by genre, location, instrument, and mood, making every listening session a journey of discovery and enjoyment.
When the Music Plays, the Artist Gets Paid!
Get ready for instant royalties, exclusive experiences, and a vibrant ecosystem where every second of music streamed earns you more than ever before! 
Why Jam Tokens?
At Tune.FM, we believe in celebrating the power of our community, and what better way to do that than by giving back in the form of JAM tokens! These tokens aren't just a currency; they represent the heartbeat of our decentralized ecosystem, fostering a community-driven approach to music. 
Elevate Your Music Experience: JAM tokens turn passive music listening into an active, rewarding journey, earned while enjoying your favorite tunes.
Access Exclusive Perks: Unlock premium features, from digital collectibles to VIP access, within the Tune.FM platform using your JAM tokens.
Shape Music's Future: Be part of Tune.FM's decentralized community, contributing to the empowerment of artists and fans.
But that's not all! 
 In addition to winning a generous 1 million JAM tokens (approx. 1600 USD), the winner will receive exclusive access to the Million Jam Well Club! This private club just has less than 200 members and is the pinnacle of crypto communities – it's vibrant, entertaining, and the go-to place for exclusive insights - gaining you all the alpha perks, inside scoop, and direct access to the Tune.FM team! 
📄 Guideline for Earning Points
All tasks marked Mandatory have to be completed to qualify! Remember that completing more tasks increases your chances of winning - So check off all the tasks to maximize your chances! 💯 
1. 🚨 Follow our frens at @TuneFmOfficial on Twitter. [Mandatory] 
2. 🚨 Quote and retweet this giveaway on the @EdgeofNFT Twitter and tag two friends who would appreciate the chance to win the prize too! [Mandatory] 
...sharing is caring!
3. Create a Tune.FM Account. (Get 1000 Jam Tokens Instantly!) [Mandatory] 
4.  Join the Tune.FM Telegram Group. 
5. Like our YouTube Video! 
6. Subscribe to the Edge of NFT YouTube! 
When you unlock the last task, it will generate a unique link through which all your referrals will get credited. Remember, referrals must be entered through your unique link before you get credited for points! If you win, you'll need to provide the wallet address associated with your Tune.FM account.
For the best contest experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.
Let's keep in touch: If you want to stay on the edge and learn about our latest episodes, drops, and news, subscribe to our newsletter!
Contest Host: Edge of NFT

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