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Win a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 worth $1,120

Ends in 11 Days 18 Hours

Win a 512GB Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 In Graphite

Win a 3-Night Anaheim-area hotel stay & 4x 3-Day Theme Park tickets

Ends in 1 Day 3 Hours

Get Away Today wants to send you and three of your BFFs on a magical, theme park getaway.
Total value of $2600.

Win $5,000 in Amazon Gift Cards

Ends in 275 Days 16 Hours

10 winners will receive $250 Gift Card. 25 winners will receive $100 Gift Card.

the ending soon contests

Web3 Protocol X Karmm $Karmm giveaway

Ends in 4 Hours - 936750 Entries

A $10,000 KARMM + $200 USDT giveaway is happening, and you can participate in this event and get a share of the total reward pool.
🎉What is KARMM OFFICIAL🎉Karmm means an act; actions today define your tomorrow. Explore astrology, contribute to causes, find matches, and shop, all powered by Karmm crypto.
🎉Airdrop Distribution🎉Top 1–10 Winners: $10 USDT + $50 $Karmm each Top 11–Top 20 Winners:  $10 USDT + $40 $Karmm each 
Top 35 – 50 Winners: $30 $Karmm each 
FCFS 2000 Winners: $2 $Karmm each 
Random 1000 Winners: $4.7 $Karmm each 
Contract addres: 0x487DD60f6f9387B66922EaB18a44C077fd565C94
🎉More Information 🎉
More Info: Click Here
Want More Airdrop/Giveaway: https://t.me/web3_protocol1
( Winner List will be announced in 2-3days of event end )
Web3 Protocol reserves the right to disqualify any participants who engage in dishonest or abusive activities during the event.
Contest Host: Web3 Protocol

CS DAO 🤝Zkpepe

Ends in 4 Hours

🎉 CS DAO X zkpepe Giveaway 🎉
🥳 In Collab CS DAO ,zkpepe giving away 450,000 $ZKPEPE Token as rewards!!
🏆  Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆
🥇Top 1-10 Refs «-» 15,000 $ZKPEPE Tokens Each
👬 Random 30 «-» 10,000 $ZKPEPE Tokens Each
| More Entries, More chance |
 Do Some refer to increase your winning chance 🎁
☘️ Good luck 🍀
Contest Host: q

MetaLabs Dao 🤝 Play Point

Ends in 4 Hours - 328472 Entries

🤝In Collab MetaLabs Dao, Play Point P2E giving away 500,000 $POW Token as rewards!!
🏆 Prize Pool 🏆
🚀750 FCFS --> 300 $POW Token
🏅500 Random --> 400 $POW Token💯Top 10 Referer --> 7500 $POW Token
  More Entries, More chance |
Do Some Refer to increase your winning chance
Contest Host: q

Sea summit

Ends in 4 Hours - 10780 Entries

10 random Winner each winner 1 free ticket🎟​If you want sponsorship then you can contact on this email. Deep@seasummit.com
Secure Your Spot at Sea Summit - The Crypto Event of the Year!
Here's why you can't afford to miss it:
-Join over 6,000 crypto enthusiasts, 300+ speakers, and 100+ global influencers.-Network with crypto moguls, venture capitalists, and industry experts.-Experience a 9-day crypto journey on a luxurious 14-deck cruise from Mumbai to Dubai.-Enjoy onboard crypto-themed shows, gala dinners, and daily parties.-This is your chance to be part of crypto history and shape the future of blockchain technology.
Contest Host: Metaverse space

Book Giveaway -4 : Diwali 2023

Ends in 4 Hours - 18 Entries

(English edition - Paperback)
Book Details are available here: 
~: From Book Blurb At Amazon India :~

Sometimes, it's not easy to find the silver lining.While positivity is about looking at the bright side of things, the magic mindset embraces and accepts that it is not always possible to do so. Sometimes things get so bleak that our mind refuses to accept that there can be a silver lining.In this book, Preeti Shenoy gives you a set of principles for every area of life, designed to help us shift our perspective from hopelessness to hope, from despondency to joy, from cynicism to belief - a belief that change is coming, and things are not as bad as they seem.Perfect reading for the difficult times that we are living in, The Magic Mindset is full of tips, suggestions, fun exercises and practical advice on career, family, health, relationships, finances, social media, and more. It also includes inspiring stories and anecdotes from Preeti's own life. A cornerstone for all those who want to change their outlook, The Magic Mindset helps us build a purposeful and joyful life.
Contest Host: ThinkerViews

zkpepe Airdrop

Ends in 4 Hours - 672250 Entries

🎉 zkpepe Airdrop 🎉
TOP 1-10 : Users will get 10k $ZKPEPE Token EACH 
FIRST 500 : Users will get 600 $ZKPEPE Token each 
RANDOM 1000 : Users Will get 600 $ZKPEPE Token Each
✨ Refer Your Friends To Increase Wining Chance🎉
Contest Host: Giveway

$10000 of Hanuman Universe Token Giveaway

Ends in 4 Hours - 907 Entries

Hanuman Universe is the combination of the blockchain with the spirit of Hanuman, Hindu mythology’s mischievous Monkey God, where ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge technology, offering you an escape from the mundane, and an opportunity to find balance in a world of chaos.
Total airdrop : 10,000 USD of HUT
The rewards is 13.33 Billion Hanuman Universe Token ($HUT)
Enter the Giveaway campaign by any of the 3 tasks below. The more tasks you compete, the higher are your chances to win the Giveaway! 
All the best
No of Winners: 1300
Submit all the tasks in our gleam campaign
✅ Follow our twitter
✅ Retweet our Giveaway campaign
✅ Join our Telegram
Website : www.hanumanuniverse.com
Presale : www.app.hanumanuniverse.com
Contest Host: Hanuman Universe Token

CS DAO 🤝 Collably Network

Ends in 4 Hours

🎉 CS DAO X Collably Network Giveaway 🎉
🥳 In Collab CS DAO, Collably Network giving away $5000 Worths $CLB Token as rewards!!
🏆  Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆
🥇Top 1-10 Refs «-» $100 $CLB Tokens
👬 FCFS 750 «-» $4 $CLB Tokens
👬 Random 500 «-» $2 $CLB  Tokens 
| More Entries, More chance |
 Do Some refer to increase your winning chance 🎁
☘️ Good luck 🍀
Contest Host: q


Ends in 4 Hours - 1303660 Entries

🎉Predmaster AI X CS DAO Giveaway 🎉
🥳 In Collab CS DAO, Predmaster_AI giving away $10,500 Worth $PRED Token as rewards!!
Claim your premium NFT for a guaranteed spot in the exclusive Predmaster tournament! Click here: https://tour.predmaster.ai/?ref=WlBMcArx
🏆  Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆
🥇Top 1-10 Refs «-» $175 worth $PRED  Tokens
👬 FCFS 750«-»  $7 worth $PRED Tokens
👬 Random 500 «-» $7 worth $PRED  Tokens 
| More Entries, More chance |
 Do Some refer to increase your winning chance 🎁
☘️ Good luck 🍀
Contest Host: q


Ends in 4 Hours - 109234 Entries

🤝 KEYWALLET is Giveaway 3,00,000 $KEY Token For Airdrop Don't miss the chance to win! 🤝
🎁🤑Reward pool 300000 WORTH $KEY token
🥇Fcfc 500 winners will get 100 $KEY token each
🥈Random 200 winners will get 500 $KEY token each
🥉Top 100 Refer users will get 1,500 $KEY token each
⏰ Start: 26 NOV,2023 - End :- 30 NOV,2023
🗓️ Distribution Date:- After Giveaway End
🔴 Term & condition apply complete All Task carefully Do some Refer and Increase winning chance
Contest Host: Galaxy Lab

Usdt Giveaway

Ends in 4 Hours - 1441230 Entries

TOP 1-10 : Users will get 15 USDT Each
RANDOM 75 : Users will get 2 USDT Each
✨ Refer Your Friends To Increase Wining Chance
Contest Host: Giveway

MetaLabs Dao × Base Parody

Ends in 4 Hours - 95535 Entries

🤝In Collab MetaLabs Dao, Base Parody giving away 20,000 $PBASE Token as rewards!!
🏆 Prize Pool 🏆
🚀750 FCFS --> 10 $PBASE Token
🏅500 Random --> 15 $PBASE Token💯Top 10 Referer --> 500  $PBASE Token
Listing Price - 0.1$
  More Entries, More chance |
Do Some Refer to increase your winning chance
Contest Host: q

Crypto Finance 🤝 Biz Token

Ends in 4 Hours

🎉 Crypto Finance X Biz Token Giveaway 🎉
BIZ Token is a Smart Token Develop under Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). Creating new, stable and scalable solutions by combining and integrating High-Frequency Trading principles with Blockchain Technology.
🥳 In Collab Crypto Finance , Biz Token giving away $6000  worth $BIZT Token as rewards!!
🏆  Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆
🥇Top 1-10 Refs «-» $50 $BIZT Tokens
👬 FCFS 1000 «-» $5 $BIZT Tokens 

👬 Random 500«-» $2 $BIZT Tokens 
Website | Smart Contact | Sign-up
| More Entries, More chance |
 Do Some refer to increase your winning chance 🎁
☘️ Good luck 🍀
Contest Host: q

SuperDefi Dao🤝Playpoint_pow

Ends in 4 Hours

🥳 In Collab SuperDefi DAO, Playpoint_pow giving away $5000 worth of $POW Token as rewards!!
🏆  Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆
🥇Top 1-10 Refs «-» $100 $POW Tokens
👬 FCFS 750 «-» $4 $POW Tokens
👬 Random 500 «-» $2 $POW Tokens 
| More Entries, More chance |
 Do Some refer to increase your winning chance 🎁
☘️ Good luck 🍀
Contest Host: q


Ends in 4 Hours - 458895 Entries

TAZZ COIN BSC is Giving away $4000 worth $TAZ
 Token For Airdrop Don't miss the chance to win!
 Prize Distribution:-
 Rank 1-10 Ref. «-» 50$ worth $TAZZ Token Each
 1000 FCFS Winners «-» 2$ worth $TAZZ Token Each
 500 Random Winners «-» 3$ worth $TAZZ Tokens Each
The More Entries You Complete, The Higher Your Chance Of Winning
Contest Host: Giveway


Ends in 4 Hours

🎉 CS DAO X CATSX Giveaway 🎉
🥳 In Collab CS DAO , CATSX giving away $8000 Worth $catsx Token as rewards!!
🏆  Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆
🥇Top 1-10 Refs «-» $150 $catsx Tokens
👬 FCFS 1000 «-» $5 $catsx Tokens
👬 Random 500 «-» $3 $catsx Tokens 
| More Entries, More chance |
 Do Some refer to increase your winning chance 🎁
☘️ Good luck 🍀
Contest Host: q

Win A Custom Compact Complete Handgun & A Custom 5.56 NA...

Ends in 4 Hours

The Winner Will Receive:A Custom Compact Complete Handgun Featuring Tyrant Designs: Tyrant Designs CNC I.T.T.S. Glock Compatible Trigger, Black-Gold, Screw/SafetyTyrant CNC Glock Compatible Two Piece Sights - GoldTyrant CNC Glock Compatible Extended Magazine ReleaseTyrant CNC Glock 19 Compatible Magazine ExtensionTyrant T-Comp Glock Compatible Compensator - Black/Gold - 1/2x28Tyrant Slide Cover Plate - GoldHolosun Technologies, 507C-X2, Red Dot, 32 MOA Ring & 2 MOA DotSCT Manufacturing G19 Compatible Compact Frame AssemblyAlso Included: Glock G19 Compatible Slide w/ RMR Cut - Black NitrideMatch Grade - Glock 19 Threaded - Gold Titanium Nitride PVDELD Performance Slide Parts Kit G19 w/ Channel Liner ToolGlock Factory G19 15 Round MagazineA Custom 5.56 NATO Complete Rifle Featuring Fortis Manufacturing:Fortis Manufacturing License™ GEN II AR15 Matched Receiver Set- 7075 AmbidextrousFortis Mfg. Control Muzzle BrakeFortis Mfg. Hammer™ Charging Handle - Anodize Gold Latch Fortis Mfg. Torque™ Pistol Grip - Standard w/ Side Panels - 5°Fortis Mfg. Fortis LA Stock16.3" 5.56 aero precision cold hammer forged barrel, mid-lengthleupold vx-4.5hd 1-4.5x24 30mm attached with a swampfox optics independence mountgeissele automatics single-stage m4 trigger & maritime bolt catcharmaspec sound mitigation buffer - carbine gen3'cloud defensive owl optimized weapon lightalso included from fortis manufacturing: enhanced detent spring kit, forward assist, le end plate, castle nut endplate, pins set, billet magazine catch release button."="


Ends in 4 Hours

How confident are you in your everyday protection? In a world where safety is a necessity, we all seek that extra layer that keeps us protected.That's why we’re giving away the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest VP3 Level IIIA, a groundbreaking solution in personal security. This American-made vest, valued at $300, is a shield that blends seamlessly into your daily life.Why the VP3 Vest Stands Apart:NIJ-Certified Level IIIA Protection: Capable of stopping bullets from most handgun calibers up to .44 Magnum, offering top-level defense in a wide range of situations.Concealable and Comfortable: Designed to be discreet and breathable, it allows a full range of motion without compromising comfort or protection.Modular and Customizable: Upgradeable with accessories, and with front and rear ballistic panels, it ensures comprehensive protection of vital organs.Work-Ready and Durable: Comes ready for immediate use and boasts a 5-year warranty, a testament to its reliability and quality craftsmanship.Whether you're a professional in law enforcement or someone who values personal security, the VP3 is your perfect ally. Enter our giveaway today and experience protection and peace of mind! Giveaway ends on November 30.

RealWorldX Big Airdrop

Ends in 5 Hours - 415554 Entries

🎉 RealWorldX - Where Real Estate Meets the Blockchain Frontier. Empowering everyone to invest in real estate effortlessly!🌐 Website  📊 CMC, PancakeSwap
🥳 In Collab with Crypto Tech DAO, RealWorldX is staring big Airdrop and giving away  1,540,000 $RWX Tokens as Rewards!! 
🏆 Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆🥇 Top 20 Refs »» 2,000 $RWX Token
👬 Random 1,500 »» 1,000 $RWX Token
ℹ️ Free Airdrop campaignn. #NFA#DYOR ℹ️➕More Entries, More Winning Chances➕
☘️ Good luck🍀
Contest Host: CryptoTech DAO

VirtuTech Airdrop

Ends in 5 Hours - 205155 Entries

🎉 VirtuTech_XVR - XVR Platform is a MetaVerse of hardware and software that combines virtualization and reality.
🥳 VirtuTech_XVR is staring big Airdrop and giving away  1,000,000 $XAR Tokens as Rewards!! 
🏆 Prize Pool Breakdown 🏆🥇 Top 1-15 Refs »» 5,000 $XAR Token
🥈Top 16-40 Refs »» 2,800 $XAR Token
👬 Random 1,500 »» 570 $XAR Token
ℹ️ Free Airdrop campaign, (#NFA) (#DYOR) ℹ️➕ More Entries, More Winning Chances ➕
☘️ Good luck🍀
Contest Host: CryptoTech DAO

$100,000 Giveaway

Ends in 5 Hours - 13819 Entries

A $50,000 challenge Account and 
2x $25,000 Challenge Account 
The Top 3 participants Collecting the Most Points will be the winners.
Contest Host: Forex Prop Firm

Thanksgiving Silver Bar Giveaway - Investor Crate

Ends in 5 Hours - 354250 Entries

The veteran-owned and operated Precious Metals subscription crate company Investor Crate is giving away a 10 oz Silver Bar from Asahi for the month of November.  Don't like waiting around to see if you won? Check out our website to get a Precious Metals Subscription Crate sent to you EVERY month! The winner will be drawn on the 30th of November.
Happy Thanksgiving & thank you for supporting our veteran-owned business!
Contest Host: Investor Crate

In honor of Veterans Day, MilitaryBridge & BroBasket pa...

Ends in 5 Hours

In Collaboration with MilitaryBridge, BroBasket, is Proud to Show their Appreciation of the Military Community this Veterans Day with a special giveaway. BroBasket will giveaway The Ultimate Whiskey Sampler a ($119 value). The giveaway will run on MilitaryBridge starting November 1, 2023-November 30, 2023.  MB will select (1) winner at random on December 1, 2023 by 9am EST.This giveaway is intended for those who have served or are serving in the military. You will be required to provide proof of military service. *You need to be 21 years old to enter this giveaway. You will be required to also show proof of age upon receiving this gift. About BroBasket:BroBasket offers curated gift baskets with only the finest selections of Beer, Wine or Booze along with other goodies. BroBasket makes a great gift for graduations, promotions, holidays, or birthdays. In honor of Veterans Day, BroBasket will offer a 12% military discount the month of November with the promo code: VETS12 

[2024] Win a Full Scholarship to Evolve Artist Program

Ends in 6 Hours

Thanks for your interest in the How to Grow Art Skills Webinar. Enter to win one of the 3 highly valuable prizes. Prizes Include: One (1) Grand Prize winner will get a full scholarship to Evolve Artist Program ($2988 Value) Two (2) Second place winners will get a 1-on-1 personalized art critique with Daniel Folta ($100 Value)Five (5) Third place winners will get access to our Brand New \"How to make your first 1k in art \" ($197 Value)Share to gain more entries. Limited to 1 prize per person. 
Offered By: Evolve Artist (http://evolveartist.com)

ANOYA Testnet

Ends in 6 Hours

We're excited to announce the official launch of Anoya's public testnet today!

The testnet is now live at anoya.org! Join us as we test the future of decentralized services on multi-chain.
On the Anoya testnet you can:
- Claim test USDT; 
- Buy test ANOYA;
- Use our NFT Marketplace for buying NFTs;
- Test our parntner program and receive testnet rewards;
- Use our Waller for display and transfer ERC-1155 NFTs.
Extensive public testing is key to optimizing performance & security before mainnet launch. We encourage everyone to get hands-on experience with Anoya during this important test phase.
Head to anoya.org now to join the testnet & help evaluate the future of open web on multi-chain!Let's build the new era of decentralized services together.
The most active users will win:
1) ANOYA tokens;
2) Access to NFT GODS waitlist;
3) 200 USDT.
Contest Host: ANOYA

November 2023 $250 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Ends in 6 Hours - 5901 Entries

The November $250 Gift Certificate Giveaway will run from 11/1/2023 at 9:00 am to 11/30/2022 at 3:00 PM EST. The winner will be drawn at random from those entered and announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages at 5 pm on 11/30. We will contact the winner directly via email on 11/30. We will not contact you via social media for any reason, so watch out for scammers. The giveaway is open to USA residents only and 18 years of age or older. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Facebook.
Contest Host: YakAttack

Free TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA Ticket Giveaway (4 Winners, x2...

Ends in 6 Hours

Enter to Win FREE Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets! \ud83c\udf9f\ud83c\udf9fFour Winners will receive x2 tickets each at Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, on Friday, December 1, 2023, at 3pm.No purchase necessary. Must be 21 or older to win. Giveaway ends Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 12pm. Winners chosen at random.Notice: Enter only if you live within driving distance of Sacramento, California and can attend the concert. Tickets not for exchange or resale. After the giveaway has ended and the provisional winners have been drawn and notified via email, they must confirm their entry within two hours of notification, or new provisional winners may be selected. Phoong Law reserves the right to alter the seat location.Disclaimer: The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is in no way affiliated, endorsed, or associated with this giveaway. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.
Offered By: Phoong Law (https://phoonglaw.com/trans-siberian/)


Ends in 6 Hours

Are you ready to take your tactical gear to the next level? This is your chance to win not just one, but two elite pieces of tactical gear, designed for maximum protection and versatility.Take part in our Level-4 Giveaway for a shot at winning these: Level-4 Armor Plate Carrier with AR15 MOLLE PouchesDesigned for the ultimate functionality while ensuring ease of movement.Its modular design allows you to tailor your gear to fit every mission.Crafted for comfort, wear it all day without compromise.Level-4 Armor Level IIIA Vest InsertTop-grade ballistic protection that's discreet and lightweight.At just 1.15 lbs., protect yourself without feeling weighed down.Designed to adapt to your lifestyle, to ensure you’re always prepared. Ready to win? Fill up the form and stand a chance to be the proud owner of these elite protective gears. This giveaway ends on November 30.

Most Wished for YA Romantasy Book Haul

Ends in 7 Hours

Love bookish mail?Win 10 of the most wished-for YA fantasy romance books.\ud83e\udddbThe Scarlet Veil by Shelby Mauhrin\ud83d\udc93Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber\ud83c\udf0aCurious Tides by Pascale Lacelle\ud83d\uddde\ufe0fDivine Rivals by Rebecca Ross\ud83d\udc51Cruel Prince by Holly Black\ud83d\udda4Powerless by Lauren Roberts\ud83c\udf3fThe Prison Healer by Lynette Noni\ud83c\udf38House of Roots and Ruin by Erin Craig\u2694\ufe0fThe Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller\ud83c\udfdd\ufe0fLightlark by Alex AsterWhy the heckity heck am I doing this?Well, a few reasons:Because I love YA romantasy books. It's what I read. It's also what I write.If you love these books, you'd probably love mine too. I'm secretly hoping you'll check them out someday.The book community is amazing and I want to give back.By signing up, you're also signing up for my bi-monthly newsletter where we nerd out about books like these. You can unsubscribe at any time.I'll also send you my short story, Rapacity because... *twiddles fingers shyly* see point #2.LogisticsThe winner has their choice between paperback or ebooks. If paperbacks are chosen, the winner must be willing to share their mailing address with me. Don't worry, I won't share it with anyone else. If the paperback is not available (e.g. the book is a new release), another format may be substituted. This giveaway is open to US residents only. Must be 18+ to enter. If you're under 18, grab a parent or friend to click the button.
Offered By: Sarah Marie Page (https://www.sarahpagestories.com/)


Ends in 7 Hours

Seventy delicious, authentic, and modern recipes, each with beautiful illustrations and many photographs taken in Italy.Prepare and cook a meal that your family and friends will definitely enjoy. You learn how to prepare bruschetta, pasta, soups, risotto, focaccia and scrumptious desserts.Italian Gluten Free Gastronomy also includes a variety of vegetarian and vegan recipes.The most beautiful, useful, and creative cookbook on the market is the Italian Gluten Free Gastronomy by media personality Clarissa Burt and chef Rita Romano. An ebook, as well as an 8.5 by 10-inch hardcover with an elegant dust jacket, this collection of 70 recipes (appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, desserts, beverages)with photographs, supports people who love the fine cuisine of Italy and also want to manage celiac disease.
Offered By: Clarissa Burt (https://www.clarissaburt.com)


Ends in 7 Hours

READY, SET, BREW! ENTER TO WIN OUR ULTIMATE BARISTA STARTER PACK VALUED AT $260Become the master of your morning brew with our exclusive Barista Starter Pack Giveaway! We’re giving you the chance to create the perfect coffee moment – whether it be right in the comforts of your home or during an outdoor trip amid nature’s tranquility.What’s included in the Barista Starter Pack, aka coffee lover’s dream:Outin Nano Portable Espresso Machine: Craft barista-quality espresso anytime, anywhere. Compact, elegant, and travel-friendly, it's your on-the-go coffee companion.Sandbox Smart G1 Coffee Grinder: Precision and perfection in every grind. This sleek coffee grinder offers the ultimate freshness with every batch.Coffee Bean Blend or Single Origin of your choice (12oz.): Dive into a world of taste with a 12oz bag of either our signature blend or single-origin coffee beans that pique your palate. You choose – we provide!Entering is easy — click the link below and join today! Hurry, the giveaway ends on November 30th.Experience the joy of crafting your favorite coffee just the way you like it. After all, it's more than just a cup, it's your daily personal delight!

November's Black Friday Competition: Enter Today for a C...

Ends in 8 Hours

Take Action Now To Legally Own a Firearm! Join our November 2023 Black Friday Competition for a chance to win a Complete Firearm Competence Training Package from the South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council (PFTC) worth R3 900.Master all 4 Basic Firearm Unit Standards, including the crucial Legal aspect, with training from a local PFTC Accredited Provider. This package is the perfect gift for you or a loved one. Dive in and enter\u2014it's absolutely FREE! Boost your chances by referring a friend.The Complete Firearm Competence Training Package includes:1 x Handgun Unit Standard1 x Shotgun Unit Standard1 x Manually Operated Rifle Unit Standard1 x Self-loading Rifle Unit Standard1 x \u201cLegal Test\u201d Unit StandardDon't miss out! Embrace responsible firearm competence and ownership this November. Click below for the Competition Rules.
Offered By: South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council (https://pftc.co.za/)

Win A UPS Worth R5000

Ends in 8 Hours

Get ready to win big! It's our 10th year anniversary, and we're celebrating with a fantastic giveaway. You could be the lucky winner of a high-value UPS worth R5000. More Entries = Higher chance you have of winning :)

Growzilla's Black November Giveaway

Ends in 8 Hours

Start 2024 with a BANG for Your Home Services Business!
Home services providers, are you grappling with managing your online presence?Do sales targets seem like a mountain too high to climb?
What if we offered you a phenomenal opportunity to skyrocket your business growth without draining your budget? Too good to be true? Not at all!
We’re giving one lucky Home Services Business a six-month subscription to a Growzilla Pro plan, a package valued at over R55,000 ($2982) and it is packed with an array of marketing tools, technology, and services, as well as a complete new design and build out of a conversion optimised website for your business.
It is everything a business needs to get more leads, book more jobs, make more sales and grow - all consolidated into a single, easy-to-use system.
With features like Review Collection, Reputation Monitoring, Unified Messaging, Email Campaigns, and more, you'll elevate your online presence and fortify customer relationships.
Don't wait - enter now and experience the rapid growth you deserve!
What is Growzilla?
Contest Host: Growzilla

The Woodstock Laundry Safari Style Competition

Ends in 8 Hours

We have partnered with Tintswalo and Airlink for our amazing Safari Style competition, worth over R45,000!! The prize includes 2 nights for 2 people at Tintswalo Family Camp at Welgevonden, including return flights with Airlink from major South African airports, as well as a R5,000 clothing hamper from Woodstock Laundry.Follow the steps below to enter. You can enter multiple times using the options below, the more entries, the better your chance of winning. The only mandatory option is the newsletter sign-up, which unlocks the other options. Each option gives you one entry. The winner will be randomly selected on 1 December 2023. Terms and conditions apply.
Contest Host: Woodstock Laundry


Ends in 8 Hours - 144 Entries

للاحتفال فإننا نمنح اثنين من الفائزين المحظوظين!بطاقه هدايا بينانس بقيمة 2💲​لكل فائز منهما ​ما عليك سوى اتباع الخطوات الموضحة أدناه للدخول، وسيكون الفائز عشوائيًا في تاريخ 11/30
المسابقة مفتوحة في جميع أنحاء العالم 🌎
Contest Host: mohaway2000

Smartpokies $3,000 AUD Giveaway

Ends in 8 Hours - 22550 Entries

We are hosting www.smartpokies.com $3,000 AUD GIVEAWAY.

To enter, simply follow us at our social profiles or register an account at Royal Reels Casino bellow to increase your chances to win. You can get as many entries as you want. Good luck. Let's win together!
Contest Host: Smartpokies

SYULEN + Starter Pack /w LTI

Ends in 8 Hours - 352600 Entries

SYULEN + Starter Pack /w LTI
En partenariat avec @RobertsSpaceInd
N'hésite pas à nous rendre visite sur la chaîne Twitch !
Le concours est gratuit
Vous n'êtes pas obligé de participer
Contest Host: elbe_poly

عباية مجانية

Ends in 8 Hours

شاركي معنا في المسابقةواربحي عباية من تصميمنا مجاناًكل اللي عليك اكتبي بريدك الإلكتروني 😍 وراح تدخلين في السحب بشكل آلي